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Funniest Karen Freakouts

Mar 18, 2024
Hello friends, it's me and today we are going to go hunt Karen before we start. I have very exciting news for you after months of begging for G fuel performing candlelight rituals, when will it be my turn? Please I will receive my unlimited edition G fuel. flavor and it's called wolf Berry it tastes absolutely delicious it's the perfect mix of strawberry citrus it tastes like the most delicious juicy fruit it tastes like I imagine this will taste like everyone knows I love drinking G fuel it gives me energy before I go to the gym before record videos.
funniest karen freakouts
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funniest karen freakouts

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funniest karen freakouts...

I don't know, I like playing in elevators. I hate these people, they literally walk into an elevator, press every button to make it stop at every floor and she just admits it. Well, maybe I press buttons like a kid, okay, some people never grow up, come on, like if you're 50 or 60, no, I like the guy, you know, Invaders, I don't know, I like playing elevators. , go, run through the park, go. Hit your pillow on your bed like an elevator of all places, this is where I have the most fun. It's just weird, this grown man Karen decided to throw a tantrum and decided to destroy the seat in front of him because he's getting kicked out. the plane for not wearing a mask, yes, because they will definitely let you stay after doing that average Spirit flight.
funniest karen freakouts
The kid behind me would say I don't know what they would be doing, they would just be kicking my seat non-stop. I really don't understand people who just like to act in public like they're probably going to go to jail, be humiliated on the Internet, or both, and just wait until they get home, drop their face into the pillow, and scream a cute tic tac let's look at this lady who doesn't want to get out of this parking spot, she is just standing there when it is illegal to park in a spot, her son is behind me and wants to park there even though this person is leaving right here and could park right there.
funniest karen freakouts
If someone leaves, there will be two open spots, so why do you have to go through all the effort of getting out of your car and waiting in the parking spot as if you physically can't take a parking spot? That's how people actually do that. This happened to me a couple of times in California. This mother sent her children to wait in a parking spot. I was like: what are they doing? I'll park here anyway, but Karen won't move. Say hello to tick tock tick tock tick tock. Hey mate she's crazy say hello miss Karen where are you from Australia?
I'm from here, Florida, honey, I live here, why would I take a hike? You are setting a very good example for your grandchildren. It's Florida. Where are you going to hike in the Everglades? "Y'all don't have mountains, you're flat lands. I'm trying to move to move. Get out of this other car trying to back up like hey, I'm literally leaving, so you're going to have two places and you don't have to fight for this wooden place is really so bad the parking situation someone will take a spot like a circle to find another spot it's not that hard this Karen is absolutely crazy where is your manager I asked her what is this brother you literally asked for extra ketchup that is? what they gave you, they will hit it on the counter like this, what is this?
Because they give you too much ketchup. I mean, if someone asks you for extra ketchup, here you go, I will give you extra ketchup, as much ketchup as I can. you're making fun of me because I'm on a diet no you're making fun of me because I'm on a diet how are you going to go to McDonald's when you're on a diet funny okay how much sugar is in the ketchup yeah I just asked for extra ketchup. I want to put some ketchup on the back of my hand and just hit you out of there. They handled it that way better than I would have.
As if this couldn't be real chicken. Driving here is your best downtown Fargo District 64. Oh, oh, wow, brother, you didn't even touch yourself, what did he say? Everyone knows when you're losing an argument, all you have to do is start yelling, was he barking or was he faking it? like she got hurt like he didn't hit me ow ow or was that really pathetic barking Karen wants a place to park I have to play you're going to be in real trouble you're sitting in the car I need to park here what are you doing? you mean you need to park there like there's already someone parked there, you know, getting out of your car and your body blocking a parking spot is one thing, but walking up to someone in their car and saying, well, you're just waiting here. you have to go like I want to park here no I'm parking here I live here well come out we don't have a car pass I do and it's all your business I live there you're here a lot and I see you you don't live here you're here a lot and I see you a lot but you don't live here what do you mean if you see him a lot in the neighborhood he probably lives there Karen you're stupid I still need the pocket that's not how it works you're a disgusting piece of shit your mother she just looks at him he didn't just say that oh yeah that will show that will show her that windshield is probably right or Fred a little bit of bones and more more damage to her than the windshield you can't just walk up to someone and say hey I want to park here, get out, that's not how the house is Karen doesn't share a table with older people want to be famous right on their birthday don't share a table with older people want to be famous right it's their birthday what does Karen want not to share a table with older people and be famous they have to do with each other this guy went to this grocery store and it started Opening things and eating and drinking them in the store What are you doing man?
I have been created by the owner of this year. I have been treated by the owner Yes, the owner invited me here to try all this wonderful food. that's a pretty good story, don't worry, I know the owner and believe me, some random guy opens a bag of chips in the middle of the store, trust me, I do this all the time, the owner and I are friends, he just tells you I'll let you come in here and eat some free snacks. I will be the owner. Get back to the office before you say anything about the glass.
Go ahead, I mean, come on, come on, come on, maybe you'll go to jail. Let's go out, they didn't tell you, come on man, they didn't tell you, they let me in here all the time, I eat for free, I drink for free, it's like the Walmart Buffet, you know, that's why they're closing. Walmart in Chicago, a family literally walked in. Walmart started opening up all the food that fed the whole family and posted it on Tick Tock like eat it free at Walmart, you can't do that, come on man, come on man, do you know why they would say? oh yeah, my friend comes here, he'll open bags of chips in the store, have some drinks and have lunch, you know, if you see him, be cool, if you give him a high five he'll relax, even though Karen is sick and I'm tired of construction, if you could only tell from all the empty lots in front of you that there would be construction, but no, she will just stand there in wet cement and leave her footprints all over the new sidewalk.
You know that will show them then. They will have to do even more work to fix it and let me guess, then she will complain about the sound. You knew exactly what you were doing buying a house when they are building a house across the street like it was going to be noisy. I'm a builder, I bought a house and then they said, "Oh, you won't have neighbors." They literally built like a hundred new houses next to mine working on this this Sunday. Arthur feels gross because you're walking on a Sunday, bro. he's just doing his job fixing a roof and for a moment Karen it seems like not everyone has the luxury of only working during the week, some people want to make money on the weekend, don't you have anything better to do when you mean that Is it literally your job, my son?
He's a lawyer and this is breaking noise pollution laws and I'll let them know there's a family across the street with a newborn and all this bouncing noise gives them a load of stress, oh, like the newborn screaming and cries all night. There's going to be enough stress, you know, it's a little bit of construction noise. I don't mind starting a little later. We can ask customers who is happy with this. Okay, it's your client, the woman who lives here. Yes of course. I'll talk to you back. Talk to her, so why does he sound like an NPC?
Let me go talk to the other lady. I will complete this mission as if it were not the worker's fault. They just get paid to be there. No need to hit so hard. Look, I'll hit this door as hard as I want, don't tell me what to do, wait, Karen, he barks a little, I'll tell you what I want to say today, you're trying to tell them what. to do not just ignore just breaking up with work uh excuse me, what did you say? she is telling my colleague to get on with the job, I don't believe it so you make more noise and I will call the police, okay we have.
I have to whisper while she literally screams like you called the police. You'll say? These men are working on a Sunday morning. The police are going to look at her. Say, yes, me too. What do you do when the birds stumble too hard? In the morning you throw stones at them, you tell them to shut up, did you give these men the mission to start working here at this time on Sunday? Oh, absolutely hashen of yourself working at this time of the morning on a Sunday, she's too angry to On Sunday, bro, she woke up that morning and said, "I want a beautiful day to cause a problem," so they decided to ignore her for Wait a minute and you know what she did, she's out, I mean, call the police because she's stealing. your ladder i'll give you back the stairs if you stop working oh it's going to work just tell her you're going to stop working stop working for literally five minutes get the ladder back and then cause the biggest ruckus you've ever caused in your life just to piss her off Karen also has the right Karen knocks down a seven-year-old's lemonade stand.
What are you going to do by asking the seven-year-old for a permit? Are you legally allowed to sell these lemons? There are a lot of other letters because sir please, they are literally selling lemonade in a park and she says you can't do it here, do it somewhere else, why are you asking a seven year old to move his lemonade stand? Why does it bother you so much? You're angry. Making more money than you just because you were lazy at seven years old doesn't mean you have to take it out on this kid. He is in HOA.
You have to have a permit. She literally pulls out the permission card. Everyone must have a permit. for a lemonade stand there is no way, I just don't want this traffic, you guys didn't even consider the people who do, I look at the regulations and everything you have, damn lemonade stand, give me a break, call me, I'm done talking. you and then go away and let us sell until the police come no don't stop you can't sell lemonade here take your lemons and your leaves thank you you're amazing Karen is so dumb for this this is so embarrassing literally pack up your stuff and go home, usually at the bank they have like go to the ATMs and her card got stuck in the machine and then the camera behind her will get out of her car and get mad at her.
Yes, I already said that there is a problem with the machine, it's not me, well, go somewhere else, you have my card, ma'am, you have all my money. Bye, have a wonderful day, if someone is taking too long, literally back up, walk into the store. Banks generally have more than one ATM. You already got out of your car for this and why don't you get out of your car and go to the other ATM. It was a wonderful day. Karen I love you, I love you, she said, "I love you too," she's not that bad, she just wanted to do it.
See what the commotion was about. I think this is Karen versus Karen, but anyway that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you made sure to hit the like button on the link in the description below, sign up for my GPU. flavor and be sure to turn on notifications, click, click and subscribe to Wolfpack. Oh I love you so much, thanks for watching, bye guys.

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