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FSB -- ZT0452: Wickedly Beautiful

Mar 16, 2022
Got Rob here it's the morning of 9/15/2015 and I have another video of the sharpening bench for you this morning it's not going to be a comprehensive review because the subject of this video zero tolerance zt0 4 5 2 is about a day or two after my full 0 for 50 review the little brother a little sister of this knife both are syncovich designs 2015 zero tolerance production the high end division of chi USA or the sister brand of Kershaw and this is not what just finished three inch EDC version of the knife this is the four and one eighth inch blade with flipper tactical and interesting I think the design of the two knives is so similar I mean very similar with two applications really different this thing is long Slender beast of a knife not a sheep friendly EDC blade not by much I mean its a little hard for you to fathom how big this knife is but its big for a blade niche of 1/8 made of titanium steel CPM s35vn frame lockout with ball bearing pivot steel insert and upward travel stop tip for left or right hand carry low travel pocket clip looks kinda funny , isn't it a little small like almost like a lion steel clip? but it works if you don't mind getting your pants pinched between the screw heads the clip makes it a little short depending on what you wear that day to sit fully but it does hold on easy enough to insert and remove I think it really for the design elements of this knife this full The small size version goes best with the right design for piercing, cutting it's not much like a slicing knife it's very light it cuts a lot of relief from the blade and swedge and the fairly thin blade are ground for its size and you know the carbon fiber and titanium handle makes this knife come in with a four and an eight inch blade and only four point three ounces you know the economy in a grip Saber for aggressive punching action is really great in a hammer grip, this knife is so much better than a little sister. just so you know the handle really sticks out the handle design really sticks out on this full size much better than the small on the draw cut handle very comfortable and if you remember those two handles on the small knife the 450 we're not particularly comfortable just going to the reverse grip you almost have to stop your thumb on the back of the handle coming in from the end it makes a hot spot here huh especially if you have a cut thumb here you might want to look at the video i put up yesterday this cut savage courtesy of this knife this belongs to my sharpening client lex i just finished telling the story i just finished this mod ground and i grabbed something from the car i was in the garage at the sharpening station and he grabbed something from the car.
fsb    zt0452 wickedly beautiful
I was getting ready to go back into the basement to do the edging and I wasn't really paying attention to how I was holding the knife and it kind of moved on me and when I went to close in i To keep from dropping it I cut myself on this part of the blade right here with the factory edge, which was nice and sharp. It wasn't particularly symmetrical or refined, but that jagged tooth. layers of my skin, it was a cut that probably should have stitches, but as you saw in the other video, I got the above soup treatment anyway. adds thickness of the steel behind the base of the edge, you know, with a four and 1/8 inch blade with more than four inches of cutting edge, losing maybe a quarter inch of blade so we can get the geometry of proper edge to the back I thought that was a really good idea, especially given another design element of the knife, you notice we have the Swale on the spine with a few chips in a saber grip, why is it jumping there?
fsb    zt0452 wickedly beautiful

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fsb zt0452 wickedly beautiful...

I don't know, even on another samurai. grip that is more comfortable on this knife, mounting seems to be cosmetic only but what if on this big long blade we wanted to turn it into a small utility knife for some specific purpose and wanted to feature it? Look how the thumb is in the stream. index finger got really nice behind the cutting edge on that front ground and now we have something suitable for fine work but the mod choil came out pretty good and notice we have a consistently thin 16 degree secondary edge to the base easy to resharpen now for your owner no twisting or twisting we'll just be able to slide this on either side of a sharp maker if you like to correct that 19 degree micro bevel and you'll see if it cuts you off to an angle error on that first male Illinois isn't next fails users fall at home the ice is a scalpel i don't know i cut myself with it after sharpening if my cut would be worse or better maybe it would have been a bit cleaner i don't know now how about this knife?
fsb    zt0452 wickedly beautiful
Although in its tactical application it is fast and button-like when opened, it is so long that it would naturally grab the knife. I really don't feel like it's comfortable. be far enough forward that I like it legit it can be done that way it's a very well designed fin in that regard but it feels like I bury the butt in the palm of my hand and then just press it but like I said I it is extremely versatile, like most of the newer ZTS fins this year they have good geometry and ergonomics. I do have a word of caution if you are right handed and if your knife is new it has a detent ball that sticks out a lot and falls into the corresponding hole in the blade very close to the equator of the detent ball which gives it a very firm detent so that when you flip it you know once that detent breaks it will fly open however i have to be very careful my ring finger looks like i want to come back here on the relief cut f or the lock bar and i really have to be careful of keeping my middle finger out of the lock, which is a bit too hard to do on such a slim frame because there's not a lot of material up here to rest on.
fsb    zt0452 wickedly beautiful
I need to really make sure I keep my hand way back on the knife to facilitate that because if I don't know if I get really close to the knife it seems like a pretty natural place to grab it and I put pressure with this middle finger on that lock bar let's see what moment it opened but sometimes it crashes now training muscle memory if you carry this knife every day would it ever be a problem would you know if you are in a high stress situation? you need the knife to defend yourself, would you naturally grip it in a way that your hand knows it won't close the blade and you know it will open when you need it to be ready to present it to the soft tissue of a bad guy?
I hope so, but is there a chance that under stress you could grab that with an s? a little bit of a middle finger death grip and you've got a stick to poke them with you know I mean one of my little things I have one of my little idiosyncrasies my favorite bugs me about the modern tactical fin you know when we started doing detents that were so finicky just for the knives to have a great flippin action if you executed the opening perfectly that's great you know it sells knives but it could put your life at risk yes even some of the new Hinderer knives you know Production 2014 2015 has the same stopping problem my ex m18 not sure I love it but you know if you go back to the knife and keep finger pressure off the lock bar this area helps to wrap our hand like this. approach the knife at a 45 degree angle and hold your knife, keep your hand turned back to prevent you from putting too much pressure on that lock bar and you know some of you right handed wield more flipper knives than I do.
I'm probably watching this video again what the heck is he talking about. I'm kind of glad I'm left-handed because it's so much easier to grab the knife with a natural thumb grip here on the frame and I'm never exerting anything. pressure on the lockbar so I don't mind being roughed up by knives like this, especially if I'm given the option to move the clip to the correct side so my hand again echoes some of the sentiments of the 450 the knife is extremely well machined extremely well ground extremely well fitted let's take a look at the centering of the blade it's perfect let's take a look at turning the knife so it actually is what it is the tip came out nice and symmetrical it's not a thin tip knife like you guys can see what it looks like it would be, doesn't it look long thin thin you would think it would have a very delicate tip but is there actually some sturdiness there?
I don't know if I carry this knife a lot because it's so damn long to get this thing out at the stall or it's enough to open customer boxes to see what went in to sharpen and disperse people at night, but that's why we carry a traditional. Are there perhaps better tactical options? an issue, but for what the ZTS niche has really become, I wouldn't say it's fail-safe, flawless built like tank knives for actual military personnel. knives that cost a couple hundred bucks or more and on that rule it's a winner and it cuts guys confuse cutter types and you guys know me well enough to know a knife should cut if it belongs to me it has a like you would expect the kvt ball bearing pivot to not be super strong but you know what a four point / 4 inch knife is it's a force max force wasn't really what they were going for with this knife so neither I don't even give a ball Having the pivot on this knife, yeah I think it suits what the knife is and it's not a bad knife.
Very very good. I like that pivot, guys. You may have used the old hex hat fixed pivot on this side, but it shouldn't be, but it looks great on the CF side. I'd like a handsome carbon fiber, though I'd like to see my nemesis before I send him home. my client sharpener Lex I have a lot of your knives this month that's not bad that's all for this morning grace to you and peace my friends from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ and remember the word and Lexus 452 our sharpening

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