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Frank Ocean Flopped

Apr 19, 2023
hi everyone Anthony back Tano here busiest music nerd on the internet Hope you guys are doing well Hope you guys are happy Hope you guys are doing well The Coachella attendee, California's legendary music festival, took place last weekend week. Many who were there and also those who were not there enjoyed the festivities as much of the music was broadcast live. Lots of great clips and performances were shown over the weekend. but obviously there was one in particular that a lot of people on the internet around the world are looking forward to seeing which would be Frank Ocean's headlining performance on Sunday night last night many were looking forward to this performance because from what I understand it's been about six years since Frank went up to the stage and it's been even longer since a new album was released that fans want to know and a new album is coming out that fans want to know when a new album is coming out that fans want to know what I knew would be coming out I don't want to get over it or I don't know I'm like um my cousin on stage that weekend Mr.
frank ocean flopped
Mark Rebier we're not the same person stop showing me this man I know we both look good I don't need to be reminded of everyone Anyway, many of the listeners, myself included, assumed that the reason this performance was happening is that we might actually get a Frank Ocean album this year, why would he come to do? Such a big performance on such a big stage at such a big Festival if you didn't have something to promote; however, in the middle of this set, Frank Ocean gave us insight into why he was performing this weekend and shed some light on some very touching and nostalgic memories he had with his late brother going to Coachella with him and enjoying performances with him, which is obviously very personal and moving for Frank to share.
frank ocean flopped

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frank ocean flopped...

However, I only saw this or heard about it through clips and phone recordings of the show and why it's here here's the kicker so yeah this live stream that everyone was waiting for from Coachella this weekend of Frank being canceled however again there seemed to be a lot of phones including a brave lady who was recording the whole thing in 4k thanks to her and everyone else who captured this in any way they could but yeah obviously Frank Ocean getting his performance out of the broadcast for many was quite disappointing, but what seems to have been even more disappointing was the actual performance for the people. that they were there because some of the clips and some of the accounts of the fan performance from concertgoers have been less than flattering, not exactly the level of performance to be expected from one of the biggest and most successful names. names in the mainstream one of the most beloved artists of this era,


ly there's also been some interesting visuals that I guess some fans might take issue with him performing the song White Ferrari with some analog synth sequences and a beat of accompaniment that feels like something out of place. from a song on the LCD sound system, not that that's a bad thing and as for the issues people have had with the set, I feel like that one is pretty low range, like going through a creative reinterpretation of one of your own songs, I feel like that's a bit of the potential appeal of seeing a live set anyway, there are a few clips of Frank Ocean singing and performing his tracks as well, but uh uh, which ones were fully performed and which ones were actually performed anywhere degree seemed a bit choppy and inconsistent to at least what I can gather because while platforms like complex have released what is apparently a full track listing of the performance, from what I understand, Frank, he didn't actually end up singing very many of these songs and a lot of them just ended up being some sort of DJ which is also rumored to have been like a rave interlude in the middle of the whole set too huh there's a really awesome little security guard throwing ass huh for what it seems being that passage of the whole fan account of the performance on Tick Tock is actually quite scathing to say he was an hour and a half late to the whole thing a lot of Silence slots consistently draw people in but they're not even involved really into the music itself, the stage setup didn't really present much to the audience visually and it seems like a lot of people who are really there for it ended up being pretty disappointed with what they were actually given. terms of a performance, so taking all of this and having an idea of ​​what happened, I guess I'll say two things: one, what did you expect?
frank ocean flopped
Act honestly. of all time if Frank Ocean took the stage that night and gave it straight to the fans Banger after Banger after Banger No Interruption all the stops are being pulled it's fireworks it's just total chaos that really would have been the surprise of that night but he's Frank Ocean, he's not driving Neil Diamond crazy, he's not getting on stage, he's just banging on the hits that he's not putting there to go Sweet Caroline Frank Ocean is a little aloof and doesn't present himself in a in a very clear or concrete way, that's just really a very Frank Ocean kind of thing to do, which includes, I think, uh, that this live stream not be interrupted because, again, that would make it easier for people to like to give it sense or interpret or see some kind of Clarity from him. stocks or performances or whatever and Frank is always doing his best to hang out in the shadows which I kind of have to admire because we live in very overexposed and saturated times it seems like the average artist is doing everything and anything they can to stay at the forefront of people's minds and get their attention get their attention involve involve involve involve and Frank just can't be bothered he doesn't give again and again this isn't new Behavior that's how it's been been for a long long long long long and the idea that it was going to change with this Coachella performance I think is naive but here's the second part here's the other thing I wanted to say because Frank Ocean has put on some good performances in the past though I admire and like his approach when it comes to dealing with record labels, promoters and the media in mainstream entertainment.
frank ocean flopped
I like his kind of ability to keep everything at arm's length. However, I feel like such behavior shouldn't go so far as to rob fans of a much-deserved experience, honestly making people wait six years to see a great headline you rob them of by not just removing the live stream, but also by way of being a bit lazy and uncommitted, just aimlessly wandering through your own songs or having someone else DJ them, whatever, like farting through a performance which just seems like Silly Behavior, so again, while in a breather I see this is a very Frank Ocean thing, it's also giving a little bit of a spin to the people who have made it so sensational that he's on that stage in the first place I mean, I'll say this Frank Ocean has made some great records over the years that I love, but no, but nobody's time or fame in the music industry is guaranteed and I'd hate to see it.
Frank's future potential, uh, squashed by, I guess, just a lack of interest or passion or drive because I think his talent and his position right now give him great potential in terms of being able to turn things around or make another groundbreaking record. really kind of terraforming the musical landscape a little bit nowadays, maybe there's something else to add here in terms like today's standards of live performances and shows because, truth be told, some of the things that Frank was doing on that stage they didn't look much different from some random evening set from some horrible loud-sounding artist where you're there kind of vibrating to your own music just being thrown into the crowd, a comparison could be made there but it's pretty clear on this one like the audience that was there. and it's like grasping the aftermath of all this is really not having what Frank offered that night and overall he thought it was a bit disappointing and reflects a pretty strong lack of effort and care and interest on his part there have also been some recent reports They say Frank Ocean may have suffered an ankle injury prior to the performance, but if it was serious, that should only have really affected his movement around the stage, not whether or not he could perform the songs, a reference image of Dave Grohl in a cast so yeah those are my thoughts let me know yours in the comments on this Frank Ocean Coachella outfit you're the best right here next to my head there's another video you can check out hit that or the link to subscribe to the channel Anthony fantano Frank



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