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FreeBSD - Das freie Betriebssystem ohne Linux vorgestellt - Für fortgeschrittene Nutzer

May 30, 2024
Hello and welcome to Linux Guides. Yes, I would like to make an Advent calendar in the next few days and this is the first video of each day. I'll look at a Linux distribution and introduce you to something useful about it or show you certain tricks. to install it and with it you will get a little overview of what the Linux world is like and what kind of interesting alternatives there might be. I'd say let's start right away with Free BSD. Yes, free BSD itself is not a lilox. but it is a bst system so there is also B is the can at the end and this one has a completely different license which should be under the mait license which means you can do whatever you want with the code on


the license means on simple german. you can do anything with the code but you have to keep the rights when passing it with FreeBSD, this point has almost disappeared.
freebsd   das freie betriebssystem ohne linux vorgestellt   f r fortgeschrittene nutzer
To put it very simply, that's the difference between mait and the GLP license, a GPL license, so now. I have it, but I would say let's go straight to downloading BSD for free and I'll go here now with the installation image for AMD 64 and we'll just take a look at what this can do and who it can be used for. or who can use it, so that's it. I would say yes. Since we've actually already prepared a little bit of something, we'll just boot the system and get the launcher um yeah from Free BSD I, in that case. yes, I want to select a good multi-use, that means that in the end several Linux users could use the system, so to speak.
freebsd   das freie betriebssystem ohne linux vorgestellt   f r fortgeschrittene nutzer

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freebsd das freie betriebssystem ohne linux vorgestellt f r fortgeschrittene nutzer...

That's also very, very good for services, every normal Linux at the beginning, it's not right for all or all of the biggest distributions. The larger overdrive system actually has multiple users, so in this case I'll install it once since we want to install everything and I'll do everything. Let's make it bigger here, I'll go to the screen and just set it to 175%. I would like to select another key map here, which is German here. We will have German Zack and that is fine so far with the HBD keemap point. I trust people, then goodbye. name for this machine, I just call it free BSD that fits, you can give it any name and goodbye, optional system component.
freebsd   das freie betriebssystem ohne linux vorgestellt   f r fortgeschrittene nutzer
I want the bug room system that you don't need for bugs. Let's use lip 32 libraries, which means I can watch 32-bit programs, um, I would say, and that actually looks pretty good. These are also just options in composer, so that suits me and I just select OK with the Enter key and now we see here how to partition. The disk I'll just automatically use with ZFS out of the water suggests to me that it looks pretty good. ZFS is another type of partition if you want, for example the white Linux systems are on xt4 and BSD configured here on ZFS, but I think ex-t4.
freebsd   das freie betriebssystem ohne linux vorgestellt   f r fortgeschrittene nutzer
It could also work in PSD, you can take a look right away. Now I'll select ZFS, press Enter and then we can see the configuration options here, we can see everything here again, it looks pretty good. Give GPT crypto disk snow partitions. with BIOS it's ok, swappable size 2 gigabytes Yes, I'll do a swap with it in that case, in that case I don't need it for testing, but why don't I fill it? In that case, it looks very good and now we can select the virtual white type, that is, stripe without residence mirroring, etc., or we could also activate world systems directly that will be reflected on the hard drive and so on at the end. choose now time, thancy and will try hard to make ZFS look great.
I select the space bar and enter the key here and then, so last chance, are you sure you want to delete the Helling content? In my case, it's fine, there is nothing in it. You will press the Enter key and then it will boot, it will take a moment, maybe while the installation is running. What is BST anyway and why should you use it? First of all, the important thing for BSD is a free operating system. In the end it is a further development of BSD. We push a Bergkley Unix operating system. I hope I pronounce it half of it correctly and it's actually one of the biggest nonsense on this topic, if not the biggest, there are several other ghosts too.
I think I saw that once too on a stream with Hauke, so I'll link the video in the video description. Otherwise, free BSD is mainly based on network performance, security and compatibility, stability and. etc Make it as easy to use as possible or, I would say, easy to get people to use, but make it really stable, powerful and fast as well, so BSD should be relatively fast compared to, for example, , a commercially available Linux, yes. In the end, it's very, very suitable for servers, the full B is this system, but you can actually use it to create a desktop system and then have a lot of fun with it.
What we're going to do is we have 33,000 applications and packages. In the end it is below. I think 70 or 80,000 is a little less, but I still think with 30,000 you're pretty happy, it's free and you can use it. completely free and you can develop it further and then on top of that you can sell it closed source, so everyone can have fun with Linux, it's just the free software community, which is actually not that bad, but BSD also takes a different approach and generally they say it's easy to install, that's true. We can also refer back to the installation instructions, but I think that's fine and in that case the free star has already gone further.
Select the password of the day for system administration. account root um, I'll just enter a password. Very safe, of course, and select the network interface and the figure that looks very good, where I like to configure the ipv44 interface. I take DHCP. I also carry it with me, that's at the end of namics um. I don't even know what it means when pronounced "I'm anyway." In the end, the IP address is assigned dynamically now I don't need IPv6 and that actually looks very, very good from my configuration and then we have to select the time. area again.
So I'm going to select Germany here and now I'm going to take Germany for CT. Look at the reasonableness looks good and now let's look at our date here. In that case, I would like the network to broadcast it and it is actually 0:07 a.m. It doesn't suit me, it's only 11:07 p.m. m., okay, but I think it will come through the NTP server and that would be it, then we can select different services again. How do I say it should start directly on boot? It is SSH, which means that in the end I have Persian hair on this system, I can connect the mouse pointer and the console, I don't know if you absolutely need it, it is not a good system network and time, in fact I think it is very important , we can clean it up, it's okay if something goes wrong and just CPU for basically a supported power.
You don't really need it, so you could make it a little more energy efficient. In my case, it's okay from time to time we see system security problems. options here, so be4 BSD is also moving towards safety with what to do here. Clearing the temperature when booting the file system is definitely important. The Hyde process runs as a user. Actually, it can do everything. Heiden disables reading buffered short messages. I would do everything the same. I randomly dominate the PID in niligration processes. I have no idea you can put it. I'll leave it at that, oh you know.
What we do is that in the end when a new process or a new program is started the different one gets a random id and is not simply counted, the erbling is the register network socket, I let the service also give me a message foggy query password. I want to allude to the destructive mode of tracking. I'll fade out and enable the address. design randomization doesn't matter at first. I'll say the Enter key where I like to add a user to the installation system. Now I'm just going to say that the username is in my parachute and I'm going to take it here as full in addition to the default. the userid and then the group Logan also fits.
Logan Group is a forward-thinking genre in twater groups. No, we don't want to put Shell here. SH home direct TV home. Shore fits, so he also says that the clamp at the end must be pretty. similar in freebes des missions, let's say the user goes by yes and the password MT now User random password no and Enterprise now we can enter our password and search for the account The account logo after creation fits well so far. I'll do it with yes and our user. Another user was added fits my case, I don't want it and now we have added a user.
I think I already set the root password; otherwise I'll enter it here again and take it out just to be safe. we did network hammer services we made system hunting hammer time sound we have an installation manual for the beast we need the ship now in my case I don't mean that in my case everything fits like this now and I will enter the key without documentation that I really want to go there yeah, we can also put my German, okay, it fits as long as it's installed, or I can download it quickly, okay, I didn't want to do that, I actually just wanted to continue like that, but the setup of exit at the exit to Stalder is still fennis before activating Scala.
Would you like to open the shell on your system on the US system to make final manual modifications? We don't really need it, we can restart it. That means I reset all the fun, they just have to make sure the hard drive or system ejects at the end, you can do that. Do it very quickly, that's all, turn off the device and restart it normally. and I hope there is no device there either. No, that looks fine for BSD boots. We should now be able to log into our system normally. Let's take a look, now that we're here. log in as root, enter my password and now we are here and I would like to install BSD for free with xfc because we don't have a desktop yet and I would say, "Do it quick" and here we are. the site says I am following the instructions now and at first we have to enter the package into the xfc doll which means it also comes as a finished package and in that case it asks us if we would like it. to install it, in which case either an extra gigabyte of work or storage space is used.
There are some things that come with it now and we just install all the fun, it's finally working, now we have to start Xfce, it's not that easy. First we need to create a xinet.rc file, but for that I really want to be Jean. I don't want to log in as root and if I look here now with LS, there's really nothing here if I log in with ls-al then we see that the login comes with the mail alias um Cash RC or cshc or SH RC. That's what I think I use Bash RC as we know it from Linux, so I'll say it's similar and now we need to get a start. arrow, an X init RC file so we can even start in Xfce.
Thanks to a pre-installed file or already configured ourselves, we can find it in Local user, etc. xtg xdg, actually it should be a Street desktop project like As far as I know, Xfce 4 and before that, that's important too, so let's press Enter. Now we can print everything, which is a lot there and here with exec as well Let's enter LS, and then we can find. our x in the RC and our I want to know why it doesn't work yet. Is Start x installed? Probably the X Windows system has not been installed yet, which means I will try to enter the install x package. -org again and log in with root and install x-org again, I thought it was already installed but apparently not yet so then install all two gigabytes, that will take a while until it's cool, that worked from time to time and now I'll go in again as genus and I'll try again with Start I started I'm just saying delete.
I need some storage and now we have a relatively current Xfce right here, so here run the Terminator Setup program. We have several things. The screen is a question. As for whether this works, now I would like to put it on, um, another desktop, once with the resolution I actually have, which would be 1920*1080, it doesn't work now, it probably could. the whole thing about x Rand er and so on, I don't know, but that's what I'm going to do first, the victims have an internal browser installed and we don't have one installed yet, that means let's see if we can get Chromium or Firefox , I guess I'll get Firefox but we can't log in here, that means I have to log in again as a path user.
To do this, I enter another. terminal, so to speak, in the override of the old F1 f2f3 and so on, you do it for that. No, I don't want to log in as jeans templates, I want to log in as rage and then I install it here. again Firefox zack, we can see that everything is a little more exciting, so now let's install and unzip something here, it will take a while and let's look at our desktop again, in my case it's F9 and otherwise it doesn't look too bad , we have a terminal,we have accessory configurations, xfc eternal configurations, etc., in the desktop configuration empires, we can also configure different styles directly because I know that Gray bird or Gray bird here dark, the standard styles here are still as follows. door, I think it looks like an additional theme and if I click on it now we have greybird for example, yeah, it actually looks pretty good so far and I think that should be the case for everyone.
We also have a case manager. Here, it looks like Greybird from the desktop, we see that there is basically nothing here, we have to create our own folders, but we will manage them and in the meantime we will see what Firefox is about here. Firefox looks installed. I would say let's reset the Internet browser icon and yes, open Firefox. Now we have Firefox. What I would like to have now is to go to Linux for example, that doesn't work as well when I click the mouse. roll then apparently we go here in this story.
I don't really want to go any further, there is something a little better, we'll just go to YouTube and before we continue with YouTube let's accept everything or maybe it's just a test system and now there's sound, that's the question. I can say that yes, there is actually sound, that is very very nice and I already achieved my goal today, although there are still a bit of bumps, so we still have an American keyboard. I would still like to change that in the time I still have maybe I want to change the display settings again and maybe my other app like Spotify, but I think that's where they left the bad ones or the good ones, or why not I can't get Spotify for BSD, Unfortunately we can't include a compiled Linux program here that works like this.
That's not why you're very limited in your applications in general, but it's much more useful for the server of course, and maybe for very specific security applications, so in some ways it's more convenient, but let's leave it at that. Let's see, that's all and now I'll set up the display first. That is the most important. In fact, I will install virtualbox-ose-. edits again hoping it's better, great and we can see the Configuration Style Block a gas incurage User the vmsvga graphics driver because that could install free BSD Suite installations without death, okay, so we definitely prefer the VBox SVGA and I don't want one and we shouldn't select a 3DS celevation.
Okay, that means we definitely will. That means I'll turn on my new computer. Unfortunately it didn't work. I thought it looked better. No, we will. Take another look at the screen size to see if we can change something like the date. It shows Zack and the cube box which looks a lot better, now it shows a lot more because that's what I installed and I will say it looks good for that. I bring the screen back down and now we have a working screen, a working screen, which you can now see. Now let's move on to the keyboard, which is what we want to change here in the console, the keyboard. actually works properly but not yet in which I'll click on this main here, select OK and then it will work like this.
Actually, it looks pretty good. I can actually remove the English and then it should fit so far. saved and now everything works correctly. That's very, very good, wonderful. Our keyboard layout has also been changed. Now we have to do it again, change the language and there are also instructions here in this Xfce Getting Started Guide. Of course, it is also linked to you and for that, we now have to go into the x-indit RC file. We can probably open it with a mouse pad, not exactly. Can we really point it out? I'll just go in from Maybe.de_de but I don't really want to set it anymore, so we'll have another ISO value, but I don't want to set it back there either.
I'll try it and then hopefully. it should fit well and in fact that's exactly what was written at the beginning, that's why I'd actually write that at the beginning, not that anything else is in the way of the works here. LC underlined for a long time sees exaggerations and then that should not fit either. I don't have this ISO hardcoded after that, I just hope it works, that means we have to log out once and restart again, that means I will log out from logout, that looks good or come on. say start over x I hope it works Home x Enter key somehow the keyboard is really strange after somehow I always started everything here Home x I can enter here it looks better without shutting down closing kennethem everything doesn't look that good at all I'll be honest, I'll try starttext again.
He doesn't want to, I'll just start over, as we can see here it doesn't work even after the reboot. Export colon. Wrong variable name, that means. we have to see it again, I'll use it again if I remember it in xxr no x find RC There it is at the top, it doesn't look so good yet, maybe I'll have to write it all together, maybe he'll get along better with this and I forgot the quotes here. Let's insert this here with the symbol here and then hopefully it will look better. Yes, it looks much better. I'll save everything and we'll try. to run it again Start x and we have it largely in German, the whole system is now in German, so we don't want to have everything here, some things are still in English, but mainly yes, most things are Hopefully, also in german, the admin settings look great, not everything, but i think we can live with that.
Now we have a German layout and an internet browser installed that also works great, set it as the default browser and now. In fact, we can go back to Linux and it is better to go to the forum and have a good discussion here as if you have always done it, which is great, of course they are freebes, which is a little more complex. set at the beginning But it will actually start again, yes of course, I don't have any long term experience with this. Of course, you can write to us if you find it interesting so far.
Let's get to the conclusion of freebasty So overall, to me, free BSD feels like how I imagine Linux. I imagined it maybe 15 or 20 years ago, the installation is sometimes a little cumbersome for, I would say, the pampered user and. Installing apps is not that easy because there are not many free apps, for example Spotify or something like that, now you can run it on rebsd. I think it will be difficult Flat Pack and the plugin does not work anyway, we are looking, but I would be interested in just running Spotify on, so we have different, of course, different terminal users here, so here is a program of terminal where you can then Spotify there To be able to play music, I think you also need a premium account and so on, just as an example, I think it will be very, very difficult, in the end, who is freebabys suitable for?
I think it is only for a very, very small target group, suitable for those who are particularly focused. in terms of stability and security and for some reason I would like to leave aside the Linux universe; otherwise I would personally choose Debian, especially in the server area, but also in the desktop area of ​​course if I had the choice, maybe again for the BSD it is maybe a little bit faster and a little bit lighter and, so maybe it could also be very, very interesting for internet routers or something like that. Network technology is B as far as I've noticed, otherwise I'd like it.
If you also want to try BSD and don't want to take this hard and difficult path then check it out, here is one that comes with its own desktop. In any case, directly with the desktop and it is a bit easy to use. install. If you want the proper BSD experience, you can go for freebesd. Yes, that's all for today. I hope I can give you a little more information about free BSD with the video, maybe feature a little one like that. an introduction and maybe you learned something new today, that's all from me, take care tomorrow, ciao

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