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Full Tour Of The Auction Of A Lifetime - Building #1 - 1955 Thunderbird 1969 Mustang 1950 Mercury

May 01, 2020
Car was used minimally. We looked in the bed of the station wagon and there is almost no wear on the bed. it's really amazing the paint is really very nice the interior with the red interior contrasts very well with the silver also very very nice and the fact that it's the GT edition really makes it a little better so the next one is a 69 t -bird another big, big car, big, heavy car, but there's a theme here, if you notice, you know there's an early t-bird and then we've got some of the later t-birds that will move my chairs here, I'm just going let's take a look it smells good you know the funny thing is every car I think has a hat like there's a driving hat for every car but it's all there but yeah nice


t-bird color huge big t-birds if we like these. really cool car, yeah you guys can answer it a little better, but they think it, we think it's like a 70 72 ish Lincoln Continental big big car it's a home for boxes of bananas, which is fine, so behind you we have a 36 Chevy, this is one that was actually driven on the street, yes, the national right street, so these are probably the ones I recently drove a white car and it's pretty cool.
full tour of the auction of a lifetime   building 1   1955 thunderbird 1969 mustang 1950 mercury
I mean as far as I'm concerned I keep very clean water gauges in there yeah you definitely know it has bucket seats it's cool but it's a nice wooden steering wheel but again. This looks like one you could get in and drive. I mean, it has a small block, so you know, that's it. They're turnkey, probably with a little work, so you'll notice. the topic about a couple of these videos Corvairs, a group of Corvairs so sick here convertible that as far as Corvairs go, it's a little more desirable for these, it's like this nice beige gold tone, the top is actually very pretty or solid. if you want, the raccoons were playing in it, but overall it's very solid, the back windows are still on, look what the inside looks like, man, yeah, they're actually like super nice beers, let's turn that light to the mileage, It only has 63 73,000 miles on it, yeah, I mean.
full tour of the auction of a lifetime   building 1   1955 thunderbird 1969 mustang 1950 mercury

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full tour of the auction of a lifetime building 1 1955 thunderbird 1969 mustang 1950 mercury...

The interior is like mint as far as Corvair convertibles go, this looks very solid and very nice. I can't wait to see what this looks like in daylight, so this car is one that will probably be near and dear to my heart. In my heart, my dad had one of these before I was born and when he bought his first house he adopted it, so as a Chrysler Imperial, it's classy as it is for Chryslers at that time. I mean the styling of this car is I love this car, if I had the space I would love to make this car, yeah this thing is bigger than a meat truck but what's really cool about these Imperials, I love them or I hate them, what do we have here in the school kit anyway, sorry, I digressed? the spare tire on the back of these, whether you love it or hate it, I actually love it, it's really cool, the paint color is like that CC foam type color.
full tour of the auction of a lifetime   building 1   1955 thunderbird 1969 mustang 1950 mercury
I'll have to see it when we get out into the daylight, but they are phenomenal cars, so the interior of these cars drives me crazy for the steering wheel, I look at a push button transmission on the side, there we made the Trant button for the push button transmission pushbutton, the interior is just like a super cool car, you could say this is one that, as you know, was probably driven here and then sure of something else. The inspection sticker on this guy is 76. This one has been sitting around a little longer. It is a four door. but I feel like for these cars a four door doesn't really matter much because it's awesome and this car is great, so as far as the mileage on this car again, most of these cars are pretty low, it's eighty one thousand on this one, basically it's just dirty from sitting but the car itself isn't really in very good condition yeah so again you gotta be careful with these no but I mean this thing looks like it's still oily it's like You could just drive this thing, but it's really cool, it's got the factory oh no, no, it's not a windshield washer oh, just a little bit, a little bag in there, it's super cool, but it's all there.
full tour of the auction of a lifetime   building 1   1955 thunderbird 1969 mustang 1950 mercury
They took out the battery, but otherwise it's fine, but this thing is amazing. I would love to drive this thing. It's a '39 Chevy that's tucked away in the corner, obviously like an old street rod or hot rod, didn't even look at this one yet, oh wow, yeah, it's got a


row of gauges, it's got clean bucket seats on a lap. belts, yeah, for a bunch of shows again, racing, driving a car, looks like it wouldn't take much, it's in hot rod primer, but it's all there, let's see what it has for an engine, it's got a little window here, oh oh , let's shake it, that's pretty cool.
It's killer, oh my god, let's see more of that. Can I see that, let's see the way here? Jack will shine. Look, for a car, it has four cylinders. I think so, oh, that's killer, what's in here. Yeah, so 39 Chevy. with an old rocket which makes it much more interesting let's see something here 9 1 31 of 78 yes under the crack it says well up to 78 so it's 70 7770 was the last time it was driven but it's cool like an old rocket , check out the hubcap collection. It's pretty remarkable to be able to start organizing all these hubcaps here, really cool, but this car is really nice, it's been sitting for a while, but I think the fact that it has an old zin on it makes it really cool and this would be sorted for redo it and drive it good, so I have a 30 31 Ford model A around here that is kind of a pristine brownish navy.
I think it's a brown color which is a really very stylish complete car. I mean, everything that is here can be seen. Almost mostly stock again, probably an amateur restoration, but the cars are really very solid, everything is here, so this is a great car just to drive it on the road again, enjoy, it's great to see, so we're looking at this Mustang here, which I took a second shot when it was so crowded and we could barely see it, so what we noticed was right away. I saw the badge 351 which is, uh, yeah, but right there 351 is good, so it still has the 351 on a we looked at the old one. paperwork and I think it's a little over a hundred thousand miles home, which is really hard to believe because the car is extremely clean, but the interior, this is what makes it great, it's a big edition, so it's elegant.
The interior is like wood on the dash, a little different interior, it has like vinyl on the top here, but everything is super nice on this, from what I can see now, the back panel is hidden, we'll find out when we dig it out . Let's find out exactly what condition it is in, but again, another car that looks like it could use gas. Spoil the best with the ignition. Some fuel. Put some fuel in it. I like the original information about the original owner it was purchased from. It's great, this car is so complete and so beautiful.
In fact, we're going to have a chance. Here's the inside. I'll open the door and show you the original, but cool interior, oh man, first time it's been open a long time, let me know look inside, look how clean the dash is, notice this sticker that's on for the belt seat belt, it has the auto seat belt sticker or whatever you want to call it, this seat belt The sticker still on the steering wheel is on the door card, but the car is actually very nice, everything looks original, which is really cool and we even found some Will Rogers stamps.
This can be valuable, so it's just a quick




number one. Larry's has an incredible collection that will be


ed at various


s throughout the spring, summer and fall of 2024. Any of you who missed the first video can do so. In fact, we'll put a little drop-down menu here so you can see it quickly. the original video, but you can click the link below. We will have a link to the auctioneers website that you can quickly make sure to follow on their website to follow all the previous dates. making all these cars, we've talked about all the parts you see and everything, so there's enough for everyone to buy this stuff and I can't wait to see what we find.
Make sure to subscribe to our channel. Next we'll be making videos throughout this process, showing you all the cars, what condition they're in and giving you as much information as possible, and I want to see some of these cars get into your hands and back. on the way thanks for watching the boys catch you later

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