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Funnel Hacks Webinar (Book Launch Version - Part 2 - Secret #1)

Jul 07, 2023
learning, guys, because you have to go through the 12 years, 13 years of stress and Hakes that I had to go through to figure out how. to sell my products my services you can look in my


s now bet well, let's find out this is the way to structure the offer of a


, this is the way to structure the offer of a


, this is the way to structure the supplement because we've done it, you can just model, that doesn't make sense, guys, you can turn it on. I hope everything is okay now, where she has an example, so this is Drew Canole, he owned a bunch of cool companies that I met initially and he got me out. and working with them on his team and they were


ing a new supplement called organifi, so I showed them my


, I hacked the funnel myself.
funnel hacks webinar book launch version   part 2   secret 1
I showed them all the things they threw into his funnel. I want you to hear in your own words what happened next, so the next page is a video here and obviously we're streaming to GoToWebinar, we have thousands to tune in. so it's carved to be choppy and you can't see it well. I want you to hear the words. It's a very short video, but I hope you understand and see why this funnel hacking process is so powerful. Such a quick and true backstory. I had a chance to go out and hang out with these guys at our company and they were about to


a new supplement and then hey, look at our funnel that we make and I thought, just copying mine works really well, so I love it. kind of a conversation about what happened when they made their funnel and then some of the results have happened since then.
funnel hacks webinar book launch version   part 2   secret 1

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funnel hacks webinar book launch version part 2 secret 1...

Yes, I would like to reiterate your point about simply cloning, copying and modeling what works so that we are a digital products company and have information. product coaching products and we were doing about a million a year and I was handling all the sales funnels and sales optimization and we were going to launch a physical product line and we thought, do you know who's done this before, who's had much success? He approached Russell, he helped us model the nurse exactly. It's actually funny because I'm looking at where you modeled and I had the exact same reaction.
funnel hacks webinar book launch version   part 2   secret 1
The first upsell we have is more of the same thing they just bought. and we thought that doesn't make any sense, so we sold them a bottle of our new product called organifi, our first unique offer with three more bottles after they already bought it and the acceptance rate was like twenty or thirty percent, then I thought you knew that Russell actually mentioned that you should implement subscription on everything, so we had three options. We modeled Russell's first sales page exactly. A bottle. Three bottles for the bottles. The modeled price is 47,129,149 exactly to apologize for stealing everything, but you know it works.
funnel hacks webinar book launch version   part 2   secret 1
I love it, it's still a long way off, yeah, and then once we implemented all the pieces, it was actually like a week, which is crazy, we matched the results that we're doing, can I say the numbers correctly? Yeah, so I want to hear, yeah, who wants yours. yes, where is the number zero? The first day we opened the doors we made twelve thousand in sales the second day we made thirty-four thousand the third day we made thirty-six thousand and that was just opening the doors and every day after that. We've done about 15-20k because of the way the funnels are structured, so it's really exciting and we owe a lot to Russell.
I mean, he came out, he helped us with our funnels, he analyzed everything we were doing wrong, exaggerated and right and we showed exactly what they did and we just copied it and it works like a charm, give a round of applause, okay, you guys get this, come on how powerful the processes are. Now I want to emphasize who I'm doing this work for, it's okay every time I share it with someone. I can think of like Russell EPS, that's great, but I don't sell supplements, what should I do? And when it looks like yes, this works for supplement funnels, but it also works for coaching, phone for product information, phone for financial response, for network marketing funnels. affiliate funnels for real business loans b2b funnels work for all types of funnels and all types of businesses, for example, how many are now listening or are a coach or would like to become a coach?
It could be a business coach. A life coach. financial coach, so if you are training you like to be a coach, this is what my coaching funnel, this fund here on average generates me over $70,000 a week. I tried this like crazy, in fact most of my clients who are coaches have completely tried it. They modeled this within their industries, use it over and over again, this funnel here has generated tens of millions of dollars for me and my clients, so if you are a coach or want to be a coach, you simply have to model this funnel.
It's really simple, it looks a little like this if you were to draw it on a whiteboard, but it's simple and it works well, how many guys are selling information products or would you like to sell their information product? Well, this is the funnel I have. I used to become a best-selling author twice now it's fine, it works super well if you sell e-


s, physical products, whatever they are and this one works, if you sell information products you should model this one, in fact , this is the process by which the whiteboard out there is the funnel, okay, it's super easy, it's powerful and it sells me crazy amounts of books.
You have this book fund right here. An average skill earns me four to five thousand dollars a day, every day. so there is the book funnel, if you have any kind of special business, here is the type of funnel you can use, you could be a dentist, doctor, chiropractor, financial planner, this is a professional services funnel, you know, this It's dr. Chad Warren, he's a chiropractor and he came to me and told me this whole funnel. I can see what you do online, but how do some like me use this? I said, what's the funnel for people to disconnect and join your business?
What are you talking about? I'm like you're already using funnels, okay, you're already using funnels of people offline to come into your practice, let's look at that, let's model it online, so we saw what he's doing offline, we model it online, we launch it in this finale. here you get between seven and ten clients a week every week like clockwork, okay, and this is what this looks like if we wrote it on a whiteboard, it's very simple and easy, it works very well for all types of professional services, okay, If an ecommerce is an example of an ecommerce funnel if you are network marketing, here are two of my favorite network marketing funnels that work great if you are in retail here are my favorite retail funnels that work great wonder if it's BTB this would be be the bee farm it seems like there are so many amazing funnels for any type of business in fact people always ask me well Russell is my business look at the funnel so look at them and say look the The only companies in these funnels are companies that want leads and they want to convert those leads into customers.
I don't know any business that needs it and I want those two things, so if you are any type of business, you need a funnel. Okay, the next question you guys are already asking is Russell, where can I find a good funnel and how do I know that you are actually making money. The worst thing you can do is go down the funnel, ask someone, and then find out they're broke. So how can you find a good funnel? How do you know how to merge them if it really works? some money, so the first thing I want to say is a couple of tricks.
I have heard of Clickbank. Quiet Clicks is also one of our


ner companies here in Boise, Idaho, and in the cold, Clickbank has over a hundred thousand successful sales funnels in their marketplace. now they are all digital funnels, now there are a couple of supplement funnels popping up and actually organifi is sold through there, but they have over a hundred thousand successful cell phones selling everything from weight loss to diets and supplements gardening, like all the weight, everything. in fact this is one of my friends products, it says it teaches people how to build chicken coops and that it has a sales funnel for that inside Clickbank and at first it was a joke, I was like do people really buy?
He says, oh yeah. He showed me that the funnel has funnels that make him over twelve thousand dollars a month when I saw him a couple of years ago. I thought, are you kidding me? I had no idea it was a market, but it is and that funnel is as long as it is long. $100,000 all within the Clickbank marketplace, so if you want to see these funnels, go to clickbank com, at the top there is a button that says marketplace. I think it changed it to a ciliated marketplace, click on that button and it will take you inside and show you all these funnels and The best thing is that they break down these drops by category, so health and physical weight, you know, the marketing like anything it breaks down the categories you know within the categories and the rings that are based on what's selling the most today okay so for example I took the screenshot it was a health and fitness marketplace and the number one best selling product right now at the time I took this was the Venus factor which gave us number one for about a year and two years.
I think I know if it's still number one now. That's it, but what's number one? Well, first of all, that's how we found that success. I look at Clickbank all the time, there are so many good funnels there. The second question is how do you know how much money they are making? There are a couple of tricks one thing I do a lot of times I will call the company and get through when the reps on mine are dead. I see them everywhere. I'm going to buy right now. I'm just curious how many of these things you guys sell and nine times out of ten you go to customer service with a generic.
Yes, we have an average of three thousand sales a day. I do the math and figure out how much money they're making, so there it is. In a way, it's like doing some covert operations and just calling them number two is just guessing, for example, the Venus factor again. I don't know, these guys don't know how much money they make. I met the guy who wrote the copy. Great, I never met the owners of this offer, but I had a friend who before the Venus factor was number one in health and fitness and was a quick earner when he was there, making between forty and fifty thousand dollars a day.
Is he so crazy that he makes my semi-finals look like? I have training wheels or something, so these factories I guess somewhere in that range, between forty and fifty thousand dollars a day, it's kind of funny, last year I had the opportunity to go out. I had lunch with the owner and CEO of Clickbank and asked these guys. I was like an idiot. I do something I probably shouldn't do, but I asked a whispered question on my way out. How much money does the Venus factor generate? Looks good, Russell. I can't tell you, like I know you can't, but let's say you'd like how much you think it would be and he says, I can't tell you and I said, "Okay, what was funny, like Soto's offer when they were number one third, about forty or fifty thousand dollars a day.
I thought, are they close to that? More than that, less than that and he smiled and said it's more than double, are you kidding me? That's more than a hundred thousand dollars. .one day this little website, if you go into the health and fitness market, it would be worth your forty seven dollars just to buy the product and I can finally see what they are doing in the world, hell yeah I would guess that I went and funnel-hacked it I bought your product and I beat that quote I did what every good author has to do I'm going to do Take my wallet out of my pocket Take out my credit card and bought it Okay, it was forty-seven dollars for the first product, when I got a hundred and forty-three videos, I got a PDF, I looked at what they were selling and then the upsell was $37, that's 7900 Excel 1995, those four pages, you guys make them $100,000 a day, that's worth my forties seven dollar investment, yeah that's crazy, huh, I don't care if you're selling some kind of information product that's worth the investment, you see the process, so you guys have it down well, so I buy your product after to buy it.
Look, this is what I need to create to be successful here. Then I'm going to sketch out your funnel and this becomes the plane to form a crepe. Yes, that's a


when I showed you how to epically raise over a million dollars with the funnel. Eliminate your competitors for less than $100. Are you excited about it so far? Okay, you guys are getting excited, okay, great.

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