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France has fallen

Jul 01, 2023
As the youth shutdown in Paris spreads to other parts of France following the death of a team at the hands of police, the streets have


into total chaos as a city burns with no wind in sight. These videos now look very similar to what we saw in the US during the George Floyd riots in 2020. And indeed, the circumstances that led to the destruction and its effects on the country are strikingly similar now, although not I don't speak French nor do I have any internal connection to what's happening there, I feel like we really need to talk about this because France is currently in its fourth night of racial unrest and looking at the front page of CNN ABC News, MSNBC or even Fox News no one seems to be covering this at all and I understand it may be a French thing but with Open Borders in the US and our history of race riots you would think they would be relevant to the US unless it was contrary to the narrative established, so I'm glad we now have social media and reporters on the street like Clement Linole.
france has fallen
Maybe some of these images could be fake, as they report that rioters are breaking into zoos, where there are supposedly images of them releasing lions with zebras running through the streets, but we can confirm that several of the rioters are destroying the city while they sing Allahu Akbar. and they bark while they burn cores and take over the streets. Apparently they also burn trains, the bus station and they are even stealing buses. There is also a truck that they took and crashed into a shopping center and that was not the only one because apparently it also stole a sports car and also ran into a store, it was only a matter of time before the looting began as they looted the Apple Store and even Sephora which only sells makeup, then headed to a McDonald's where apparently their McFlurry machine actually works and others are actually stealing pallets of goods including forklift, but now they have started looting motorcycles and classic cars, but not to enjoy, just to destroy, like they broke down the doors of the stock exchange, burned down their own library and their local town hall , so with shopping malls on fire and construction cranes on fire, where are the firefighters?
france has fallen

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france has fallen...

Well, apparently the rioters are also impeding their ability to work and are actually looting the fire trucks as well. What's worse is that they are allegedly ransacking police vehicles for weapons. Their riot police arrive, but are overwhelmingly outnumbered when they make arrests, but apparently few and far between, as the police seem to be able to witness the destruction, they want to point out this guy who just sits between the protesters and the police. enjoying his mail and when the police rush the rioters he just doesn't care now, interestingly, just like in the BLM riots in America, there also seem to be normal French citizens taken to the streets so they can protest too while their communities are being destroyed, eventually small.
france has fallen
Fights break out or some arrests are made, but they actually seem happy to be arrested for this. Now the riot police finally seem to get them to disperse, but it seems like all of Paris was on lockdown for a while and eventually random citizens were attacked. the streets where even truck drivers were pulled from their vehicles and beaten. Eventually, citizens en masse began fighting back with bats, which sounds an awful lot like what happened in the U.S. So how can they possibly be on the other side of the world? world with a very different culture and they have exactly the same riots three years apart, although the coverage is limited, the BBC reports on what started the riots where they report that the guy shot by the police was a delivery man who played rugby, his upbringing was chaotic but he was going to be an electrician, he was Algerian who lived with his beloved mother but never met his father, the BBC later claims he had no criminal record but was known to the police and later claimed he was fatally shot when Police stopped him because he had out-of-country license plates and was too young to even have a driver's license, and last weekend he drew attention for refusing to keep a court date in September where much of of his problem recently involved cars, so it's a BBC.
france has fallen
Was he a serial offender or not? I'm sure they had no problem expressing how much his mother loved him and how he was fixing his life, but only in the article below do they write that breaking a law was nothing new to him, it's almost as if they saw the lies about George Floyd, Fiona Taylor and Jacob Blake and how they caused mass destruction in our country and somehow they thought yeah, let's do that on our continent too because then they write about how the policeman just saw an Arab face. and I wanted to take his life and how police violence happens every day, especially if you are Arab or black, because I can think of myself, fool from 2015.
Before I made this YouTube channel and I started researching things for myself if I read a story about some poor kid that some evil racist cop, one after me, would get mad too and might even march in the streets with them, but if the dinosaur corporate media were honest and said "hey", a kid getting arrested often for a specific crime he lost his life while committing that crime again while awaiting trial for the previous times he committed that same crime maybe he wouldn't be blaming the police as much as he would be blaming the parrot but under no circumstances would he think hey a public servant did something bad come on Destroying vintage cars and burning down the local shopping center is all crazy to me, but sometimes it seems like these socialist leaders really want this destruction because what is French President Emmanuel Macron doing while this country burns?
Apparently he went to an Elton John concert while Paris is destroyed. He blames social media platforms and video games, but that's where we are now. I sincerely doubt that a socialist leader will be tough enough to stop these riots and like what they did in the US, they will simply resist the average. citizen as a sacrifice to maintain the narrative of him zovie I appreciate my concise commentary on what is really happening in the world. I hope I've earned his subscription and then see my happier take on how pathetic the modern, oh foreign, left has become.

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