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FORTNITE ZONE WARS with the FAZE HOUSE - $50,000 Challenge

Mar 28, 2024
Guys, before the video starts, you watched the Frasier Zombo video. I actually won the 50k, so what I decided to do is have everyone from Face House and other stage members play and try to win this 50k. We had some crazy games and some crazy ones. clutches so guys make sure you watch the full video to see who wins because it's crazy okay come on this is it oh my god what's going on dude? Why did I wear this skin? Why did I sing now? I need to find out. I need to figure it out right, hey, now I know what's going on.
fortnite zone wars with the faze house   50 000 challenge
I shoulda put this skin on man I got 10 hp in the storm get me out oh my god I don't even know what's going on why is my sensitivity? wait, oh no, no, wait, oh wait, alex, you gotta fix your senses, how do I turn it back, bro, and then go to the third bar all the way, then I can't edit the third, no, I need to do it? go back to my old setup go back to these old sayings what are you doing? I'm trying to change my settings. remove the anonymity, cowards, okay, I want, yes, I want to know who I'm killing, okay, come on, let's go find him.
fortnite zone wars with the faze house   50 000 challenge

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fortnite zone wars with the faze house 50 000 challenge...

What do you mean what do you think who's that who's that yeah who's that who's that Alex what did you say I'm so gutted oh someone's dead what Jarvis I'm not from I haven't played this game since see you? lukey what's going on oh my god oh my god wow what did I have to do oh lord we're going to have to reset the lobby if you wanted to change oh my god I just clapped again and then I can win Oh. They just nailed you three times in the head no I just gave someone a chance oh my god what are you trying to do? close, we apologize for the inconvenience.
fortnite zone wars with the faze house   50 000 challenge
Damn, you're actually about to win that game too so it makes you think you were going to win this one. I'll upload it again to How did you live? You know it, yes. I'm stuck bro, I'm stuck, I'm stuck, I'm stuck, oh my god, bro, oh no, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, we're chilling, yeah, my pain was really high too, Chris, you're a weirdo. friend travis leave me alone friend come down come down hello I'm not going down l2 oh oh my god oh my god oh my god I'm not there what I just saw jarvis I couldn't believe I came out of that box when I was in this there is no way wait your shadow boned right yeah yeah that's why I was tripping oh oh oh wait what I just have no way no way he says now that's bad now that's good what oh I can't take your wallet west buddy oh why did I hit you?
fortnite zone wars with the faze house   50 000 challenge
Oh wow, I was weak too. How about me and tilt? Just use Ars. Thank you, yes please, until I'm weak. Kills with one shot. Oh no, what are you talking about? Who is it? one, oh my god, there's no way he's in a weird little box right now, bro, oh my god, bro, look on the high ground, boy, kids these days, man, no, you're kidding, oh Oh my god, oh my god, what's going on, Frasier? Oh, you guys are done. This guy is sitting in his box. I have a blink, brother, I actually have more tension.
Is this a joke? Look what Frasier is doing right now. He hasn't won Fraser. this man is above me what is there oh legitimate hp oh friend oh no oh you are not here oh you are not here oh my God you just had a body oh who is that oh it's little brother little brother hey our only little brother oh my God, friend, oh wait just what are we doing what are we doing im doing an ar and now we just used her on alex he just has an ar oh wait who's better tho jarvis oh he seems leaning right now oh no , I.
He was scared, oh turn around, everyone except Alex uses the pickaxe, yes, yes, yes, I want to see if he can win. I actually want to get a good look at him, he's okay, yeah, I'm down, let's not focus on him, so yeah, yeah, no. You're the only one with a gun you just have where Alex is I don't know which one it is I didn't shoot him hey we're winning this we're winning this it doesn't matter what I just looked at myself listen This time you guys can't use guns we have big axes and you think we can't concentrate, Are you crazy?
Okay, where is he? He's in the low ground, he's in the grass, he's in the grass. everyone's chasing him come back here he's on the floor he's on the floor I have this box she's in my box oh no oh no I can't believe it oh brother you probably had a speed of 88 get away from me oh my god this is it, oh Oh my god, he did it, let me at least catch him, oh my god, dude, who is that brother? I can rotate all the way down or there's no way you're even there, no, oh my God, oh, oh, oh, my God.
God there's no way dude that just happened you too have smg going through his builds oh my god there we go there we go the drivers got the tips. Jarvis got the tips. So, I have to get up. This is. It's not good right now, you have so many mats, always crazy, but we're laughing, wait, wait, what is this? What's that? Wait, what was that? What was that bottle toss victory? Come on, I'm actually dead. You have appealed. a little boy, huh, yeah, yeah, we're just fighting Jarvis, what do you mean I'm not demons, no way, no way, or what are you, who's copying my tactic, why are you back there? , shoot him, buddy, shoot him, do I have to get rid of you?
First, I can't get caught unless you want to go to the front, oh no, I mean drive from Jarvis, yeah, yeah, wait, oh, but let's team up with this kid, okay, let's team up, we're coming for you, Frasier , no way, you know, get my luke, get my luke, come on bro, he says bro, he really means bro, I'll buy a


, oh my god, he regained the high ground, oh my god, oh my god, you're my mini How does this area work? where are you? what do you mean where? Am I going, ah, come on, no way, okay guys, so this is for the 50k, whoever can win this one?
I don't even remember what the score is so we have it so right now whoever gets shadow bombs is absolutely chilling oh. Oh my God, no, little brother, oh my God, we're dead, guys, oh, we're dead, yeah, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, I'm going to win, who is it? So I have a lucas or orba that is taking the money right now. lucas is in the


don't wait wait wait oh he's killing I'm sorry I'm tripping I'm tripping killing more than two and a half ain't it holy who's about to win the money come on baby one kills 50k come on did you enjoy the video Yes you did, be sure to leave a similar comment for more



and see you next time guys.

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