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Franz Kafka: Die Verwandlung - gelesen von Ulrich Matthes

May 01, 2023




's drivers when gregor samsa awoke one morning from restless dreams to find himself in his bed transformed into a monstrous vermin he lay on his armor-hard back and savannah raised her head a little on her curving brown belly divided by the arched bolsters whose height was ready to slide down the bed cover could barely stand his many legs wretchedly thin in comparison to his usual size flickered helplessly in front of his eyes what happened to me he thought it wasn't a dream his room a real one just a little too small the room of people lay quietly among the four known laps on the table on which was spread out a sample collection of unpackaged fabric samsa was a traveler hung the picture she had recently cut out of an illustrated magazine and placed in a nice gilt frame depicted a lady as the one with a fur hat and baseball sat upright and lifted a heavy fur movement in which her entire forearm had disappeared towards the viewer gregor's gaze then turned to the window and the cloudy weather you could hear the raindrops hitting the window sill made him completely gloomy how about I sleep a little longer and forget about all the follow ups he thought but that was completely impractical because he was accustomed to sleeping on his right side, but in his current state he could not get into this position. no matter how strong he was on the right side, he kept rocking back to a supine position, tried probably 100 times, closed his eyes so he wouldn't have to see the wriggling legs and only released them when he started to feel a slight dull ache . on his side that he had never felt before oh god he thought rather what a hard job I have chosen day by day in the trip the excitement of business is much greater than in the real business at home and this hassle of traveling the se is also imposed on me he worries about the zugspitze bad irregular food always changes never human intercourse the devil takes it all feels itchy in his upper stomach slowly he moved to the bedpost on his back so he could better lift his head he found the spot that suited him itch which was covered with many white dots that I did not know how to judge and wanted to touch the place with one leg but I pulled it back immediately because when I touched it I felt cold chills it slid back to its previous position getting up earlier I thought it makes you very stupid you don't have to sleep other travelers live like wives in harems if, for example, I return to the inn in the course of the morning to write about the orders I have received these gentlemen are just sitting at breakfast I should try that with my boss I They would throw them out right away, who knows by the way, if that wouldn't be too bad, it would be good for me not to return because of my parents.
franz kafka die verwandlung   gelesen von ulrich matthes
I would have resigned a long time ago. He would have approached the boss and told him my opinion from the bottom of my heart. He would have had to fall off the desk. It's also a weird way to approach the desktop. Sit down and talk to the employee. from above, who also has to get very close because the boss has hearing problems now I hope he hasn't given up completely I still have the money together to pay off the parents' debt to him he still should I will definitely do five to six years, then the big cut will be made for the moment, however, I have to get up because my train leaves at 5 and he leaves the clock that ticked the box, the heavenly father thought it was half past six. and the hands were ticking silently forward it was even halfway there it was already three quarters closer if the alarm clock hadn't gone off you could see from the bed that it was set correctly for 4 o'clock it certainly went off yes but it was possible that people who was shaking this furniture to sleep peacefully now he hadn't slept peacefully but probably much more soundly, but what should he do now that the next train left at 7 o'clock? he would have had to hurry to catch up and the collection was not yet packed and he himself did not feel particularly fresh and agile and even if he took the 1 train, a thunderstorm from the boss was inevitable because the clerk had waited for 5 o'clock and reported its failure a long time ago. a characterless creature of the boss and he understood how now when he called in sick, but that would be extremely embarrassing and suspicious because gregor hadn't even been sick during his five years of service, the boss would certainly come with the insurance doctor health, he would reproach the parents for the lazy son and remove all objections by pointing to the health insurance doctor for him, there are only completely healthy people who stay away from work, and by the way, would he be so wrong in this case?
franz kafka die verwandlung   gelesen von ulrich matthes

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franz kafka die verwandlung gelesen von ulrich matthes...

Gregor actually felt quite well apart from a really superfluous drowsiness after the long sleep and he was even particularly hungry thinking about all this in such a hurry without being able to make up his mind to get out of bed the alarm clock banged a quarter past seven carefully on the bedroom door the head of his bed gregor ran it was his mother it's a quarter to seven words don't eat get away the soft voice gregor was startled when he answered he heard a voice that was unmistakably the previous one, but that, as if from below, was mixed with a painful scream that could not be suppressed, so that the words literally only became clear at the first moment, only to destroy them in the aftertaste in such a way that you did not know if you were right you had listened to gregor I had wanted to answer in detail and explain everything but in these circumstances it was I just say yes, thank you, mother, I'm already getting up through the wooden door.
franz kafka die verwandlung   gelesen von ulrich matthes
The change in Gregor's voice probably wasn't noticeable outside because the mother calmed down with this explanation and took a sip, but through the little conversation, the other family members had noticed that gregor was still at home contrary to expectations and the father knocked weakly on the side door, but with his fist gregor called gregor what's up and after a while he came back to warn gregor in a deeper voice gregor and he at the side door complained in a low voice sister gregor doesn't feel comfortable here you need something from both sides answered gregor it's me through the most careful pronunciation and interspersing long pauses between the individual words in his voice everything became clear falling the father also returned to his breakfast the sister but she whispered to gregor I implore you gregor but it did not occur to him to open the door but instead praised the precaution taken to travel to lock all the doors of home during the night initially wanted to get up calmly and without discomfort get dressed and especially have breakfast and only then think about what to do next because he noticed that in bed he did not come to a reasonable end with his thinking he often remembered feeling a slight pain in the bed, perhaps caused by clumsy lies that turned out to be pure imagination when he got up and was curious how his current ideas would gradually dissolve that the change in voice was nothing more than the harbinger of a serious cold from a work travelers sickness I didn't hesitate in the slightest to throw the blanket away it was very easy I just needed to inflate it a bit and it would fall down on its own but it was still difficult especially because it was so immensely wide that it would have taken arms and hands to pull it out but instead it only had a lot of little legs that were constantly in different movements and that he couldn't control either, he wanted to buckle once, so he was the first thing he stretched and finally managed to do what he wanted with these legs, so meanwhile everyone else worked as if released from the greatest excitement painful except himself useless to stay in bed gregor told himself at first that he wanted to get out of bed in the lower part of his body but this lower part that by the way he had not seen yet and of which he could not have a real idea turned out to be being too difficult to move he was very slow and when he finally went almost mad with the mustered strength he pushed himself forward without hesitation he had chosen the wrong direction he violently hit the bottom post of the bed and the burning pain he felt taught him that the bottom Her body was perhaps the most sensitive at the moment, so she first tried to get her upper body off the bed and carefully turned her head towards the bed. this was easily accomplished and, despite his width and weight, his body mass slowly followed the turning of his head, but when he finally turned his head off the bed into the open air, he was afraid to move any further. this way.
franz kafka die verwandlung   gelesen von ulrich matthes
Because if he finally let himself fall like this, a miracle would have to happen so that his head wouldn't hurt and he couldn't lose consciousness at any cost. At this moment, he preferred to stay in bed, but then with the same effort, sighing, he lay down as before and saw that her little legs were fighting again and she couldn't find a way to bring peace and order to this randomness, she told herself again that it was impossible for her to stay in bed and that the most sensible thing to do was to close the whole sacrifice if there was even the slightest hope of getting up. bed this way, but at the same time he did not forget to remind himself from time to time that quiet, calm reflection is much better than desperate decisions at such moments. moments he focused his eyes as sharply as possible on the window but unfortunately it was from the sight of the morning mist that even veiled the other side of the narrow street there was little confidence and joy for it was already seven o'clock when the alarm clock rang. rang again, he told himself that it was already seven o'clock and there was still a lot of fog and for a long time he was silent, breathing weakly as if perhaps waiting for the return of the real and obvious circumstances of complete silence, but not It was like this.
It's a quarter to seven, I must have gotten out of bed completely, by the way, someone from the store will come to ask for me because the store opened before 7 am. length if you fell off the bed like this, the head you wanted to jerk up when you fell was probably not hurt, your back seemed to be stiff nothing would happen to you if you fell on the carpet your biggest concern was the consideration of the loud noise it would make to be done and it would probably cause concern if he didn't scare the boss but dared behind all the doors gregor half getting out of bed said the new method was more of a game than an effort he just had to balance morons he came up with the how easy it would all be if someone came to help him two strong people he thought of his father and the maid would have been enough you would have had to slide your arms under his arched back lift him out of bed bend down with the load and then carefully have to allow him performing the roll onto the floor where hopefully the little legs would make sense now, aside from the fact that the doors were locked, she really should have called for help regardless. the hardships he could not suppress a smile at this he thought that he was already so far away that he could barely keep his balance even with a stronger sway and very soon he had to make a final decision because it was five minutes and a quarter to eight when the doorbell rang. the door.
I'm calling, that's someone from the store, he said to himself and almost froze while his little legs danced even more holy for a moment, everything was silent, they don't open, Gregor said to himself, complexed with some absurd hope, but then, of course, as always, the The maid walked to the door with firm steps and opened it. Gregor only needed to hear the visitor's first greeting to find out who the general manager himself was, why Gregor was sentenced to serve in a company where he could do the least The failure immediately aroused the greatest suspicion, because all the employees were rags, there was not among them a loyal and devoted person who, even if he had not devoted even a few hours in the morning to the business, would go mad with pangs of conscience. and he could hardly get out of bed if it really wasn't enough for a trainee to ask if this question was purely necessary because the general manager had to come himself and thus had to show the whole innocent family that the investigation of this suspect the matter could only be entrusted to the mind of the general director and more successively the excitement that gregor caused by these considerations when, as a result of a correct decision, he got up from bed with all his might there was a loud bang but it was not a real shock, the fall was softened by the carpet, also the back was more elastic than gregor had thought, that's why the thud that was not so noticeable came from the fact that he hadn't held his head carefully enough and hit it he turned it over and called it to the rug for discomfort and pain something fell there he said pur is in the next room to the left gregor tried to imagine if something similar could happen to him the general manager today really had to give him a chance for that but how to respond to this question on high, the manager of the next room now took a few specific steps and let her patent leather boots creak from the next room to the right, the sister whispered to her. tell gregor gregor the manager is here me white said gregor to himself but so loud that the sister could have heard him, he did not dare to raise his voicegregor now said the father from the next room on the left the manager came and asked why you didn't take the train early we don't know what to tell you by the way he also wants to talk to you personally so please open the door he will excuse the mess in the room it will be good enough good morning sir saw they called the general manager in a friendly way it's not good mother said to the general manager while father was still talking at the door he doesn't feel well believe me sir general manager How could Gregor miss a train? the boy hasn't He has his head in the store it almost bothers me that he never goes out at night, but now it's been eight days in the city, but every night at home he sits at our table and quietly reads the paper or studies the schedules. distraction for him when he is busy with fretwork for example he had a small frame carved over the course of two three nights you will be amazed at how beautiful it is it hangs in the room you will see it right away until gregor opens upstairs i am happy you're there the GM we alone wouldn't have gotten gregor to open the door he's so stubborn and definitely not comfortable with him anyway he denied it in the morning I'll be there he said slowly and deliberately and he didn't move not to miss a word of the conversation otherwise ma'am i can't explain myself the general manager said hopefully it's nothing serious though i have to say on the other hand we are people business the way you want, unfortunately or luckily, very often you just have to get over a slight discomfort for work reasons, so the general manager can come to you now, asked the impatient father and knocked on the door again, no, said gregor in the life on the left, an embarrassing silence fell in the next room on the right the sister began to sob why the sister did not go with the others she must have gotten out of bed and had not even started to get dressed and why did he mean because he didn't I didn't get up and didn't let the general manager in because he was inside, there was a risk of losing the job and because then the boss would go after the parents again with the old demands, probably those were unnecessary worries for now. gregor was still here and he had no idea of ​​leaving his family at the time he was probably lying on the carpet and no one who would have known his condition would have seriously asked him to let the general manager in but because of this little rudeness , for which a suitable excuse would easily be found later, gregor couldn't be fired immediately and gregor thought it would be much more sensible to leave him alone now instead of bothering him by crying and talking, but it was just the uncertainty that caused the other companies harassed letter from mr samsa excuse me now the general manager with loud voice what is going on blocking so many answers there in your room just saying yes and no cause serious and unnecessary worry to your parents and by the way neglect your business obligations in really scandalous ways i speak I am here on behalf of your parents and your boss and I am asking you very seriously for a momentary clear explanation I am amazed I am amazed I thought I knew you as a calm and reasonable person and now all of a sudden you seem to want to start parodying with strange moods the boss hinted at a possible explanation for his omission earlier today he was referring to the collection of debts recently entrusted to him but really I almost give my word of honor that this explanation could not be correct but now I see your incomprehensible stubbornness and completely lose all desire to do the least bit because of you and your position is by no means solid I originally intended to do all this for you under four eyes to say but you let me waste my time here I don't know why your parents shouldn't know too.
Your performance recently has been very unsatisfactory. It's not the season for special business, but we recognize there's no such thing as a no-business season. at all there is no samsa but the general manager exclaimed gregor out of his mind and forgot everything else in the excitement i do immediately after a slight feeling of malaise did not stop me from getting up dizzy still lying in bed now i i feel fresh again i am getting out of bed just a moment of patience its not going as well as i thought it would but how can only attack a person like that last night mine was fine with me parents know its yes or better already last night i had a little feeling you must have seen me because I didn't report it to the store but you always think you will survive the disease without staying home the general manager forgive my parents for all the reproaches you are making to me now it's no reason why no one should tell me said a word about it you may not have read the last orders i sent by the way i still take the 8am train. m. on the trip the few hours of rest have made me simply not restrain myself your strength he authorized signatory I myself will be in business soon and would you be so kind as to say the last thing and recommend me to the boss and if all this had been hurriedly pronounced and I hardly knew of what he was talking about he would have had it easy because in bed he went over to the till and tried to sit down with her he actually wanted to open the door he actually let himself be seen and talk to the general manager he was anxious to know what the guys were doing Others who now missed him so much would say when they saw him you got scared then Gregor no longer had any responsibility and he could rest easy if you accepted everything calmly then he didn't have to get angry either and if he hurried he could be at the station at 8 o'clock first now he slid off the smooth box a couple of times but finally gave himself one last thump and stood there paying no attention to the pain in his abdomen no matter how much it burned he now slumped back against the back of a nearby chair, the edges of which he grabbed with his paws but he also controlled himself and fell silent because now he could hear the general manager.
Did you understand one? the general manager asked the parents surely he doesn't take us seriously for god's sake the mother cried while crying maybe he is seriously ill and we tormented him by kicking kate she yelled then the mother called the sister from the other side they contacted through gregor's room you have to go to the doctor immediately gregor is sick quickly go to the doctor you heard regor speak now that was the voice of an animal said very softly in front of the screams of the mother anna anna called the father through the anteroom to the kitchen and clapped her hands immediately call a locksmith and the two girls ran through the anteroom with whispers of rolls how the sister got dressed so quickly and opened the apartment door for them you didn't even stop slamming the door they probably left it open as it is usual in apartments where a great misfortune has occurred, but Gregor had become much calmer, you no longer understood his words, although they were clear enough to him as before, perhaps as a result of getting used to hearing, but at least the people now believed that he was not quite well and were willing to help him the confidence and security with which the first instructions had been given did him good he felt included again in the human circle and expected great and surprising performances from both the doctor and the locksmith without going so far as to separate them exactly in order to get the clearest possible voice for the upcoming decisive meetings, he blew a little, but he tried to do it very softly, maybe even this noise is doing something different from the human cough, he clearly did. who no longer dares to decide for himself in the next room had become very quiet in the meantime, maybe the parents were sitting at a table with the general manager and whispering, maybe they were all leaning on the door and listening gregor schob slowly push the chair towards the door while letting go against the door. against him, the tips of her little legs had a bit of glue and they stayed there for a moment from the effort, but then she did it with her mouth to turn the key in the lock, sadly it looked like she had no real teeth with which he should grab the key right away, but the jaws were of course very strong with his help, he actually got the key to move and paid no attention to the fact that he had undoubtedly caused some damage because brown liquid spurted out of his la mouth flowed over the key and dripped on the floor you just hear the manager in the next room say turn the key that was a huge encouragement to gregor but everyone should have called him including his father and mother. to get to the lock and imagining that all his efforts were being eagerly followed, he bit the key with all the force he could muster depending on the progress of the turning of the mouth and, depending on the need, held on to the key or then the key. pressed again with the full weight of his body, the brighter sound of the lock finally snapping woke Gregor with a sigh of relief, he told himself, so I didn't.
I need the locksmith and I put my head on the handle to open the door all the way, so I had to open the door like this, actually it was already quite open and he himself was not yet visible, he had to slowly move around a turn of the door leaf around and very carefully if you don't want to fall awkwardly on your back just before entering the room you were still busy with that difficult movement and you didn't have time to pay attention to the others when you heard the manager say it out loud high clearly how when the wind blew and now he also saw that he, who was next at the door, pressed his hand against his open mouth and slowly withdrew as an invisible and uniform force pulled him away from the mother, she was standing here at Despite the presence of the authorized signer with the following night, still loose, with his hair standing up and standing on end, he first looked at the father with his hands clasped, then he walked two steps towards gregor and fell in the middle of his skirts that spread to his around, his completely unknowable face crouched against his chest, the father clenched his hands hostilely as if to push gregor back into his room, then looked around uncertainly at the living room, then covered his eyes with his hands and cried that his mighty chest trembled, gregor did not. she didn't even have to go into the room, but she leaned on the inside against the fixed door leaf in such a way that only half a body could be seen and above that, her head tilted to the side with which she looked at the others had become much clearer in the meantime, clearly across the street was a section of the endless gray-black house ahead.
It was a hospital with normal windows that broke hard in the front. The rain was still falling, but you could only see big individual drops that literally fell one by one. one on earth the breakfast plates were on the table in great numbers because for the father breakfast was the most important meal of the day and he spent hours reading various newspapers right on the opposite wall was a photograph of gregor from his military days showing he like a lieutenant how he put his hand up and smiled carelessly demanding respect for his posture and uniform the door of the antechamber was open and one as the door of the apartment was open, he saw the forecourt of the apartment and the beginning of the stairs leading down, now gregor said and he was well aware that he was the only one who had kept his cool i'll get dressed immediately, pack up the collection and go will you let me go now sir authorized officer you see?
I'm not strong in the head. I like to work. Traveling is hard, but I couldn't live without traveling. Where is he going? To the store. Mr. authorized official. Can you report as much as you can at this time? then it is the right time to look back on the achievements of the past, and consider that you can look back later, removing the obstacle will undoubtedly be the most diligent and concentrated work. I am very grateful to the boss. You know it very well. On the other hand, I am worried about my parents and my sister. I'm in a bind, but I'll get back out there. you do but it's no more difficult for me than it is already to keep my group in business you don't love the traveler i know you think you make a lot of money and have a nice life at the same time you just don't have any particular reason to Think better of this prejudice, but Mr.
Authorized Signatory, you have a better vision of the situation than the rest of the staff, even, to tell the truth, a better vision than the boss himself, who in his capacity as a businessman can be easily deceived in his judgment in The detriment of an employee is also well aware that the traveler who spends most of the year away from the store can easily become the victim of scraps of coincidences and unsubstantiated complaints against which it is completely impossible for him to defend himself because it is mostly unknown. nothing from them and only then when a trip at home has ended, having exhausted the bad consequences, which can no longer be understood from the point of view of their causes, they are felt first-hand, Mr. authorized representative, do not leave without telling me something word to show me that you agree with me, at least to a small extent, but theauthorized representative had already agreed by deflecting gregor's first words and only looking over his twitching shoulder at gregor with a frown. lips and during gregor's speech he did not stop for a moment but without taking his eyes off gregor he moved slowly towards the door but very little by little as if there was a secret prohibition leaving the room he was already in the antechamber and then the movement With the suddenness with which he took his foot out of the room for the last time, one might have thought he had just burned his sole in the antechamber, but he stretched his right hand away from himself toward the stairs as if in almost supernatural redemption.
Waiting for him there, Greco said that he should not let the general manager leave in this mood if this did not endanger his position in the business to the extreme. The parents understood that not everything was so good, they were in the long years formed the conviction that Gregor was cared for for life in this business and now he also had so much to do with current concerns that they had lost all foresight but Gregor had this foresight the general manager had to remain calm convinced and finally won the future of Gregor and his family, but that would have depended on the sister being here, she was smart, she had already been crying when gregor was still calmly lying on his back and the general manager of this lady's friend would surely have let her lead, she would have closed the door from the apartment and dissuaded him from the commotion in the corridor, but the sister was not there.
Gregor himself had to act and without thinking about the fact that he didn't even know his current abilities to move without also thinking about the fact. that his speech possibly, probably, he did not understand again left the door leaf was pushed through the opening wanted to go towards the general manager who was already ridiculously grabbing the area in front of the concourse with both hands a lot but immediately looking for a seizure with a little cry on his many legs as soon as he felt a physical well-being happening for the first time that morning the munich had solid ground below them they complied completely as he to their delight markets even strove to get him wherever he wanted and he already He believed that the definitive improvement of all suffering was imminent, but at the very moment when he was rocking with a contained movement not far from his mother, who was lying on the ground right in front of him on the ground, she who seemed to be completely absorbed in herself suddenly jumped. her arms outstretched her fingers outstretched she yelled help for god's sake help she kept her head bowed as if she wanted to get a better look at gregor but she ran senselessly backwards in contradiction to that she had forgotten that the table set was standing behind her she sat on he hurried when she caught up with him as if distracted and didn't seem to notice that next to her the large coffee cup spilled in full flow onto the carpet we mother mother says and sa until she, the general manager, was completely out of sorts. yes for a moment, on the other hand, she couldn't help but see the coffee flowing several times with her jaws snatching emptiness, the mother has recently written about it, she ran away from the table and fell into the arms of her father, who was running towards her but gregor had no time for his parents now the GM was already on the stairs his chin on the premises looked back one last time gregor ran to catch up with him as safely as possible the GM must have suspected something because he jumped several steps and he disappeared, but still he yelled everything clearly all over the stairs unfortunately this escape from the general manager now seemed to the father, who had been relatively calm until now, completely too confused because instead of running after the general manager himself or at least not stopping gregor from chasing him, he grabbed the general manager's cane with his right hand, which he had left on a chair with his hat and coat on, took a large newspaper from the table with his left and ducked underfoot stomping trying to take gregor back to his room waving the stick and the newspaper without asking gregor helped without asking also was understood no matter how humbly he turned his head the father simply stamped his feet harder there the mother had despite the cool weather a window it opened wide and, leaning out, clasped his face in his hands far outside the window between the cash register and the stairwell a strong draft rose the fans from the curtains flew over the newspapers on the table creaked loose sheets creaked across the floor father pushed relentlessly and made hissing noises looking like a wild man but gregor had no practice walking backwards it really was too slow if gregor had only been allowed to turn around he would have been in his room immediately, but he was afraid of making his father impatient with the time-consuming turn and threatened at any moment.
Finally, he received a fatal blow to the back or head from the stick in his father's hand, but Gregor had no choice because he realized to his horror that he didn't even know how to maintain direction when walking backwards and so on. started with incessant anxious glances from the side to turn behind the father if possible quickly actually but only very slowly perhaps the father realized his good intentions because he didn't bother him here and there, he even directed the turning movement from afar with the tip of his material if it weren't for this excruciating interlude would have belonged to father gregor he lost his mind about it, he was almost completely turned away when he always made a mistake between listening and turned a little, but when he was finally happy with his head facing to the opening door, it turned out that the body was too wide to easily pass the father through many things, of course, in its current condition it was not remotely open either, for example, the other leaf of the door to create a sufficient passage for gregor his obsession was only for gregor to get to his room as quickly as possible he would never have started the cumbersome preparations gregor needed to get up and maybe get through the door like this, rather he pushed gregor forward with a lot of noise as if there was no hindrance it didn't even sound like the voice behind gregor anymore more of a single dad now there really wasn't any more fun and gregor pushed his way to the door no matter what one side of his body lifted he lay lopsided on the door frame, his only flank was hurt by rubbing on the white door, the ugly stains soon got stuck, he was stuck and wouldn't have been able to move by himself. the little legs on one side dangled trembling in the air those on the other were pressed painfully against the floor then his father gave him a hard shove from behind, which is truly redeeming now, and he flew profusely bleeding into his room the door was hit with the stick then finally there was silence it's twilight gregor woke up from his sleep heavy and passed out he certainly wouldn't have woken up much later undisturbed because he felt sufficiently rested and had a good night's sleep but it seemed to him that a step A fleeting and careful closing of the door that led to the anteroom had woken him up to the appearance of electric lamps lying here and there on the ceiling and on the highest parts of the furniture, but downstairs in Gregor's house it was slowly getting dark, he pushed himself awkwardly with his students, which he only now learned to appreciate, groping towards the door to see what had happened there, his left side seemed to have a long scar that stretched uncomfortably and he had to put on a small leg. in the two sets of him on the back, by the way, he had been badly injured in the course of the morning's incidents.
It was almost a miracle that only one had been injured and dragged lifeless to it. Only at the door did he realize what he had really attracted. he there was the smell of something edible because there was a bowl full of dulce de leche in the small slice of weisbrod swimming he almost laughed with joy because he was even hungrier than in the morning and he immediately plunged his head almost up to his eyes in the milk but he soon withdrew it disappointed not only because he could not eat because his sensitive left side gave him difficulties and he could only eat when his whole body worked panting so he also liked milk which was usually his favorite drink and which he half-lord's sister had certainly given him, she knew nothing yes, almost reluctantly she pushed away from the bowl and crawled towards it, the room with the back room was how gregor saw through the crack in the door that the gas was on but while other times at this time of day the father would read the evening paper to his mother and sometimes also to his sister out loud no one heard a sound now maybe this was reading that his sister always told and wrote to him he just got out of practice lately, but everything around was so quiet too, yet surely the apartment wasn't empty, what a quiet life the family led, gregor said to himself and felt stiff as he stared into the darkness in front of him. he was very proud of having been able to give his parents and sister such a life in such a beautiful apartment as but if now all peace, all prosperity, all contentment ended with horror not to enter into such thoughts losing gregor he preferred to move and he crawled back and forth across the room once during the long night one side door and once the other opened to a small crack and snapped shut again someone probably felt the need to come in but again too much worry gregor stopped immediately at the door of the living room determined to somehow get the hesitant visitor in or at least find out who he was, but now the door was no longer open and gregor waited in vain early in the morning when the doors were closed with key everyone had wanted to enter now that he was the door that had opened and the others had apparently been opened during the day no one entered and the keys are now also there from the outside only at night the light in the living room was off and now it was easy to see that the parents and sister had stayed up so long that then, as you could hear exactly, the three of them were now tiptoeing away now no one would come to see gregor until morning, so he had a lot of time to think about how he should reorganize his life without being disturbed, but the high and free room in which he was forced to lie on the floor scared him without being able to find out the cause because it was the room in which he had lived. inside for five years and with a half unconscious turn and not without a slight charm he got under the cafe where he was even though his back was a little tight and even though he could no longer lift his head he felt very comfortable and he was only sorry that his body was too wide to fit completely under the coffee, he lay there all night, part of which was half-asleep that he was always frightened by hunger, but part of it spent in worries and vague hopes, all of which led to the conclusion that He had to behave calmly for the time being and, with patience and the family's greatest consideration, he had to make bearable the inconvenience he now had for them in his current state once forced to cause it was early morning it was almost night still gregor had the opportunity to test the forcefulness of the decisions that he had just made because from the antechamber the sister opened the door almost dressed and looked inside with emotion, she did not find it right away but when she saw it under the sofa God realized that it had to be Somewhere it couldn't have flown, it scared her so much that she closed the door from the outside without being able to control herself, but since she regretted her behavior, she immediately opened the door again and approached as if on tiptoe to someone who was seriously ill or even a stranger.
Gregor had stuck his head out almost to the point of collapsing and was looking at her to see if she realized that he had left the milk standing and by no means lacking in hunger and if she would bring another dish that would suit him better if he didn't. of his own free will he would rather starve than draw her attention to him, though in truth he had an awful desire to dash off to the cafe and throw himself at his sister's feet to knock her down for something nice to eat but the sister noticed immediately in amazement that the bowl was still full, from which only a little milk had spilled everywhere they picked it up not with their bare hands but with a scraper and pulled it out gregor was very curious about what to take her to the doctor and never told her gave the most varied thoughts but could have guessed what kindness her sister was really doing she brought it to taste test a full selection all spread out on an old newspaper it was old therefore rotten vegetable bones from the night before surrounded by sauce hardened white some raisins and almonds a cheese that gregor had declared inedible two days ago a stale bread a buttered bread and a buttered and salted bread she also provided in addition to the whole bowl that was probably intended for gregor fromonce and for all, she had poured water and with a tender feeling because she knew that gregor did not eat in front of her, she left in a hurry and even turned the key so that only gregor would realize that he was like that, she allowed him to make himself as comfortable as he was. he wanted gregor's little feet buzzed when it was time to eat his wounds had to be completely healed by the way he no longer felt handicapped he was amazed at this and thought about how more than a month ago he stuck the very small knife into his cut on his finger and how this wound had hurt him enough the day before yesterday I should now have less sensitivity he thought and greedily sucked on the cheese which he had immediately and emphatically attracted before any other food in quick succession and with teary eyes of satisfaction he ate it not him she liked the cheese, the vegetables and the sauce, the fresh food, on the other hand, she couldn't even stand the smell of it and even dragged the things she wanted to eat a little further, he had already finished everything and just lay lazily on the same spot when the sister slowly turned around. the key to indicate that he should leave was immediately startled, although he was almost asleep and went back under the sofa but it required a lot of self-control even for the short time that the sister was in the room to keep the sofa because her body had rounded a little because of the abundant food and I could hardly breathe there in the cramped space and the small suffocation attacks because I closed the remains with a broom like the unsuspecting sister with slightly swollen eyes but returned even the food that gregor had not touched anything like his, so they could no longer be used and, while pouring everything you had into a bucket that he closed with a wooden lid, after which he took everything out as soon as he turned around, gregor came out. from under the sofa and in this way gregor stretched out and inflated his food every day once in the morning when the parents and the maid were still sleeping the second time after the general lunch because then the parents also slept a little longer and the maid he was taken by his sister sent away on some errand they certainly didn't want gregor to starve either, but maybe they couldn't bear to hear more about his food than hearsay, maybe the sister wanted to spare them possibly just a little grief, because in reality they suffered just enough with some excuses the man had taken the doctor and the locksmith out of the apartment that first morning, gregor could not find out because since they did not understand each other no one thought about it, not even the sister, who could understand others and so when the sister in her room was content to listen to their sighs and calls to the saints here and there only later, when she had gotten a little used to everything, of course, there could never be any doubt. out of complete habituation oh stand up gregor sometimes a comment that was made in a friendly way or interpreted that way but he liked it today she said when gregor had cleaned under the food while she used to to say almost sadly in the opposite case , which was gradually repeating itself more and more, now everything has stopped again, but although gregor could not immediately learn anything new, he heard a lot in the next room and where he heard voices just once, he ran straight to the corresponding door and pressed his whole body against it, especially at the beginning there was no conversation that was not about him, even if only in secret, for two days to listen to advice on how to behave with each meal but also between meals the same The issue was discussed because there were always at least two relatives at home because no one wanted to stay home alone and there was no way you could leave the apartment completely.
The maid had also asked her mother to release her immediately on the first day. It was not entirely clear what and how much he knew about what had happened, and when he said goodbye a quarter of an hour later, he thanked him for the release with tears in his eyes as for the greatest good deed that the mode had shown, and he swore a terrible oath not to return. To do it. tell anyone not the slightest thing without being asked now the sister had to cook together with the mother, but that was not a problem because it was almost never heard over and over again gregor vii who asked the other to eat in conceited and got no response other than thank you I've had enough or something similar maybe it wasn't more often than sister asked father if he wanted a beer and drilled wholeheartedly for her to get it herself and since father didn't say nothing he said take it away any concerns he can also send the caretaker to do it but then the father finally said a big no and nothing more was said about it.
On the first day, the father laid out the entire financial situation and prospects of both the mother and the sister giving here. and there he got up from the table and came out of his wertheim crasser box which he had saved from the collapse of his business five years ago some receipt or some book before merck you could hear him open the complicated lock and after taking out the wanted person closed Again, this explanation from his father was partly the first pleasant thing that Gregor had heard since his imprisonment. He had been of the opinion that the father had nothing left of that matter, at least the father had not told him anything to the contrary and Gregor, however, hadn't asked him about it either.
Gregor Sorge was just trying to do everything he could to make the family forget about the business misfortune that had driven everyone to utter despair as quickly as possible, and so he did. started working with a very special passion and it was almost overnight, a little coni became a traveler who of course had completely different ways of earning money and whose work successes immediately turned into cash in the form of commissions that the astonished and happy family could put on the table at home they were good times and they had never been repeated again, at least in this splendor, despite the fact that gregor later earned so much money that he could cover the expenses of the whole family and also Both the family and Gregor Mann had had to get used to it, they gratefully accepted the money, he was happy to give it to them, but a special warmth no longer wanted to emerge, only his sister had stayed close to Gregor and it was her secret plan that she, unlike Gregor, she loved music very much and knew how to play the violin the next year without caring about the great expenses that this had to cause and that she would otherwise bring to send to the conservatory, it was often mentioned in conversations with the sister of the conservatory during the short stays of gregor in town but always alone as a beautiful dream that never came true was being thought and parents don't even like to hear these innocent mentions but gregor thought it very definitely and intended to solemnly declare it on christmas eve, such completely useless thoughts in his current state went through his head while he was stuck at the door and sometimes listening.
He could no longer hear Mrs. General Tiredness and was banging her head carelessly against the door. but right away he squeezed her tight again because even the little noise he had made with it had been heard and had silenced everyone what she had just said after a while he obviously turned towards the door and only then the interrupted conversation resumed Gradually Gregor now learned a lot because the father used to repeat himself many times in his explanations, partly because he had not dealt with these things in a long time, partly because the mother did not understand everything at first, that despite all the misfortunes, he had still a very small fortune from the old days, which the interest intact had risen a bit in the meantime, but there was also the money that gregor would bring home every month if he himself had only kept a few guilders for himself and had not fully used and had accumulated a small capital gregor behind his door nodded enthusiastically at this unexpected caution and frugality actually with this excess funds it should have been his father's debt to the boss he could have continued and that day he could to have gotten rid of this publication would have been much more, but now it was certainly better the way the father had set it up now this money was by no means enough for the family to live off the interest, for example, maybe it was enough for supporting the family for a maximum of two more years was not just a sum that they really did not let you touch and that you had to set aside for emergencies the money to live but you had to earn it now the father was healthy but an old man who he had not worked for five years and in any case was not allowed to trust himself very much he had put on a lot of weight during those five years, which were the first holidays of his arduous and yet unsuccessful life and had therefore become rather clumsy and maybe now the old mother who suffered from asthma should earn money, a walk around the apartment already caused her strain and that she spent every day with shortness of breath on the sofa by the open window and the sister should earn money, which She was still a girl at 17, and so capable was her previous way of life, which had consisted of dressing well, sleeping late, helping in the tavern, participating in some modest amusements, and above all playing the violin, when the conversation turned towards this need to earn money, gregor always left the first one to open the door and threw himself on the cool leather sofa next to the door because he was very hot with shame and sad many times the long nights he did not sleep for a while and just rested on the leather for hours or did not shy away from the effort of pushing a chair to the window and then climbing over the window parapet and leaning against the window, leaning against the easy chair, apparently just in some memory of how liberating it used to be. be in looking out the window for him, because in fact I saw him a little day by day things became more and more indistinct the hospital across the street the all too frequent view that he had cursed before he could never see anything else and if he had not known exactly who lived in the quiet but thoroughly urban charlottenstraße could have believed from her window in a solitude to look into in which gray sky and gray earth merged indistinguishably only twice did the attentive sister had to see that the chair was next to the window when every time he had tidied up the room he pushed his chair back exactly towards the window yes even from now on he left the inner pane of the window open gregor could only have talked to his sister and thanked her for all he had to to do for him, he would have tolerated his services more easily like that, but he lies under the sister, of course, he tried to hide the shame of everything as much as possible and time passed, the better he succeeded, of course, but over time gregor also saw through everything much more accurately since his entrance was terrible for him as soon as he entered he ran to close the door without taking the time no matter how much he paid attention to it. everyone to avoid the view of gregor's room straight to the window and shook as if almost suffocated it with hasty hands remained openeven if it was still cold for a while by the window and breathed deeply with this walking and learning scared gregor two times a day all the time he was shaking under the sofa and he knew very well that he would have gladly forgiven him if he did. it has only been possible for her to stay in a room where gregor was with the window closed once probably a month had passed since gregor's transformation and there was no longer any particular reason for the sister to be surprised by the appearance of gregor you have a little earlier than usual and found gregor looking out the window motionless and quite rightly prepared to be scared it would not have been unexpected for gregor if she had not entered because he immediately prevented her from opening the window with his position but she not only did she did not even drive back and lock the door a stranger might have thought gregor ambushed her and wanted to bite her gregor of course immediately hid under the sofa but had to wait until noon before sister came back and seemed much more restless than usual he realized from this that she was still unbearable looking at him and that she must continue to be unbearable and that she probably had to get over herself not to run from sight even the small part of her body he was stuck with came out from under the sofa to avoid this view one day he carried the sheet on his back that he needed four hours for this job to the cafe and arranged it in such a way that it was now completely covered and that the sister even leaned over it could not see if the The sheet wasn't necessary in his opinion, so he could have removed it because it was clear enough that it couldn't be part of Gregor's pleasure to shut himself off completely, but he left the sheet as it was and Gregor thought he even caught a grateful look as he carefully lifted the sheet. sheet with her head a little to see how the sister was assimilating the new furniture, then for the first 14 days she did not dare to approach him and often listened she fully recognized thesister's current job while until now they had often been angry with the sister because she seemed to them a somewhat useless child, but now both the father and the mother often waited in front of gregor's room while the sister was cleaning there and she as soon as he came out he had to say exactly what the room was like, what gregor had eaten, how he had taken it this time and if there was perhaps a little improvement to notice, by the way, the mother wanted to visit gregor relatively soon, but his father and her sister initially got pulled over for reasons gregor listened to very carefully and fully approved later but you had to use force to stop her and when she called let me see gregor he's an unfortunate son he understands her not that she has to go with him then gregor thought that maybe it would be good if mom did not come every day, of course, but maybe once a week, he understood everything much better than his sister, who despite all her life was just a girl and in the end perhaps only due to childish carelessness such a difficult task gregor's wish to see his mother soon came true during the day, out of consideration for his parents, gregor did not He did not want to show himself at the window, he could not crawl much in the few square meters of floor that he even used lying quietly during the heavy night.
Eating early no longer gave her the slightest pleasure and so, to distract herself, she took up the habit of crawling. back and forth on walls and platforms he liked hanging from the ceiling in particular it was different from lying on the floor the man breathed more freely a slight swimming passed through the body and in the almost happy distraction in which gregor was up there it could happen that , to her own surprise, she let go and hit the ground, but now, of course, she had a completely different grip on her body than before and she didn't get hurt even with such a big fall that the sister now immediately noticed. the new entertainment that gregor had found for her also left traces of his glue here and there while he was crawling and she replaced it on his head gregor crawling as much as possible to make it possible and the furniture that prevented it so above all to remove the box and the desk but now she could not do this alone the father did not dare ask her for help the maid certainly would not have helped her because this girl of about 16 had been brave since the closing of the previous churches but had asked for the privilege of being able to keep the kitchen locked incessantly and only having to open it in case of special call so the sister had no choice but to go look for her mother once in the absence of her father exclaiming excited with joy, the mother also approached quietly, but at the door in front of gregor's room, of course, the sister first checked if everything in the room was in order, and only then mom let her in, you can really only do such as a sheet accidentally thrown on the coffee gregor refrained from peeking under the sheet this time also refrained from seeing his mother this time and was glad she had come after all you couldn't see it said wester and apparently her mother was holding her hand gregor now she heard how the two feeble women moved the heavy old box from its place and how the sister always took over most of the work without listening to the warnings of the mother, who feared that she would try too hard, after which it took a long time. time she had already worked a quarter of an hour mom said it would be better to leave the box here because first of all it was very heavy they couldn't finish before dad arrived and with the box in the middle of the room gregor each barricade secondly but it is not entirely certain that gregor invaded the furniture retreat, it seems to be the opposite, the sight of the empty wall depresses his heart and why shouldn't gregor have this feeling too, since he remembered that he had been used to furniture from the room for a long time and therefore you would feel abandoned in the empty room and wouldn't you? she closed very softly, almost whispering as if she wanted to avoid that gregor whose exact whereabouts she didn't know.
I don't even know how to hear the sound of his voice that he didn't understand the words she was convinced of that and isn't it like we were showing by removing the furniture that we were giving up all hope of recovery and leaving him merciless? by his own means, I think it would be better if we look for the room in that to keep the state he used to be in so that gregor, when he returns to us, finds everything unchanged and can forget the time in the meantime, more easily by Hearing these words from his mother, Gregor recognized that the lack of any direct human contact combined with the uniform life within the family over the course of these two months must have made his mind confused otherwise he could not explain himself.
Even though he could have seriously asked for his room to be emptied, he really wanted the warm room comfortably furnished with heirloom furniture to be transformed into a hell in which, of course, he could crawl undisturbed. all directions but also with the complete, rapid and simultaneous oblivion of his human past, however, he was already close to forgetting it and only his mother's voice, which he had not heard for a long time, had told him. shaken. , everything had to remain the good effects that she could not do without furniture in her state and if the furniture prevented her from crawling, it was not a disadvantage but a great advantage, but the sister unfortunately had a different opinion, she had gotten used to it. to discuss Gregor's affairs, not without reason, as something special to act as experts with the parents and so the mother's advice was reason enough for the sister to insist on the elimination not only of the closet and the desk, that only she She had thought at first, but in the removal of all the furniture with the exception of the indispensable sofa, of course, it wasn't just the childish defiance and self-confidence she had gained too unexpectedly and with difficulty last time, that had set her off. he did make this demand he had actually observed that gregor needed a lot of space to crawl on the other side, from what you could see, he didn't use the furniture in the slightest, perhaps but also the enthusiastic spirit of girls his age played with them, who seeks satisfaction at every opportunity and is now tempted by the device of wanting to make gregor's situation even more terrifying, so that he can do even more for him than before because in a room in which gregor ruled the empty walls by If only no one but devices would dare enter and so she did not let her mother dissuade her from her decision, who in this room too seemed unsure of all the restlessness, soon fell silent and followed her sister. get the box out now gregor could do without the box in an emergency, but the desk had to stay and the women with the box, against whom they moaned, had barely left the room when gregor stuck his head under the sofa to close it . how could she intervene as carefully and considerately as possible, but unfortunately it was the mother who came back first, while the devices in the next room were holding the box and swinging it by itself without moving it, of course the mother was not in the usual sight of gregor, he could have made her sick and then gregor, frightened, ran back to the other end of the kaller ps but could no longer prevent the sheet from shifting a little in front, which was enough to call the mother's attention she stopped and stood still for a moment then went back to the devices however gregor kept saying nothing unusual had happened just some furniture had been rearranged but he soon had to admit that the Women walked from one side to the other. on the ground it seemed like a huge hustle and bustle sewn into him from all sides and he had to stick his head and legs out of sight and press his body into the ground so he inevitably had to say that he wouldn't be able to bear the all for a long time cleared his room except him everything that was dear to him had already taken out the box in which the jigsaw and other tools were now loosening the desk already firmly dug into the ground, in which he, like commercial academic, as a high school student, even as an elementary student, he had written his assignments, so he really had no more time for the good guys to check the intentions of the two women whose existence he had almost forgotten, by the way, because they were already hard at work from exhaustion and only the heavy steps of his feet could be heard and then it broke out the women were leaning on the desk in the next room a little to catch their breath changed the direction of the run four times he really didn't know what he had to put away first, then he saw the striking image of the lady dressed in fur work hanging on the already empty wall and he pressed himself against the glass that held it and at least this image did his hot stomach good that gregor can now cover it up surely no one would take it away now he turns his head towards the door of the room to look at the women when they return they had not allowed themselves much rest and they came again the devices had their arm around the mother and he carried her almost like what shall we say now equipment and he looked around there his eyes met gregor's on the wall probably just because of the mother's presence he kept his composure he tilted his face towards the mother around him looking around and said shaking and coming without thinking we don't want go back to the living room for a moment the intent of the device was clear to gregor she wanted to get her mom to safety and then chase him off the wall well at least she could do it i tried she sat on her picture and didn't give up she would rather jump in the devices face but the words of the device had worried the mother even more she stepped aside she saw the huge brown stain on the flowery wallpaper she actually screamed realizing that it was gregor she saw with a voice hoarse who screamed oh god oh god and fell on the sofa with his arms outstretched as if he was giving it his all and did not move gregor called west with his fist raised and piercing looks these were the first words he uttered directly since the transformation addressed to him he ran to the next room to get some essence with which he could wake the mother from her fainting spell gregor also wanted to help save the image there was still time but it was stuck firmly to the glass and had to be forcibly ripped off She then ran into the next room as well, as if she could give her sister some advice like in the past, but then she had to stand idly behind her as she rummaged through various bottles, still shocked when she turned around. , a bottle fell to the ground and a splinter broke, hurting gregor in the face, a caustic medicine flowed now without stopping to take as many bottles as it could. he grabbed them and ran with them to the mother at the door she closed it with her foot gregor now it was locked by the mother who was perhaps on the verge of death because of him he was not allowed to open the door he did not want to scare the mother away mother sister who had to stay with the mother now had nothing to do but wait and pressured by self-reproach and worry began to crawl all over the walls, furniture and ceiling and finally got desperate when I began to turn the whole room around him in the middle of the big table he spends a while gregor lay bored there everything was quiet maybe that was a good sign the girl rang the bell of course she was locked in her kitchen and grette had to go open the door that her father had Come on, what happened?
Her first words seemed to have told him everything. Grete responded in a muffled voice. Obviously, she pressed her face against her father's chest. The mother passed out, but things are looking up. I always told you but you women didn't want to listen to gregor, it was clear that the father had misinterpreted the too-short message from the device and assumed that gregor was guilty of some violent act, so gregor now had to try to appease the father. Because he didn't have time or opportunity to clarify it and that's why he fled to the door of his room and pressed it so that the father, when he entered the anteroom, would immediately see that Gregor had the best intention of returning to his house. he. room immediately and that it was not necessary to take it back, but just open the door and you would immediately disappear, but the father of the mood noticing such subtleties shouted as soon as he entered a tone as if he were angry and happy At the same time, Gregor turned his head away from the door and raised it to his father, so he really hadn't imagined that the father would be like him. what was going on in the rest of the apartment as he used to in the past and should have been prepared to find changed circumstances however the father was still the same man who was tired buried in bed when gregor used to go on a business trip that she had received him in the afternoons when she came home in her dressing gown in an armchair she was not able to really get up but had only raised her arms as a sign of joy and that on rare walkstogether a few Sundays a year and on the highest holidays between gregor and his mother, who walked slowly by himself, a little more slowly still wrapped in his old coat and with his cane always carefully attached, made his way and when he wanted to say something he mostly stood still and his companions gathered around him now, but he was very well dressed in a fine blue uniform with gold buttons like the servants of banking institutes wear over the high, stiff collar of the jacket his strong The double chin developed under the bushy brows the gaze of the black eyes penetrated fresh and He pointed out that his otherwise disheveled white hair had been pulled back into a meticulously shiny parting on his cap, which was probably affixed to a gold monogram. who was leaning across the room in the arch towards the sofa and the ends of his long Rocky uniform was thrown back with his hands in his pockets with a grim face towards gregor, he probably didn't know what he was planning, after After all, he raised his feet unusually high and Gregor was amazed by the enormous size of his boots, but he didn't stop there, he knew from the first day of his new life that his father considered only the greatest severity appropriate, so he ran In front of his father, he stopped when his father stopped and rushed forward again when his father only moved.
They walked around the room several times without anything decisive happening, albeit without everything seeming to be haunted by their slowness, which is why Gregor stayed on the floor for a moment, mainly because he was afraid that his father might flee to the walls or to the place for particular malice, but he had to tell himself that he would not even endure this walk for long because while his father took a step he had to perform an infinity of movements the difficulty in breathing was already beginning to feel like in his first days he had not had a completely reliable lung as he now has so staggering to muster all the strength to run he barely kept his eyes open in his clumsiness he no longer thought of any rescue other than running and had almost forgotten that he was free to turn the tide here, However, with carefully carved furniture, the wood types and tips were misaligned, something flew right next to him, slightly thrown, and rolled in front of him. he was an apple, a second flew right behind him gregor stopped in horror it was useless to keep walking because his father had decided to bomb him from the fruit bowl on the sideboard he had stuffed his pockets and now he was throwing apple after apple without aiming sharply, these little apples reds rolled across the floor as if electrified and collided with each other a weakly thrown apple grazed gregor's back but glided harmlessly from then on flying towards her literally towards gregor gregor wanted to crawl further as if the amazing and incredible pain he was able to leave with the change of location, but he felt pinned and stretched out in a complete confusion of all his senses only at the last glance did he see his bedroom door being flung open and in front of the screaming sister, the mother ran out in she took off her shirt because the sister had undressed her to give her freedom to breathe when she was unconscious how then the mother ran to the father and on the way her tied skirts slipped to the floor one after the other and she stumbled squeezing the father on her skirts and he embraced him in complete union with him now but gregor's sight was already failing his hands on the back of his father's head gregor's serious injury asked for protection for gregor's life, from which the apple suffered for more than a month it stayed with him because no one dared remove it as a visible memory sitting in the flesh seemed to have reminded even the father that gregory, despite his present sad and disgusting appearance, was a member of the family, that one should not treat a enemy like us, but in contrast, the duty of the family was the reluctance to swallow and not tolerate anything more than to tolerate and although gregor had probably lost his mobility forever due to his injury and temporarily needed long, long minutes to cross his room like an old invalid who is dragging himself on the heights beside himself. the question, so he understood it.
In his opinion, an entirely sufficient compensation for this worsening of his condition was that the door of the living room, which he used to keep a close eye on for an hour or two before, was always open towards the night. so that he could lie in the darkness of his room, the whole family at the lighted table, invisible from the living room, could see and hear his speeches with general permission, as it were, in a completely different way than before, from Of course, they were no longer the lively conversations of earlier times that Gregor had always thought of with some longing in the small hotel rooms when he was tired and lying on the damp sheets. an armchair shortly after dinner the mother and sister encouraged each other to keep quiet the mother, bent far below the light, sewed fine clothes for a fashion store the sister, who had taken a job as a sales clerk, learned shorthand and French at night to maybe get a better job afterwards a few times the father would open the door and as if he didn't know he had slept he would tell the mother how long have you been sleeping again today and he immediately went back to sleep while the mother and the sister tired of smiling at each other, with a kind of stubbornness, the father refused to take off his servants' uniform at home, and while the dressing-gown hung uselessly on the peg, the father, fully dressed, dozed on his bed. place as if he was always ready to do his job and expected the voice here too.
As a result, the uniform, which was not new at first, lost its cleanliness, despite all the care of the mother and sister, and Gregor often spent whole evenings. In that flat all-over dress with its shiny gold buttons, which was always polished, with which the old man slept extremely uncomfortable and at the same time peacefully, as soon as the clock struck 10, the mother tried to wake up the father by speaking to him in a loud voice. He went downstairs and then he convinced him to go to bed because he didn't really sleep here and his father, who had to start work at 6 o'clock, needed it very much, but in that stubbornness that had gripped him since he was a servant, he always he insisted on staying longer at the table, despite the fact that he regularly fell asleep, and then he could only move this with great effort, change the chair for the bed, mother and sister with little warnings no matter how much you push him for a quarter of an hour shook her head slowly kept her eyes closed and didn't get up her mother tugged on her sleeve and said flattering words in her ear sister quit her job to help her mother but caught father's attention she didn't just sink deeper into her chair only when the women fasted under his armpits he opened his eyes alternately looked at his mother and sister and used to say that it is a life that is the rest my old age and for both Supported by women, he stood awkwardly when he let the women carry the heavier load to the door, waved them off there and continued independently while the mother hastily dropped her sewing box and the sister her pen to run after the father and help him further, who in his overwork and exhaustion. the family had time to take care of gregor more than was absolutely necessary the household became more and more constricted the maid was eventually fired a huge bony maid with white hair fluttering around her head she came mornings and evenings to do the housekeeping harder work the mother took care of everything else besides her close work it even happened that different families sold pieces of jewelry that the mother and sister had happily used in conversations and celebrations, like gregor on the night of the general meeting of the prices achieved, the biggest complaint was always that one could not leave this apartment, which was too big for the current conditions, because it was unthinkable how one should move gregor, but gregor also realized that it was not only the consideration for What kept the family from moving because it could easily have been transported in a suitable box with some ventilation holes, what mainly kept the family from moving was complete hopelessness and the thought that she had been hit by an accident like no one else in the whole world. circle of relatives and acquaintances in the world who complied for the maximum that poor people asked for the father brought breakfast for the little bank employee the mother sacrificed herself for the clothes of the strangers the sister ran from one place to another behind the counter at the client's order but the strength of the family did not reach further and the wound on his back began to hurt gregor vii again when mother and sister returned after having put father to bed they left their work together they sat cheek to cheek when mother now he said pointing to gregor's room do it to kick the door and when gregor was in the dark again while the women next door mixed their tears or even shed tears on the table in states that didn't bring gregor almost sleepless sometimes he thought about it the next time he opened the door family matters like drinking returned to his hands sooner after a long time the boss and the general manager the van and the trainees the boy of the house fool two three friends from other businesses a maid from a provincial hotel a fleeting dear memory a cashier appeared in his thoughts again from a hat shop for which he had applied seriously but too slowly they all appeared mixed with strangers or people who had already been forgotten but instead of helping him and his family all they were inaccessible and he was glad when they were gone but then he couldn't care for his family at all, he was just angry at the poor maintenance and although he couldn't imagine what he would have liked, he made plans to go to the pantry and take what he had. if she didn't have one after all, hunger came without having to think about it anymore so one could do gregor a special favor, the sister pushed her hastily in the morning and at lunchtime any food would walk into the room with her foot from gregor, to sweep it away at night with a sweep of the broom, indifferent to whether the food was perhaps only savored or the more common case left completely untouched, tidying up the room that now she always does at night worried she couldn't have done it faster streaks of dirt ran along the walls here and there were tangles of dust and rubbish at first, when his sister arrived, gregor stood at a particularly significant angle around her with this position, so to speak, a reproach but he could have stayed there for weeks without the sister getting any better she saw dirt the same way he did but had just decided to let him do it she hoped with a sensitivity that it was completely new to her and had gripped the whole family over the fact that tidying up gregor's room was left to her to clean once, the mother had given gregor's room a deep cleaning, which she only managed to do after using a few buckets of water, but the humidity also offended gregor and he he remained embittered and immobile on the sofa, but the punishment the mother could not avoid, because in the evening the sister had hardly noticed the change in Gregor's room when she ran into the living room, extremely offended, and despite the raised hands From the imploring mother, she broke out in a crying fit, which the parents, of course, the father rose from his chair at first astonished and helpless until they began to move the father too.
The right reproached the mother for not leaving Gregor's room to the sister to clean the one on the left, instead the sister yelled at her that they would never let her clean Gregor's room again while the mother asked the father the sister Shaking with sobs, she worked at the table with her little fists, and Gregor hissed loudly in anger that there was no one to close the door and prevent him from this sight and noise, but even if the sister, exhausted from her work Professional, she had grown tired of taking care of Gregor like before, the mother in no way should have had to replace her and Gregor should not have been neglected because now the old widow was there to serve her, who had been helping her in her long life. her strong bone structure could have survived the worst she felt no real disgust for gregor no curiosity in any way she had accidentally opened the door to gregor's room and was completely shocked to see gregor who, although no one was chasing him, started running from to and fro with her hands folded in her lap and stood there in amazement ever since she hasn't stopped opening the door a little in the morning and at night and looking at gregor at first she also called him with words that she probably thought that it was friendly like coming here on the old dung beetle or seeing once that the old dung beetle was supposed to talk, gregor replied with nothing, but he stood still in his place as if the door hadn't opened at all, what they would have served instead of letting you pester him uselessly according to your mood, rathergave the order to clean his room once a day early in the morning a heavy rain perhaps already a sign of the arrival of spring knocked on the windows, gregor like a thief's servant with her the ways of speaking improved so much that he turned on her as if to attack, but slowly and frailly the servants, but instead of being afraid, they rose up. it was clear she wouldn't shut her mouth until the chair in her hand hit Gregor's back, so no more, she asked as Gregor himself turned around again and silently pushed the chair back into the corner.
Gregor now hardly anything anymore only when he happened to pass by. he bit into the prepared dish, put it in his mouth to play, kept it there for hours, and then usually played it again. At first he thought that it was sadness for the state of his room that prevented him from measuring the nfon, but he could very well. He soon got over the changes in the room. He had gotten used to putting things in this room that couldn't be accommodated anywhere else and things like that now existed a lot since a room in the apartment had been rented to three-bedroom gentlemen. three had full will as gregor noticed once through a crack in the door they were scrupulous with order not only in their room but since they had been rented here throughout the economy, especially in the kitchen, they could not put up with useless things or even dirty, in addition, they had brought with them most of their own furniture, so many things had become superfluous, which were not for sale but which one did not want to throw away, all these went to the room of the gregores, as well as to The ashtray and the kitchen waste bin, which at the time was just useless, threw the waiters who were always in a hurry simply into Gregor's room, luckily, Gregor was usually just the object in question and the hand Who was holding it that the waiter could have had. the intention to retrieve the things when there was time and opportunity or throw them all at once, but in fact they stayed where they had come from the first throw if gregor did not scurry through the garbage and is forced to move at first because no other space to crawl he was free later but with increasing pleasure although after such walks he was dead tired and sad again and did not move for hours because the 2 years sometimes dined at home in the common living room the living room the door it stayed closed a few nights but gregor gave up when the door opened very easily he hadn't used it many nights when it was open but it was in the darkest corner of his room not it was the family market once but the waitress was gone. the door to the living room a little open and it remained as open as the gentlemen entered the room at night and the light came on they sat at the table where they ate father, mother and gregor unfolded the napkins and took a knife and fork in his hands immediately the mother with a bowl of meat and just behind her the sister with a bowl story of the potatoes the food was steaming with heavy smoke the gentlemen in the room leaned over the bowls placed in front of them as if they wanted to examine them before eating and the one that actually cut the one in the middle sat down and the other two seemed to be considered authorities a piece of meat still in the bowl apparently to determine if it was tender enough and if it should' When they sent it back to the kitchen, he was satisfied, and the mother and sister who had watched intently began to smile with a sigh of relief.
The farm that he himself ate in the kitchen, however, the father entered this room before entering the kitchen and with a single bow, cap in hand, walked around the table all the gentlemen stood up and muttered something in their beards when they were alone they ate in almost complete silence strangely chinese gregor that you could hear their teeth chewing over and over again from all the multiple eating noises as if to show gregor that you need teeth to eat and that even with the most beautiful toothless jaws I can't do anything I have an appetite said Gregor worried but not because of these things how to honor these gentlemen in the room and I'm going to return just that night Gregor did not remember hearing the violin all the time it was playing from the kitchen the gentlemen already they had finished eight times he had just taken out a newspaper he gave the other two a sheet each and now they bowed down they came back and read and smoked when the violin began to play they got up alert and tiptoed to the door of the room they must have heard them from the kitchen because the father yelled the game could be uncomfortable for the gentlemen you can stop right away on the contrary the gentleman in the middle said he doesn't want the crook to enter us and here in the living room playing where it is much more comfortable and welcoming for please papa called as if he were the violinist the gentlemen went back to the room and waited soon the father came with the music stand mother with the music and the sister with the violin the sister calmly prepared everything to play in front of the parents, who had never rented before rooms and therefore not daring to sit in their own armchairs, the father leaned against the door, putting his right hand between two buttons of his closed coat, but a gentleman offered the mother a chair and sat down while leaving the chair where the gentleman had accidentally set it aside.
In a Swiss corner, father and mother began to play, each one attentively following the movements of his hands from his side. Gregor had felt attracted to the player. He ventured a little more and was already with his head in the room. had been so inconsiderate to the other names he used to be proud of this consideration and at this point he would have had more reason to hide than as a result of the dust that was everywhere in his room and flew at the slightest movement, he too was completely covered in dust, threads, hair, remains of food that he carried on his back and on his sides, his indifference to everything was too great to feel that in the past several times during the day he would have put it on his back and swept the carpet and despite this condition was not afraid to move a little on the impeccable floor of the room, however, no one paid any attention to it either, the family was fully occupied playing the violin, the gentlemen in the room who had initially put their hands in the pockets of her pants too close behind the sister's music stand for everyone to have seen the music, which must have annoyed the sister, she soon withdrew amid loud conversations with her head bowed to the window, where they heard of her father also remained watched with concern, now they really had the clearest impression as if they were disappointed by his assumption of hearing a beautiful or entertaining violin, they had become fed up with all the performance and only let their calm be disturbed. courtesy, especially the way everyone sniffed and his mouth puffed out the smoke from his cigars suggested great nervousness and yet he played so well that his face was tilted to one side examining and sadly his eyes followed the lines of gregor notes koch a little farther and kept his head close to the ground so he could possibly look her in the eye he was an animal in the music he got so caught up in it that he showed him the way to the longed for unknown food he was determined to get to his sister to pull her skirt and thus indicate to him that she would like him to enter her room with his violin because no one here was worth the game the way he wanted to be worth it he did not want to let them out of his room at least not as long as he lived his frightening shape was going to be useful to him for the first time he wanted to be at all the doors of his room at the same time and rush towards the attackers but the sister should not be forced to stay with him but voluntarily she should sit next to him on the sofa with the Ear to him and he then wanted to confide in her that he had the firm intention of sending her to the conservatory and that he would have said this if misfortune had not intervened last Christmas, probably Christmas was in front of everyone without bothering to speak again after this explanation the sister she burst into tears of emotion and gregor stood up on her axis and kissed her neck that she has used freely without ribbon or necklace since she entered the store that he called her father sir and without wasting another word she pointed with her index finger to gregor who was advancing slowly the violin was silent the middle room the gentleman smiled first shaking his head at his friends and then looking at gregor the father seemed to think that it was more necessary instead of driving gregor away to calm the gentlemen of the room even though they weren't excited at all and gregor seemed to be entertaining them more than playing the violin he rushed towards them and tried to push them into his room with his arms outstretched and At the same time to block gregor's view with his body, now actually they got a little angry, one no longer knew if it was because of their father's behavior or because of the understanding that now came over them without knowing that they had had a roommate like that. like gregor they demanded explanations from their father they raised their arms restlessly they pulled their stock and only slowly withdrew towards their room while the sister had gotten over the abandonment into which she had fallen after the game suddenly stopped after holding the violin and bow in his casually hanging by the hands for a while and continuing to play while looking at the notes, he suddenly took the instrument into the lap of the mother who was still sitting in her chair with difficulty breathing and her lungs working hard and had run into the next room to which the gentlemen approached faster at the behest of the father, you could see how the experienced hands of the sister were covering the sheets and cushions on the beds.
She flew and fixed herself before they got to the room. She finished with the beds and slid down. The father again seemed so taken by her stubbornness that he forgot any respect he owed his tenants. After all, he just pushed and pushed until the middle knight was already at the door of the room, stamping his foot with thunder and stopping the father. I hereby state that he raised his hand and also looked at the mother and sister who Out of consideration for the disgusting conditions prevailing in this apartment and the family here, for example, he spontaneously decided to leave my room immediately.
Of course, I will not pay the smallest amount for the days that I have lived here. I'll think about it if I shouldn't. any believe me claims against him that are very easy to justify he fell silent and looked forward as if he was really waiting for something his two friends immediately nodded with the words we also cancel immediately he grabbed the door handle and closed the door of the vaart With a thud, he fumbled for his chair and slumped into it. He looked like he was stretching for his usual nighttime nap, but the sharp, unsteady tilt of his head showed that he wasn't sleeping at all.
Once the owners of the room had caught him disappointed by the failure of his plan perhaps but also the weakness caused by so much starvation made it impossible for him to move, he feared with some certainty a general collapse for the next moment and he unloaded on him not even waited for the violin scared him from under mother's trembling fingers she gave many chances and a resounding sound dear parents said the sister and started banging her hand on the table she can't go on so if you do that you might not see it I see it I don't want to say my brother's name in front of him and her so I'm just saying we have to try to get rid of it we've tried everything humanely it's possible to take care of it and tolerate it I don't think anyone can blame us in the slightest you have 1000 times right the father said to himself the mother who still couldn't find enough breath began to cough dully into her hand with a mad expression in her eyes the sister ran up to the mother and held her forehead the father shone through the words the sister having been brought up in certain thoughts had sat down correctly played with her servant's cap among the dishes that were still on the table from the gentlemen's dinner in the hall and looked at the quiet gregor from time to time you have to try to take him out said switzerland now only to the father because the mother didn't hear anything in his cough it will kill them both I see him coming when you have to work as hard as all of us you can't bear this eternal torment at home I can't take it anymore either and he burst into tears so So loud that her tears fell on the mother's face, from which she wiped them away with mechanical movements of her hand, the girl said gracefully and with surprising understanding, what should we do, but the sister, simply shrugging her shoulders as a sign of the impotence that she now experiences to cry in contrast to her previous confidence if she understood us, said the father half-questioningly, the sister shook her hand violently from crying to indicate that it was unthinkable if she understood us, the father repeated and closed her eyes, the sister's conviction of the impossibility of this then perhaps an agreement with him would be possible but that way he hasto go called sister that's the only way father you just have to try to get rid of the thought that it's gregor we've believed in for so long it's our real misfortune but how can that be? se gregor if he were gregor he would have realized a long time ago that people could no longer live with an animal like this and he would have left voluntarily we would not have a brother but we could continue living and keep his memory respecting each other but this animal is chasing us the rooms the gentlemen they obviously want to take over the whole apartment and let us spend the night on the street alone father she yelled suddenly he starts again and in a completely incomprehensible horror for gregor the sister even left the mother literally pushed out of her chair as if she would rather sacrifice his mother had to stay close to gregor and ran after the father who, excited only by his behavior, also got up and half raised his arms in front of her as if to protect his sister, but gregor didn't do much stuff at all wanting to scare anyone and even to his sister, he had just started to turn around to wander back to his room and that seemed noticeable, however, due to his suffering condition, he had to help with the difficult turns with his head because he did this so many times he got up and hit the ground he stopped and looked around his good intention seemed to have been recognized it had only been a momentary shock now everyone was looking at him silently and sadly the mother lay with her legs stretched out and her eyes narrowed in her chair almost falls over from exhaustion father and sister sat next to each other the sister had put her hand around the father's neck now maybe i can turn around thought gregor and started his work again he couldn't help running the effort and had to rest here and there too, moreover, no one pushed him, everything depended on him when he had completed the turn, the fingers immediately began to walk forward, he was amazed at the great distance that separated him from his room and did not understand anything. everything he had done with his weakness a short time ago had traveled the same path almost without realizing it, always thinking only of crawling fast, he hardly paid attention to the fact that not a word, not an exclamation from his family disturbed him only when he was already in the door didn't turn his head all the way because he still felt his neck go stiff he saw that nothing had changed behind him, only his sister had gotten up his last glance brushed at his mother who had now fallen asleep completely like as soon as he was inside his room the door was hastily closed tightly regulated and latched on the sudden noise behind him diagonally gregor so his little legs buckled it was the sister who had rushed so upright she was already standing there waiting light-footed then he sprang forward gregor had not heard her coming and finally called his parents as he put the key in the lock he turned around and now he wondered to himself and looked around in the dark he soon found that he already he couldn't move at all he wasn't surprised he thought so and of course up until now he had been able to move on those thin little legs, otherwise he felt relatively comfortable he had pains all over his body but it felt like they came gradually each time getting weaker and weaker and finally it would completely disappear he could already feel the rotten apple on his back and the inflamed area that was completely covered with soft dust he barely thought of returning his family with care and love his opinion that he had to disappear was possibly even more determined than his sister's in this state, teachers and thinking in peace he remained until the clock on the tower suggested the third hour in the morning the beginning of a general lightning outside At the window he still felt his head fall completely without his will and her last breath issued weakly from her nostrils when at dawn the chambermaids came out of sheer force and hastily slammed all the doors, even though they had been asked to avoid it so that since she arrived there would be no more peaceful sleep possible in the whole apartment she found nothing special during her usual brief visit to gregor at first she thought he was deliberately so immobile there and acted offended she confided in him with every possible reason because he accidentally had the long broom in his hand she tried to tickle gregor with it from the door when i didn't succeed there too she got angry and pushed gregor a bit and only when she pushed him from his place without any resistance did she realize when she soon recognized the true facts her eyes widened, but he did not stay long, instead he opened the door of the room and shouted loudly in the dark, just look, he is dead, there he is even it is said that he died the married couple samsa sat on the double bed and had to do to use terror on the waitresses how she came to understand her message, but then Mr and Mrs Samsa rushed out of bed on her side.
Mr. Samsa threw the blanket over his shoulders, Mrs. Samsatg was only sticking out in her nightgown so they entered gregor's room meanwhile the door to the room had also been opened and the devices had been asleep since the gentlemen had moved into the room she was fully dressed as if she hadn't slept at all her pale face seemed closed also try dead said lady samsa and looked questioningly at the waiter though she checked everything herself and was even able to acknowledge without checking that i want my thieves she said maid and to taste gregor's corpse she pushed a big piece to the side with the broom lady samsa makes a move like she wanted to use the broom reluctantly but didn't now she said mr samsa now we can thank god she crossed herself and the three The women followed his example turned away who did not take his eyes off the corpse said look how skinny he was, he already had it For a long time I did not eat anything, as soon as the food went in, they came out again, actually, gregor's body was completely flat and dry, actually you only recognized him now that he was not lifted from his little legs and nothing else distracted your eyes hardly any device for us for a while said woman came in looked with a wistful smile and the devices did not leave without looking back at the corpse behind the parents in the bedroom thieves the maid closed the door and opened the window completely despite the early morning the coolness the air was already mixed with some lightness it was even already at the end of March the gentlemen of three rooms left their room and they looked around in amazement after their breakfast man forgot where the breakfast is the one in the middle asked the thieves grumpy maid but put her finger to her mouth and then quickly and silently waved to the gentlemen, they want to come to the room from gregor you came too and then stood with your hands in the pockets of your somewhat worn skirts in the now brightly lit room around gregor's corpse when the bedroom door opened under the samsa glow in her life in one arm his wife in the other his daughter they were all a little together the devices sometimes pressed his face in the father's arms get out of my apartment immediately said Mr. samsa and pointed to the door not letting go of the women what do you mean, said the intermediary a little dismayed and smiled sweetly, the other two took his hands behind his back and pushed them constantly as if in the joyous anticipation of a great discussion that, however, had to become.
To be favorable to them, I say it exactly as I say it, replied Mr. Samsa and his two companions walked into the room in a file. The gentleman stopped first and looked at the floor as if things were putting together a new order in his head. then let's go, then he said and looked up as if suddenly demanding humility, even for this decision, a new approval. his two friends had listened for a while with very steady hands and were now practically jumping after him as if they were afraid that lord samsa might enter the antechamber before you and disturb the connection with your guide in the antechamber all three took off their hats their items outside the storage container bowed quietly and left the apartment in what turned out to be a completely unfounded mistrust it is advisable to take the two women to the esplanade, leaning on the railing, watched as the three gentlemen descended slowly but steadily up the long staircase, it would disappear at each floor in a certain bend of the staircase and after a few moments it would poke around again the further down they went the more the samsa family lost interest in them and when they met and then high above them a Butcher officer with the stretcher on his head in a proud pose Mr. promotion, walter samsam left the railing with the women and everyone went to bed in relief your apartment in the back that you decided to use today to rest and go for a walk you not only deserved this break from work she really needed it and so you sat down at the table and wrote three letters of apology mr samsa to her management mrs samsa to her client and devices to her manager while she was writing the waitresses came in to say she was leaving because her morning work was over the three writers just nodded at first not looking up only when they always served themselves they didn't want to take away but one looked up angrily now he asked the waitresses stood smiling at the door as if he had to tell the family he had a lot luck but that he will only do it if he is questioned thoroughly about the almost vertical little bouquet of feathers on his hat about mr samsa he was annoyed his whole life of service he swayed slightly in all directions so what do you really want ? asked the woman who saw who the waiter had even more respect for she answered yes, servant of thieves and couldn't keep talking with friendly laughs so you don't have to worry about how things should be removed from next door ok browser grete leaned over her menu as if she wanted to continue writing mr samsa who noticed that the waiters now wanted to start describing everything in detail she waved this away with an outstretched hand but was not allowed to say it, she remembered what a rush she was in, obviously offended, they all turned savagely and stormed out of the apartment with a terrific slam at the door. late she said mr samsa got it but neither from his wife nor from his daughter an answer because the waitress seemed to have disturbed their calm, that they had barely won they got up and went to the window and stood there hugging each other to the other other, he looked around in his chair and watched them silently for a while, then he yelled, so come on, let's finally do the old things and be a little considerate of me too the old ladies immediately followed him, caressing him and they quickly finished their letters to the three of them together in the apartment they hadn't done for months and took the electricity outside for the city the car they sat in alone was fully shined by the warm sun they leaned back comfortably in their seats and discussed the prospects for the future and it turned out that they were not bad at all on closer inspection because the three attitudes were what they were talking about with each other in reality they had not ordered it yet extremely cheap and especially promising for later the greatest immediate improvement in the situation, of course it should easily result from a change of apartment now they wanted to take a smaller and cheaper apartment but better located and more practical than gregor's current as they talked many things that had been selected , mr. and mrs. samsa, al seeing their daughter, who was becoming more and more animated, they noticed almost at the same time how she had lately grown into a beautiful and voluptuous girl, despite all the blight that had made her cheeks. equal, more and more calm and almost unconscious understanding each other, they thought that now would be the moment to look for a good man for themselves and it was like a confirmation of their new dreams and good intentions when at the end of their trip the daughter got first and served her body young

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