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FULL Garden Tour TWO (2021 Garden) | Roots and Refuge

Jan 02, 2022
there I am trying to make a video. Hi guys, what's up? Welcome back to Roots and Refuge Farm. My name is Jess and today is a



day so I do these videos every weekend during the season now in pre-season time it's more like every couple of weeks when there's something to show these are a really cool grid to look back on so if you're looking at the videos right now like mid summer or maybe next winter you'll be able to really see how much change can happen today. I'm just going to walk around, I'll show you a little bit of what's come up, what's new, what varieties are growing, and what we're about to do, because next week we're going to plant all the tomatoes like everything is going in between and we're really going to be like kicking off the spring season very exciting so if you are new here i am farming in central arkansas zone 7b we have a great


we farm in different ways all of which are organic natural. growing methods and we only grow for our family we don't sell our product ce or anything like that i preserve a lot and of course i share here on youtube how to do things so it kind of gives me an excuse to experiment ok let's take take a look at this garden, so I want to take a break here in my gazebo. rosa i have these two rose bushes here they are a couple of years old they are filling out and will start producing buds here very soon i am so excited to see these lush and blooming now here i have a couple of roses these are a year younger than the ones that are by the front door so you can see they're not as established now that I've started putting some things in the perennial garden the cottage garden here in the front but mostly what's been going on here is I've been letting things get back up and running so it's kind of bad at the moment look at those hollyhocks they're huge but I've just been waiting to see what's going to volunteer and re-seed since last year but here I have some roses different I have a lot of cosmos volunteering here are some yarrow different dahlias popping up thats what they are and although there is a lot of weeds here there is also a lot of cosmos so I will have to go in and remove what I don't want or gladioli back there I see some zinnias growing and my idea for this garden was to have perennial things as well as annual varieties that would really reseed easily and my vision for this was that eventually it would be a space that would be very wild and free but would have edibles around everywhere for the lilies to bloom here and the whorl of herbs is


look at this moment the bloom is not so pretty and here my asparagus bed is in its second year looking quite glorious we have harvested some of them but we have let go of a lot so this can set up nicely on the front porch my cold hardy green stem leafy planter


of leafy stuff looks pretty stately if I do say so myself and here i have rainbow chard you can see some of them have been picked we've started picking some salad greens romaine lettuce red romaine lettuce here are more chard i have a few different colors of that there is one very nice yellow i have some spinach here and all this stuff looks really nice here is the strawberry patch and all this the strawberry plants used to be in a kiddie pool at the end of there and after two years the kiddy pool was still in good shape and had held up however the strawberries were coming off the kiddie pool and sticking to the ground around the kiddie pool so we decided to take them all out and divide them up and hopefully they will fill all this space next to the greenhouse it looks quite promising i mean they've only been planted in there for five or six weeks after being broken up and they're covered in blooms i'm so excited about that here i have some peonies peonies i always say this and it looks like they're country girl trouble peonies and then this whole row here is blackberries and it was actually I noticed this morning that the blackberries were starting to bloom as well so this is going to give fruit soon and we are going to pick lots of berries in early summer and have a quick look in the greenhouse. because it won't be as lovely on our next


of the garden, a lot of these things that are making the greenhouse so amazing right now will be moved to the garden, so I've got the peppers in there, I'll still have them. a little time in the greenhouse lots of tomato plants coming up soon as well as tomatillos and ground cherries lots of flowers and herbs some young cucumbers starting i didn't start as much this year as i did in the past because i wasn't selling plants so probably 85 of what you see here will go to my garden some of this is for friends but i have a big garden and we have a lot of space so you have to start a lot the plants just take up a lot of space now i will be more thorough in that garden when i have more stuff sta I'll be up here soon but today I want to quickly move on to the garden area and since it's the beginning of the season I want to explain a little bit about how I garden and I like to do this on garden tours because this is a format where I can share what I'm so passionate about which is gardening but I can give you some hands on experience and share how things grow why and you can see first hand now as that we advance Today I want you to notice that there are some weeds coming out of my beds.
full garden tour two 2021 garden roots and refuge
I didn't dig them out before this tour because right now my beds are not mulched now there is a window at the start of each season where we have amended our beds by adding a couple inches of compost just laying it on top we don't grow it I don't disturb the soil in these beds so they all have a fresh layer of compost but they're not planted yet and so the weeds are ferocious it's starting to get hot of course now I have j I just fertilized them and because the soil isn't covered with some sort of mulch , the weeds really start to grow and I don't even bother pulling them until I'm ready to mulch now if I'm trying to plant a specific area I'll go in and pull the weeds out but I won't keep track of the weeds in this moment.
full garden tour two 2021 garden roots and refuge

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full garden tour two 2021 garden roots and refuge...

What we will do is plant seeds and the seeds will start to germinate and then I will transplant all those plants in the greenhouse. I'll go through the garden and we'll cover everything with straw. I like to use straw mulch and put a few inches down and you'll see a little bit of straw mulch in a few spots in the garden and at that point we'll weed everything and mulch it and that will suppress weed growth to a great extent. The soil doesn't like to be bare, so if you don't put some kind of cover on it, it will grow something to cover itself.
full garden tour two 2021 garden roots and refuge
This is probably one of my favorite moments. in the garden like right now early spring cause the garden is so pregnant An ant like you only you know she's about to burst and be so beautiful but right now she's just expectant and the weather is lovely and not I know this, this is small, it's like a small window after everything is modified, a lot of things are planted. there are seeds in the garden and we're not going to get busy yet because they're not up and I really love it so right here at the entrance to the garden is the first arch trellis we have 13 of these in this space but I'd love to be told what would you like to see planted on this trellis.
full garden tour two 2021 garden roots and refuge
I like the fruit to be a bit dramatic. I tend to go towards the noodle beans. I have made kajari melons here before. What would they do? i like to see right at the entrance to the garden and i will plant what is the general consensus here now here i have some beans that actually volunteered they froze slightly and took some damage but didn't freeze hard enough to completely kill them which its great as some of them ended up dying but most of them were fine i took out the ones that were all wrinkled so now i just have to go in and thin them out and i will probably move some around as you can see they are getting to the point of climb, so I'm going to have a bit of an advantage with the beans.
I don't know what here were potted purple beans and rattlesnake cabbage beans, so it will be some of those probably on the other side. I have some radishes for the French breakfast. when i plant radishes because i like to grill them i usually plant enough for a dinner party and if i want i can go out and harvest a couple to put in a salad or slice and put into tacos but mostly right there thats a whole tray of radishes roasts for my family of course I'm feeding quite a few people so you don't necessarily have to do that many but that's something I do when I'm planting things like that I'll just stitch them in succession and plant small groups of them here so I know what I'm going to do with When I put them in the ground, I know that's like a side dish for dinner.
One night, I said, oh yeah, I have those radishes. I can go out, just harvest them all. and salt and put them in a 400 degree oven and put it with something we're having for dinner here. I have another arch trellis that I will be planting. I still haven't decided what will go here and what will go below. the end just came out nice these are row 7 seed beauregard peas which is a really pretty purple pea it might have taken a while to get them really just depends on how fast it warms up this year here are chives that have been in the garden for a few years now and they are really beautiful you can see here a flower about to open I love chive flowers they look like truffle trees there are a couple more and they are really great you can harvest these chive flowers and soak them pickled to use as salad dressings and it's really pr etty because they're purple and fluffy they look good we're going to turn around down here because it's so muddy this bed has a lot of onions that's all this I need to cover them a little more because we're starting to get a little bit of weed growth here this weed is the worst it's not the time i'll leave it alone but yeah this is like a few hundred onions here and this huge mat ra of time started as a little start in my garden i don't know four years ago or something here at the end of this bed there are some brassicas which are broccoli and cabbages here and again this really depends on what is cold enough for them i dont know what i will plant brassicas in the spring here in central arkansas where it can get very hot very fast its such a good bet last spring it was great and it stayed cool it froze late and my brassicas were amazing last year it's the first year I've had such a successful spring brassica the crop usually does better in the fall here but I went ahead and threw them out just on the off chance they might do well they might not produce anything they might go straight to seed and it was a risk I was willing to take this bed now that we are past our frost date all the zinnias will be planted I have to get this brassica guy down here it's te was a volunteer that survived our really cold freeze completely bare and has now started planting here in these the middle two beds got some variegated thyme here some weeds that are extremely persistent here are dahlias that also survived our freeze and they're coming back they're a variety i think it's called crème for cassie i'm not 100 of course that's just what someone told me i got them like in a walmart clearance bin like in season some of the stuff i have in my garden like i got my david austin roses like i got some fancy stuff and then i got a lot of um you know box store at the close of season clearance like i think i paid a buck or something for these tubers at the end of the season I threw them away they didn't do anything I didn't even know they would be back next year and they did and they did I've been there for the past few years and they're just beautiful.
I was very happy that they made it through the frost here. I have some beets that actually need to be thinned when I plant them. I used seeds that were like four. or five years, so I planted them a little bushy because I was worried about germination. I think I mean the seeds were about four years old. I'm losing weight, you can save them and toss them in a salad because it's just little beet greens on this end of this bed. I have some plastic because I have a really bad problem down here so I'm hoping to do this it will help when I don't take this off in another I don't know probably two weeks I'll wait probably until early May very late April to take this off and put some cardboard and cut holes in it I'm probably going to plant squash or melons or something in this bed that I can put cardboard on and let it grow on top of I forgot to finish here now here if you'll notice a very persistent curly mint making its way that was in a pot because I constantly i tell people to hold back the mint so they don't end up with this problem.
You see how I'm doing. I don't think it stops. This is not what I'm supposed to do right now. I hate throwing this away I hate throwing away good plants I'll take it back herewhere I have banished mint to the bed of mint and lemon balm You can join your content here and grow as you please to mint satisfaction Try not to get too distracted the sun was going down I don't have all the time in the world here here I have uh some clematis that are going up it looks like it's going to start blooming here soon I'm really hoping this will be very beautiful here it looks like this about to give us our first flower this is a blue john paul if I remember correctly that's what this is called same thing here i really would love this to be just beautiful and ornamental now i like to grow ornamental things in between vegetables when i started gardening i didnt know anything about gardening styles or anything like that but i really thought so I was going to have to be in a space a lot and do a lot of work on it I want it to be pretty and I've always felt that way I really struggle with focus and distraction sometimes when my kids go approaching on their bicycles but beautiful spaces really inspire me when I feel courted, I am much more creative, I work a lot and that was my thought and sharing the space of my garden with beautiful things that do not feed us but inspire me to work hard to feed ourselves but after I started gardening I learned a term called protégé which is French and it's really just means vegetable garden the history of gardening potage originated with French monks centuries ago in the monasteries that would create these protégés these gardens where the herbs and medicinal plants and flowers that attract pollinators and vegetables were intermingled and the idea was to make it like a beautiful thoughtful functional space and as soon as I read about protected gardening I felt very validated because I thought yes this is exactly what i want this is what i am creating and so when you see things like clematis vines It seems like there's no per se benefit to these plants other than the fact that they make this space beautiful and make me want to be in it and the more I'm in my garden focused and working and courted the better my garden will grow, which makes the space I give pretty things worth it and it's also true that pollinators are really important, so planting things that bring pollinators to your garden is a practical benefit.
Alright here I have another little patch of radishes these are the fancy varieties as they're called and they're really pretty they're just the right crop size the flavor on these is phenomenal it's very very mild not pungent that all depends a bit on the variety but it also has to do with the time of year they were grown so these grew during frosty cold nights and that makes a world of difference if you've ever grown radishes through the summer and don't get they liked them because they were too hot and spicy you need to grow them when it's colder because they're really good now these rows are where the tomatoes will be and of course I've got the tomato rose and then I have these arches that will mainly hold things like sized melons personal this bow has malabar spinach and it's starting to show up here and you can also tell here are some volunteer tomatoes here are some volunteer zinnias there's another tomato another tomato and i hate taking them out it just breaks my heart sometimes i'll move them if i can if this has a dark purple stem that's probably some cranberry tomatoes or something I could move some of these but that malabar spinach I want ro here was hoping that would come back this year and glad to see hopefully some show up on this side as well but i'll wait and any malabar spinach seeds i'll move some of them here here's the parsley that's been here for a couple of years old and here you can see tons of volunteers i have zinnias tomatoes marigolds all here lots of little seedlings look at all those marigolds lots of them i like to go volunteer r plants if i can because they are so healthy i just want to say they always outgrow the things i plant that year or that I start they are so healthy obviously I don't need eight tomatoes growing within a couple feet of each other so I'll end up moving some of them around some of them will inevitably have to be uprooted because they'll get in the way of what I'm trying to do grow in that area but it's funny because I have things like this malabar spinach I haven't planted malabar spinach in my garden since p I first planted them a few years ago because they always come back and I move them where I want the same there are these zinnias here in the bottom of this they've been growing there for a couple of seasons and they're this huge coral zinnia that grows about seven feet tall tall and they always grow right there because they keep coming back and I saved the seeds from them but I have never started any and as soon as I saw them show up I said yes they are back down here.
In the end I have a nice long row of rainbow chard that looks very pretty and I'll be planting all these tomatoes here very soon of course at which time I'll pull up all these weeds and mulch them so they don't grow thick. i keep coming down here there is the mint and lemon balm bed and then i have several different rose bushes down here mainly in these square beds i try to do things that are quite practical that will just add beauty back here in the back of the garden all these roses when they bloom they're going to be lovely so that's it here in the front garden for now now all over this garden in different places I've already put enough seeds for now we do another tour of the garden they will all be up and growing, besides having a lot of things transplanted so there's a lot on the horizon let's go back to the back because there's some new stuff going on there maybe not much to see but at least there's progress to show so my front garden is my great The raised bed garden, as I said, is very much planted as a sheltered style incorporating beauty simply by creating a reflective space that t It brings a lot of pollinators and after we build that garden, we start over here in the back and this is more production than protected now that I have.
I've learned to really love the beauty of the rose and a neater look and I'm also feeding a big family and this makes filling our food so much easier so this is where I'm growing a lot of the stuff we're going to store where I tend to grow varieties that may not be that interesting while up front I do a lot of heirlooms and unusual things and a lot of experiments back here more it's about filling our freezers filling our pantries and filling my kids' bellies so here it is, huh I've got a long row of elephant garlic here, lots of garlic in these rows and then down here at the end more onions and shallots and leeks and this is another layer of mulch for a good weed but I'm amazed that this maiden swelled up over the winter because i planted all these things in january and my pigs got in my chickens got in it was just one thing after another round after round and then we had coldest winter we've had in Arkansas in 100 years and everyone is completely fine you can't even tell there was a problem here next to that now this is my no dig garden those beds aren't dig either we set them up and we didn't till this or anything this year we just put another layer of compost on we went ahead and mulched that to keep weeds from taking over this area is where I'm going to plant a lot of melons like watermelons and probably some winter squashes here where you can really wander and take over and go back to this corner you can see that's not set up yet it's really overgrown but that's where I'm going to put some sweet potatoes as soon as we're out of the frost now this bed back here is some sort of random bedding These are Jerusalem artichokes, they are coming back very well.
I started these last year and didn't harvest any because when I went to dig some of them they were still pretty small so hopefully we'll get one this year. good crop i put them up a little later last year look at this beautiful sight this is going to be so hugely different in such a short time this will just be an explosion of life here i have my potatoes finally i was a little late i was getting a little annoyed and for late I don't mean really late I plant potatoes again like July and harvest them again in the fall so it's not really late per se it's later than I might have started I could have planted early March and I didn't get them until well into April, but that's okay, we'll still get a good crop in mid-summer.
I have several stacks of potatoes here. These are all. planted with a variety of different potatoes but in the back we were going to extend this f Later on I decided to stop and I'm actually going to flatten this out and cut sunflowers here in this back area because I love that backdrop here and from as of now in the high tunnel there ain't just a ton to see we haven't really made much progress here I think I can check this bed on the side that's planted now I've been saying I don't know the last few months for two months these they've been they're cheddar cauliflower and I thought they were because that's what I wrote on the label but apparently I put the label in the wrong row these aren't cheddar cauliflower they're definitely cabbages they're starting to get heads huh , so this is a central debut cabbage I remember because I remember I started with the cheddar cauliflower doesn't look like I'm going to get any cheddar cauliflower but I love C's sprouts ordoba so I'm happy to see them here I have other cabbages red cabbages now out front I was a little worried about those brassicas I'm not 100 sure they'll make it but back here I feel like with the shade cloth we're going to put back here they'll probably be fine as long as the pests don't get too bad and you'll notice in these beds here are a couple little four season lettuce wonders because I sewed them here and they didn't show up for a long time so I just assumed the seeds they were old put the sprouts and decided to grow them on that side.
I have leeks. I see that the seeds were not bad. There is no lettuce underneath. I'll probably move them. pick them up with some soil and


and move them to a different place where they can grow here i have some chinese cabbages napa cabbages really great for kimchi great stir-fried with asian dishes to make different salads this is something my kids eat very well and there are some other random things growing here like These are beets these are carrots why are they mixed in here for the same reason I thought the seeds weren't good because they took a long time to germinate but it wasn't hot enough I guess it's a very persistent herb that comes.
I constantly return to my garden. You don't want there, on the side of this row, to drip until it turns into shallots. Down here, these are shallots. I have quite a few of those growing up. I'm actually getting ready to move this I mean to and I forget about it until I'm back here making a video it's a beautiful sage plant that's overwintered and getting ready to flower so that's great it will be very pretty to look at and right here is a marigold that just came to life after the soil was amended here it is covered in such pretty flowers and i cant remember what variety it is i think its ball is what its called ball maybe improved ball I'm pretty sure it has a ball that's a seed.
It's not that crazy. I did an experiment with some tomatoes, moving them here. Some did well, just got them off the seedlings and I think some will bounce back pretty well. Some definitely dried up and died. The smaller ones simply did not transplant. i don't think they had enough root system to transplant well these are santiam determinate tomatoes and i have some other plants started that i'm just going to plug in these spaces i have other determinate tomatoes and actually these beds are going to have a lot of determinate tomatoes on them and then i'm going to do quite a few peppers here too a lot of peppers and ground cherries work pretty well here probably some eggplants did well last year as well as the cold weather in that bed salt i'm going to fill those with starts i'm not going to move my peppers until i can when it's nice and warm so they can really take off and thrive if you pull them out too soon that trick and this space is going so it looks a lot different next time you see it on tour i mean you'll see the progress in the vlogs but it will look very different and I'm very excited about it, so thanks for hanging out with me today. on this tour I think we'll probably skip a week one more time and probably mid-May at the latest we'll start doing weekly tours because there will be enough changes each week to warrant it when I started doing garden tours I was like oh the i will do once a month all summer long but i realized it was just huge differences just in a matter of three or four days this summer the garden is absolutely crazy and how fast it grows and i just cant help but smile hugely at the think about it.
I'm so happy we're almost there.Thanks guys again. I bless you until next time.

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