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Fortnite Dungeons And Dragons Challenge!

Jun 10, 2021
guys, I'm throwing dynamite, clearing the way, move the way, move, hello everyone to Dungeons and Dragons, okay, let's play well, we'll be playing D&D in a fortnight, have you ever seen that before? Yes, probably not, because no one is stupid enough to be. able to play this, yes I'm funny, yes, should I explain something? He's kissing a soda can so everyone can play Dungeons and Dragons in a fortnight. Okay, yeah, it's like a prefab story and I'm the guide, so I'll do the Roles as a DM normally wouldn't be such things like there will be four characters, we have a healer, we have a sorcerer warrior, I'm a ranged attacker. , hunters are annoying.
fortnite dungeons and dragons challenge
Hey, okay, fat boy, well, we just poured it into a crazy world, oh, let's read. our story not our story about ours here the players will have three lives each first death they must have checked half of their inventory oh my god okay second death they must discard their entire inventory which means they are completely dependent on their companions team and/or them Find Lou, that's how scary the third permanent death will be and you will have to return as another character in the next episode. Okay, but let's review our characters. What are our names? What do we do?
fortnite dungeons and dragons challenge

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fortnite dungeons and dragons challenge...

Yes. How do you look? This is my introduction. my name is my name is babe my name is babe you gotta call me babes yeah I got weirdos ha my name is Connor nice I know you're safe my name is Buffy do Buffy hey I'm rock the warrior raawk okay now we gotta put our voices on game Hey, where's the kill myself button? Because it is sincere. Connor, you just move your lips like you don't know what I'm talking about right now. Yes, I know this baby has been good. It seems that the boys' armory is like that.
fortnite dungeons and dragons challenge
This way everyone has many who perceive it well ten already have four no my name is Noah that's what he dropped well Matt this is your kind of shooter here no Emma his name is Connor I'm sorry Connor that's Connor this is not a death Rock leads the way to wander stumble upon an abandoned town on Mondays buffets here to protect you thanks buzzy yeah let's go to bed yeah are you going to keep my baby Mustang, my baby Mustang, Mustang wow, I must have been expensive , adventurer, it looks like we need a roll of five more to be able to loot an abandoned building in this town my bed goes through all the baby bed roles as a guide I'll do your rolls for me you better not ruin this baby David can loot a building Connor I'm butter I'm rolling for you now it's all yours let's go viral buffet I'm not happy I only have one person get the loot and that's bad just jump since I got a 10 can I get root blue two pills like your guide I make you live This one obviously, under your consent there must be enough, yeah, you better ask for consent, consent, it's not a good job, baby, can I get one of those houses to protect myself?
fortnite dungeons and dragons challenge
I can do that. I'm going to throw like a pokeball, oh yeah, baby, are you giving him stuff? You give her enough, thank you, give her the gift, Carter, she's trying to have fun with everything, baby, shotgun, this, you ready, okay, come on. I remember my first person, the ironic guide, he is taking you around the town for some reason, it seems to be abandoned, why? Do you think he is abandoned? I think it's because he shot HS hard. It looks like there are some large dinosaur bones. The fire is still cold. Do you think I can eat it?
We won. Fluffy boy. Yes, the fire is cold. So there's been no one here. for a while, but it was definitely someone, there's something here, it's a force field that's been released. I can't jump through it well as a mage, you should know what that is, you're right, ah, I threw it, these are bones. I've done some research these are bones guys the fire is cold if you look close enough it's not on fire I can't even look my eyes it's my eyes on the other side of the waters let's continue towards the forest okay walkers come on no I can make a mistake with the stairs.
No baby, strike your heel or no builder, I'll go first, you're weak, wait, I ran into a sign, first player to roll under five, go left, other players move forward, okay, it looks like I'm rolling down baby again, it seems. As for that, I wonder why it's usually those other medkits. I can't, we have half my inventory, so I rolled for Connor, no, no, he's already gone, he left his first player to deploy, we've arrived, we've reached a fork in the woods a passenger stop I'm stopped while I'm nervous everyone stops what our sun is coming up on your roll yeah the sun is coming I can get through my shark but wait let's keep rolling for the rest yeah rule 5 Connor you're going to be fine no that's me.
I always treat my baby right, now it's my thing, okay guys, we have to go. I can't smell the sulphite, whose bite is it, oh that kills one more person who is not happy about it. If there are bandits, what? do this do it and it's this force is rebuilding them tears stop dealing though your healing said let me lie down I throw stairs let's charge we need to recover we're going to shoot our oh hey yes there's there's a sniper tower crazy I've got you I've got you Where are these in the tower? I'm Cassie O'Neill I don't see ah what just happened I'm going to shoot stairs I can't shoot stairs Okay, stop, stop everyone, it looks like we've passed. the forest and we have crossed the castle and there are strange sounds and a moving wall.
Wow Castle wait I'm going to go up there and investigate do you want me to put up the stairs guys the doors are moving yes I know the walls are moving this must be monsters inside this castle no wonder there are bones all over. I threw a punch, it's about work, buffets, good guys. I reached the top of the tower. I got a better view. I can confirm that there are monsters on the other side, my goodness, too. have dynamite, I don't know, wow guys, I'm throwing dynamite, clear the way, the way, okay, go first, my dream, play baseball in the MLB, oh no, okay, keep moving, let's investigate this this one castle, let's go oh there. there could be a buffet in this one, the other high schools here, well let's see where Connor is going, oh there's something here, yeah, I'm hearing monsters investigating this castle, finding out why there are monsters and why they destroyed our village, apparently, we engender in what. are these things where you can get them like once a year you can go on vacation in this area timeshare for this place oh my god yeah I'm Airbnb this oh so let's go upstairs Oh take the damage hello I have He, That was quick, oh thank you, you're a baby, yeah, come here, let me kiss you, baby, you better not kiss it, baby, well, kiss this.
Oh guys, Oh monster below, wait what's below. Oh what happened? Oh what happened? Do you see? that's what happens when I encounter traps I also had half my brain I died so I have to go get my inventory drop half which is my ammo all my ammo I have one guy left and my gun it seems the further we go Up, the more monsters there are, let's keep going, let's keep going up. I have the ability to see the future. Yes, you do because I have a very sharp eye. It's called financial prediction. Well, yes, how did they get there? it had stairs, yeah we launch, there's something crumbling up there, something's happening up there, there must be more monsters, if I launch it down it looks like there's a heavy monster up there, well what the hell is it?
Can I see the leader of them get a throwing cone? to protect us, thanks and that's supposed to be the leader, good job guys, are we breaking through? I'm going to this tip, all the guys get killed, we lost a hold before looting, listen we have to get our team together before we collect the drops. I do how. a lot of damage done to you I receive damage from a single shot he didn't want anyone buy I have a drop my inventory amazing again bye bye buffets inventory thank you bishop let me go splatter buffet I mean sorry what did you call me I guess wash babe Thank you okay guys let's go loot these are our drops to loot the land by writing the complete castle jetpacks Hey yeah buddy wait maybe you don't want to use it all because this will be for a later video oh this is over yeah Andy That's why you should stop using it.
It seems like we've stormed the entire tower, we've completely gotten rid of the monsters, and we didn't save the village because the village was attacked before we dumped it here somehow I only have one life left Carter has a lifesaver has two babies two Connor has motorized three Veronica's Rock has three wow, what a nice squat and from the looks of it, this world will never end because there's a giant lava field we have to go to next. Great, you see it and it sounds great. a trip to the future awaits, I can see it through my scope, what a life, how do you feel looking at where we're going next, it was hot, yeah, my future doesn't look very bright with that lava, thank you very much, I appreciate it .
Wow, he's not here for his comedy. Hey everyone, I really hope you watch this video, it's baby, here ahead, check out our Fort Night playlist over there in that corner and if you want to see something that YouTube records for you, check it out. here super link, make sure to use the subscribe button to release the icon to watch the upcoming future episodes of D&D. My voice is breaking, we're all ready guys, GG.

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