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France Has FALLEN

Jul 01, 2023
Foreigner, what's up guys, I'm your boy, Benny? France has been making headlines like these all over the world and we are going to explain why and what is happening in France and then show you some things that look exactly like they come out of modern warfare. three likes is that a Call of Duty like all of France is on fire right now, but first let's describe what happened to a 17-year-old who was supposed to be detained by police officers, which led to a shooting deadly and now there are riots in France, so According to Fox News, France is deploying 40,000 officers after police were involved in a deadly shooting with a 17-year-old delivery driver.
france has fallen
France's government is preparing to crack down after nights of violence across the country, with buses and rail service to close and "We are going to deploy a ton of police officers. Our transports are not targets for thugs and vandals" Paris said. The violence consuming France has injured dozens of police officers and damaged nearly 100 public buildings. Ministers met on Thursday to determine more than four times the police presence of 9. Between 000 and 40 000 police officers shot dead in the Paris suburb of natari natiri uh will be investigated as voluntary manslaughter after the investigated LED prosecutor concluded that the conditions for the legal use of the weapon were not met, so there was no shooting in Paris with a police officer killing a teenager who was supposedly a migrant and then tensions arose in the father of Paris, friend, if you have been to Paris recently or if you have seen Paris, you will see the catastrophe that opens.
france has fallen

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france has fallen...

Borders are and ladies and gentlemen, I know exactly what's going on here and it's pretty obvious as a man. Okay, full of testosterone and full of desires that all young men have. Look, Paris is a forbidden zone. Tonight traffic is blocked everywhere. inside and outside the city look this looks like war and that's exactly what it looks like if in the interior of France look at this again this looks like a scene straight out of Modern Warfare look at this no this is for Real being filmed on the streets of France The France hasn't looked like this since World War II.
france has fallen
These are open vandals looting the Apple store. Remember me. Reminds me of something that looted the Apple store in Stroudsburg that's in uh. That's in broad daylight. re cranes that have been set on fire construction sites that have been set on fire these people are looting in bulk how can they loot in bulk look at them they are driving in the small carts while they are looting in bulk because no one stops them they are passing look at this they are whole this is the city of Marseille the whole city is on fire look at this war zone in times of war looking at military movements throughout France France is a war zone, right? now major riots Paris Marseille is not covered in our news I know why this is happening the rioters terrorized a tobacco shop this is what it looks like does this remind you of something?
france has fallen
Does this remind you of something? look at these images it just reminds you a little bit of the uh uh the Saint Floyd riots just remind you of something, look at that hmm, they're going after the tobacco store, why would they go after there? It was here that all your problems were, oh, fortunately, all the tobacco is gone. I got it, oh, now they're going after the ice cream machines, they got it, so they're getting ice cream inside what I think looks like a McDonald's. Well, we are very happy to have enriched your culture. There is a Lidl here. which is the equivalent of, you know, a supermarket right where everyone goes to do their shopping.
Here's a Lidl being crushed. Look at this. Someone is driving a car directly into the Lidl and you see the Lidl sign falling. Look at everyone. clapping so I know what's going on here it's pretty obvious it's pretty simple and it's not difficult math is not difficult this is what happens when you import young men of military age who have no connection to your culture who have no connection to your country that they don't speak the language that they don't have a purpose in life and maybe there are maybe there are French people that you might know that everyone wears masks everyone wears masks everyone wears black block but you know I know because I have I've been following these videos, this is what happens when you bring young men who need achievements in life who need a purpose in life into your purposeless society, you give them nothing to live for, you give them no achievements, you give them nowhere to properly spend their testosterone.
You sheep the family, you cheapen marriage, you cheapen and reduce any kind of reward you may have or incentive you may have to get married to have children. I promise you that none of these men have children. None of these men are here. he is destroying the neighborhoods where they need to go get their baby formula. I promise you that they are the most useless and meaningless. Lágrima de Vino, I mean, is terrorism, part of society, young people of military age who have never produced anything, who have never contributed anything. to the world and now they are determined to simply destroy the world around them because they have no reason in life to protect it they have no wives they have no children they have no purpose they have no meaning to be and you go and you care, you accept, this It happens to people who were born in France, England, the United States or Germany, this turns out to be a lack of meaning and purpose of modern man, it is a crisis, a crisis, they have reduced the family.
They have reduced religion, they have reduced the value of your wages and your work and most importantly when you bring someone from a third world country that has no connection to the land or the people instead of making them make the land. They come from the best, you bring the best people from these places and then you don't give them anything and you wonder why your country looks like this, look at this, they seized a truck, they seized a truck and now they are driving. the truck, they have a semi-trailer. I mean, it's getting super dangerous.
My parents are traveling through Europe right now. I told them they don't want to go anywhere near France. Look at these guys, it's a hospital. They are crashing into a hospital. Look. those monsters and here is the president of France Emmanuel Macron sitting here at an Elton John concert badly it seems to be an Elton John concert with little attendance this is the president of France all this is happening president France beta male soy infusion globalist with appearance boot in his place of being a masculine man and setting an example for his people by rising up against the riots and against the chaos and against the horrors of anarcho tyranny brought to his land uh by the but and talking to the purposeless young people who have no nowhere to know where to put the energies and the testosterone and the desire to go and create and achieve and conquer something without a limp wrist sitting there at an Elton John Emmanuel Macron concert last night while the nation collapses, you know what maybe awaits them . a collapse perhaps we are too, the direction of your country is inextricably and inexplicably linked to the direction of its young people and whether they feel a purpose and a connection to a faith, a god, a family, children.
I promise you these guys with kids weren't doing it. that last night it is the men who have nothing to stop them, the worst, dumbest group of individuals possible, of purposeless young men, amplified and boosted by the adrenaline they are getting from the Smash Into store and destroying a grocery store , destroying a hospital the dividing line between Order and Chaos is very thin in society a man with a purpose protects and defends and builds the society around him does not destroy it France you have a real problem man you have a real problem you have to look inward and so does our country we have to end communism that is why you would like to share and subscribe to this channel see you thank you

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