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Frauenfussball WM 2023 Quali Deutschland Serbien 2 Halbzeit

Nov 19, 2021
now it has not changed here, ready for the second half, so we are curious what has been discussed now, what will be implemented above all on the pitch, what we will recognize, the German team needs to improve in all areas, the second half is working, the German national team will be. right to left so there you have a serious test because arm was in the game for me the ref whistled free kick for serbs stankovic so we all assume the product tests a lot shape em doesn't affect until next year i.e. when in february this mentioned four nations tournament in england will be played against nations as strong as england only spain probably the netherlands we have a real character test for the german team here in chemnitz today because now it is about overcoming the resistance with this german national team i n the last few years it has always been very difficult if a game like this doesn't turn out the way you envisioned from the start then something has to happen then an impulse has to come svenja huth kick off not much to do milica kostic in goal The Serbs no doubt also assumed that they would be more employed here for a part-time 23-year-old from sparta die subotica the club in Serbia in all serial winners when it comes to the national championship, but we also learned that the national league is anything but professionally established in a conversation with the lacovic servants we received the evaluation there you can go for a walk this is how he evaluated himself is by that most of the players abroad have heard the german bundesliga in scandinavia in norway sweden but also in russia again next to january much more professional they lie much more competition the student but it costs then again this moment of change on filipovic marjan also really more challenged defensively that even if you have him muddy now this record speed of this dynamic is required but passes to the top are still flawed but then they push him after the teacher's student e


zation on the minute 49 we only praise you the Serbian woman from Kreuth no one understands it in this situation in this short phase of lack of concentration starting point the tempo recording here by svenja huth good in the 16 rows direct acceptance yes and that also costs a misunderstanding here it calms down bouncing off the front of the defense but still had to be clarified in that moment blagojevich reacted so slowly that the bayer leverkusen player thought why that is hard work again and the german team uses this mistake so a mistake by serbia puts germany first on lane 11 and the student proves once again that they are not v she needs a lot of chances she becomes a real top scorer 16 international goals in 30 games after she already scored a double against bulgaria on saturday by the way once with four goals in a game that was against iceland 1 against the czech republic the interest it was logical through one were the Serbs in the first headlines after the change, so it is the German team and yet the Serbs stay true to their marching route but then the chance to play too much and a lot of wiggle room that will annoy from the start and kostic milliliter is also strong again at height off so with pressure you get there still in goal udo rode willebrand the only hoffenheim 18 year olds were much more challenged here with the good opportunity for the german leadership of their modules as well as the duel the german players that last saturday long after fitch with ham is looking for physical contact stay tuned shot at markovic so so clearly you can feel it here in these first few minutes of the second half the german team is more aggressive against the ball there is almost no time left for the serbs to process the ball that's how it should be it was so fast now I scored the point free kick again jelena jankovic very strong left foot out of position will probably be a cross in the penalty area occupied by serbs v emos 256 players there it happened well clarified by marusan now it is going quickly relevant in the middle schuler für


54 minutes after an impeccable change of action that was played precisely to the end, so now there is a completely different body tension, a completely different movement different in the combined game of the germans included and the student of the teacher remains on this road to success starting point winning the ball from this maroszan against ivanovic who could not hold the ball and then he went at full speed well forced good run away from the student teacher and then au ch still placed his head sensibly can't do it - acoustically but now help the hand play from there again would not have recognized any intention of the super Serbian free kick an excellent tennis player the 20 year old kiosks from frankfurt they became german champions in the under-19 area for that, but for football also d ecided his sister, by the way, a soccer player now a handball player, so an extremely sporty family just has to be there. risk because in the 16er but a good eye showed strong h filipovic in the tightest space so he can handle the ball and the national coach is upset here that he does not defend him otherwise here comes ladwein's arm a little in the face of dajana filipovic first change here around the german bench in preparation so four little gentlemen the central defender we have seen and also lin because dallmann the attacking midfielder is already in such a good free kick position now we are curious next for Janowitz, she's ready and will do well with her left as well. so in five minutes the deficit turned into an advantage now stay tuned that's the motto now above all use this move use this drive and don't let the serbs go back to the valiant pressing game so two real positional changes where deilmann for lina magull to play in attacking midfield and sophia small men takes the place of lena latour next to oberdorf in central defense because of the small interruptions now here in this game year filipovic is there on the ground after the first use of linda the game dallmann's foul by the munich player die always gives new impulses comes brings when he enters the pitch high praise from the national team we see the two goals again here the students exploit the misunderstanding in defense and then this excellent cross after the Julia Brandt's moment of change also completed by the student teacher so the 17th goal in the meantime, from the 23-year-old Bayern Munich player he gets a good idea that jankovic also indicates blagojevich but a little misunderstanding so serbs are back in full filipovic back on the field after a short break for treatment free kick marozsán if you make our game be better if you enter with your creativity how martina voss estimates tecklenburg and this was also demonstrated on saturday on the field with two hits as a substitute it was successful again treatment break natalia schuler the double goalscorer is there in the sixteen so this the game is very physical for both sides led now gets hit in the back this action by diana stefanovic but continues there it happened then continues with the referee ball german team sets up the mountain under willy brandt photo processing of the ball here only from marusan puck with brandt julia brandt so often from the germans scoring chances are now good there is still a lot at stake in this second half itad däbritz look at how the strikers are moving up front in the box deilmann pupils again däbritz the transfer marion is going well the reds mark jude marks and now the cost did not hurt his arm there mark had his back but did not come through but he had no chance to slow himself down he was so tight the situation was so tight let's take a look again nice it's great anticipated directly by salman the way there von willebrand an unfortunate action can occur there is definitely still a chance that you may also get to the federal highway there nerin likes that and he is definitely very satisfied with these first few minutes of the second half, as his plan worked for a long time throughout the first half, but it was clear that a team of the caliber of germany, naturally, I also had to show a reaction for you. goes on that's the good news, many many work today for the class of medicine departments win the ball there in cooperation with deilmann at the end the empty student looks up now he is working on a lot of good graduation opportunities and, above all keep going the radius of action now slipped to the right that's good that makes the game harder to calculate hendrich wants it with little herne the beefy now the situation the german team knows from many other opponents plenary meetings Around the penalty area line the spaces are less and less the playing area which means a lot of movement without the ball increasing speed and precision n in the air game against the little herne while after the Serbs this now it gets a little less a little less consistent above all things and that's how germany comes in the deep gradation permanently from the team or german had puberty for a long time but speed advantages for this svenja with against djokovic neatly resolved some of the dutch three times countries dare which brand put this flank too high for students because after a misunderstanding between the hat and the ducati brand henrich significantly more offensive than in the first section of course now there are more opportunities because the little fans here were probably at the starting gate the young fans are holding on they were just here taking advantage of what was going on and you can see a just over 1600 spectators on display, a little more than it was last time in cottbus a lot of air, but we are also in a difficult phase in football due to the long corona break in which no spectators were allowed, then the 3 g rule applies in front of the gates of the DFB stadium made the DFB offer a vaccination pass here again for everyone still getting vaccinated so want the chance of a good crossover again statistically so there's still something to it was here as a target player as a penalty area player now he's an empty ideal taker better well held by costs good side kick a bit central but she can't place it better there either so the first change now also with soy guests comes that it's a nominal outing from a full back who is in the billions who mostly played in the right side in midfield corner davis the german team wants now and student teachers with his third goal patrick here today in chemnitz from the munich striker so he certainly has a bit of luck but she st but not the pummerin just stand where the ball it bounces here right in front of his feet and then through many legs in the space of five meters for the third time in his career he scored multiple times in one game.
frauenfussball wm 2023 quali deutschland serbien 2 halbzeit
I went four goals 1 against the Czech Republic then the double package last Saturday and today all the hat-tricks so the assumption is no longer too comfortable to be voted man of the match for the second time in a row I'm already looking forward to the interview with the national team afterwards, how he spoke how vehemently and how in front of all the things players have definitely implemented the fixes so far great and melanie leupolz too will get her game time right away just got hired here martina voss sidelines anja huth the blitz dallmann who brought along exactly what she is said to be a breath of fresh air her substitution is definitely an enrichment for svenja hut h with a great chance to score the fourth goal in the 73rd minute strong groundwork here again from deilmann and costs prevent the most beautiful world where she can hold in this action at that time the player a from chelsea melanie leupolz is 50 years old will start the international match at 471 directly on try a lot of schwittlinsky skillfully threw the ball there people of course and the crossbar after work for dzsenifer marozsán also changed the 11 in midfield so the Serbs have come for the second change while bilic enters for diana filipovic, who mainly in the first offensive half was very remarkable, but then she also had to take a break due to injury, meanwhile, the acts were similar to now, medicine costs again that's number two it raises your temperature a bit to be sure but i think sadly it's possible because the zither takes just under a quarter of an hour here in chemnitz deu the czech team got confused after the break as a substitute who was juli brand again because he wanted to drop the madrid student but then yanukovich with all his routine as the first action caught we love that long ball with the head we melanie leupolz day britz and now they all throw the tempo again like this it must be luck hinrich had a bit of luck the next chocolateinstalled teacher student the fourth strike today your old man succeeds for the second time in your still young career with the national team so strong here that no one shuts down here stay focused get second chance and students in good time when heading against the direction of race does not cost any possibility instead of in this action, so now everything is becoming clear. teacher student is showing all the ways now all the things again and again in depth briefly the position is there and it is in that it would be fine 79 minutes 52 1 so of course these are the gaps that arise there because the tiredness spreads meanwhile in the Serbian team you can't put your foot down more permanently that's the current game time now geschul det physically very demanding what you've played here so far and of course then at some point you lose concentration the action then students left jule brand left waßmuth and lohmann see what day for the munich player for teacher student 24 apag in his national team career so you can already see from the changes of martina voss-tecklenburg that now he also wants to occupy the position, but always 11 lohmann in the left offensive position now for julia brandt unterbergers noted that she slipped into the central offside position qu This is clearly where it is at second glance so if it's good now it will occupy the center and tabea wasmuth should steam up on the right side but the 2009 World Cup 10 in France was one of the shooting stars also not the German team in general of course , disappointing already in the quarterfinals she was eliminated, but it was a winner together with Julia and a clearer stage The nova dorf, one of these fresh young players who have definitely convinced in the German team, has already played many positions here in his career, but now this central defender position will almost certainly remain, also with regard to the european championship next year, there is still to come the children cost the plays against svenja huth and also through a successful game henrich used both games here to draw attention to itself as an ideal position right-wing defense neatly resolved there by oberdorf in cooperation with salman däbritz and mr oberdorf happened now c ompletely flanked in the serbian half sharpened again by the defender also wurz almost dangerous sara däbritz would have been there speculated that unfortunately it was from I am the substitute assassin with the uncool to accept defensive actions there on the user can also artistically the hint is quite a bit more attacking at club on the way midfield sixth position she says it's her favorite position but of course it's a great opportunity for you to make a name for yourself here as a winger given the still long list of injuries in the german team value and damjanovic tries again to shut down his teammates for the last few minutes mobilize not to let the result go even higher after you made life for the german team so difficult for half the time but you didn't completely fall apart now which will have meant the guests to some extent the ball slipped a little on the instep, for what the finds for him for the bronze david certainly rich because in terms of his own performance in the first half he saw a lot of positive things in the second half it's just about the fight here with the Serbs and that's precisely one of those phases of the game you learn a lot and that applies to this young serbian team hmen aaa i held on let's move on so i can't shake hendrich on the right side much in this final phase with hendrich sometimes svenja huth sometimes also has something to do with now leupolz mail to leupolz good flank our christina pantelic is here wants to be replaced by everyone wait for the signal now you can come because sarah bridge leaves the place back there according to the rules once at the shortest point that's how it should being the german team long ago exhausted the contingent of warna stuttgart even so join here for a few minutes for the 16 year old affair the scorers of 1 0 it will actually be an experience for The 16-year-old I don't know if it will be for eternity but for a long time to be unemployed in the second half, more Roms ran completely in contrast to the first round, it was 15, the only one from Melanie Leupolz, there he saw the corner, she was aiming for the gap, is it there? bt is also a prompt to know if there was a conversation with the national team that she doesn't see him as the first choice in midfield but he is close to that leave it mr fritz because this one is tall svenja cross is his chance to reach with malta bär waßmuth almost a double from his appearance on Saturday as a substitute still scored the last German goal, that is, the 90th minute of play 1 0 has started a clear affair at the end for the German team after an increase really significant in performance seemed a bit surprised by this bold and audacious style of play of the Serbian team at the beginning of this game, but then above all with a better order with much more speed with more rigor forward and above all better movement in front of the ball in the final situation, in which the fear factor is appreciated above all, the empty student made the most of the 26 minutes of extra time when the referee here still gave many small interruptions. eñas, but six minutes is a good pound because the longest interruption was already repeated in the first half, well, something is still happening, wasmuth good and lohmann in hat 16, the lightning had gone out for a moment. nüsken almost fell prey sure stankovic he points out here again his technical finesse so for a football player who grew incredibly low center of gravity the ball sticks to the foot but the second half didn't work out much wasmuth yes now it's up for debate whether that was a punishable backward pass I also had the impression that the ball fell off the foot again it's all a matter of interpretation we don't have to discuss it anymore in stoppage time hendrich again there is real energy on the right side and that on the For the entire duration of the game, the Wolfsburg player is from Hoffenheim to vfb this summer changed who exactly hats with before. given a year at 13 0 in montenegro tenth appearance in an international match today fishing which is in fact he has 78 captains caps here today well disturbed by nüsken winning the ball collectively worked and again creating a rough attack situation first contact because in the case of the party as now he moved to the top of the attack his traditional position had previously been staged by matejic through new lohmann directly in linda dallmann class by the zionists late a little inconvenience and it is hard to find silence since here in the second half of her team saved a lot she costs All funds are currently the clear number 1 in the German national team, of course, with the pressure that almuth is also training again on the device.
frauenfussball wm 2023 quali deutschland serbien 2 halbzeit

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Meanwhile, I was briefly injured again. I played with the club again, but that is why we decided once again not to take this course here but also ann ka trin berger and laura benkert should continue to put pressure on roms the opportunity in the absence of number one almuth schult for a long time in the last two years but used the frankfurt goalkeeper also as a leader back there has become more self-confident but again a serbia court the last half minute is running now the german team is looking again for one more chance in case it arises herne moritz and that's it here in chemnitz that was the player of the afternoon a very nice moment ago
frauenfussball wm 2023 quali deutschland serbien 2 halbzeit

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