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Frenchie (January, 2022)

Feb 23, 2022
foreigner hello mark welcome back we had our first date we did what kind of phone dates did we have all the time? Well we have funny quotes but you know we had a lemon drop day so yeah I feel very special we're drinking happy lemon drops New year is good happy new year is very good yes true it's cheap I made him a lemonger fresh lemon juice so what are we going to talk about oh my god mark where you want to start all i mean you were so interesting last time your story is fascinating the brothel part i would love to know more about brothels yeah so in the first episode you have worked in several brothels right yes four different ones so I give the biggest lines in the first few episodes yes but Brazil is a big part of my life we ​​didn't even leak the tip of the iceberg Mark , we just don't scratch anything, you know, yeah, I have a pretty long life, you know, and a lot to talk about, but the brothel for sure. it's important to talk about it because we have a state in America that does allow legal prostitution yes and I think it's amazing to have a legal platform the only thing is we don't talk enough about what happened on those legal platforms that are in the borderline of unacceptable and again I told them we don't have a human resources department. to call to call we absolutely have no one to control the girls um yes the environment is clean and not all the style no one controls us there is not a single job in america that finds you eating in the brothel we are fine we are fine there is a lot of what to talk about so i made four different houses the first one was Bunny Ranch which I didn't stay at very long and I'm going to explain why then it was The Love Ranch to the north which is about a mile away till then. half the house is ok same owner same exact owner just a mile away and its maybe because i guess bunny ranch was featured on tv on hbo it was like the main house like the house number one, where you put the best cats, right? let's talk about it then there's love The range which for me was the friendliest house I loved it I loved it there and I stayed there for a while then it was The Love Ranch South in Las Vegas which was a complete dump and let's talk about that and then there were cherries cherries it's time to talk about you so let's talk about that now let's talk about the Bunny Ranch personally it was amazing and I did it really well very fast ok and Dennis Huff wasn't there when I came in, he must have been on one of those business trips and this guy, I have to admit he's a complete marketing genius because good publicity or bad publicity I would always say publicity is fine and you can see this guy in television really like me.
frenchie january 2022
I don't know, like acting out the keys by talking a lot about, um, you know us, the girl and how she changed things and she changed a lot of things. You have to understand that the burning ranch and all the Denny's half houses are not a closed house. ok you're going to understand brussels in america it's locked houses it's prisons it's ok legal modern slavery you girls can't leave we can't leave we're fine if we do we get fined fifteen hundred dollars if we left the cherries, not the bunny, okay, the bunny is another story. so Dennis was super flexible ok when it comes to us going in and out of the rain she was super flexible the rule is if you leave the ranch more than 24 hours you get retest ok we were absolutely free from living after our shifts which was 12 hours ends up at bunny ranch you get to pick your shift not sherry's and we're going to talk about that so now at bunny ranch you pick your shift personally um my energy progressing my sexual energy can't progress like the progress of the day like by the time the sun goes down like it's like i'm like a vampire i'm ready to like a porn star but like it's me there will be some girls where they are really good in the morning i'm fine i eat more at night so i would do the 2 p.m. m. at 2 a.m. m. however, if I want to go, I want to stay in the lounge until 5 am. m., which was great, so that shift was the best for me, so at Bunny Ranch, where there's a lot of cool stuff, okay? we have a gym we have like a tanning salon um we have a 24 hour bar um Sandwich Bar one bar two but one sandwich bar salad bar the food is affordable not at the cherries at the bunny ranch it's ok so they treat us pretty good do you have a lighter mark oh my gosh it's a blooper you're the best so here oh yeah i think you're my flame ok so at the ranch you got enough food accessible you got the turning saloon you have many things that are amazing. ok great personally the first day i'm going to have my breakfast and i'm washing my plate you know i'm doing the dishes like a good girl you know i'm not leaving the dishes right there i'm getting yelled at but things ma'am what You are doing?
frenchie january 2022

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So I'm like I don't know what I'm doing, you never do the dishes. e I am not going to apologize in any way. I will never wash dishes here again. I could get used to that, but by the time you don't waste your breakfast, your room is ready. You got a maid come over and she just washed your bed fresh new beautiful pillow what you know no let's talk about the different little things they do at bunny ranch so when you get there they put you in a room ok it's not like the cool room , no, you get into a room. a new girl you have to prove yourself in the house they put you in a room in cherries they give you the same room everyone is the same when it comes to the room not in bunny ranch and they play with it i will say how they play with it , so if you are a big cat you will get the sweet with the jacuzzi and if you bring a client to those particular suites they will book you more easily than if you have a room ok then the more as you go up in rank , the better your room becomes so it keeps the girls in check somehow they are always competing to get the best room if you are very good number you are the best cat you get this room so they have this little strategy with the room and personally in the ranch at bunny ranch i liked i think three or four weeks till dennis got in good so dennis you see him on tv he's six foot five he's a big gimlet and the first thing he greeted me with was a little song friendship friendship plays my pee well that's how dennis greeted me the half of the guy you see on tv who is pretty serious and when he's at the ranch the body language completely changes everything.
frenchie january 2022
I mean the dynamic where you're going to have one on one with denisov as one of his girls. what kind of dynamic you're going to have as a male client, right, so you definitely feel like you're putting yourself in his lap and he asks you to like hunting and cumming on his leg. Okay, first of all, it's hard for me to even get to the point. o I'm not going to get down on my knees, okay that's not going to happen, but you would literally do a sexual display of intent at The Parlor and cast a boom girl, so the thing is the girls who are really excited about doing it Daddy Daddy and doing all kinds of dirty things for him, so he's used to it, you're used to it, I mean, at the same time, he's being fed, a lot of intention, he's fed a lot of sex, dad, dad, everyone wants to kiss his ass, like this that here I am and I'm not getting upset with him.
frenchie january 2022
I don't feel comfortable at all when it's not like you know that I was tested like it was at one point like a competition of the girls who had to do the same thing moaning like ah okay back then I couldn't do that right like here you go like Air Force Amy like ah ah oh like this girl is like next level like you can't even compete with her you know and friendship it's your turn I remember I froze as a friend I can barely fake an orgasm like organic so you're asking me to just don't have a di ck in me and do that so it was like these awkward moments where i quickly got it okay i'm level with those girls so thursdays you have the tea party so they're great and cute, you have to put on like gloves and you have to put on little hats and cute little lingerie Mark you are faster than your Shadow you might want to leave it there Mark is my future ex-husband but yeah look you're ready is that your way of proposing e marriage do you propose to the camera yes twice one more time and i am about to lose my sheet marks watch out he is about to be raped you invited me out and i and i turned you down and then i went to chulum you actually missed the jungle I don't know what's wrong with me, Mark, yes, you broke my heart right then and there.
I will reward you. The year is young. Well, where was that? the Dennis Hoff sitting on his lap um the Tea Party so the tea party again put on your hats put on your gloves you're in your lingerie but you want to look like a lady so you like a remix between ladylike and sexy and you talk of the problems and at the end of the reunion you have to say something positive so you don't know how to create drama so during that tea party we had tea and talked about the problem and my problem personally was that my bed was creaking like it was like having a whole orchestra on my room i can't know it's my tool my bed is my tool and i can't have something that will make clients boner go away ok so i highlighted the fact that i need a brand new bed this one is broken it must be ok well next thing you know yeah im going to buy a new bed and that bed I had no idea it came with the price so im coming up.
I'm not sure what it was, but when I got to the room, this bed is so high that I have to climb. It's like a canopy. It's a princess bed. even myself i couldn't even afford a bed like this and now it's mine so i got a text from denni so you like your bed thank you so much dad i like it it's amazing and then i get a text knock knock it's right behind the door and now i'm having dennis huge dinnies with big blue eyes well we're off to try the bed the thing is thank god or you had diabetes and his dick didn't work so our whole heart is his he's facing between my legs with his big blue eyes you're gonna come you're gonna come lick me for the longest five minutes of my life i think right now this is the day i consciously clicked and no i myself wasn't there as i remember putting my uh was so uncomfortable i felt so uncomfortable if i didn't click off i was going to be traumatized you know sad day it was the first day i learned to be comfortable with discomfort and it's crazy that it was with dennis huff the guy on tv that it was like he was working for this guy. and then like boom like you have a whole different dynamic sexual perverted dynamism with him and like so many girls do he doesn't even know how to read your body language anymore like he's so used to having all these girls um showing them that he doesn't even he didn't even see the last thing he wanted to do was they're completely off you're going to come you're going to come and ding ding ding ding ding the lineup bell and I remember going like this and telling him I'm going to run I have to run I have to go to work I have Beats and in my book it's called Saved by the Bell.
I'm going to cry. Look, I told you. I have premenstrual syndrome. Oh yeah. What is? I don't even know why I'm crying. I never cried that day. My heart beats and everything. I'm really giving it in my head so yeah and then like yeah I had a new bed and that day yeah it was like the first day you learned to click. I don't know if it's me. I feel like crying about this very situation or the general and it's like a wave hits me a bit, yeah, but um, the exposure to this job at this very moment in my life. faith behind you it was a long time ago so i was young and um um i was trying to figure it out i was trying to let you know toughen up because it was like my girlfriend told me in the first episode like you're so stuck well you know you got a broom in the ass so i was trying to figure out my limits and everything, can any woman do this kind of work?
No, definitely not, yes, it's not for everyone. it's for me and honestly I like to use. I am crying right now. I'm a user, but don't trust me. It's like I loved this damn job, but as fun as I made it, you can be torture to others if you're forced to do it. it's torture if you are if you hate this job it's torturing a lot of girls at bunny ranch i hated it and let's pretend mark i'm going to meet a mechanic who works on cars and he tells me every day how much he hates cars i would ask him why you work on cars and then those girls at bunny ranch, i would ask them why you are here. you know because let's go back to the ranch, even though i would like to walk out of a session like oh my gosh this guy was awesome or how i wish i could be so positive about what was happening to me the girl shut up. when she likes it's not where you like it i say shut up there's no way you don't know what you're doing here if you don't like it you know what i mean and alot of girls really doubted i like it no way you like sex that's how I'm like brother only boys onlygive me a serious and genuine orgasm you know and i absolutely had pleasure why would i actually torture myself in whatever i left the corporate world because i tortured myself there not to torture myself in another area that would be crazy you know what i mean , I wouldn't leave a torture to go to be tortured somewhere else it doesn't make sense ok so let's go back to the ranch and and and you know the dynamic so as soon as I got a chance to go to The Love Ranch I kept it attentive. sounds like the low end house but it's fun in there blah blah Denise doesn't go there I was terrified of him there ain't a human being on earth I was more intimidated but not even my dad not even my grandpa No one on earth made me feel like this. intimidated like every time he is like friend of friend she played my movie he would like to be in the living room trying to put me in his.
I was so uncomfortable every time I went to The Love Ranch lol it's run by women there and both ladies were great Adrian for sure Adrian you oh you are so great. This woman, she had four children and you know how she got the job at Love Range. I think she was some kind of school teacher and Dennis asked her to. with the kids it's exactly the same but with more drama and she took the job and she was actually this beautiful like a big beautiful woman like super like remembering 14 you know like a housewife proper housewife and then it was Diane who finally became the main one and same thing she was great like ok friend she took a break go take a hot bath you will feel better after that i eat little things so personally i like The Love better Ranch I also became a bigger fish in a smaller bowl because in the monument you always like girls pornstars that are just like on TV they are girls that are a famous girl that was famous from the HBO show you had the Air Force crazy Emmy I had a party with her I didn't even know what to do I mean I think something was intimidating me I don't even know how I got to this VIP room with her I was like looking around the room for extra girls and I ended up there and here's air force semi all the way up there's this guy laying down and it was that song here right now here right now and she's literally like caging the guy like punching him here right now she's just yelling at him here right now and me looking at this like what I'm doing here what what am I doing here so I was some kind of assistant you want condoms you want lube the guy was kind of terrified you can see how Emmy you're actually scaring me here I'm trying to do something she's literally blocking you like no that's my client I'll be there and watch alright i definitely printed info that night so yeah as soon as i could go love range and be in the vibe that was a little um i don't know how to explain it like um less old style less um competitive super competitive super competitive depending Ranch they cut your tire there those girls if you have a nice car they will cut your tire if you have nice hair they will put bleach in your shampoo will sabotage you ok no mercy no mercy i mean like i dont even know how i handle it.
I don't know how I handle it. They don't sabotage me per se, but they were like they were bad, like oh my gosh they were like thugs, um, oh yeah. I don't know how to explain to you like my room is My Sanctuary like you know and then every once in a while you find super cool girls you meet super sweet girls that you can really relate to. I had this girl, Harmony, she started out like she just slept in my bed. She must have been such a comfort. her like eventually we can do a slumber party almost like you know like a slumber night or something and she would like to sleep in my bed and just hold me you know yeah i love little oh and then The Love Ranch was great and uh so much From the stuff that was going on at the Lauren she was almost like a sorority well we had karaoke nights we had special nights Denny's birthday was a show I gotta say this guy knew how to throw a party that night. you know, during his birthday and he was Vegas style, there were entertainers, clowns, people in the shops, you had literally everything going on there, it was amazing, you know, and then you had the street vibe like 300 different bikers Coming over and you could make like thousands of dollars just making out in the kissing booth yeah like there's a lot of fun stuff and then um Dennis opened up a new Brazil in Vegas so love ranch sauce wait I need a sip of water for him to open a new one he opens at your ranch near Las Vegas and it's a complete dump I mean I've never actually seen this before but I didn't know it's really like telling the girl if we go there we can keep a little more of a commission, so it was 50 50.
Okay, but if you go there, since it's a new house and they're trying to launch it, you could keep 60 of the commission, so I agree to go there because it would ask a lot. girls and as you know it's my first month there I kind of want to be right away from Dennis Huff all the way near Vegas and I get there and realize it's a dump like I really remember even thinking you don't even live like that Why would you accept this? Cause keep in mind they charge you 25 a day for room on boards oh look now we can now we're married forever I didn't ask you just read my mind hello so here I am in this complete dump what was great is that once the guy got there it's an hour and a half from las vegas it's in the middle of nowhere nowhere nowhere it's almost like imagining death valley and you have a brothel there this is more or less The Love Ranch House and so soon as we could see a car coming because you see the car coming from miles away there's nothing anyway so there's a straight road so you see the car like Scarlet coming or coming for us or they're here to shoot snakes.
Coming over, they got stuck because, I mean, we were like six girls, imagine how pathetic you drive from Vegas, you know, you're ready to like, you know, um, you hire beautiful girls and you arrive in the middle of nowhere in a dump and you're six girls to choose from what was great to me i kept getting i picked i made more money there than i handed over uh north so i stayed eight days i said listen i won't stay here period that's what you care if because something wasn't a locked house but they say that if you leave the house you can't go to Las Vegas, well keep in mind that I had a great client, he came, he booked me several hours and I told him that I needed to get out of here.
I'm suffocating like I can't. I can't like it. Oh, I even like it right now. I feel like and it's like you want to go to Vegas. here i am like you my hero so now let's go to the window she's booking me big we're going to vegas i mean i have five hours at this point oh my god we went to the show so late to i see the car and I remember looking up at the sky and thinking it might have been because I did gymnastics. I did the circus and that show in Las Vegas.
I remember being like a little girl crying like oh my gosh oh my gosh it was such a beautiful show and then when it was over let's drive back to the top you know oh my gosh it was a treat Mark so after eight days I left. Going back to the North love key, so there's a lot of things that would happen at the ranch that really wouldn't be technically acceptable and for example, the bartender we started out as hitting hitting you and it was a lot of conflict of interest, the employee would literally pop like popcorn corn in and out in and out always on your employee always new drivers because keep in mind we have drivers to do races for us ok and those drivers would get fired all the time. as a conflict of interest all the time.
Listen if you have a conflict of interest with the bus, then it's half a conflict of interest because everyone is sending the tone. In fact, Dennis, for example, he's setting the tone. brought a photographer that was 24 hours in Durant she had her own Bangalore the photographer would photograph you know she would charge you because we knew we were going to be charged but it's like we could do a trade otherwise she literally moved to the Bunny Ranch as a photographer and so he would like to have free sex against photos and that's what Dennis would allow ok another story Another crazy story I'm at the bar at the Lawrence at the Lawrence not even at the Bunny Ranch and there's a big guy in the bar no one is talking to him nicely so I walk away and we're having a deep conversation about WWII and the Jews it's literally like teaching me history we're going to have an intellectual conversation in the bar and then Denise comes in, okay to line up girls line up okay we're lining up the guy I'm talking to for about 30 minutes in the bar is Ron Jeremy very good friend of Dennis Huff okay now we're lining up because It's Jeremy's birthday, hooray, happy bi. rthday Ron and Dennis are asking him to pick a girl he's picking me ok we just had a conversation about WWII and jews and it's all teaching me because apparently he was a teacher he's telling me teaching about things I don't even know about and now we have to get into a sexual frame of mind and I'm going bad not knowing how much I'm going to get paid because when there's a bunch of Dennis's friends you go you're pretty much not leaving the house but you ' you're not sure how much you're getting paid and here I am with Ron Jeremy demonstrating everything you can do uh it can give you goosebumps like i mean it does uh can it made me squirt are you kidding this the guy for the first time made me cum he told me to buckle up grab the sheets and he's doing it like crazy holy shit so now I have Ron Jeremy with me in my room for an hour and we're laughing out loud and he's showing i like literally how if you clap your clap your finger Easter raise your watch i Honestly it was like he was pretty decent to me.
I had a good time, but the thing is, you don't know how much Dennis is paying you. You go blind as well as a pepperoni. pizza on a silver tray like here elegant well in the picture you go so the first thing I do when it's over you run to the window and you ask Adrian how he pays me she says oh you put a salad in your book it's not bad sometimes you put 300. Dennis will put 300 sometimes she hunted in your book like it's all kinds of weird stuff and if you're like a favorite he'll hook you 100 like Dennis will hook you but if you like to resist him and you're not into it um no and then I'll give you an example so when he liked me and it was really after friendship friend she touched my pee all the time what she does after tea party he picks his girl some bunny ranch girls some girls from the love ranch, in a limo, we go out on the town, they're amazing because you get to the limo, everyone hates you because they're not all the ones who get picked, so all those guys like to watch you going to the limo like going to you know with Dennis at the restaurant at the strip club Qui But to say that he brings you once he chooses you to go to the limo.
It's an amazing night, you know, but then you quickly understand. If you know his favorite, no more. like here dad I'm ready to suck a dick dad here dad I'm ready to suck a dick too and that's why he was obviously completely confused no no more he was testing everyone honestly if he would he wasn't even forcing himself on you it was literally like taking things for granted almost like i had a right to you his girl you go show daddy whats up and thats it because since all girls do it or most girls do it who are you to say no and here? you're in a position where if you don't or if you're grateful because this house is giving you a lot of money absolutely so I love LA Ranch because you didn't get ripped off like that even though every once in a while you tell the lady hey hey It hurts, I really can. watch out she can't take it anymore and she just tells you to go take a bath you'll feel better yeah you can't just clap like a faucet you know and just make you feel better sometimes you feel literally exhausted they make you use a sponge when you have your period 100 you have to work you know you have cramps go shower like the best it was like the solution to all problems there you know and then obviously you hear about cherries cherries cherries everyone is talking about cherries oh my gosh you can make a lot of money , not cherries, so you know I like the new energy.
I like new things. they hired me in no time the same as me I emailed the photos. I told them that I was interested in being an addition to their team. Let's go like a couple of days later. I was already there so I had no idea how anything at Sherry's worked because I'm used to Bunny Ranch. I'm used to the key of love. I'm used to how they do it. You can go out. You are free to leave after your turn. I must have arrived with 300 of my money, so when you arrive with your bag, first of all, you have a guy with a security dog.
I came to cherries ranch with some money because let's say you didn't make any money, it's 300 bucks that you had toI arrive. They're going to keep it lemme lemme talk about this cherries it was crazy so I'm arriving and it's TSA style I mean we're talking about security. Are you opening my socks? They're going through my pen. ny trying to see if there are no drugs in there or anything in there and they found my weeds obviously in the same proportion no problem no problem we had like a real little shade to go smoke with a baby monitor to hear the lineup ok no they said whatever makes you feel better as long as you're functional ok we had a little baby monitor we didn't miss a bear we could smoke in the little shade to keep warm because it's cold uh cherries no , no no no no. no, so the guy, the security was really nice.
He had like a little jar of weed like this, like a little quart of wheat, maybe seven grams of weed and he tells me to put that back in his car. Do you really think I returned it? in my car no no no I tried to find like a paper towel like I put it on my dime I remember like the orders like I smell weed like a come on there's no way they'd just smell it but here I am back. the cherries from the ranch huh we without my 300 bucks who's earning my dime and they're putting me in transit ro om because until you pass the STD and all you have to stay in the cherry transit room is Hardcore when it comes to monitor you have a camera everywhere when you get to cherry big brother it's almost like you sign up in the real world you have a camera here here here here here here here here here here here here here here here here they tell you if you talk to the staff a fine out of 150 you can't talk to the staff um if you miss a lineup it's a 150 fine if you fight it's a fifteen hundred dollar fight uh fine if they find drugs or money it's a fifteen hundred dollar fine if you leave early it's a thousand fine five hundred dollars save your money for two weeks in cherries your commitment to cherries has to be two weeks if you break that commitment it's a fine of 1500 at the Bunny Ranch you don't have that kind of thing they understand n that there is life, sometimes there are mothers with children who need to break the commitment of two weeks without getting it. two weeks they fine you fifteen hundred dollars at the bunny ranch they pay you every day they can't hold your money they can't hold your money it's absolutely fine like cherries but cherries to hold your money for two weeks why do they do that because if you are one of the underdogs, start owing money to the house now can they keep that? money you ain't got nothing when you go let's talk about it actually you got two different categories of girls in the keys you got the best cats and The Underdogs it's alright and it's no one's fault those girls are cheering so much when they're The Underdogs and you're the best cat there's nothing you've done differently to be the best cat it's ok you look better you're younger your body is cooler there's nothing the client is choosing against her but she'll hate you and call you a filthy hustler Okay those girls start racking up a whole they start racking up 25 bucks a room aboard every day plus the med weekly is 200. 25 a day a room aboard so lets say you're an underdog the first date you have everything come home your check or your envelope is zero and now you start to get into a level of living where you need a roof over your head and a salad bar and a sandwich bar literally now if you bring home a thousand dollars that 2 5 room on board waived ok i would pay once the 25 when you get tested for STDs and have no choice not to work so they charge you that night every night waived completely impossible not to bring thousand dollars to the house to give it up if you don't you're an underdog and there's nothing you can do it's like you need to go and realize this isn't for you because you're not the one retiring from work , it's the job that's going to make me withdraw from you it's very cutthroat very very cutthroat but these girls are going to try to rub you down try to make you feel bad like oh my son is getting skinny can you advance me 500 bucks?
I'll give them to you next time, never girls, if you work on a ranch. never advance money to those beaches. A woman literally raped me. I mean, she was arresting me for $1,500. She was going to pay me back my $1,500. It was my first two weeks at the ranch. I quickly understood that this is not the real world. This is the world of the ranch. money is my money and i'm sorry you can't make yours maybe you need to go to sleep burger at burger king this is not my problem anymore when he took that 1500 from me i felt violated you know what i had to do for this 1500 bucks here you know what you're like that those girls don't trust him they're not trustworthy not all girls are going to have the principle that i had and since all he had was me as a point of comparison i never thought a girl could steal from you yes they absolutely do do without mercy and when i try to get my money back you know what she said i'm busy combing my hair with my money excuse me and she was 10 years older than me yeah 10 years older than me so i quickly understood that those girls don't Trust you, the girls are doing very, very well, the girls that are in a complete whole and there's this set as a dynamic of toxicity between the two groups, right?
So this is what you had to go through a lot at the ranch. the competition is Hardcore you know they put you on conviction with the rooms every week you are you know it is advertised as the best cat who is the best cat the top three get gifts the other has to witness that imagine being with 18 girls and in ahead of the 18 girls only five are going to get a gift and everyone applauds them and that's Dennis's strategy: always keep the girl you know in check, well um I really don't think it's right to do this display public of who is the best and who is not, because it creates tension everyone is in your face everyone is always watching how much you are making you always have to be careful in your room so they don't take your money at the bunny ranch because you they pay every day so you always have to lock it back to cherries though so cherries are big money ok they were absolutely right there is nothing really fake or fake about l to reputation when you get to the cherries it's a facade ok it's Vegas style you have a grand piano and a statue and a spa and a pool and they all have the same big rooms but you can't discuss this with the staff You don't really have 24/7 access to food.
I was stuck in a VIP room for like five hours with the guy it was too late to order food you're kidding me I like to drain myself with this customer and I can't eat right now so when you can't eat you have to use a driver and send him running you can't use your car on the cherries yeah your car that you just parked no you can't take it you're locked up you can't leave you can't leave it's a prison all the way I need nature. I need to breathe. I need meditation. they don't allow you that at all ok they do a random check on sherry too so if they find money in your room that means you didn't pay the money back and you paid a fine of 1500 for the house so they do a random check when they do a random Check Me.
They found my profit. That I brought my penny. No Yes. It's rape there, it's a brothel, okay, so like a prison, you're kidding me. I'm getting a random check, I buy the stuff to find my weed, okay? Now that I have my weed and I'm peeing obviously because now I have to go to the office as you know you live. in the corporate world you don't have to deal with that like peeing on yourself and now you're peeing on yourself again in the browser yeah so here I am her name was Gina and she got the men to go pimps.
Here's a woman definitely a Butch who got the man. pimp i remember you're not eugena she's fine eugena you're not the main pimp you're dinner so now she's got my weed and she tells me she's fine dude. she's like okay this isn't supposed to be her in our establishment because we actually may shut down if we get checked come on what's the chance you get checked for weed? you can actually go with that fifteen hundred dollar sign or I tell her ok I've been doing pretty well I'm not a vegetable you can see me interacting with the customer I'm not completely stoned ok like some girls they were clearly taking things, they were like his jaw. going crazy let's go now and here I am with my little weed and you are going to give me and try to find me fifteen hundred dollars I said no you are not going to take anything in fact you are going to give me back my weight and the fine you are not going to find me and you I'm going to explain why you're not dealing one with one of your desperate hooker trainer and not if you keep my fifteen hundred dollars right now I'll put on not just the French news the European news and we'll put all the news on what's going on behind your door closed I would tell the story of the girl who put in a tampon and skipped a row and you charge her a 150 fine she had her period She was changing her temper and she missed the lineup a 150 fine I told her I will say everything going on behind your wall it's all good the way you run your establishment is absolutely unacceptable reciprocate here it's ok we are under surveillance everywhere we are checking our rooms itations we ain't even trustworthy we're on lock down because the city don't don't want to see us what do we have like some kind of disease they stink or something what's going on and I told him my weight is coming back with me and my 1500's too guess what when I they sent my check. she didn't take the 1500 I left Cherry's Ranch at 2 a.m.
Coming back to San Diego through Death Valley with my car traveling and like I'm talking to my car come on baby come on baby you can't do this you can do this we can make it we can make it the car is choking and I'm thinking if I break down here I'm like this I'm like this it wasn't any car passing me I had so many hours until Sunday go come on I'm coming San Diego yeah so I left Cherry's Ranch and went straight back to The Love Ranch. that money business what do you mean i can't even talk to the staff so here you have bunny ranch run by a man and it's chaotic now you have cherries ranch run by one woman that's why you can't talk to the staff in order not to create a conflict of interest is chaotic anyway it was horrible there horrible love ranch was the friendliest one morning friendship when she woke up we have the HBO production here they want to cast with different houses the different houses with Benny Ranch and larynx great this is the show that brought me here come on why not?
So now I have a party car plan and like every HBO producer you know, I get asked questions, um, and I remember I was really excited about it. I'm like yes, why not? Why don't you know? I talked to them and they signed me like that day they wanted to do a Cinemax spin-off on the Fantasy Girl fantasy, so they really wanted to take us to Fantasy Girl and for once what it's about us. our fantasy and so they cast some girls to do the show on Cinemax and then the next thing you know, boom I'm doing the episode they have a whole segment with me and uh so my fantasy was to be on the rooftop super super tall so that angel can actually watch the show and they said can you come to La?
We're going to do a better fantasy reality so we had a 3D billboard to make it look like New York and we're on a rooftop and here I am with this guy I don't even remember his name but the one I remember was Romanian and we tried to communicate here with my French accent and him with his Romanian accent and we couldn't understand each other so nobody could understand him and he said the producer and everything so if you watch the episode you don't hear his voice at all like I'm the only one allowed to speak because you couldn't understand it was amazing is that i actually really liked how he liked me so good that when they really like the cut, we move on, the production starts and goes. ing one by one you have to understand when you're on a set you have 20 people it's ok you don't have one or two people you have 20 people behind the camera the cable guy the light guy the sound guy all the guys plus the crew with the ones you're working with like all the girls you're working with or seeing you're literally acting for real so i thought to myself ok at one point like we ain't because my pizza was supposed to be soft Corey you don't see in and out you don't see uh no close up I mean it's a super smooth car it's really such a bubbly show they did with it so I look at one point and I think it looks fake because we were actually not foreign excuse me also he was hot so that's like me for real so again he's so good ok we move on so that was cool plus he'samazing um you got a hot robe when you're done with your scene when you're a talent when they call you the talent took care of you i can only imagine when you like engineer jolie i mean she was nothing and they literally like to pamper you on a set it's amazing so once the HBO show came out, the Cinemax show came out, it was ridiculous, it was a bomb in my life, everybody was hooked like, uh, hiring me, uh, trying, yeah, trying to track me down, you know who it is East. boy we need to book it so it was an amazing time of my life all HBO cinemax tears you apart richard the ranches how long was it almost three years it was a crazy story from all those years so its not a crazy story , but um I think like the one that's like the cherry on top and I'm sorry for my friends who heard that story so many times but it really is like a whole show one day this this guy this young man lots of tattoos pretty little young thug there's a line up i ran across anyone talking to me come on come on come on come on easy enough i'm like a baby like calm down your heart a little bit a bowl of money coming out of your pocket almost like you're shoving bills really fast into your pocket keep in mind i'm an ex banker so I'm looking at him like a nightmare I'm putting the beers its a bunch of one or five out of tens of twenty and I'm thinking if you're working on tips like what's wrong you know it's about your money or better than that let's let's let's let's go like 600 bucks so I tell him baby sincerely let's start we're not going to do much you know how much time we have 15 minutes like perfect that was the easiest negotiation of my life let's let's let's let's let's let's go let's go to the window boom, i mean this little boy me so loud the bed moved click click click all the way to the middle of the room okay we like rabbits he likes it it was really his last day on earth and it was a shield for that story so now we right it was pretty quick honestly the best of my life but pretty quick and we have those few minutes where it's like recovering he's going to have a heart attack this poor thing, and I'm on his chest like this, and I must have asked him. the question what do you do in life like tell me a little about yourself it's like e you'll never believe me I like to test myself and he's like I'm a bank robber I'm on the run yeah come on you know I was a banker and you you are a bank robber like me come on tell me a story and he says yes i go with my gun and tell them give me the cash.
I'm like there's no way we're going to have ticket theft and then we have takeover theft. Nobody really does the takeover steal because you know you're going to get hurt with the note in and out bam when you do a takeover is another story and not believing even close is a story and he's like why do you do that and he tells me so then he shows me picture of two little girls ok im sure mom is so proud that dad is a cowboy in america robbing banks and he tells me she passed away. this guy is an asshole so i tell him you know you already paid me you don't have to like it tell me this to like you i like you a lot and you're so good so i'll never forget it mark holds my face keeps me on my forehead won't you tell the truth I tell him that I'm going to take a microphone and tell everyone that I had like some GT running for the restaurant is so good now it's a very important detail I'm leaving the Parlor I'm going to shower and after each session I smoke a good joint Look I'm taking a shower I'm rolling half a joint when she comes to the office so I'm opening that joint in the dwar on my nightstand Very important detail I'm going to the office I see four policemen it's ok you have to sit down but I'm fine I think that they're going to rain my room with the weed on my nightstand okay so I'm thinking what's going on so I'm sitting like ready to get spanked and they say and The Madam is like Frenchy we have to know, um more , more of the guy who just booked you the guy you just parted ways with.
I'm like why is it like I just rubbed the grocery store in Dayton, okay? I'm like money ball Dayton grocery now post 30 minutes before robbed dayton grocery went to ranch. He got a witness who followed him to the ranch. No cell phone back then. 10 years ago. The little redneck who followed him all the way to the ranch goes all the way to Carson City to call the police by the time the police arrive which means the police arrive that's the window I took a shower and rode half a joint that's the window between when the little guy left and the cops came, that's the window they could burst into the room and see the whole bed moving from the center of the room, so I'm asking, but what? how do you know? i am explaining it yes there is a guy and i witness he followed him.
I'm like a saint, you have to be me, so they ask me. Can you tell us more about him as a description? You had a lot of tattoos. I'm like but to tell you he was a jewish officer huh the last thing i really was seeing his tattoos you know i didn't look good so serious so i don't give much description what i remember is when i left the office it's the office, the living room and all the girls, obviously. everyone knows everything so like Frenchie she's fine she's in trouble there are four police officers want to talk to me.
I am like girls. The cow just picked me up in line. She is a fugitive. and he spent the money from the robbery on me, are you kidding me? As of today I think this is the craziest thing that's ever happened to me 100 you know but yeah and I would never know what happened to this kid but that window of like maybe six seven minute was what had to come out ,yeah so maybe the best last one before i got jailed yea the true story and i dont believe and please guys because i know alot of you dont believe my story ,everything. it's 100 True everything that comes out of my mouth is 100 True including your accent even my accents um no I mean every video on my channel someone says he's lying no so you know brothels They're probably somewhere in the middle between the girls who work the streets and the girls who are doing what you're doing today, which is very different, like the girl who works the streets with pimps, you know someone is making money off of them. , a brothel, it is a complete business, they are making money with us.
I'm charging 50 you know and Nicole and diamonds for this so technically we're not making 50 no that's why we have to charge so many other ranches yeah and there's a lot of money to be made absolutely like it was like the money that they give you there you know all it takes is like that drunk millionaire comes in he just won big money at the casino it's free money for him boom like he's really really quick to make money girls too they would. be sneaky with them they would roofie the guy completely I witnessed it countless times It wasn't a party we should get like I remember his heart was pounding so hard they made him shoot the house but he was ecstatic inside yeah and the dude is really like tripping, okay. heart is pounding and i'm staring at the ground like we're going to hell are you kidding you know you're serious cause she told me in my hair like i'm like you didn't know they're putting me at a party the guy is completely stoned and i'm like trying to rehire him his dick is definitely not working his heart is being like that i love you girls i love you girls time's up he's on a bad trip you I can see when time's up and he says i just spent four thousand dollars for those two girls I don't even get up she's going to have a bad trip can I stay longer can I say longer so she's pushing it because she was good at it like when we need more baby we need more I see I'm out , I'm out like no no no no to me Trip money ain't money you gonna keep anyway it's common money it's karma money it won't stay with you that's why they broke up all the time those girls s the more you rush the more you broke karma it really is dirty money it's money you didn't make with your passion with your heart with real genuine trade they pay you for a good time give them a good time then you keep the money but if they pay you for Giving them time is karma money I like I remember a girl the same me um she puts me in a party she whispering my hair jumps on her face jumps on her face so here she is like licking my making the pocket of her face she is literally Checking his pocket I'm literally look I'm like oh I can't I can't I can't I can't do this so after a while when you're around this environment so toxic that it's not really you you know what I want say, as soon as I could get out, I got out, yeah, yeah, yeah, like they give you a legal platform by all means.
But please give us a legal platform where they check on the girl if they check to see if the bus isn't testing the girl against the bed or make sure it's not a toxic environment because they really know the drug is there and I remember it consciously. the day consciously the day I decided not to do drugs again was in the room of one of the girls from the ranch and she was taking a line of cocaine and her nose was bleeding and she was looking around with a bowl of cotton and one is like clogged and the other one is bleeding and she's back and forcing like you can see it's in her if she wants to do a line but it killed her body I wouldn't let her and I remember the vision of that was like well that could be and I consciously decided that on that day you will never smell anything ever and so far so good I won't sniff anything I don't think it's necessary for me you know you enjoy your work you enjoy your clients true there are very few of the girls who do sex work can say most of them has to tell their clients, but it is very unfortunate, just like the mechanic, let's say you work on a car and you hate cars, let's say you work during the interview and you hate your interviewers or you we let you know anything in life you hate yes it's important to love what you do but yeah so you don't traumatize yourself and lose your soul in the process what's the point? this is a journey on Earth you have heavens the limit of your choices of what you can do with your decisions and you are really going to decide to always be where it hurts or is uncomfortable no why would you do that how crazy is that is really crazy to me i think i bet you because you love what you do and you think that what you provide is worth a higher price you can comfortably charge that price and then keep the money because you feel you deserve it while all these girls working the streets and harassing people go broke every day yeah baby cause they don't think they deserve it if you do well if you're going to give the money to a manager who will make you think you know he's going to do great things with that money but you think you deserve to be taken away.
Yes, yes, we get what we think we deserve. really wake up and realize they don't really need the juice and if you at least got one pimp that makes things right i met only one they technically made things right in miami i gotta say this get this game right and i'm gonna tell you why mark when i arrived it was actually a friend who needed some cooking it's ok in miami he was before a party and wanted to get some coke so i went with him to this mansion. Dimensions was a pimp who had at least 20 girls working for. he in the pool of a mansion that wasn't really Miami was Fort Lauderdale nice ho wears beaches everywhere sexy and said one thing I'm a red butt pimp all these girls had no shoes Aldo you don't have slippers they didn't have nice shoes because the boy understood that if i put nice and fancy things on those girls they will bring money and show all the girls that my dad is really pampering me so all the girls wanted to work for him and the more girls wanted to work for him , more work for him was all he had. what you have to do is collect the money from the 20 girls 20 yeah at least go buy a pair of shoes once in a while and keep them happy so that makes sense now that you have that stupid baby pimp wannabe who's going to ya tattoo face right there you don't have a businessman looking after your money because if he tattoos you tattoo his name on your face no one is really going to accuse you that he is a businessman with this possible income that you will have as General donkey, who is it?
I'll book you if you look like a ghetto wake up wake up you know seriously so there you don't even have a good businessman since he doesn't even understand that by doing this he is there preventing you from making money for the rest of your life like you said one from our phone calls recently, why work on the street when you can work in the suite? everything that is happening is magnificent. I wouldn't be able to do what they don't do at all and at the end of the story they can do the exact same thing that they do in a car but in a better, more glamorous environment, at the end of the story, we're doing the same thing, girl, we're doing the exact same thing, but i decided to get 10 dates at 60 bucks.
I'll immediately charge 600 for one instead ofpay 10 more when you have one. situating yourself limited versus when you have the internet like now as everyone can see you exist you only exist on a street versus now your exposure is like a thousand more i think if you're a smart peep buy a computer put your gun on a on the internet and don't have it on the blade are you kidding, do you guys really call the sword that? I can only imagine those girls going there like I respect girl I respect what you do I'm dying I'm dying no way no way I didn't come on Earth saw that too scary it ain't worth it no but I need your lighter no , it will be a PBS, smart people, if you're going to, if you're going to do something, be smart about it or not everyone knows I hate pimps Mark I hate them I hate pimps I just don't like that one in Miami but at least I say more like a businessman more than anything he wasn't a gorilla at all i did a lot of shit on my viewers because i will say there are some pimps that are not exploited assholes and that's what i'm talking about guys t are like the ones you just described in Miami no , I was a gentleman, this guy, yeah, like any tree that borders the border Lovely border-born, that's the thing, yeah, the girls the girls were in the woods, they were watching over them, I loved it, they loved it, they loved him. that's the only pimp i'm talking about it was like they genuinely got adoration um not once it was would you know how to get your hands on them? like these gang bang pimps are getting girls addicted and taking advantage of them baby wake up you can do it you ain't on earth to be nobody's ball or definitely not on earth to give one you don't even need your money and , if you do make sure you wear red bottomed shoes its ok because guess what in one night you can in one night you can go to Neiman Marcus but all you want so if its not doing that for you its not a good manager hello is a woman whose attractiveness or sex appeal the commodity in our culture if you want to make money no but it's almost more powerful than power to a man or equal no nothing is the same but um , I mean, being a woman, of course, it will come with you know, advantages come with advantages to being a man, you know, yes, so we're going to take advantage of it, I mean, you're not going to take advantage of your Strength, for example, you can lift but your. let's pretend you can't lift something with a woman if we can wrap it around our finger we'll do that if we can yeah that was a question just asking is it a great product i think it's below below us below is amazing to be a woman you have your face flying I use your feet touch the ground boom it's you you're flying he's the girl who understood that yes they succeed the whole world becomes a playground I start to go international Japan Southeast Asia everywhere parties without agen to Dubai, that's my girlfriend, no, I'm not going to Dubai, no, but no, I liked many countries, um, why did you limit yourself there when you can go all over the world, yes, but you understand what you have? girls they just never don't see what they got so wake up girl your mom spent nine months to create something beautiful so you might as well make something nice with it you know and not give it to an uh-uh no , she would.
To be very disappointed. Do you believe in love again? Yes i believe in love. For me personally, it's complicated because I know too much. I see them coming from 10 miles away. I watch the game and I really don't want to play. I want something super organic so I have awesome short stories because I travel a lot so I'll meet super awesome people in the way that I really like I tell some of them we're doing the Hollywood move I'm jealous right now nor it's not even funny because it's very intense as long as we live but it's temporary it's a journey the distance um the distance is real I usually like European guys.
I click with them. I think the way I need to click with an American man, that's funny because I'm really good at going on great dates with American clients, but I can't date them, but French guys, for example, I can't. work with in France I tried this really weird and weird I can't click and switch to Francesca like she's French so I can play the little accent and all of that doesn't work anymore so yeah so I don't know. I've never really worked in France so I feel like I can date the French guy but not make money from them.
I can't date American guys, but I can make money with them. It's very strange, very strange and I mean it's been 20 years in this country so I know it's not really coming from me or them it's just not clicking the way I click with the European guy I don't love them , so I'm very limited in finding someone I can make one with why do you believe in that? Why not? about what most women don't understand about men, what you've learned that women could use for themselves, oh, there's a lot they don't understand about men, but I think a woman is actually going to think that she it's the only pitch for him. but the thing is that even she if she eats a little peach every day she will get tired of that tone an intelligent woman will understand let's do what we are like the two of us against the world but realize that the world is still against us and i know that the temptation is going to be against this, so as a smart woman and knowing how men work, don't unite behind my back, let's do it together personally.
I am very open. I'm not particularly jealous because I feel comfortable and confident. pick up a girl for him but i need to be there it can't be something behind my back because the thing is once i give you that chance to do it with me and you still do it behind my back double betrayal double betrayal but if you're a woman you don't give the option and you still cheat behind your back and don't suck your dick daily you're such a good wife you know and same for men i'm not glamorizing anything right now man if you don't reassure your wife she's never gonna be down about it, so reinsure her make sure she's in place as the exclusive because once a woman is reinsured we especially feel insecure as women are insecure to begin with so once you reinsure her and open the door like let's go to a swinger club or call an escort tonight and have fun with her now she is not insecure to say yes or no as she might consider it because now she is reassured with you but if you are not reassured you are already i nsecure wife and you want to open the door of like let's swing, what do you think she's going to say something?
I mean, she's in both like it takes two to tango, yeah, what don't you guys understand about reinsurance women? If you need your dick sucked three times a day. boom of the day that's what becomes easy it's actually that simple you know yeah it's not really hard so we're not meant to be monogamous men non human human no well i want to tell you i think which is very strange there are no tomatoes because we are individuals and just like animals let's say for example he likes to put his seat in all the places he needs to make a new Pride ok but you also have the penguin what makes one for life humans are like that and all the Wraiths in between I think you are You'll have the lion who wants to put his dick everywhere and then you'll have that man who was enough and then separable who is the right soul mate there and everyone exists and everything else so we can talk about this for a long time because because Sky becomes the limit you have to generalize and say all men are like that all men are supposed to generalize we're in two videos did you know there is no intimate choice there is none we would know it would already be on the internet so Yeah yeah definitely interesting between men and women we complement each other very well and at the same time we are quite opposite. it's all, oh, really, when, as you know, women, we're good at being like, yeah, whatever, I'm going to go out, have fun, but we don't really want him to go out, but we have this way of saying it for like we don't mean it how to say it like you know communication is very important to me so maybe um uh i need someone who's like a tough skin with me because i'm not going to sugarcoat i want to sugarcoat if you do something i'm like i'm seeing what are you doing i'm going to li really put myself in front of what he's doing and now we're having a pin point and the guys won't be able to handle that much time with me yeah so i need like organic organic organic or nothing yeah it's really good for me , sure your life is getting better my life yeah it seems like it's getting better that means it was bad at one point i made you it's great no it's good you seem pretty happy and it seems like this is probably a better time for you than maybe in your 20s, yeah sure , because now I know what I know, you know, so in your 20s you have the physique that you really like, you like sexier, but you are quite naive and then you cross when you know that I am reaching 40, so go figure , but now I feel eternal.
I don't feel young. I feel like I'm caught between what you know and everything I know. So my fuses go very short. My options are wiser for sure um, but I've definitely learned to say no now, what were you? s and one point is no now yes and I learned to approach even dangerous situations like a professional that's why life would give you and the years would give you yes so I'm much happier now in those years than when I was when I was 20 years old, so not enough tools or data to face life and the problem and the situation that was throwing me.
That makes sense. You said in the first talk we had that you're an absolute sex artist and so am I. I think, doctor, people who do business with artists don't understand that maybe that's why actors are paid so much and certain artists are paid so much or compensated so much. When you are dealing with an artist you need to make sure that they are smiling, they are happy, they are genuinely interested in what they are doing and the way to do that sometimes is to overpay them or pay them a lot because otherwise they have a bad attitude and you're not going to get shit out of them absolutely sure yes and t that's what a lot of people negotiate with artists and you're an artist I mean you need to make them oh my god I can't believe how much they're paying me I'm going to give them the best I can I'm not sure I definitely give them a show that I really like let's just say a lot of times it's almost like I actually go to this city and this city I'm going to tour here and here and they literally pre-book the show, you know and um , personally, I'm not the one who decides my race, it's my phone, my phone is my pimp.
It doesn't make sense and no one is actually booking me if I'm charging too low my phone will blow up it's okay if I'm at the same price as a ghetto girl you know if they're going to call me all so I'm going to wonder why my phone is blowing up so much so my subject beat is my phone when it sounds the way i like it ok that's my reason. that's all and I'm not fooling myself or anything as long as your phone rings you're still in the base again I told you that's not really you decide to withdraw from the Beast it's impossible it's the bees who decide to withdraw from you want your phone to stop ringing you not once the car won't stop for you no more you're not the job retire from you know it's best to retire from work before you retire from but you have to be smart making getting out of this game is probably hard it's tricky mark absolutely very complicated actually at the Bunny Ranch he was a 19 year old girl studying journalism she was a student and she was going to the ranch to you know pay for her study and um I was fascinated with her I have to say this little 19 year old barely it was legal she couldn't even go to the bar to do the bar her soul you know and she was making a lot of money this girl likes a lot of money and gue ss, when i got back to the ranch she was still there yeah so he never let people get addicted he never left in fact he has a SLK blah blah blah Mercedes and he comes with you you know all his nice little things he never left the job because why? you would when you search in high demands i am going to tell you the difference between a prostitute and an escort or a sex artist a prostitute is asking you do you have money for me do you have money for me who has money for me who has money for me someone has money To me an escort is like the client got money for you hey Frenchie I got money for you you want my money and I'm fine no you you're weird yeah next week look at what I mean big big difference so you're a hooker I'm not a hooker I'm a six artist I sprinkle magic in your life I don't do card appointments I actually have like three four hundred dollar hotel suites when I introduce a jacuzzi usually like this that we can be mermaids together. what are you doing what compromises are you making or what are you giving up living this endless party having a normal relationship yes you're not having intimacy i'm having everything i want every life everything but true love and desire to make one with still no no no and you see that thing i'm just witnessing like ah she says yes like they areso cute and here i eat my popcorn and i don't hate it like what part for you you know i give them a hug.
I'm like, are you exactly what I eat? Yes, they give me what I would really love to have, so the compromise is that it's impossible to have a normal relationship. let's say you make more money than him you go to an expensive restaurant that pays a foreign urgency lover how's it ok let me pay the bill and he leaves me it's like oh let's pretend you're not a millionaire and it's still weird because I'm still the lady and I still want the guy to pay the bill at the restaurant though as I know you know what I mean so it's complicated both ways.
I don't want to be with a rich guy. I don't want a guy sucking me off. I want to be someone's equal and make like a beautiful referee together, but it's not happening right now, it's just hard to find that connection. my orgasms so i'm not going to spit them out alright even though the last one was like a minute ago yeah kind of organic sex yeah if you take my job away yeah i'll never have sex and be like a real no yeah what Are you? are you absolutely alone no no I'm not alone no no I'm not very surrounded almos It's not too much to wear like people can join me or you know uh carry me carry me join me so I have those moments where that I need to be close and times when I really need like a Long Wolf to isolate myself from the back so I can reload on my own you know so I'm ambiverted I go back and forth yeah I use feed from the madness and everything that is not madness, but I like to party, yes, sure you are a party girl a lot, a lot when I dance or I don't think I qualify fragments like when you wear a dress and when you dance for hours and hours without stopping how can i find myself doing i go in such tendencies if you start talking to me like i'm really mad i'm talking to the music ok i was just leaving and i can't think anymore stress of the problem nothing i just have a question with the music yeah so much and Salg or a lot of partying, is that wrong?
I mean that's my method to survive on this crazy fucking planet everyone needs to escape even the animals get drunk on the fruit that comes down from the trees did you see they went until the fruit fermented and got drunk on it like that that if animals are going to do that it's only fair in our higher society that we can't find Escape here and there you know personally I don't dig too deep into Escape but I try to keep Escape as organic as possible um don't put your escape to taste um chemically like this chemical this chemical is an illusion once you can really get like high without the ecstasy now you win you know it's possible i leave it all the time that's why i came to the party without the ecstasy feeling high you know i'm the only one who does dope at festivals you want a cookie in this im like my dope thank you so many men seem to think they are the best lovers in the world oh yeah yeah they are cute what can you give for d I enter? hey like the best lover in the world you're going to get a lot of phone calls from olya bulikos if you don't have the girl's phone code you're no good if you get a lot of calls you might be good that's what i see you know but yeah guys guys huh they need reassurance actually as much as women do if they need it, yeah, sure, yeah, that's when the therapy side of my work comes up.
Your mind is a little twisted, but your penis is fine. your mind is broken i asked them usually when they had ed ed i'm like you're totally fine baby you're totally fine at night do you get hard yeah you squirt yeah i guess what you got? no problem it only happens with women then it's your head look i just gave a million dollar free consultation to all of youtube it's that easy. I told you this on the phone that you should get paid as a therapist eventually, yes because you are more of a therapist than a sex worker, yes, and you like the couple. apy yeah all that sex therapy sure yeah i love fixing them i love situations i like like when they have a little problem boom i fix it body language changes it feels like i dont know mission accomplished with this one, yes, and he has so much experience with this and so much, yes, such a wide range of different types of clients that he's had.
I bet you have a wealth of knowledge that you could market. I might like to teach, even, yeah, I might like to not just teach other girls, but you know, definitely teach, you know my clients, yeah, I mean you're not going to age out of this, you're just going to transition into something . I don't know, Mike, I have no idea again, I just let life unfold naturally and inorganically. I have a lot of things internationally that happen to me too, so it's very possible. I consider not staying in the United States. myself somewhere else just to start a new chapter a new adventure maybe something else so i can force myself not to be around it it's just too tempting you know? therapist a sex therapist i would love that yeah but helping kids by making shelters for more stuff like i've been like this since i was little like i'm like the girl who would pick up broken puppies you know out there are all these things in my in my head like okay like it's okay to be successful check out how i can give back now on a really big scale everyone is offering me projects we can make this money and this money and you know mark as i really am not interested as me.
I reject many projects. I tried not to add too much to my plate because I don't think the money is to top it off. quickly becoming stressful when you are so dedicated to making that money also comes with stress. I'm not stressed, so if less money means less stress, let's make less money. like this for the money you're doing it for the wrong reason oh i'm not doing this for the money but like me with this channel it's like you know if i was doing this for the money i wouldn't have the means to keep doing it , yes you do it with passion, yes I love what I do so I do it and usually that makes money if you do it, yes things really come to you effortlessly, actually it's almost like oh wow , we're running wow that was a fortnight yeah I think the audience can feel like you're doing it for the right reasons yeah I mean seriously yeah I'm not lost it's definitely not because of the drugs it's not anymore for the money because once you start having some. you like not doing it that's why you know i had my period of time where you buy all this wasteland mat like oh my god like and then you realize it's just stuff you know it's really hard how much of your love for this is about to learn Everything 100 yes, the same with me I'm sure what I'm doing is all about I love learning about people about me about psychology about everything yes and this jump touched me all and I'm sure you learned a lot of you know how to deal with other situations that those humans like are like human situations you have a new existence and boom now you have someone talking about it so yeah it's very interesting to be human yeah I think so I really do , learning is the main reason to do all these things and grow yeah thanks for people mistake too so I don't have to do it like you know yeah like give me insight that I absolutely don't want to be no no no, like that Yes, I learned well in life i learned i learn ed fast a mistake i don't do it again so it's crazy you know um yeah Frenchy thank you so much for sharing your wisdom again and your stories time to go to bed huh you're awesome yeah well past my time to sleep your your night your the night has just begun Mark and I are having a good day

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