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my secret is panicking I got to talk to her she has a failure to appear Lauren fresh tracks right here Brandon are you in that in tark drawl it's a grow room there's a whole nother crawlspace I thought sup move to the right to your hands you throw like a girl lay down right here I was the one in the cave that's into making a brave don't take another step like I said what's up guys I'm patty mayo welcome design sitting here with my partner in crime big black boom boom
fugitive s girlfriend tries to help her escape
cocoa butter dak a chocolate brownie okay a special dessert a k-8 kokum aka my best friend aka bounty on a date man you just get the best intro ever gonna catch it but I mean if you think they're great just fun today we're talking about an apprehension merge man I won't know about tomorrow about the merge if you want some merch and support this show like this hat camo hat that I wear every single day in my life yes it comes with a patch I just lost my patch or and my warehouse
won't give me anymore because I keep losing them or this pineapple juice everybody so my safe word is pineapple juice yeah one of those viral videos I've ever had 300 million views on myspace fantastic very good so today we're talking about brandy she is a 31 year old five foot three inch hundred and forty pound firecracker firecracker she is a firecracker look at the head cry a cracker shirt nickname her nickname is spicy and that spicy she was funny think about her when she was
young 19 years old yeah she was shot by accident with a firearm Oh took off her thumb and one of her fingers the tip of her fingers okay and went into her booty hole no she claimed she had a $30,000 s is what she said this lady said that $30,000 seemed to be honest I didn't see no 30,000 that booty sorry maybe 40,000 just suit a person who did that good job oh don't give her she's a nice lady I mean I can't you know I make it hold that hold that hold that thought actually you
know what you can keep that thought Thanks that thought that no I don't want anything to do what I thought because she was very nice I really got a lot of miles on her to be honest I mean that's that's a lot of miles somebody need her tires rotate there's no tread left on those tires nothing bro but she's if she was actually very nice I enjoyed the and she was not nice no her neighbor wasn't she was nice bro she was nice ran up oh I can't say what she did yeah she ran
far yeah well because you couldn't get where were you by the way on that one I want to know where you where I was way up there yeah see they'll see it was people coming behind you don't want to make sure okay I didn't do the patty mail thing when the guys like making the yard sale out of me and I'm looking around and then you make fun of me stuff for saying hey you know there's a lot of trees out there I lost you the trees just look like a tree you're big you look
like a trade you look as big as a tree you looking big as a tree anyway she was a doozy we got 1,750 dollars for this that was a good apprehension good payday whoo yes yes you did one more time blue one more time boom that was a good one I missed you in the last one you kind of got my thumb yeah just like when you got me that's an eye you sometimes punch you in the eye I don't know if it was this one no you need me in my forehead oh yeah I did need you on the forehead this one yeah yeah
hold on would you not know which jared is stop asking Jared not know you've always thought I'm in there to be your savior he's not your favorite you thought you're saying it mark no mark see when I came back I it hurts you can't get a bruise it hurts okay because it hurts mate and will you blame me for all this stuff it's like you know what I was doing Oh like it does what I do it was mad well the next time no well are you I was brawling is gone I was crawling through the
rat infested attic or why don't you get your up there next time cause you or have the body then you got a deal to be coming down get your get your face out of my knees away you see me coming down so I'm coming down out of a hole and you're blaming me for hitting you in the face of my name anyways let's take a look at the drone footage potato Andy this guy nice and low using this guy because he's cheap until the powerlines powerline hey safety alert safety alert he's only
fallen the drone in the power lines three times it's cheap he replaces his own equipment oh yeah like remember they had like five pit bulls lot of dogs back there a lot of dogs live dog there's there was behind a grow room to peer through the people own property there's the Winnebago we search the Winnebago those dogs were nuts yeah why is he flying the drone so close to the house and at first I thought see that the doors open the doors open here so when he was flying the drone
they're still working they were working on this back room here which is why I thought she was in that house yeah and maybe she was and where are you going Andy do it where we going where we going and then this is no this is what a crazy neighbor lips know yeah crazy neighbor of it on both sides both sides started following us around that's what I was doing when you were doing what you were doing I had to do crowd control yeah and Andy crashes on the street Christ okay fantastic great job
Andy so she has rose tattoos on her shoulder purple and pink hair hazel eyes yes that's her hazel eye bruh hazy hazel eye what does it say look it says purple pink hair hazel eye brow brown and hazel eye eye bran my bran eye bran yeah she had it hazel eye bran I've never seen eyebrow hazel eye brow maybe that's what you mean yeah hey cuz those look like green eyes those aren't hazel eyes hazel eye hazel eye brow brown hazel eye brown hazel eye brows I'm Ron what does that
mean I don't understand and I think brow I think this must be a nod to W this was via W huh that's Kayla's handwriting she's probably a rush I was not she's over there talk about you everybody know okay I will talk about you are gonna enjoy this yes apprehension we did a couple meldy hens on this one yes yeah we'll get right into shot you ready for this one day man I am you know since these neighborhoods these houses are close together they're made out of tin foil and
toothpicks if we take the door and what's gonna happen it's gonna fall down yeah it's kind of like IHOP by a puff I blow the house down type of deal it's gonna be this one right here and her nickname I forgot to tell you this at the briefing her nickname at the BailBonds office is brandy spice Brandy's okay so we're going here where all these dogs are yeah I'm thinking the dogs not spicy I'm thinking of Fido and yeah I don't necessarily want to get into a
pissing match with Fido I don't either always bothers me when I see all those dogs do you want to see if there's a way around back yeah yeah I saw that so because this is all fenced in yeah you want to just keep an eye oh this is that door right there it's just one okay you're keeping on a regular game rush okay I'll stay right here and watch these windows there's a gentleman standing right there what's he holding hey how you doing brother good we're at the Bail
fugitive s girlfriend tries to help her escape
Bonds company's brandy available okay do you mind if we come in and search the house I got to talk to her she has a failure to appear warrant yes I have a warrant to search the house okay do you know where she took off to do you and when do you expect her back okay does she have kids here or anything your dogs inside - you have dogs inside do you live here do you live here but I'm sure she's probably grounded okay well we're just gonna search around our kids home on the right
side partner I'm on your right all right don't be shooting through the walls I have a room back here partner copy all clear on this side I'll wait for you so you just came over here you don't live here and when and she and she just leaves and leaves you here doesn't tell you when she's coming back does that sound like a believable story to you okay working on what partner I'm gonna close the front door is this Brandis room here so you haven't seen her in a while
is that what you're saying what you say partner I was asking if this is her room but I saw a picture of her so no it is I don't want to open his door to not let the dogs in on me is that that door yeah that's a lot door to outside all right let's go just go see if which which car is her this green one oh okay well thanks for that information she's here somewhere I appreciate that yeah you just started with that maybe or are you just trying to get for it are you just trying to
give her time to hide outside cuz that's kind of what it feels like right now what about this Winnebago who's is that whose Winnebago is that okay okay okay I don't believe his story I don't either everything he was saying was BS heard brandy bell boys if you're inside about now hey dig yo dig yo come over here don't touch any mattresses or anything there's our rear door open okay he said she was working in here so kind of does look like they're doing some kind of
remodeling or something to clear that clear that side over there real quick this back door is open to man I hope she didn't just bolt out the basher we don't get to the area where those dogs are no it doesn't go to them no it doesn't go to them there's a door right here partner I don't know if this is the outside it look hon I think it might be hold on yeah that goes to the dog pen okay I don't want to open that no no it doesn't no it doesn't it goes to
another room okay where where's the one right here okay good hold on yep the only finish all it's a grow room one of their plant that must be they must be setting up to double me they might be setting up to probably renovating to do a little grow what do you think it doesn't appear anybody is here so we probably should just try to try looking outside you know what I mean yeah yeah it's empty ad I'm a check out back okay no thought you're right on that one where's me
we were we were slick without this stuff for sure we were slick yeah like now we got her so we checked the house this small house over there the RV that's out there I checked half an O so I don't know if we want to go back to that backtrack well my thing is someone just moved no that's a different property careful I just someone just kind of looked as weird there in another neighborhood property though hey yo can we you want to search the Winnebago a little better or I think we
should because I only gave it a half she could be hiding up in here somewhere yes you could I'm one of these little whoops let me just walk up just cuz that back door is open you know yeah I'm gonna stay here partner okay this horse is looking at me like what are you doing up here ad yo fresh I get fresh tracks you got fresh tracks fresh tracks right here right here right here it just rains so all this should be all this should be washed right here well that gives it a it could be a
horse track something's been walking up here but there's also a hammock he was three shirts of the whinny I think so when is when did he say he saw her last 20 minutes leave the god thing he says and her car's still here so that means when we pulled up she must have sauce and she's either hiding somewhere or she took off up here or in this neighborhood somewhere yeah I don't see any more tracks past here I did these segues she was wearing to got the description no let's
check out that Winnebago partner keep your eyes peeled out here I just I feel I could be a good spot to run to but maybe not cuz I mean where is there to go over there huh it's just up and yeah I mean it's a lot of ground to cover well he said he was working out here maybe she was working in the Winnie or something and just ducked down yeah did you go in it I went in it halfway whoa how'd you do that it wasn't even halfway I just stuck my head in looked a little bit well why
didn't you do that well you called me so I came to you oh okay well why did you do that well because when you call me I'm there for you baby I think we should backtrack yeah yeah this is locked from the outside Oh Dee yeah well there's a bunch of Finnish wood in here I saw that but up top there yeah Shane in here there's like this little Oh partner yeah is that what this is her car my the Taurus well this one no the Taurus that's a Ford what is this is a Taurus so why would
you be in the trunk exactly we've caught plenty people on a truck you never know she would've had it got in the trunk when we were in oh yeah to get a backtrack who knows you know it's right get hurt otherwise she might add it ready check under it no I didn't where's Randy do you know do you know where she is I'm saying do you can always wait for her to come back if she really did leave good boy good boy yeah that's a good boy why Patti Mayo is over there playing with
the dogs Bonnie and Addie still working where you going D to the side of the house huh side of the house okay yeah you know where she could have gone don't know cuz we didn't see her outside you said she was here like 20 minutes ago and rush out like she saw us coming in there's a whole nother crawlspace somewhere hey Dee Dee yo we'll check that in a second yo yo yo we check what he says he has some friends Oh it's asking if she had car keys no I have a okay so in here yeah
that crawlspace I checked I just went back and look at it it ends like right at that crawlspace I was like what does make sense because this is roof up here girls look into this so there's gotta be another crawlspace okay oh right here bro there is - crawl spaces there's a whole nother one right here oh well goes through like there's a little hole but I couldn't I wouldn't be able to see all this when I boost me sure a lot of spiderwebs - I'm stuck in the tripwire you
fugitive s girlfriend tries to help her escape
good yeah yes I'm up there good drop down that's only one foot okay and of course you need me in the face did I yeah it's okay did it really that's how my hat came off oh I'm sorry brother Jesus Christ I just keep beating you up I think I get beat up by you more than the criminals there's there's like a toy the stupid tarp up there I don't know if she could fit under it but it's the only place left to check so I guess upsy-daisy here we go well you know what I
want you to be extremely careful because this does not look secure no so try to stand on the beams if you can the beams don't even look secure I don't feel good about you going up there man but where's the hole there's something else up there now because there's a hole we got to get Benny search this attic cuz look there's like a hole over here but it doesn't go through so there's another like secret compartment right about here let me get this chair and we get
this chair excuse me folks coming through excuse me okay not that chair get this chair okay well let me take this off so I don't thank you can I get a light up here here use my feet don't push brandy if you're up here with all this wretch you better let me know okay no here it is but nobody in there is it something no there's a tarp and if she hidin it she can stay in it good Brandon are you in that tarp hold on D just crawl across and rats Kevin over here it sounded like a cow
or something I'm upon further inspection I don't think anybody could can hide under this thing I heard something growl or something nope it's not a tarp it's a bean bag or some may appear for no reason well this can ratchet you can end up with some kind of rat disease you need me I always need you I'm here baby you can put one foot here there and I'm here if you need to just leave thank you don't touch me I'm full of rats just even the beams he's gone dude so
you cut me I see how about when she fell coming here hold on what about this oh it's nothing he said she was working in here so I'm obsessed with this place brah a suspicious did you rent or neighbor's guy saw a lady in there but I can't go on their property I can't go up there Patrick why I'm gonna go talk to the yo yeah all right yo I got a itch my nose and I can't touch anything on me don't touch anything on you with the yeah oh come here see it's my nose
on you you're doing this okay good yeah don't touch my rat let's talk to this old man bro that's all only lead we have he mentioned this he has some friends or something like that too that are nearby so listen let's see checking the bed of this know that one exit from him okay will okay brandy I'm gonna be waiting when here with you until she comes back why don't you call her you get a phone I'm gonna call her for me this is what I'm gonna why would she be at
the neighbors you got more information I don't know what neighbors house straight behind where that one second saying this is important that what one right here just left me bro I saw her then I saw her then what are you talking about when you said you saw somebody move in that hot I just assumed it was the neighbor oh D follow me I'll tell you I'll show you like where I saw the can do it look like her I saw something move I think I saw something move to the right Brad you see your
hands who's that d get her on Oahu tow you better stop you better stop still going D Patrick give me to go down the hill no I'll have nothing to say to you I don't know who you are you better stop put your hands behind your back go on your stomach Patrick I'm gonna go down the hill no no don't she's giving up huh she's giving up I'm gonna go back down the hill no I stay there what the hell are you doing no one wants to go to jail run from the cops during the scan
bounty hunters we're the only ones


get you out you know I'm saying Kim you said anything Arnie's gonna poke me stick me stab me the right side okay see ya roll on your side and without permission you are not allowed on my so I'm a


in there lady I will kick your gate open and get my


well you just go ahead and Google a little harder to run the cell than you thought yeah Julia house is hoping you're steamed we've run out before mine I'm carrying
all this gear I knew I saw you two over in this little shack right did you peek out and see me was that your friend okay what you guys is hanging out in there oh well what happened when did it work when did you realize that we were here when my dog the raisin okay so you doctors you look you saw us and then would you then what you do okay we got her in custody it seems okay so we'll be leaving now okay I got what I came for thank you sir appreciate it thank you too I am the pilot can you
duck under this oh yeah you hid in a pile missus don't walk so fast was it you that poked out and saw me over here well it's unfortunately unfortunately I don't want to trespass on your property thank you no see I saw Mike you know I have a lucky biker right hold on yeah you're not injured my problem let me tell you why I did is let me tell you why I did no let me talk to you tell you what hat stop I'll tell you real quick just why I did okay I will show to you haven't
like to see it first of all okay let me tell you why I did okay we're out the cops right here to charged with the crime here to get her back out of jail here's why can I tell you why I already explained to talk I've explained it already okay let me tell you why let me tell you why here's what happened I searched this entire property here I went back and spoke with a guy in a wheelchair over there he said right he said that she would probably be at your house to invest hold on
wait a second before you get off in hokey-pokey okay listen probably just seen you do this run up a hill oh boy come on see mommy because go straight rescue for harboring a


zap2it okay so here's the deal here's the deal so before I get to your property line I see her sneaking out of your little Hut the invitation on oh you're an idiot you're a potato you're a potato you're a petition you're a potato yeah I need you to back up please I need you to back up and
get out of my face please sir can you get your husband please I'm asking very nice I mean there's a reason why I said it like that we don't assume anything I can't know I'm walking at my own pace that's why they call you spicy okay oh okay well you know the way I guess sooner grab you by the hoodie backwards India because I've been choked too many times that is a threat right there please go back to my arm oh so you're gonna back you they should know what
you're not into though some people are into that how's your day going today makes me hungry I think about right here right here you must be a land surveyor or that no I'm not showing you anything your potato much on your Giggy he's skinny okay that's I then well then you know what you get your potato out of my douche canoe you were and how are you don't walk up on me I don't want you sticking in my go through partner why are you touching me go through partner what dog
I heard that part and hear what you said before that no it's just nicer than calling someone well it's less offensive than : more hey by the way you grow them I'm looking pretty good hey it was actually some nice cornering in there that's some good finish work to do all yourself no ma'am if you touch my shoes again I'm gonna arrest you you want to get anything you said you house where you go to jail what about a phone no what about a wallet what about the joint on your
nightstand it was good Stacey yeah look at it it's good roll hmm someone's your thumbless why you thumbless what what happened your thumb I'm trying to leave shot both your fingers no really house Jesus Christ that's Kai trying to hand me up and you also tried to touch my firearm just let you know I'm just letting you know I'm just letting you know listen yeah can you mate why don't you go back to your house okay yeah when you get down there how do they have a right
to when do you want me when you get my neighbor I have a right ma'am ma'am to bring you down at least until you brush your teeth can you not tight enough to me right my god if you had what you have for lunch but it side I'm not agreeing with it he doesn't like caught in the field because he's 11 years old yeah actually I thought that was the manure out here I don't know that was her breath Patrick my god no oh my god not cops I'd like to see you do it because you
can't have it I can't come no it's right in here done because that unlocks it and connects to my key my bra let me tell you on the 2008 jeep Town Hall LTZ it comes with keyless entry so all you have to do is have the key fob on you I can press this button to unlock it shove that up your potato better than me right huh you'd ask me about my car explaining it to you no I called you present you pull hair in every not every girl likes our hair pulled we're not having sex no stop
pull my hair and believe me you're not really the one you'd want to but really no no no it's nothing even like that what we trying to do what we trying to do is oh did you ever talk to him but it's too it's too much here I was gonna say she's more my type but that's fine can I say single single like a Pringle baby really okay why you say that but think about it like this your husband is the one who's been pushing up on me trying to get close to me so maybe
he's the maybe you'll do this maybe that might be you homie you got your girl call me maybe you know you'll push it up on me again all right it was so nice meeting you I can't wait to do it again have a nice day papers I'll bring him tea not getting any warm papers that's the dumbest thing I bet her should be in jail okay the house when you guys sleep well there's mud on the front steps yeah yeah no I wipe my feet before I came in yeah we were respectful we were
respectful you take your actually don't have to yeah Jerry take care of the dogs and you potato clean the house and do something about that breath my god go white excuse me you might have some icebreakers might have some icebreakers I'm all clean out girl for what I don't see I'm at the police I don't go to court I don't go to court I didn't if I came yeah yeah oh oh oh no no really so so I I did something bad oh I did something bad Wow Patrick sometimes I'm gonna
have to agree with her you do seem like you know everything sometimes so I understand where she's coming from I understand what you're coming from he does you're just a bully you're just a bully you're just a big bully you're just that was just a friendly friendly letting you know know some friendly information juice my kid about bullying and what you guys said was very rude so I'm gonna point that out and Facebook it yeah you Facebook it but Dean okay but but can I
make one suggestion can I make one suggestion I don't okay okay can punched in the face by it by axel dude no I just knocked out my teeth I didn't say they want your teeth I just said some over your breath it's second second of all second of all not all of us have a good breath all day long third of all third of all no third of all I have my breath sometimes too I have bad breath right now that's why am I talking in your face like that hold on one second I want explain one thing
to you you said you were gonna Facebook it but you don't have your phone out so if you just make it a text post like the impact is way less you want to usually it's Pat email you want to use a video for a Facebook post because then it gives more context to the story does it make you look like a weirdo liar with a weird post no you you're not getting it it's okay you don't Jesus don't get it it's okay god bless you you want mayo on your what where's your sandwich
Kayla knows that with that but is that what that button does there's so many buttons in this car cuz it's so expensive I didn't know what that one does what's this one doing what's this one doing wait what's this one doing what's this one do what's this one do what's that one do oh that's the horn it's the same place on the funny thing is it's the same place on this car that it is on cheap cars that weird isn't that weird though isn't that
weird oh look look I'm no hands no hands you just tell me more about this $30,000 I'm gonna be I'm can I be honest without being like weird for one second when I know when when you were running up the hill my first thought was Mitch so she said it was $30,000 which is