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Apr 30, 2024
an uphill battle I knew I still had a chance against the layers of sticky glue I won't lose this is the finish line this is what awaits Preston when and if he finally makes it through the third wall from what we've been told this is the stickiest, nastiest way to do it, it'll be all over him, no, don't let this tar get to you, this can't be, say it, no, so I won't go turn out the lights, take me home, no, no. We're actually in a bind, you might have to clean up the crap that's in there.
frozen in 1 million pounds of ice
I'm not going to clean the crap out of that trunk. It's not going to work unless you do it. I don't think it will be fixed. Yes, have some. I trust my axx Rob, I think I'm the victor in this challenge what's your way forward buddy, you just yelled at me that's what she said why don't you get in and sit in your bathtub? I'm going to make a movie. Magic, can you get through that? there's just no applause for me, applause for me, I can't keep a deal, it's a deal, I lost the race just like Arnold swz from Terminator, come on, okay, we've got a Carit Wolverine on our hands.
frozen in 1 million pounds of ice

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frozen in 1 million pounds of ice...

Robert has 3000


of ice that he has to leave. Before he can get through my 100 layers of tape, let's see how this skate works. It's like five layers that we just got with a crane. We have to make big enough holes in our layers so that we can crawl out the other side. Alright. about to break a 300 pound block of ice with just a hammer, that's easy, look how are you doing so much damage? I could never do so much damage from yeah, oh yeah, oh my God, yeah, oh, The Ripping, yeah, look how. a lot that this involves looking at that I mean, don't forget that Robert could be making great progress but you still have to accept that he's not even halfway there yet no, no, there's no chance, there's no chance, he just said that I had no chance, he said I have no chance. opportunity oh, are you serious, oh my gosh, okay, maybe I'll take it back, he's got a chance, he's got a really good chance, in fact, he's got a fantastic chance, I'll slow it down, you're going to work on the duct tape since you Say the sledgehammer, let me use the sword, okay, we managed to make a good hole here, okay, okay, I'm getting a little touchy with that look, you might need to pick up the pace.
frozen in 1 million pounds of ice
I agree. No, you're not doing much, oh yeah, that's why I just made this giant hole. You know, you really put a giant hole in my heart when you don't subscribe. Hey Preston xcaliber baby. I'm making some of the worst trades in Minecraft Villager. Story I have the next weapon for you. What is this? A 30-pound sandbag. Everything Robert touches turns to gold. We're talking 3,000


of ice and he just manhandled it like it was a little K. Well, the sandbag didn't last long. stop, I've got this, yeah, this is pretty much the halfway point, oh wait here, oh, that was such good hitting accuracy, look at this, maybe I'll just sit on my layers and crawl and reconsider my life, so Robert is really good at Minecraft.
frozen in 1 million pounds of ice
I just found out wow, will you like this video so that Robert doesn't escape before me? Now the question is: can you break ice with ice? Oh here we go, can you break the ice with ice? Nobody expected it to go so well. I came in with the chainsaw. I didn't know I'd be competing against Leatherface. Well, Robert, you can see the other side, but I see the other side too. You've passed? Can your hand go past your side? Yes, your head, no, it can. It's not just man, look at this, do you know what it is at this point?
I feel like it's a race to see who can destroy his cape. Okay Robert, let's do your challenge, you have to break off every last kilo. of ice to get through the other side safely and I only have to make a hole. How many hits do you think it will take to break one of those blocks? I'll get through it in three hits, never mind, oh five, what, hey, wait. Wait, if each of you still have five left, five, the strongest man in the world, also the smartest man in the world, if you count to five, I'm not going to let you do this to me, Mr.
Rob, oh , I'm halfway there, my God. The sledgehammer is terrible, let's go Excalibur Excalibur, damn duct tape, it bounces so much we can't use the chainsaw anymore. I won't use the harpoon. We're going back to Old Reliable, so the question is: can you? You pick up that piece of block right there and you throw it, you pick it up and you throw it, oh yeah, I mean, where we burn it, the meat is a little sticky, yeah, it makes it harder, no, no, no, it's easier to cut, my God, you wouldn't do it. know a good weapon if it hits you in the face oh my god she's lifting about 300lbs no no wait I just added it to the wall yeah well 300lbs for Robert is like 20lbs of me I don't think we will.
I'm going to win. I mean, no, I think it's actually a close race, honestly, we're pretty close, this race has never been closer. I really should have given up the axe. I think it was a terrible decision, let's see if I can get something, right? just mocking me like inviting a big strong kid to the set, here we go, damn how many blocks he has, oh, it's hard to catch him, although, oh, we may still have a chance. It hurts me. I don't think I'm doing this. Right, I'm shooting the harpoon, what are the chances of this bouncing? um 90% that's right, that's how you think it is, okay 3 2 1 don't be disappointing, it was so disappointing, this is the last thing we haven't used, that's my baby How about this?
I will give you your baby if you give me my baby back. I'll trade you for the axe. R plays mine. Is he a craftsman? How is a golden iron made? You push a b up, down, left, right. I'll give you a hint: three blocks of iron, there's another item, bronze, candy corn, bikinis, bikinis, it's a Jack Jack, it moved me, listen, take that, what's the other part that goes on the Iron Golem? Jacko lanter, what did I say? No, it's okay, I got it. my ax back was ruined, I see you saying that, but I'm about to go through my layers.
I'm missing the spot I'm supposed to hit, oh there it is, the deeper you go into the layers the harder the swing is, yeah oh. that's good that's good oh it's not big enough to pass yet it's about to pass there you go there you go here's where it gets really hard you basically gave me an ice pick oh my god that's not big enough to pass hey Robert, when did you go? Did you go to the gym this morning? Not really, wow, you're so weak, come on man, Big Beaver, hey Robert. I say we do everything we can.
What we were doing? Let me oh oh God, I shouldn't have done it. He said maybe I can't get through this I feel like there's no way there's just no way I can get through this give me the cam bit give me the Canam bit I need to cut this there's no way it's D it's too thick he almost It's over, what do you want me to do? I don't want you to show it to me. I want you to cut. I have an idea, uhoh, we said this wasn't allowed, but it's a desperate measure, oh no, he got stuck, are you screwed? kidding yeah uhoh oh my god the chain fell off the chainsaw Robert no okay I didn't think about how to top this Rob let's play a simple game of OT even to see who wins OD or even 11 yes yes She didn't use a chainsaw or anything for the style.
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