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Found Fishing | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

Apr 20, 2023
moment about your arrival. He has been looking for you. He has been calling you. Your grandmother has been praying for you. God brought you here today; I didn't. God caused you to log into this message; I didn't. He's


you. He will leave the 99 to find the one. You are the chosen one? Tilt your head and close your eyes. I am going to say a prayer right now for those who are in that moment of decision, and want to give their lives to God today and receive his life in you, to be forgiven of their sins and have a new life. , to entrust his life.
found fishing pastor steven furtick elevation church
Right now, I'm going to pray, and I want you to repeat this prayer out loud after me. If you are ready to come to God or return to God, I want you to pray this prayer out loud behind me,


family praying for the benefit of those who are coming to God right now. Repeat after me. "Heavenly Father, today is my day of salvation. I am a sinner in need of a Savior, and I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and today I make Jesus Lord of my life. I believe that He died that I would be forgiven and would rise again forever." give me life.
found fishing pastor steven furtick elevation church

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found fishing pastor steven furtick elevation church...

I receive this new beginning. I am a child of God." On the count of three, if you prayed that, shoot your hand in the air. One two three. Jump into the water right now. Let's celebrate. What is lost is


. The dead are coming to life. The chains of sin are broken. The chains are broken. The tomb is empty. The blood was enough. Let's take about 23 seconds and celebrate the greatest Easter day, the greatest decision ever made, that God became sin so that we could become God's righteousness. Raise every hand! Raise all voices! Lift up every heart!
found fishing pastor steven furtick elevation church
He is not here; he is risen! Hi, thanks for watching Elevation Church on YouTube. I want you to subscribe that way you can know when we go live and post new content. Be sure to leave me a comment. Let me know what he spoke to you today. We can pray for you and if you would like to financially support the ministry you can click the Give Now button and help us continue to reach people around the world for Jesus Christ. Thanks again. See you next time.
found fishing pastor steven furtick elevation church

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