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France v Brazil Extended Highlights | 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup

Jul 20, 2023
France and Brazil meet for the ninth time in a senior


's international match. Brazil have never beaten France and the best they have achieved is a draw and that is the most common result when these two countries meet, which is not surprising in any previous meeting in a Women's World Cup final that ended in a draw. If today ends tied, we will have extra time and if it is tied after extra time, we will have a penalty shootout to decide who goes to the quarterfinals of this competition with their four strongest defenses, including three goals. Wendy Lehner for Saglia and Henry take care of the defense Deanne offers width on the right side and has come a long way with only one goal so far who leads the attack summer will play in a wide position big surprise maybe Guerrero sa will take her place son 30 Barbara , one year old, in goal for Brazil, she is a fairly calm player four Monica has nine international goals for Mega 41 years old returns after a suspension in a three-woman midfield alongside Mata, who has now scored in five finals of the Women's World Cup and it is Christiane 93 international goals who leads the attack with ludge Miller and Davina they not the coach of Brazil 62 years old Led Brazil to this stage of the last Women's World Cup final in 2015.
france v brazil extended highlights 2019 fifa women s world cup
The center of DNA DNA Barbara Comeser didn't get there and France has the advantage. down Goal, this is a brave Tech from golfair collided with a goalkeeper who didn't know much about it there will be a VAR review we can hear the whistles around the stadium they are checking if there is a foul, I guess she will have to make a big decision here in front of a local support without a goal the governor's goal is blocked and remains null and that is considered a foul on the goalkeeper that you are simply allowing govan's goal it has really changed the complexity of this game if that goal was standing Brazil would have to have a little more offensive mentality.
france v brazil extended highlights 2019 fifa women s world cup

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france v brazil extended highlights 2019 fifa women s world cup...

They are sitting there frustrating France with some goal attempts creating the occasional character attack. They themselves are trying to get Christian into the game. Here it is. overshoots the ball bounces towards Christiane Christiane with a shot that is the first shot at Target in the first 43 minutes of this match a stroke of luck for Davina sanglia getting her DNA wide she is in the back can you pick it up here oh yes you can This Goovan's goal would stand once France got behind Brazil's defense. A slight stumble from Guber, but she was there to turn the ball around.
france v brazil extended highlights 2019 fifa women s world cup
She now she collided with the goalkeeper. This time DNA with a great assist that is a true striker's goal once again. where it hurts and this time it hurts Brazil she can finally smile this one gets up and is rebounding here seven goals in the last eight starts now for governor that is a real contribution from the forward he is taking France towards the last stages of this competition Marta take this strange can Brazil really respond they have everything to do now Marta puts it in it comes off the crossbar I think it was a header from Christiane Christian almost moves aside to equalize well what a chance for Brazil to tie Martyrs damn Plum on Christiane's head just no one with a lemon colored shirt there to turn the loose ball over the line Henry beautiful movement, go ahead, that's good covering by Monica just to the point with some aerial dribbles into the area big deflection came off Govan who blocked her shot and intentionally dominates Now what can Brazil do here I walk for Renault that's what's happening there it's going to be a quiet tour this time a decision goes against Brazil the offside flag was pretty instantaneous they looked to the side there's a VAR check well, there was uh, Christiane, who was in an offside position but was not interfering with play, now there will be no offside, clearly there was no offside.
france v brazil extended highlights 2019 fifa women s world cup
Christian didn't interfere with the game, so we're back on level terms. France beat Brazil. Christian Marta, there is an opportunity here for Brazil. and we're senior scored and offside now two players were clearly in an offside position, it was uh from Tamira. I think there was a pretty clear offside decision by some distance. I think it is the decision of the Canadian officials and it seems that she was absolutely right and Tamírez. sees her effort discarded this will probably be the last attack in the ball of the notary Madrid who defends great and for the fifteenth time in the history of the Women's World Cup we are going to extra time due to the great detour of the summer thrown by Henry corner now this could be interesting France alone look for that big shot two central defenders advance they have taken an early corner and this is France's second attempt on goal of the night the first resulted in Guban's goal with 18 precision shot by France and Beatrice great clearance on the goal line which hailed almost like a goal, the heroine of the French team Sierra de Pina slid the ball past the goalkeeper talks about being in the right place at the right time DNA France in white remembers and France has a free kick for that Bell in the DNA Do you have a scorer in your ranks?
A player who could catapult them to the quarter-finals of the competition before we reach the penalty shoot-out. Reynard will be the inevitable target of this free kick that per second. or the battery will take his Mother Henry stabbed and our departure from Brazil just got ahead of a market that was disappointing marking foreigners if he hadn't converted that could well have been seen again as a possible penalty she was on the side it's as simple as that oh what did Brazil do now? Throwing caution to the wind. Jays debenia. Brazil still has a lot of work to do, but France can fight back.
Cascarino dma DNA. Can you distinguish? Cascarino defied the laws of physics and scored from there. angle, okay, the goalkeeper has a touch on that, he actually tries his best to smile despite the pain, but it's France, we've got our tails up at the moment. All roads lead to Paris on Friday for the quarterfinals because France is finished there. Amadine Henry, the captain, is a story of French resistance at its finest, the martyr perhaps having played her last game in the Women's World Cup finals. France has overcome its final. France also won Brazil.

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