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May 31, 2021
You just want to see your limits, you just want to know how far you can go and not regret it. That's all I wanted to do. I wanted to try my best. The first thing I wanted to do was please my dad. I think like any other kid, you know, I just wanted him to be proud of me, anything, if it was a pass, if it wasn't me on MySpace, I thought, wow, I thought I scored an amazing goal or something, you know. , and my dad, my dad was the first guy that introduced me to the game and that was the first thing I did, yeah, you never know, I did it as a professional, but you would have been a Mountain Akhirin type player, so I wasn't that kind of guy, you know, at some point he could understand why he wasn't aggressive enough.
full documentary thierry henry arsenal legends
He always wanted more. He first scored four goals when I was young. He wanted five. That's five. You wouldn't have been happy because he wasn't six and I won. I'm not even telling you that if I didn't score it was never enough and that's why I grew up like that and that's why I was, you know, the people who always used to attack me when I was a little in a bad mood after my goals, but when I missed a goal that maybe I was a babysitter or saying I should have scored and then maybe five minutes after scoring a goal that was much harder to score, I used to get upset celebrating because I used to Think how I missed the previous one when I got this one and it used to upset me.
full documentary thierry henry arsenal legends

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full documentary thierry henry arsenal legends...

Well, I just want to say, you know, like we were raised and you know, you know, you reach out to all of you with that and rightly so because maybe the player was I was playing more like silly patches like five big minutes and you certainly don't see me now that ability to maybe come off the bench and change the course of the game because I wasn't thinking I wasn't afraid so I wasn't thinking all I want try this because maybe not I just wanted to go out there and try to impress everyone, but I was not consistent.
full documentary thierry henry arsenal legends
I also saw myself for the first time when I was fifteen years old. It was like a training week so he must have seen me training because he used to come and see the under 15s, 16s and 17s booked, whatever is typical, amazing. I met him when I was at Unicode, he was one of my youth team players and stuff. He made him start in the professional team as a central forward and there was the only game he got as a central forward was on the 17th or 17th in a few months and since then he always played in the assigned frame invent because even so the rhythm the physical power the spirit and I believe that the potential to play well as a center, I never saw much in Monaco, in fact, he left, I mainly stopped and he left for the games after I don't see him going to aim and some of the senior players were telling me.
full documentary thierry henry arsenal legends
You know you need to pass because he used to come onto the field and for the first 20 minutes he would run at the guy maybe 60 times and then he would officially be dead tired. I just wanted to impress and do well at the time and then I started to feel it. to get it and do your homework, this is Andre Thierry Andre green Elle France and three now in the group stage for Thierry Andre. I think the boss was quite smart, you have to give him a lot of credit because we are in a situation before the World Cup where the press beat us because with their foot we weren't even going to get past the first round, so maybe he said: let's leave them there. a young man who is not afraid or fearful and who will go away and simply play and that is what happened not only here but throughout the country the greatest sporting achievement in the history of France France is world champion being able to win by playing or not in the final or everyone getting involved less involved or more involved it was crazy that you won the market No I don't mind not playing in the final if I was more of an established player, that would have been another story, that's not the same, that's not the same, but As a young man who has just gone through what two internationals before that, telling me that I was going to leave and that the World Cup at the end of the game was too much.
I arrived there. Libby was the boss and I just got here after the first two games. She was on the bench, which is just she arrived and they fired him, I think three games later, when I'm embarrassed, she arrived. I played all the games and the last five games were great, assists, goals and everything you could ask for taking into account the UV fans. I said it so many times. but everyone always says for the pleasure of playing on the left no, I didn't leave because of lack of play I was playing and I wasn't playing I was playing well if you ask the UV fans they still don't understand why I left and I also told them to make sure I went to Arsenal and not any other business.
I had to do it, to be honest, guys like Patrick Sarah Emmanuel Petit and Nicolas Anelka made the club famous in France. I'll be honest, without them we won't do it. I've known too much about Arsenal Football Club, although the first time I heard about the Oslo club was because Ian was defended by the kite shower. My first official final was that I saw that I would really like to understand and that I have What I saw was Crystal Palace against United, so he came on and changed the game and I was like where is that guy?
Oh, that was playing for Palace and then I saw he was playing for Arsenal and I was following him. I always wanted to also work with arson again and that's what happened at some point the fate is strange after the game at the U of A and this season I went back to Paris and who was on the plane, you can ask him The boss was in the plane and that's what I said to him: I'd love to join us and you know, then that's what happened, you don't get to Arsenal Football Club when you've got 20 items like Martin Keown and Lee Nigel David.
Representative of sailors, all before I arrived, those guys in the double, some of them were part of the team that won that incredible League title in '89, even though I arrived as world champion, I was nobody and rightly so I didn't do anything. at first. no the food was a club I didn't do what I could do I didn't win anything so who was I to you know do anything or write in a different way I was just a follower at the beginning no one has much respect for Tortoni for what he has done, he who has money, Martin Keown was an example for me, you know, stepping on the pitch and he would have died for us now, once you get to the club and see players like Lee Dixon, he couldn't. even walking at some point and he still went and gave one hundred percent for his club and playing the way was playing, you know, the hard way and for me, when he said then act and give everything for his club, he said it As an example to follow Thierry Andre, the latest addition to our survey is that the French contingent is coming for its first test.
You don't get somewhere with just your name and impress guys by leading, especially those guys you have to show you can fight for. them and sometimes against them in training and then they respect you when I first came every time I used to do it in the newspaper yeah, he's the most expensive player for Osbourne and all this kind of stuff, you know, but for me I just wanted You know, to go from my partners to my manager, I mean, I was in Vega, I mean the boss I wanted and the fans too. I wanted to show that I could play for Osmel and that I could do something really big for them when People think about my career at Arsenal, they don't always think that I came in and started scoring goals and everything was fine, the boss was more than kind to me, the fans came more, as always, they were amazing to me when I first arrived.
I will always remember that I had to fight to get on a team. I had to fight Devon Sugar Yoko Kanno Denis Birkin or Marc Overmars. If I was going to play on the left and I was coming behind Nicolas Anelka, I mean, they always go to Compare us, the French striker friend also solved it and it wasn't easy, so it's a good reminder to say to some of the youngsters and some of the boys who must work hard to make their way. Because of the competition at Arsenal, the striker was crazy, you know you need to perform, you don't doubt your ability, you know that's not me, so I was going through a phase where the boss also wanted me to play like forward and I was like saying to myself, wait a minute, I'm on a national team and I want to move up as a winger, so I thought: Am I wasting my time trying to learn how to play as a forward?
That was more what you Understanding is frustrating. I felt like I wasn't helping anyone. They are advancing more for Arsenal and then that gamma gets there. He scored two goals and since that match he never left the team again. the gears I forgot because that's me all day the world was playing an outdoor note it's exactly the same I played when I was young I forgot about the goals my mind wasn't set on goals because when you play as a winger you know that you have to help in the game, you know you have to work and help the left back, so you think, oh, that's not my job to score, so don't lose that killer instinct that you have. which I had when I was young, so I had to relearn, ah, if I can say how to kill premiership matches in a row.
Yoga now in Sylvania, a lot of forward here for Arsenal, Silvie did it, no, this is Thierry, just a nail two minutes earlier. half-time exceeds the lead now by two goals on aggregate Azari scores for the eighth consecutive time Arsenal takes a big step towards the final in Copenhagen in 1994 Arsenal left this field with the European Cup Winners' Cup in their hands six years later can Los gunners do the same with UEFA, we finally got to the UEFA Cup final and we will have a fancy recording and sitting down, we played with ten men and finally we couldn't find the back of the net.
I'm still angry. To be honest, that's Turkish delight versus English desperation. Arsenal are broken a year later, again we were very far from Manchester United and somehow we did it. I think we deserve to go to a final and I don't know. If in this in the history of the game it is in the pattern, it seemed that we did it, but we really ran through that final, without the muscular Liverpool, the whole game is fine and it should have been ten million eleven Neil, I came that far, no I don't care, the delivery performances are upset with that, but if you watch the game, first of all the nine, they should have received a red card penalty and the game would have been over and the game should have been over even without the penalty and understand that it wasn't a financial issue, we had so many chances and the game was a joke, but Michael Owen came on in the last five minutes or seven or whatever to score two goals and win it for Liverpool and yeah, I was devastated.
He would be. Honestly, I came home and thought: how can you lose a game like this? You know, that's what's so hard to bear, really hard to bear, even more so than the UEFA Cup final. I don't know why, but losing that FA Cup final. It was very difficult to accept, but I told myself next year, especially against Liverpool, that's why, especially when I used to play afterwards against Liverpool, there was something special about it and we come back stronger and the game is so strange because it's the first effect of the year. after Liverpool did not exist I was dying for that game Honore well done, bang Broncos this is Thierry Andre still in Rehberg I am exhausted and he is working scores for Arsenal so cruelly defeated in the final by a little poor last season that is horrible head up I'm not making Liverpool personal, but every time I played against, I gave up what I used to think if I could finally make sure that they were going to suffer for this again, their first chance to maybe reverse that trend against their nemesis, the champions.
Silvestre's season gives Manchester United the advantage they were dominating. They've been doing it for a long time, to be honest, even before I came along. I mean, Arsenal won it. Blackburn wanted, but Man United have been more than dominant for years and most. The annoying thing is that they were winning around April, you know, everyone knew it was already done, so it was a bit boring, it wasn't easy to take, but at the end of the day you have to give them credit and they deserve it. where they were and what we were thinking about is making sure that every year we will be a little closer and matching his mood has beaten the games what Arsenal reports directly at halftime the error the coal shop has retreated Youngberg and then made a he signs calmly to Tess, his authorizations spilling onto the rayon Hannigan Spiteri, the Frenchman of Turkana's time.
Marie is here, but Bart says that or at least he should have. RA has punished. Bart says again in the space of five minutes that she is. Literally, Arsenal's victory gave fellow Frenchman Thierry two girls who otherwise wouldn't have marked one of the turning points of the season because we just lost our way to her in the Champions League, I think, and we played against Manchester United at home, one is down. at halftime and that was where the season could continue or you could pick it up again and that's where we showed that the strengths that were consistent were consistent throughout the season when you really had your back against the wall every time the team responded.
It doesn't matter who played and that was a great comfort to me and Mississippi was dominated crying man United of course parties committedtwo mistakes but I think of all of them because I was nervous especially in the second half the villain of the victor Arsenal 3 Manchester United beat you I want your generation to be successful I mean there is nothing wrong with that you also want to be part of a successful side , you don't know, I had enough of listening or 98, you know, I was more than that before the incredible books, the book climate and it was more than aThe people or everyone involved was me, but I wanted to have my own.
I wanted to be part of the team. A winning team. A winning Arsenal team. As you know, today you can talk, we can talk about everyone, remember how great that player was. You won't win anything for me, you know, if you want to be up there and stay away from the fans and anyone, even yourself and you looking in the mirror, I have one, we have one, don't I know you? a touch, the weight loss that I wanted to have, I wanted to, you know, be part of a successful side and wouldn't you know it, I've had enough in a bad way, but I thought, yeah, the 98 side is great, I want to do it too.
You know how Arsenal feel against Chelsea at the Millennium Stadium with the Gunners' sights set on Cup glory just four days before the title decider against Manchester and now I think Arsenal might have a chance here for the Gunners. sensational hall strike Youngberg shrugs John Terry Freddie Youngberg the cup returns to London adorned with red and white ribbons it is now in place ten years into the premiership there has never been a head like it I was good, I did my knee ineffective ending against Jessie, directing student, I was going crazy, I was at home watching it and I just wanted to go there, it's a pretty young bug, again, get the boxes out, I'll tow it.
I have still scored once again in the Premiership and this could be the most crucial. Gullible, we knew we were strong enough to tell them that it was some kind of statement like we want you in your house, be successful but not always admired, but down the line, do you feel genuine appreciation? a small team played and tonight they were perfect, but what we had is that we were a team, especially nothing because of Arsenal's funding and for everyone in the league to win, they gave a lot of hope. I think there is some hope for many.
Teams say the scourge of second places may have ended three years as a premiership, the FA Cup a year ago, the Wafer Cup two years ago, but this Oskol team graduated with a double first place. Díaz, well placed, I guess one thing he was very proud of. People always used to talk about my goals, but I always used to count how many assists I made each year and that was also important to me, not only scoring goals but also trying to share the glory with the brothers I could. Watch me smile more when they gave me a while ago and when I called because sharing is an important thing, especially in the place of inequality and first of all and with the winner of the PFA Player of the Year award in 2003 it is to be fair, mom brother.
Jerry, only if you had told me at that time you know what to say during my 80's Arsenal, we didn't win the league or we didn't mean anything and I had wanted the play of the year once or something, I would have done it. I saved it for a title that nothing can be the title, nothing can be winning the curve, nothing can between the Champions League or any other in my career, you have something that wins and that at some point you don't win. Various reasons, but all I cared about was what the Osmo fan said and thought about the falls on us fools Perez.
Arsenal takes the lead on the top panel, they're up and running and it's War Bear Perez with the golden


. destiny does it successive seasons robert chlorosis go has done it and arsene wenger celebrates his third success in this competition it is a great day because there is nothing better than winning and sharing it with your teammates after suffering the season and there is nothing worse losing e go on a tour, as a team, which is better than an individual sport when you lose as a team because you know you always have someone who can help you through it, but that's it. you want that's all I wanted to win win was the most important thing for me not to win as an individual win as a team this is some exhibition thing oh great round of spenny and now he accelerates away from Kabara he is also the leader electrifying take two electrified I lived on the other side of the world is a red 1/1 the story is made to start the only thing people talk about is that invincible side to do it in a modern game, especially in England when you don't have a break in the winter and when you play there it is When you play more and we were also challenging in each competition, you have to play four games in eight days.
I know if you remember that one against Liverpool Chelsea and United against mine United in the FA Cup semi-final. Right after that we had a fantastic 45 minutes against Chelsea and we collapsed in the second half against Chelsea and they and they rightly won because they deserved it. Let's save that night at 2. This is a bridge again, as the Arsenal nightmare continues to be placed right next door. Men hitting Jarrett Gerrae we were one down against Liverpool and I felt like the stadium stopped breathing. We are having a great season. People were talking about the problem and in one week we almost lost everything in the course of this season game.
Their expectations was a goal that was more than a goal and every time I see that goal still hidden what happened inside it is the only time in my life that I felt like a stadium was breathing again. I never had that feeling again. I don't know where we were at that particular moment and after that we left, you know we were losing and we came right back and when I finish this today, a moment of history is in front of us. Newcastle beat Chelsea to want to get just one point. Now we will do it.
They have the entire season 1 in style before the game. You know some of the values ​​and the guys, please, few in the league. You know you know because you need to do it. draw or win to be mathematically champion, so please don't celebrate there and to be fair, everyone said okay, we understand that that will create chaos or whatever kind of consists of, let's say the rest of the field and, as is known, It is a hybrid score from a similar starting position. to that when from time to time he looks for Bergkamp, ​​who looks back at the doctor now with price, I'm trying to buy a little time, since help has arrived for the one who needs a redneck, it's a cyclical content, you read that for us it became something profound. injury time I remember Tirico jumping and he got a cramp by the way jumping and celebrating it like instead of reading a draw first of all that tells you his standard to celebrate a tie and I looked at him and said are you kidding me, someone, yes, jumped in front of me and said: did you realize that we needed the point to be champion in your house and he was talking again?
I told him and look at me after the game, this is the game if you act strong, be strong at the end, so I said. I remember at the end of the game everyone said: don't celebrate. I said what I'll celebrate and you'll see how much it's going to hurt them and the incredible circumstances of the championship are. one and I had to celebrate and they were celebrating a tie and they came in front of me like jumping and like they wanted something, so I said, okay, we weren't supposed to celebrate well, now I'm going to celebrate with my friends in a center attention, of course.
On these Arsenal players who, to use their own manager's words, are on the brink of football immortality, the firebrand banker said he wasn't sure his players realized how much is at stake today , but when they step out into the Highbury sunshine in a few moments, I'm sure the enormity of what they can achieve today will really affect them, you know, when you know the main thing is to be champion, their new champion and you still have six or five odd games. I remember the boss came every morning, guys. It's possible that you can do something amazing, do you realize?
We are like a rich presenter. Come on, he's like a boxer. Our boxer doesn't get into the ring just to have fun. You know you go out to kill. It was our mentality and suddenly I'm a Patrick looking at me it's like there's no fight, you know, I need to fight, I need to know we need to get some points or things like that, but we weren't realizing what was happening and we were looking. For Paul, I screwed up the far post that wasn't in the script, right? and they go to the lab so I mean I could wake up and you hope it's not too late because you know these types of games. you can hit the crossbar, the post and you can, you can never go back and somehow we go back to that and also what an ending, to have the captain score the winning goal, you know, I think that was, you know, the icing on the cake that she called. come back that could make history now I would have been very angry if we had not done it if we had not done it I would have been angry I lose my name as a place in the sports record books of all time and what they have done They will talk about what was done this season As long as football is played, we had many players who were doing what the game asked for, winning the double, it is incredible, but going through a season defeated is an achievement, except perhaps the admiration of the Premier League is an irresistible force, but it was always going to, you know, it was going to be a day that we were going to lose, but that's how it happened, I stood there for a split second, I'll always say, I mean.
I love the guy, but he dove into so-called dependency. I never touched it. I love running to win. He's a great player, but he dunked and we saw it, we saw the replay and we lost there. I mean, anyone can talk to Jake. I can come and say whatever they want, that was never a bother, they had it, they won the game and said you know, he always thought he was so far away when all the polls started, but that belief disappeared when he saw us and the definition wrong, so maybe it's like that. It was kind of like he didn't happen and now we're going to make it happen, but it's just the way they became dependent, but you know, they won at the end of the day and I think Finn is right there with Chelsea as a third. spoilers in the Premier League even greater importance is given to the only trophy on offer these old enemies it has been 26 years since they last met in an FA Cup final they will have to make some effort to match the drama of 1979 that was beyond The title with us Million Man United was like beating Menu, you know, and I'm sure it was because they beat us and then let's see about the title after Ice Player, we always try to explain to people that We have great respect.
All the players also know the players. I had a lot of respect for Man United and I'm sure it was the Semenova camp, but every time the press said that, Awesome would say something about Ferguson and Ferguson would say something about our sin and then they were doing it. I like, you know, the big game it was at that time was because we were competing each time to win the league or not, but I would say it was like a rivalry, the big one but with a lot of respect, the first time in the history of this . competition, the FA Cup will be decided by a penalty shoot-out, but I mean, when the game was on, you know, I mean, you'll always remember that confrontation with Patrick and Roy Keane in the battles and and the mountain and Vanessa Ryan and and the rest , but in the way it was still somewhat respectful, respectful with his name sung throughout the stadium, the captain struck the right note to catch his breath against Carol Viera scores, an Arsenal won the FA Cup, they took it. away from Manchester United and it is their captain who has done so Patrick Vieira hello and welcome on this historic day in north London the last time Arsenal will start a new season here at Highbury, home for over 90 years.
Omri now wears the captain's armband. Since Patrick Vieira moved to Juventus, he is one of the biggest heroes this club has ever had and is now within sight of scoring a record number of goals. It is only for those who fall short of Ian Wright's club scoring record and those who are three Erbs away. story, the icing on the cake, check again anyway, lamina Julie Touré with this is on the beat Thierry Andre six minutes after his return and Thierry Andre is equal to Ian Rice's scoring record and I'm still in France against Father Brown delicious ball for Andre this is only for two he has achieved it 1386 The greatest goalscorer in Arsenal's history He wasn't even meant to travel.
I came back like a train for two days because of a problem with my Achilles tendon. I remember and the boss, you don't know what, I'm sure we just came. with us and you know you're not going to play and I went out and scored two goals, which wasn't really the plan from the beginning, but the only thing I'll always regret is not doing it in Ivory, but you know it was a great feeling and You know it was a special moment. I wanted to celebrate with my roommates, so when you see me score, I ask everyone to come and it was a great moment, congratulations, another milestone for your successor, since I have a record of rights of the most accurate gunners of all times, having hit the target between them 371 times for Arsenal, she batsHe has work to do here, the pressure from Davis, he has lost it, Jericho and he is also square.
Here are Lauren's colors, they are very here for Chelsea. She went inside Campbell and she has him. Joe Cole was said at the second post and then by race. Orientis. Oh, it was something like that. I'll be honest because we lost a lot of players too. you're losing Patrick it wasn't easy Patrick was out of that team, very respected in the locker room and outside the locker room, so I was an easier Alamo for him and we also had a lot of injuries, we had to go get some. players from the youth team who actually played in midfield but we played them at left back or right back because like nobody else and we were losing games, we had a streak of not winning four five four four games which was the first time in a long time in the history of the club, so people questioned me, they questioned the club, they questioned everything, so it wasn't easy. one to be honest and then he was gone, especially in the Champions League, it couldn't have been a tougher draw for the boys as the whole school resumed their quest for glory on the continent and took on the nine Europeans against cancer by biola Dan Becker.
I know the stash for London is great. The signs stop Renaldo, this is Thierry Andre - Ronaldo and Larry has and Gucci and still Thierry in ray anyway maybe not the same, but that has to be so at what time, but no disrespect to what blame , but it was What a fault, so people like, yeah, you know, but you do it in the Champions League in Madrid, and then it becomes like, wow, you know, so for me a good goal is a good goal and the end has to be the same as you. you go with the ball, the timing of your run, the way you're going to touch the ball each time to make sure you don't push it too far, but you push it enough to leave it behind and not too far. away because if the guys aren't going to get the ball and they try to do it at


speed and slalom between people and and and and and they score, yeah, to me, you do that against anyone, it's a good goal, but for some people, that gets you . it depends on the team it depends on the stadium it depends on when you do it almost a year after the uprising there is an emotional return to hydrate for patrick vieira in front of them right in each square elegant red shirts in the middle and it has been marked by kolo touré I know a few minutes to also say Minnie oh the referees giving a penalty here drama later Barry Riquelme being bulletproof in the what to say about the German in the Champions League final Arsenal's successes the most precious piece of silver is for the first time within reach hand in hand, but they are European champions and yes, Mr.
Monsanto, the clearing comes later, when he knocks him down and the referee may well draw a card? I would have liked the rest, for Julie to leave and stay 11 against 11 because I think that 11 against 11 would have been in trouble, they are already in trouble 10 against 11 Toure I am ready with the free kick ball to take the lead in the Champions League final with less than 15 minutes to go Esther plays a lovely ball through Larson has beaten Almunia Barcelona a level and it is Samuel Leto fortified flower is to start wide open although Poletti literally ripped the trophy from him From the hands of Arsenal when you go to the final you want to win it.
I think it would have been incredible and it is very special. I was pretty upset because when I went back to a dressing room Sam Alito was a little bit outside in the first one and the second one was lucky, that bull never came in, I don't even know why. They gave it to skill but that ball wouldn't go in if the bull doesn't touch the man's foot you tell boo it won't go in but to win the game at some point you need to have your eyes on your side and I always remember that opportunity I had when Alex gave me the bull I had nothing on my balance it was that I was playing alone in front and trying to finish trying to run towards them alone and the thrower he gave me I just collapsed, you see, I should number two no no no no no power it's a shame we didn't play 11 on 11 because that changed a lot in the game after five minutes of over I don't even know five seven that that already changed the course of the game Although you still have enough to consider two goals and you can still win the game, but that was too much in the end, running after the ball that I have always engendered because we didn't win it and I felt like I had.
I didn't do enough in those last two for my team to win so I'll always think about it, that's always something and I think about that it will always cross my mind one every two days or every three days because because that's what the club was missing. the club, but one of the highlights of the season is that I always remember the last derby against Dortmund. Highbury Stadium, the most distinctive stadium in English football, but which will soon outlive its welcome in the last North London derby ever played there. famous old stadium, some observers call this the greatest North London derby of all time, whether true or not, it is certainly the most lucrative because it is effectively a play-off for a place in next season's Champions League season.
I remember the boss came up to me and said because we were separately Tottenham Tirpitz League Liverpool Champions League so the boss said: "I need to give you a run" and I said: yes, but not against Tottenham and he said : Yes, but we played against Villarreal afterwards, it can be a story if we go to the final and I was like, okay, whatever and I remember I was on the bench. I can start them and I remember them playing against us in the first half and I thought they can't win, they can't win the last one.
There will be a game in ivory. In fact, I will. If I stay on the bench, I remember I used to say that if the guy makes one, I want to keep our pace off the bench and I'll tackle him from behind. I can't let you put on that shirt and realize what it is. playing against Tottenham losing against Chelsea, you know, who and against United, but I just couldn't imagine wearing a national shirt and with the team wearing it and against Tottenham, even in the dream and whatever to wake up to how I am. if you remember at our desk or apparently they didn't see that an Arsenal player was down and we stopped to this day Michael Carrick pretending he didn't see he was down oh and the debit is on the side ask Allah player . down and robbie keane discord and I said no, it's not like that, look, they count, they beat us like that and then we come back, we come back in a and I scored and what a moment, but I didn't want them to do it on any other team. but then winning the last one was something vibrant that for me couldn't happen if I always did well against telling Terry that the crowd of streamers have seen a player like I would wonder about barbarism last year, since I won't know anything well about the Gunners who are about to come out in this. ground for the last time before they are is elegant, but in today's terms, a small stately home, a football or luxury accommodation nearby, but the focus here is on the Gunners needing the end, it was like the typical Hollywood and you know you wouldn't have done it.
You couldn't like to write it better. I'm sure if you asked any fan before the game, that's what they would have tried to try levity rere. The name achieved will forever be associated with the hybrid. On the last day, we cleaned the fourth room. places and in front of Turin was amazing. I only played seven years. You know, some guys paid more than me, but I felt comfortable there. It was like a proper field, a proper field, a proper football field and something died that day. I knew I never would be. you're going to go back there no matter what happens you know it's gone forever it's not like you can go back and sit back and relive the memories and whatever you can you always know you have videos or whatever but no It's the same if you can't go back to the stadium, I always considered our library as if it were my garden, it's always to say and joke about it, she says my garden because, and one thing I'm proud of if I can say is that no one would have a I broke my record on the day that is called the most goals in Ivory and now I know that that will be impossible, obviously, and on Monday at the Stadium, you know, when I knew it was going to be the last day, I knew that record too would go with the stadium. and a part of me was going to die too 90 seconds of added time left something similar here to go which is a great moment Manchester United wants to turn around no one knew a thousand I was going to sign again I found myself in a situation where there it is where my last maybe three four years in Europe competing in Europe and I was thinking if Arson leaves, what's next and our discussion with him and he was kind of saying that it wasn't very clear if he was going to stay or not.
So I decided to leave, but it was a very sad day. Well, guys, I just wanted to tell you that you've been tremendous to me and I really appreciate it. I know you can see it, but I'm shaking right now. a special day for me, I will always remember you and some of you in my head and in my heart and I wanted to assure you again that you always gave a hundred percent, even some people try to say some things sometimes, but I gave a hundred percent and hope that you have appreciated what I have done here because I appreciated what you have done to me and you have helped me grow as a man and be a better soccer player, so I will always carry that with me no matter what happens.
Arsenal will always be in my blood and in my mouth and I will always always always remember you guys and I said it was going to be a going to be for life and I didn't like it because once you are good no, you will always be a going to be for The club is in my heart and will remain outside forever. Thank you. The first thing I wanted to do was send a message to the fans. I think that government protocol needed to be explained and talked to them about why they did it. I did care about them and I always will, so you have a way to live in a club and that was the right way for me, nothing will have a top, ask me because I played in the 80s while the snow played football, someone too It was something. six special cups in the season no team had done that before but we sat in history forever being the first team to do it and I was part of that team and playing and playing well, Arsenal will always be incredible, everything for me, which was strange, it wasn't a strange feeling, I didn't like it at all, it would have been even more difficult if I had to play against Arsenal in the library, I think it would have been very difficult for me, you know, normally you go out on the pitch thinking .
I want to kill that team. I wanted to win but I didn't want to kill that team. It was really a bit strange. I must say that in the end I didn't know, for example, when the fans saw my name, I thought. I'm leaving now? Try that shit again. I stay? I mean, you know we're competing with each other, you know that kind of thing, that's how it was. I'll go back to when I got the phone call that someone told me. They are going to put a statue in front of the stage I'm Anna and I almost hung up the phone I remember saying you have nothing to do you know these kinds of jokes jokes are not funny so until the day I came to do the statue inauguration because I still thought it was a joke, this Arsenal legend is just a modern day here; also supports his world-class performances and enormous contribution to Azalea at the beginning of the 21st century.


of career lit up the Premier League and world football, so it gives me great pleasure to unveil a commemorative statue to continue to its left and capture all the Thierry Andre, although we have already removed it from the car. I would say it's my favorite photo and it's just great to be there, you know, the library in front of them. That was. I never thought in my wildest dream that I would have been like this one day in front of the stage with similar love and our support and also a special thanks to my close friends.
Friends, what helped me be honest, you know, and then you have to take it at some point in the game, you wake up with some personal moment, I'm not saying it's selfish, but in a way, you know, that's why I started cry. because my family was there when I saw my family, my daughter, my mother. I thought it was really happening and I couldn't contain it. You know, I think sometimes it's good to show emotions. He wasn't a big guy to show off. emotion, but sometimes it's a little difficult for others, he said from the bottom of my heart, I'm fine, having a lot of support, being here, in front of the stadium, and I said, I always say Saguna Arsen, you've managed to do it. revelation of the material over the line, I mean, they must be happy together, yes, because it took a little time to do the paperwork, but it's finally done.
I just want him to help the team and when you play it's to do well and I don't. I even have to say a word because we want to do Matt himself, you can't take away from people what they have done and what he has delivered will remain forever. I think he can just make a statue a little bigger, you know, so let's hope he does. I'll do that they say love is blind and to be honest I had nothing to gain all I knew was that Austin asked me for help that's what I knew I didn't think about it it was a trick between a chicken and also because his own reading of the statute two weeks before and I know it, but I didn't really think much about it.
I just wanted to know what I wanteddo the boss with me, what did he want me to contribute to the team, that's all I thought about. about it and I told the boss if you don't feel like playing with me let me understand or even just in the parking lot whatever you know, I'm just trying to help, it's not often that the player that I know will be in the black pages tomorrow, the game doesn't even start, but like the great interest in Thierry Omni's return to Arsenal, but I will certainly be the case like the Gunners 32 in the FA Cup, Andrey Arshavin, but for a Shama goat.
They are getting closer to Arsenal, but we are about to see the change and here comes Cermak, who comes to make this emotional return to ask them. So, I've played some big games for the snowball, so now France, Monaco, UV, whatever. I can't compare it with that night, nothing can surpass that night for me, the last trip, wisteria, Murray shows the winning goal to not leave United out of the cup that Arsenal, which is now United, won. Really, actually, I foresaw it, I'm sorry, at one point I was in a dream, now I remember staying in a locker room two hours after the game, just sitting there and we can tell you I was there with the tail of my shorts in my socks and my boots and I was just contemplating like I don't know what I was contemplating but I was like losing I was alone I don't know my brother was in the dressing room my friends and and there they are the same expression on their face like they were like what What happened, you know, It's the kind of thing you could never dream of, to be honest, I never, ever, never thought I was going to come back and play, it was a situation that made me come back and score a goal.
The goal against the walls again for Arsenal was just disgusting out of this world, you can't fool a fan, you can't fool your audience, they know that if you read it and there was no social media, you didn't read it, I kind of They hugged and loved me, we have done it. part, so I must have done something good. I wasn't always the easiest to deal with because of my film and my character, but it was all about passion, it was all about playing one hundred percent for my club. I think also a relationship with similar people. of a relationship between brothers, you know, sometimes your brother can be annoying at some point, it is also news.
He used to annoy people at some point when he was being like people used to say in the French way, you know, throwing his arms up in the air. and never be happy or whatever, you know when things didn't go the way you wanted, but at the end of the day you have to love your brother and he's still your brother, maybe at some point he wasn't good enough, but I always try of giving a Push with little meaning could not be better written returning to New York Arsenal's record goals. What is it? I still take the lead for the first time in Sierra Maori.
Have the police intervened in the Premier League? It is said that there is also a hospital on the wall. I just love the club. Now I get angry like a fan. I think like a fan. People could think whatever they want, whether it's true love. I mean, I just love it. I love the club. The most important thing is that it is Arsenal Football. The club is rather up there, lady Dennis Bergkamp, ​​lady or Tony Adams or Palmas and Alan's Mesa or Ian Wright or whatever the guys are, you're going to come after the guys that are playing now.
The most important thing is that Arsenal Football Club stays up there to compete. win titles and win titles and be a good and entertaining team when I first came to Arsenal. I just wanted to play and make sure I established myself as a player and obviously make this team win, win something with me in some way. I loved, loved, loved putting on that shirt and trying to defend the colors of Arsenal Football Club. Also because they told me to kick sometimes and because when I wasn't doing the right thing, some of the older ones. The lads used to tell me what it was like to play in the Premiership, but those lads told me what it was like to be an Arsenal player, so whether you like it or not, I always used to say that if you're not strong enough to wear that shirt you'll get it. you have to go and I didn't want to go and Tim's point of view that I said so many times, you know, the funeral that he always talked about is being able to look my teammates in the eyes after the game, you know?
What was the most important thing for me? Know? Because there is nothing more difficult to accept when returning to the locker room and you can put on your era. That's a hard thing to deal with. I just wanted to push myself and the other side. A lot of times you get to a point where we don't love the pain anymore because a lot of times I would go to training and then I wouldn't pay for as many games so Snow Football Club would be on the bench, but I loved it. I loved it and I loved every minute of that pain, that's what you have to go through, so it's not always easy, but that's what you have to go through if you want to see who you really are.

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