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French Polynesia Vacation - July 2019 - Four Seasons Bora Bora and Sofitel Moorea

Jun 09, 2021
uh quick or the happiest day Airport it's 5:00 in the morning and these people are singing we're on our third flight of the day this was a cool guy boarding from the outside we just got off the ship that's where we entered the check-in, they gave us fresh mango and juice in the first round, well this place is not bad, this place is like a postcard or something. I don't know why the cameras are still packaged. There are many things to look at and. take pictures of there's a mountain there's bungalows there's water here's the bridge and then here's more water ooh that chair looks like it needs to be sat there there it goes I think you're going to walk to that little island over there I'm still under the shade.
french polynesia vacation   july 2019   four seasons bora bora and sofitel moorea
I don't have sunscreen on. Oh okay, I decided to go in and try to convince her to walk to the island. Let's walk to the island. We're almost there. Yes I'm fine. -term Oh, it looks like I'm getting the hat anyway. I arrived at the island where we came from. I'll take a video selfie. We arrived at the island, so this is our lunch table that we still have. We haven't checked in yet so we're just eating to pass the time and a pretty good lunch table, look at this nice place though, we're finally getting to the room.
french polynesia vacation   july 2019   four seasons bora bora and sofitel moorea

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french polynesia vacation july 2019 four seasons bora bora and sofitel moorea...

Good golf cart. We will walk to breakfast on the second day. The first real day. Fairly good. The night sleep screen looks weird, who knows, bit cloudy this morning, hopefully it will clear up, leave this on a bike, so our house is out there and then they have some beach front houses along here, which are very cool and expensive, and then there is the resort. Over there this is more or less a perfect beach. It seems like they go out and pick up all the dirt every morning. Alright. Today I had breakfast and loaded up on waffles for myself.
french polynesia vacation   july 2019   four seasons bora bora and sofitel moorea
Eggs. Cheese. The Honor of her, since Shelly broke her sunglasses at breakfast. That's why she's going to take a golf cart. I go back to the room to fix them. I'm just hanging out here. Okay, we're about to go parasailing. A little cloudy, but they say it could be windier this afternoon, so they want to take us now, so we'll wait to go. parasailing should be fun we'll see you up there oh my god it's so pretty. I'm 300 meters high, but look at the blue, oh my god, look at the colors, all the colors are so pretty, yes, I love it, this is amazing, I think I have to do this again someday.
french polynesia vacation   july 2019   four seasons bora bora and sofitel moorea
Thanks man, yeah this is pretty awesome. I would say I want to get to some of that amazing water over there. You can see it coming. You know it's great. My shadow down there. Look at that reef. I don't see any creatures, but man that's clear water, a little blue spot there is amazing, this makes me want to jump, okay wait for this, here's the mountain, that's what we've been waiting for and this is how it becomes deep. again look at that view this is like a human drone that's an ooh amount of time so it was supposed to be a 15 minute trip my watch says 8 minutes and 37 seconds right now I think it ripped me off about 7 minutes okay ?
I just finished parasailing. How was that amazing? I loved it too wonderful. Yes, now we go back to our room. This is the hallway. Do you want me to do it? I can't say you're really complaining about that. Okay, come on, we're in our Now at home let's get changed and go kayaking. I have to look outside once, opening the door and we were lucky. It was a day with perfect weather. I hope tomorrow is good too. I don't want to jump. I think we're going to do it. I have to jump before kayaking. I can wear my cool hat, but no one likes it except me, I like how awesome this is.
We just ordered lunch service in the room. We will have it on the balcony today. Let's take it from the sunny side if you ever do. I was wondering what a forty-five dollar hamburger would look like. That's it and let's see, I guess it's some kind of dessert and a very fancy cheesecake. We are going back by kayak. We will return our boats. We stopped here for lunch. Okay, we're starting our second one. Today we are going to be out all day, we rented a boat with the guy who is taking us to see sharks and rays and maybe the manta rays would be cool and good places to snorkel and it looks like an amazing day with no clouds.
I have seen an incredible blanket. Can we go in with him? Yes absolutely, can we get it? Hey baby, okay, we're in - no, uh, smoke - to eat, here we go, that's great, thank you. Wow, we love your place, stop breaking the table. Brilliant. 503 for the rule for the connection, a little cry under some water today. I've been making the bamboo which sounds a bit like salt water. Some of them are growing, yeah I guess they are growing, you don't want it to grow. Edie, I'll show you, okay, this is it. the bathroom look at the note I'm making to my mom that's the best bath I've ever seen tomahto green pepper onion lamb mom thank you very much mom I'm going in the morning coffee so coconut salt we like dangerous salt what something on top a head do that that was incredible the chase of the company caught up with us my mom my mom comes down one every morning oh mom coconut milk 45 for my life barbecue a lady Chitti to dance that one we do it with the boat nice yoke with claw a potato or a melon excellent food banana rum peach banana see you Oh meat now damn new rhetorical lamps a cool lounge why won't I find you when you meet - not at all amazing chicken in a month yes, okay listen I did I don't want to think that really yes, That was amazing girls, highlight, amazing, I think auntie, how colorful, this might be the best meal we've ever had now, two Noahs serenade us, it's the morning of our


th day, we're waiting to arrive. speed Resort Beach I'm just taking a photo no, I don't have my camera, it's a canoe that transports our jet ski, okay, we have our own jet ski, we are ready to go, we are going to tour the entire island, the guy said which should be fun, look at this lunch place, everyone watching, it's like the best place on the left.
We're on the beach, it's in the shade, we have the damn mountain in the background, here's our bread, butter, bread, salt, okay, this is it. lunch unplanned lunch I bought a tuna with some kind of delicious green butter it's incredible money my shallow but some kind of hummus with chips and a fancy drink now let's eat it oh yeah the view don't forget it don't forget where we are, we think this is great, it's the tanning bar, there it goes and you can also get do not disturb bags to put on your beach chair and extra towels, oh yeah, and don't forget the view of the paddle in our butts .
It's called stand up paddle boarding coming from our last swim in Bora Bora we're going out tomorrow morning my afternoon we're going to have some ice cream and then you'll see the fire dancing show tonight we're going to have dinner our last night here oh I'm going to tell you miss starting with drinks and snacks, good stuff of course, it's our last day in Bora Bora. We have approximately one hour left killing the last hour on the terrace. It's another amazing day, we're ready to get started. This place sucks no, I could stay here for a while yes, it's stunning, just overwhelmingly beautiful, best beach


yet, thank you, oh you made it to the airport, take a taxi, I made it to the ferry with about five minutes to spare, you can see the islands. we're going to back up in the background there's supposed to be a 30 minute ferry ride very cloudy we're training so you have to take shelter in


okay we rent a car your sunday morning a bit cloudy shelley is feeding the fish she's attracted a lot, this is Tahitian television and look at our breakfast view.
I have a view of Tahiti and it looks very far away in this camera. This is our memory of the beach. It's quite nice. Our houses are there. Let's try to rent one of these. small fast boats there is a brown the port there is a small brown lagoon. My hat flew into the ocean and that's why I'm running to find it, hopefully it hasn't run away yet and I'm going this way, yeah, it's like a maze. I can't get past here ah there's my hat floated right to the shore what's okay we're packing to leave it's going to be hard to go to the beach again and not stay at one of these over the water deals on the fish today just come if you feed them we had beautiful weather this whole trip this island was great for diving we love diving here it definitely wasn't as they didn't take care of you as well as Four Seasons in Bora Bora but I think that's probably the tip of the iceberg are our neighbors, let's avoid the neighbors.
Awesome, you can see where it gets dark out there, just before the buoy, and then you have the crown or the way it was breaking up on the reef. the coastal reef and Tahiti our flight leaves at midnight it's already 10:30 in the morning right now we're going to look for something to do for the next 10 or 11 or 12 hours we're going even the beautiful snorkeling the end thanks

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