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Funnel Hacks Webinar (Book Launch Version - Part 4 - Secret #3)

Jul 07, 2023
Next up for you guys, this is Austin. Yeah, I've seen a couple of things that you've seen, how to find successful


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Hackman had a model within clickfunnels, the last people asked me Russell in school. but how can I get the right traffic? So I'll show you my number one traffic, a crime. I'll show you how to get the exact same customers that are currently going into your competitors' funnels and start coming into your funnel. Okay, now I showed you this site. Before Venus Factor, now imagine I was in the weight loss space and I made a funnel similar to Venus Factors and I knew how much money they are making, wouldn't it be great if you called the owner of Venus Factor?
funnel hacks webinar book launch version   part 4   secret 3
I'm here and I have a quick question for you. I know you're filthy rich. You have your own plane. I'm sharing all these things. Do you mind? Just tell me where you get all your traffic from. If you can send me something, I would. like making my life a lot easier well that would be amazing you know unfortunately I don't think he would take that call if he did, he'd probably laugh at you but the good thing is the internet has a lot of amazing things. There are tools available that will actually tell you where people are getting their traffic from.
funnel hacks webinar book launch version   part 4   secret 3

More Interesting Facts About,

funnel hacks webinar book launch version part 4 secret 3...

Well, there are some free tools or some paid tools. I wanted them to show you one. My favor. This is a free tool. There is an improved


. There is a free one. Use it online, so type this, it's a similar web com. You will see that ww web com. similar now, when you go to a similar website, it looks a little like this. It will say what is the URL of the website you want to get information for. I write the WWV news factor. com I put the URL of the funnel I want a funnel and I can click search and boom it starts giving me all this data, all this information about these guys and if you look at this you can see a quick snapshot like They're getting between 1 and 3 million of visitors per month in your funnel.
funnel hacks webinar book launch version   part 4   secret 3
A lot of people say how they make $100,000 a day. Russell, when you have that many people visiting your website, it's probably not that difficult, so getting a lot of traffic. now if you scroll down a little bit, it will actually show you all the sites that drive traffic to Venus. The factor is that great, so looking to the left here it says that here best free websites number one is life guru com, number two is natural. news com number three is news max dot com and it goes down from there she can see exactly where they get the traffic from so I'm looking at this thinking what the hell is the life guru.
funnel hacks webinar book launch version   part 4   secret 3
It seems like they're sending calm, you know? a third, maybe half of life guru's traffic, so they get three million visitors a month, maybe a million, or they come from life guru, so I don't know, like I've never heard that slide, so I went to life guru com Google. that I went to the site and it pulled up this page here and I looked at this to make this a blog about how to find love and eat healthy and look fit and that's what in the world I scroll through looking at all these pictures and suddenly I see it . look at this advertisement, see there at the bottom it says five foods you should never eat?
There is a big banana in it. I think that's why you are so I click on it. Guess where it took me. Oh, you're right. It took me to the Venus Factor, calm down. I thought how interesting. I know exactly where they get their traffic from now. Okay, now if you go back to a similar website, you scroll down and there's a little button here that says show ads now. I always look. This is to show me the money, but show me the money. If you click this button, it will show you the ads that make you money, so I click the button and it comes up and shows me all the apps that they have run. online is always great here are all the commercials that the venus factor is running now.
The good thing is that if you make the updated


, a similar website will not only show you the ads, but it will also show you how long they have been running. Don't say these ads have been running for two weeks and then we never saw you meet. These ads have been running for 720 days and are still active at this time. Ok, there are no fan ads ready for 728 days and they are still active right now. What do you know? about that ad, you know one of two things number one, either they're idiots, they love spending money or number two, it's working very, very, very, very, very well, so if I know someone is working very, very, very, very good, what do you think?
What should I do? Can you pay attention to today's presentation? Are they saying to copy it? No, we are not copying it and we are modeling it. Okay, so we know two things. We know where they are advertising. You know what they're saying. We have to model what works well, so I'll get a banner ad design that looks like theirs. I'm going to model your message, model your design and model your sizes, so where am I going, person, I'm going to a site called $20 banners, don't worry. people always say Russell how much the billboards will cost there if I go there look he's serious like they're called twenty dollar billboards they cost twenty bucks so go to the 20 dollar billboards chill it looks like this I say , here are the posters I'm testing. to model and then for twenty dollars they model the posters and notice one thing again.
I didn't copy anything, right? They have a photo of a girl. I have a photo of a girl. They are a purple title. I have a purple headline. It's my headline, not theirs, but. it's purple okay they have text so I'm modeling a look at the movie layout because for some reason people on that site click on ads that look like that so why should I try Be creative and find a new way to do it? It doesn't make any sense, I'm going to model what they did, well now if you think about this, you take the banner that I just created and you go back to the exact same ads and they are buying ads about you, bad ads on the same site and in question of seconds, a percentage of the traffic went to your competition's site and now also reaches yours.
I'm curious how many guys just had an "aha" moment. You guys are going crazy right now, yeah, no, I know about you when I got my first online traffic. It was really very difficult. I was trying to figure out AdWords for a long time and it was difficult and it finally disappeared. I thought, thank goodness, I'll figure it out like Google slapped everyone in the face and well, I'll move on for everyone. I switched to SEO because the CEO was even more confused. I'm linking an h1 tag, these two tags and all this weird stuff, it was very difficult and then I went up and down and everything on Google slapped only five or six times, blushed the rankings, finally It was like I quit SEO.


figured it out, it was a little easier, I admit, but I personally was never able to run ads on Face


. I have a guy on my team named John, he's a genius, he runs Facebook Ads Force and they do an amazing job. job but I can't be Facebook person or ants they are too confusing for me this strategy here anyone can do I do this


this is what I do in the company okay I find the websites where all my competitors they get traffic. Email the guy who owns the website at Mike. Hello man.
I see that you sell advertisements on his website. My competitors buy ads from you. Can I buy an ad? He knows me. Yes, send me money here. I send you money. An email advertisement. and boom, that fast, no keywords, no tricks, no gimmicks, no targeting, like it was that easy. Okay, and that's how we get the exact same clients who recruit on competing sites to start visiting our website. Well, now I have a question for you guys. We've been following this Hawks funnel process, right, we model what works, we find a funnel, do we know it's making money?
We found, we tested the website, they are getting traffic on the banner that looks like a model of us and we don't copy, but we model the process correctly, so we model the look and feel to fill the design, we plug our creative, our offers into that funnel and then we go back to the same websites that they're buying ads from, we model our banner ads, and if you think about it, it models what's already there. Working like this, do you think you can be as successful as them? Hell yes you can, that's how this works right now.
Some use me looking saying they are cool too. These two actually make me 100 grand a day. I don't care how much motivational thinking I do. I'll never believe I can do that, so I told him to understand that it's an even number. It's hard for me to understand Fallon and understand him, but let's say you model what they did and you completely screwed up, you only get 10% of what they do instead of making a hundred rounded up and you only make $10,000 a day How many have that $10,000 a day? It's pretty amazing, okay, yeah, that's crazy, right?
Maybe you're saying It's also hard for me to believe, so let's say you totally screwed up and only get 10% of the 10%. You only make an extra thousand dollars a day. How many guys with a thousand dollars a day would completely transform your life? life right now, yeah, that's a big deal, okay, let's say even that's hard to fathom, let's say you're totally screwed, you only make ten percent of ten percent of the attempts and you only make an extra hundred dollars per day, okay, that's what three thousand is. dollars a month, what would that mean to you right now? which of your bills with that coverage covers student loans car debt your house payment okay, three thousand dollars a day, 30 US dollars a month will transform most people's lives and that's The key here is that you don't you're perfect, you can completely screw this up if you're modeling, let's work on what works and you stick with it, you can be successful, okay, and that's what I really want us to understand from today's presentation.
I've covered three very interesting things in summary B again for your number one


. We talked about funnel hacking. I showed them I showed them how to ethically get over a million dollars like a funnel ax from their competitors for under a hundred dollars. Number two. I showed them the funnel clothes, how to Cloney, how to then clone your tested funnel within click funnels in less than ten minutes and the last thing I showed them, my number one traffic trick, which is how to get the exact same customers as you. there are currently, and your competitor funnels start coming to your funnel instead of you.

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