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Fran Drescher Interviews Barbra Streisand--SAG 2024 Life Achievement Recipient | Actor to Actor

May 25, 2024
comes out of the wheels, and (cough) I'll cough my way through it." So he didn't want that, but he never scoffed at anything I suggested. He collaborated with me. You know, he encouraged my ideas, and Harry, I've been through because of the lighting with my TV specials. Then I saw lighting, I saw what it was and, "My God, oh, that's a great shot. Oh, that lighting is fantastic, la la. Harry, what would happen if we made a zenith point? And you just, you don't even see the face, just a..." "Cool", in other words, Harry, who made my first four films, loved to photograph me.
fran drescher interviews barbra streisand  sag 2024 life achievement recipient actor to actor
So, we experimented, and how and profile, I don't know, and Willie allowed me to watch dailies with him, which he normally didn't allow


s to do. And we agreed, I agreed with him, when I saw that film cut, with 94% of every piece he took. when I direct, you know, I know, when the


is acting, I know, "Wow, take one, he had his best first line, take two, there's a moment he had," da da da da da. So there I am. editing that performance to get the best out of it, you know? And that's why I get excited when movie actors, like Nick Nolte, you know, get nominated for best actor.
fran drescher interviews barbra streisand  sag 2024 life achievement recipient actor to actor

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fran drescher interviews barbra streisand sag 2024 life achievement recipient actor to actor...

I mean, that's exciting. That says a lot about you as a director. - Yes. - And you started to say that these talented men respected you. - Yes. - Then they gave you space to express yourself, to give your opinion. - Yes Yes Yes yes Yes. - They let you in, you know, the rush, all that. - Yes Yes. - Would you ever let an actor sit down? No! (laughs) - No, no, no, that's not true. Of course I would let them. - Oh. - Because it's not going to affect, it's going to. I like it, no actor has wanted to come sit and watch the movies. - Interesting. - They want to go home. - Many of them don't like it. - They just, they, yeah, that's right.
fran drescher interviews barbra streisand  sag 2024 life achievement recipient actor to actor
They want to take off their makeup or not and go have a drink somewhere. - If they are watching your performance. - Yes, an actor has never asked me to come. - But you like to go. - I'm already seeing the edition and I didn't know it was. I was just curious about all the aspects of making a movie. It was interesting for me. - Didn't it occur to you that I'm really, you know, director? - It occurred to me when I made "As We Were." - Uh-huh, oh. - And when Sydney, because of pressure from the studio and the producer, Ray Stark, told him, "You can't have all this political stuff.
fran drescher interviews barbra streisand  sag 2024 life achievement recipient actor to actor
You have to cut it out. Nobody cares," and I thought, "What?" I mean, this is part of what broke them up. And we argued about this, and even in other books where he was quoted, he said, "I don't know if I made the right decision." She said it over and over again. I mean, the studio pressured me to cut, and we just cut 20 minutes. - And you understood later when you were director, that type of pressure, right? - Oh, yeah, sure, I had an ending link, and I had to, on "Yentl," you know, I had to toe the line in certain ways, but then the studio was very good to me and allowed me to do what I wanted.
I want to, but 20 minutes, it cut off. I said, "Sydney, 15 of those minutes should go away. They were too political. I didn't even understand what the topic was. But those five minutes helped tell the story, where the love story and the political story come together, their differences. " - You know what happens to you that I think Hollywood is, unfortunately, more superficial than you, is that you want everything to be substantial. And they're happy with a shiny, kind of superficial, connect the dots, and it seemed... - Well, also, the budget, and everyone cares about the budget, I say. - But it was already shot, how many minutes is it? - Good. - So it's not about the budget, it's how they think, that's the love story, you know, hiring Redford. - Well, put it this way.
In the movie everyone saw, they get together near the end and he offers her dinner. And she says her first line is, "It's amazing how events change your


whether you want it to or not." What event? - Exactly. - The event was cut. - Well, were you supposed to think he had an affair or? - It has nothing to do with the matter- - I know. -Because Katie had a one night stand with her old girlfriend. That's not the problem. - But is that what the studios want? I thought it was good enough to... - It was good enough. - Jump to, right, right, right. - It was pretty good.
Yes Yes Yes Yes. - But not good enough for you. - No, it's not enough for me. - Sure, and you're right. - Yes. - So you starred in a comedy and then you moved on to drama. They say that comic actors are the best dramatic actors. What do you have to say to all that? - Because


is both things. Life is sometimes funny and sometimes sad, and the most interesting comedies have something serious at their center. - Mm-hmm. -There is a fine line between serious and comedy. - That's how it is. - Tragedy sometimes starts with a clown, right? - You made a very interesting correlation between your insecurities and your confidence, and how you learned to confront each other.
Needless to say, especially in our industry, there are many people who carry the weight of insecurities. How do you use your own insecurities as a help and not a hindrance? - I would be suspicious of any actor who wasn't, somewhere, insecure. - Good. -It's part of the game because the actor has to expose his inner self, his soul, his secrets, and that makes him very vulnerable, which is great, allowing that. Now I want to say that I can be both. You know, I can be very confident when, well, no, I've never been on stage, when a new gig comes up, you know?
I always think, "Well, they won't come, or "They'll go," or so I have, but I also know that there is strength and confidence even in being insecure. And having the confidence to be insecure too. - Right. Having the confidence to be vulnerable and own it. It's trying to mask it or being afraid of it happening. - That's what people do. I'm confident singing a song about vulnerability, but I have to be open to that part of me that. sings "When a bee sleeps", and will I know that he loves me at the end of the song?
Totally vulnerable, but I trust even the bee to tell me. I mean, in other words, they go together. ., I'm not even talking about the insecure part, the trust, that total trust is kind of a turn off. - Mm-hmm - Do you know what I mean? - Definitely. Do you know what I would suggest to anyone? your dreams. - Jungian, you mean? - Yes. - Yes. - Because it is the key to your unconscious- - Yes. - Before you are ready to make it conscious. - Good. - I had a dream. I was in a relationship and I thought, "This isn't going anywhere," and the dream was me standing in the water, in the ocean, flailing around and looking into the distance at a boat going away.
And I thought I would fail, you know, if I was failing, and then I woke up. A little bit later, like a month or two later, I had the same kind of dream, but this time, the dream, there was a column of cement from me to the floor of that ocean, and I knew I was better, I mean, The Ship sailed, but I cling to something solid, substantial. That's the key. - That's my intuitive sense. - Good. - Too often we dismiss it. - But people have... - And some people like you. - People have that ability... - They have a heightened sense. - If they touch it. - You love working with actors.
What is your process to get out of them, your vision? - Well, I'll give you an example. When I was doing "The Mirror Has Two Faces," Lauren Bacall, Betty, off screen, it's a scene where she's up all night, I'm her daughter. It was the night before I had to film it and I went in to rehearse it with her. And she was using a toothpick and I didn't know her lines very well. So she continued looking at the lines here on another table. I told my guys, the cameramen, "Roll quietly." She wanted the chopstick because she always used chopsticks. (Fran laughs) And she was very tired.
I didn't want her the next morning because then they go to the makeup and the hair or the stuff and the powder, the stuff and the lipstick, and she wanted her tired after not sleeping. - Mm-hmm. - I said, "Forget about the lines. You don't even have to know the lines. Just, you know, tell me how you feel about this. How do you feel about how you've spent your life and what you didn't do?" What didn't you do, in a sense? She spoke from her heart. She spoke from her truth. Her memories of what she was like when she was a younger actress in the movies and now she's older - Mmm - They don't look at her. of her on the set of the 40s movies. - She was a stunning beauty. - Yes, you know, in other words, I got the performance I wanted in the evening before we did, we didn't have to film it in the morning.
And you were happy. - Oh my god. I wanted another moment where she said something: "It's wonderful, it's wonderful," but her reaction when we were filming was: "It's wonderful! It's wonderful," and I said, "Turn off the cameras, but don't do it." you know? (Fran laughs) "When you were in those movies, like when you met Humphrey Bogart, he became your husband and all that, and everyone and all the directors loved you, what was that like?" Then he thought, you can't answer that so quickly, you know? It's too easy to say, "Wonderful!" No, he had to think about it and, in very low voice, he said something like "it's not as good as what you did", "it was wonderful." - And that's what we see in that movie - That's in the movie - Mmm. scene too, she was nominated and won the Golden Globe, in fact, for Best Supporting Actress.
She was nominated for an Academy Award. I had to get to understand her, to know her, to love her, even though she was playing... - His daughter. - A daughter who didn't like her mother. - Ah. - You know what I mean? - But as a director you have to be a little paternal, right? - Yes, yes, yes, you have to be a bit paternal. affectionate. - Mmm. - It's, you have to be, love them somehow. - You have made three films, you have received 14 Academy Award nominations. A lot of the actors, you know, turned in some of the best performances they were given.
What would you like to be remembered for? - Well, I would say my movies, my albums, my book now and my philanthropy. Philanthropy is very, very important in my life. - I'm really glad you mentioned that because it was an area we never got to. - It is important. I was able to start my foundation in 1986. - The Streisand Foundation. - In 1986, when I was horrified by what happened in Chernobyl. - Yes. - And that's why I agreed to sing again, to raise money for five Democratic senators who took over the Senate. We became democrats. I knew he shared my values ​​and was against nuclear proliferation. - Well. - It was for women's rights.
It was for environmental protection because in 1986 I was afraid of what was also happening to the Earth. I know I got an award somewhere, that someone looked for it, something in a California award. What caught my attention and made me very happy was that George Shultz, who was Reagan's secretary of state, came up to me and said, "Thank you," and I said, "What for?" You know, I thought he liked my singing or my acting or my movies, whatever. He told me, "No, because of what you donated, because of what your foundation funded to fight nuclear proliferation." - Hmm. - That's something I'm very proud of.
Do you see what I mean, like... - Of course. - I'm just trying to save the damn world. - Yes. - In the book I write about, oh, that's right, we could go on for days. You know, we have to stop this because we are too lenient. - You are a very special woman, very loved, very intelligent, and I am tremendously impressed by you. - (laughs) Well, you impress me too. - Oh how sweet, thank you. - Because behind that laugh of yours, (Fran laughs) a lot of things are happening in there, yes. - Thanks thanks. - We will meet again, I'm sure. - I hope so. (brilliant music)

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