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Fortnite OG Squad: Flaming Flamingos! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Jun 06, 2021
white, help, we know where these wings retreat, many, many, many wings. I have a question. My son was playing during the day and the guys who were YouTubers told him that he couldn't dance after eliminating someone. Of course, it's a band from at least 4 countries, where the hell are you? This guy is so alone there. Oh yeah, I see someone in the river. I think you've done this. I can't believe we did it. I wish I had an impulse grenade. I'm 45, you know I deserve this murder, now you're right, but I'll take it anyway, that's what dies, yeah, I wanted that snow back.
fortnite og squad flaming flamingos fortnite battle royale
Just completely spam this kid. I have a big pot for someone anyone who joined us even if it's alone. scream cellulite yes, yes, this is victory number 11, no, why does he love you until now? That's the purpose. That's the klinger. He is here. Come get your birthday gift. Come get your birthday gift. I have medium Speed ​​medium, I know everything about him present, here we go. I'm not going to talk to you again, okay, okay, more medium bullets, that's a bad thing. I was 68. Now I'll scream. According to my doctor, magnesium baths have a bomb right here.
fortnite og squad flaming flamingos fortnite battle royale

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fortnite og squad flaming flamingos fortnite battle royale...

Alright, four guys in their dresses. the ball is ready to be thrown with ten wins three come on guys in the night, I like to start saying that and it's like he said that was a year ago, every moment of his existence since that moment too, yeah, that's always like that Every time I say it I just think of his lips his face stays a little oh hey hey what was his deal brother do you want to be dead I didn't just walk behind him with my hoverboard which doesn't walk because it floats I'm sorry if it was in real life don't think it's too late to take all the loot from each guy oh my favorite oh my god Nick Nick Nick Nick feet oh wait you can move with the mouse this brings a new level if we make a last player we enter oh god mine, he's jumping in his skeet, skeet, there's a guy in the tower too, oh hey, 175 minutes, we're trying to get away, but we got a quick trip.
fortnite og squad flaming flamingos fortnite battle royale
I think they're on a tree now, there's still one right now, okay? 143 oh they just gave me a laser, oh my god, I thought they were really sweaty too. I'm way above this guy in balloons. One of the guys has bombed me even more guys over you and they come back this good, so sweaty. Yes, that was very, yes, someone is on us, yes, I can't see because the skin, Oh, like a little pale, look through it, sorry, friend zanya and 67. Oh, shield, hello, what? How are you, James, what are you doing, you dumb, dumb animal, James, are they going to get Bill? fight Oh, who's trying to do that, who's trying to do that, but you're trying to take us down oh, I see you, I see you both here with balloons, oh, you all have balloons, hell, it's this one, one's close, come on, there is a hole. too different than two different ones yeah I'm different holy shit I don't have that many of them are you talking to these two guys who are currently taking us through a ten plus three okay a team of hoodies yeah hoodies with a baby, wait a second?
fortnite og squad flaming flamingos fortnite battle royale
I'm going straight, naked friend, my cabs are crazy, sometimes the real one is that zip line, who me, yeah, oh wait, you're not dying for that. I thought we have to wait until they get down from there, oh yeah bro, they're trying. difficult, are you ready, oh mom, lucky, my mom lost her mind, brother d40, the boobies give you an idea, brother, I'm in the 360, this guy, oh, he still has two left, it's been pretty bad, one is only a dog, Oh, 92 in the head. Yeah, yeah, you left the two guys who actually play at night, he still does, that's not bananas, what's my name?
Hello, I've come to look for something secret for us, do you like it? After I ran towards it, I stopped cutting the plane. Well, Stalin, install, install, well, huh. I would say we both flew on the plane. I get off the pilot. I see we are on both wings. We take the LS. We fly towards him and kill him. I guess probably. I bought them at the Aquiles zip line. I just pushed my trout the other way because of the traffic. He is there. It's spicy, spicy. Look at it. How many victories I kill. Game guys, we're crazy.
Wow, and we're not even like, you know, you know. Okay, we have to find a redistribution and we're going to build a tear that Adam adds for every fight in a basement, okay, let's get everyone together, finally I guess you're wondering why I understand you, what are you going here? There is a default look, right? here continue without moving here second ten seconds circle them circle them five seconds three two one squeeze it squeeze it boys I say full tilt no, we're not going to tilt that wasn't in the game let's gibraltars wavy I'm psycho and I'm listening, you can change a little later, master , yeah, we're good at failing, fatal, fatal fields, you know, acres of anarchy, they're coming for you, we got a heavy rain, our key acres, yeah, lately, so annoying, well, Matt would do it.
Remember that you landed, you have to run seven years, yes, that was the Muslim, no, but like a sloth, he looks so lonely, look at that thing I have here, sad, lazy, lazy, this game needs a super rag, makes you just find like a cane, yes, literally, he needs it is after me, find every third. I heard laughter, it must be like an exile, no, it does not tolerate slander, do not communicate, yes, communicate those cylinders, wooden vending machine 375 and we can have role-playing games, each and every one of us, let's make a watch, Call them, well, I have a role-playing game. vending machine so we can get the vending machines seem to stay out of the box stuff, but it's going to be okay, yeah, it's fun bro, the turn of it, the seconds come out, you ever heard slappy right?
I think the third parties come out. I'm gay, I'll get it. Before that on the 31st we are going to need some ammunition, what are we going to do with the ammunition? So we just make another one, buying them. We should have a full inventory of rockets for everyone, so to save rockets, the problem I have. I have another RV rig, Scotty is a rocket by the way, tji power your heels to get your mouth right. I have two big pots that I'm going to explode. Wow, I appreciate the pump that I trust to make you better than me, like there are sixes that I don't.
I don't know how I feel, excuse me, what was it with the kids? Oh man, we found a team that we all opened with RPGs, yeah, and then we started building like a matrix, all for one, yeah, we have enough RPGs, right? I'll give my share to the Yolo RPGs, oh gosh, you know, the explosives game or when it first came out, oh my gosh, that's cool, could you just watch rupal, yeah, there's a second RPG here, someone wants to carry two too. Personally, I'm fine, we should split it. when we're ready, okay, now I know I'll take this can, I've got these Deweys, there's already a mini in there, yeah, John always whips out a little more Matt, I don't have any mess I can leave, I'll leave a hundred, I've got what 150 look , we all just die SAP the machine, yes, to the machine, to the machine, to buy another RPG, everyone, I take a third if you want to buy one, don't wait, I'm having one, think about the fear of being faster , be like older people, those people.
Those people laugh happily, oh that's a build fight, look at that, oh my goodness, RPG Go Go, there are two RPGs, we only need two RPGs, well, put the ones you're shooting at on the left side. I shoot the left side. I'll shoot the ok. I just reached out to these guys. Sorry, what the hell is ready? I have another bra here, the brush I left here is ready. Merida, yes, again, wait, no, it's in you, oh, my God, oh, there are three, there are three, oh. I had no idea? I thought you were only going to read one here.
This correct attack of eleven wins is terrible. In fact, I'm impressed with our skills here. Yes, many solid hostels. We absolutely crushed it. Cheese boys Discord catchy boys 11 wins in a row. Can we get a GG, a chat? Hit the like button if you enjoyed it subscribe if you're new and if you want to support me in the item shop type in the supporter crater at the bottom right in typical player. Also these glasses here are the gaming glasses now. available at typical dot store copiers, they are blue light blockers, really cool, they have a lot of technology, don't you leave the typical App Store?
Jaden Kingsley now not now never Jake Cantrell Jacobi sucks Ronald Purnell and for not thanking All of you for becoming a new member of the elite, enjoy those emotes and if you want to run too, the link will be in the description below. I'm going to mention a bunch of who. I also left some super chats. Jane and Kinsley pay. you for that man really appreciate the kind words and much love my friend Jacob the billy-oh blocks Matt dev 13 what's up? Did you love your videos? Keep up your good work. Will do a damn thing xxx for 15 means a lot. you, Dilton Morales, shadow of Dominic Lorenzo, I'm glad you drew the streets, fictional attitude, Dominic, I didn't make Clint sleep, you put all those, you're the best 14 year old in the world, yes, no , I'm probably not Jaden, but I think I'm pretty good.
Thanks for that, I think I know this will be a shadow on you. I'm using your merchandise. I can observe the other students for almost years, the legend of the luggage rack, that's what happens, brother, if you carry that typical purchase from that store. merch tip, you can get it by tilting the screw from the bottom, you know what's good, Jayden Kinsley thinks he gets it, these are like the good old days, aka fruits and things you complain about today, all the memories They were good, say they all killed him, he's a really, really good player, shut up. up - you're done Destin June Kinsley thinks the soldier I'm home now because school oh I'm already home because of the snow from school well that's good you'll have a little day off you know vote thanks for that soldier.
Kenny Nolan Jayden Kinsley TJ Savage super boat thank you so much for that camu camu Jayden Kinsley Ken is leaving West Virginia Mountain Mama beast beast thank you for that we have seen man games I'm glad you enjoy the broadcasts Name of the sport Metta I don't want to be a 1 anyone, but I appreciate the I don't know Charles Hancock the



is what I live for that's what I like to listen to Charles Joey and - Natalie thanks for that greeting, iron fight play gin and kinsley we have eleven victories in total, that's with the winning streak, it's in alpha wolf for Trez Shatan at night Dan Alejandro San román flamencos that's what I like to hear friend fix that on the other hand Rose can and she will walk in the storm thank you for that Jonathan Velázquez you He sent it from New Jersey.
I appreciate that Jonathan Briana Vinci we have amazing Cordero. If I just look at this, I win my man's cup for a king. Greetings and I will be at my best with Gabe Shadow too. I appreciate all the love again if you watch it and join us, like this video, quickly press the subscribe button if you are new, buy the right item, compatible creator, typical player and of course if you want to buy the product of fire that is not available, you have already exhausted it. Actually, the glasses are, although we may have to order more.
You guys have been going crazy on the typical diet or blue light blockers. Go see them. That will be for this one. I am very hungry. I'm going to go eat some. They are hungry? I see them all eat. Fit. More passion. Tamara yayi. Okay, I'm leaving. We love. I'll meet you in the next room, maybe ten minutes tomorrow we'll see each other. Thank you all. Such a typical player. and scream link in the description below, everything you need to know thanks for watching, I hope you brought someday and peace.

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