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FULL EPISODE - Grandpa in My Pocket - Mr Krumpgrumble's Visit | Series 1

Jun 01, 2021
Grandpa in my


! This is me, Jason Mason. And this is my house, where I live with my mom, dad, sister and grandfather! - Hahaha! And today, Grandpa was very excited because we were going to Miss Smiley's cafe. - The coffee! We're going to the cafeteria! - Yes, grandfather! - Yes, hurry up now. We all went to Miss Smiley's cafe, Mom, Jemima, Grandpa, me... Oh, and Grandpa's sister, Great Aunt Loretta. - Move over,


! - I'll bring you something tasty, Wulfy. - Grandfather! Jason! Come on! So we all got into Campo and left. And


said, "Are we almost there?" And mom said, "Not yet, grandpa." And Grandpa said, "I'm going to have double chocolate chip ice cream and a pound cake.
full episode   grandpa in my pocket   mr krumpgrumble s visit series 1
Two pound cakes!" And Aunt Loretta said, "You'll get sick, you will!" And Grandpa said, "No, I won't." "Oooh, I love Miss Smiley's coffee!" What Grandpa didn't know was that many The people who love Miss Smiley's coffee would be there, because today was the day... of Mr. Krumpgrumble's


! - Mr. Krumpgrumble?! - It's the taste tester, from the town hall. deserves a gold star - Five gold stars for Miss Smiley, that's what I'm saying! - Yes! Miss Smiley is called Miss Smiley because she's always smiling! She has the biggest smile in Sunnysands! Ever. Pineapple Paradise pizza...and tropical shakes...and cherry chunks...and the most delicious ice cream you'll ever taste!
full episode   grandpa in my pocket   mr krumpgrumble s visit series 1

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full episode grandpa in my pocket mr krumpgrumble s visit series 1...

Her cafeteria is the best cafeteria in the world.But today, she wasn't. looking like that. She looked... like that! - Mr. Krumpgrumble has closed more cafes than... grandpa had sponge fingers! - This is the best cafe in the world, this is it! - Thank you, grandpa . - Soon we will solve Mr. Krumpgrumble. - Oh, you will, right? I'm Cyril Krumpgrumble. And I do things here, not you, funny old man. Now let me see. Where should I start? Oh... - He's terrible! Miss Smiley is going to need our help. - Not the shrinking hat, grandpa! Not here!
full episode   grandpa in my pocket   mr krumpgrumble s visit series 1
Someone will see you! You know, when Grandpa shrinks, he can do all kinds of magical things. - Catch Me If You Can! He can get into my car and make it work. He can ride Gordon, my toy seagull. He could fly on my plane. Or he can just run for all he's worth. And this time, he had run, and he had no idea where he was. And then Mr. Krumpgrumble said... - Paradise pineapple pizza is not enough pineapple! - Oh, he says that's not enough pineapple. - The tropical smoothie is not tropical enough! - He says it's not tropical enough! - And, oh!
full episode   grandpa in my pocket   mr krumpgrumble s visit series 1
It tortures my taste buds!... The cherry pieces only have one cherry on top! I have to announce that this cafe is a disgrace! I'm going to close it! Suddenly, I saw where the grandfather was hiding. -But before he could do anything...-Ahhh! A rat! There's a rat! A rat under a cloth! Urrrgh! -He has seen a rat! AHHHHH! - Where are you, little beast?! I'll show you, walking into this cafe... Suddenly, I saw the "little beast". And then he ran! - Where are you? That will fire you. - Mr. Krumpgrumble! You are my hero! But Mr.
Krumpgrumble was NOT a hero. The rat was still on the loose! Krumpgrumble heard it land. -He is back! - IT'S BACK! IT'S BACK! - Alright. Where are you, little monster? But only I knew where the little monster was. I needed an idea, and fast! - It's behind that pot! Before he knew it, Grandpa had jumped on the food counter. -H-he's gone under that table! When I looked back, Grandpa had made the pineapple pizza…more pineapple! - It's behind the curtain! And he had made the most tropical tropical smoothie. - It was in the closet! - I'll catch you this time, mustachioed brat...AAARRRGGHHH!
But the little "whisker twitch" had been dealing with the cherry bits! - Get down, grandpa! Fast! Grandpa splattered the mayonnaise, squashed the jam, and slipped on the chocolate. That must have scared him! Now... it's time for tasting. And quick as lightning, Grandpa found a hiding place. - Where is the grandfather? -He's probably in the... toilet. Great-aunt Loretta doesn't say the word "toilet" out loud. Because she thinks that she is rude. - Feeling sick, I shouldn't wonder. -I had to make mom believe that grandpa was in the bathroom... Even though I knew he was in a sausage and egg baguette!
And I had a job to do. - Look, Mr. Krumpgrumble! - Oh! That pizza is much more pineapple. And this smoothie is so much more tropical! - And, oh! The cherry pieces are now covered in cherries! - Deep joy! - Oh, Jason! Of course, I had to pretend that he had done it. - Things are looking up here. - Now, I just have to decide what to try first. And I was thinking, "Please, don't make it the sausage and egg baguette!" NOT the sausage and egg baguette! - The sausage and egg baguette! The bad news was that Grandpa was on the baguette.
The worst news was... - Do you want it toasted, Mr. Krumpgrumble? - No! It's much better cold. - Ahh, good advice. I like this guy. - Would you like it to be cut in half? - No! It's much better whole. - Very good. Now, what is the best way to eat a baguette? - Um... start at one end and work your way up to the other. BUT... everyone must close their eyes for the first bite. - Come on! Do what the boy says! Everyone closed their eyes and I held my breath. Mr. Krumpgrumble took a bite...and yes!
Grandpa shot out of the baguette like a cork from a bottle. He took off his cap and there he was, good as new! - Mmm, yum! Very unusual. Mayonnaise, jam and chocolate! Open your eyes! Delicious! - What have you been doing, grandpa? - Catch a rat, of course! - Grandpa caught the rat! So, Miss Smiley's cafe has five gold stars, Mr. Krumpgrumble? - But of course! This is undoubtedly the best coffee in the world. - I knew we could do it, Jason. Teamwork, that's what it is! - Yeah! Teamwork! So we all went into Campo and left, knowing that Miss Smiley's coffee was still the best coffee in the world!
Later, back home, Grandfather gave Beowulf a piece of cherry. Which was naughty, because Beowulf really isn't allowed treats. - We all need sweets, Jason. I certainly do, I caught a rat, remember! - I'll open your shoes in the bedroom, grandfather. They were dirty, if I didn't know I'd think you'd been paddling in chocolate.

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