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Fortnite But Shark Loot ONLY Challenge!

Jun 01, 2021
Yeah, shoot him, Timmy's sure to bother my booty. Yeah, oh, it's finally a dead car and I'm just at the office. Oh my gosh, okay, everyone welcome back to another video. Today, we'll get a little inspiration from the item shop, if you haven't seen it. These adorable


outfits and I thought what better way to celebrate this and do a little cheeky. The rules of the girls


are incredibly simple, we can


use the


from shocks and we have to use it to try to get a win or L. The Mets bats and the amber, our five, we got from wherever on the mat we Only weapons don't count.
fortnite but shark loot only challenge
Before you jump in, if you're picking up Captain America or one of these adorable Shox, be sure to use the lucky code. at the fortnight merchandise store if you are buying anything make sure to tweet me so I can see them with their support tag of course let's jump to the video please tell me there are some


s in portillo having a fire in this moment. Please tell me that is the case and it is amazing how much help a shark received while this shark dies. I'm going to become a henchman. Someone starts filming the show.
fortnite but shark loot only challenge

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fortnite but shark loot only challenge...

Yeah, oh, that's two of them, wait. We're fighting each other I didn't know they could do that come on yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah oh no player out damn dude I think shock may have died. They are triggering the shock together. I want to keep shooting. he keeps shooting and he keeps shooting at him yeah yeah yeah come on oh actually wait okay now I'm getting attacked by a shark and now he's gonna grab that poor


, no it's not no, no, no, no, no, no, no , no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no , no no no no no. shoot just take the loot oh my god you're kidding me buddy you gotta be kidding me come on henchman shoot this guy.
fortnite but shark loot only challenge
I can't do anything yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh no, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I got it. Well that's coming boss we gotta shoot that shock guys everyone use the pickaxe. I think Jax has a shark, technically it's just a shark. I can't believe the shark ate the other shock loot. Actually, I can't believe that. it happened hopefully the henchman comes back yes yes yes yes yes yes I have to get this henchman to take down what I saw I'm trying to do it all deal with this guy yes yes yes yes sure no no run away sure I should have cut him off come on, reload, reload, yeah get in the water yeah shoot him shoot me bother my booty yeah oh he's finally dead that was so exhausting man I think the guy came out with the chug chug well I guess the plan is to get some deaths. some mats get some ammo and stuff and then hopefully try to take out another shock like maybe an AR or TR sniper, you guys are a surprise but I don't have enough ammo to take him out and I definitely won't take him back to the henchmen , the best you can believe is Oh God, I thought I thought it was over before it even started and I was about to stop crying, we're okay, let's catch ourselves by the campfire, which if memory serves, There's one over here, oh just.
fortnite but shark loot only challenge
I don't want to lose I don't want to lose I can't waste time for another. There is a person at the agency who is going to cut my paraglider, but it could be perfect because I could go get it. Okay, okay, okay, okay. This is probably not a fight I should be taking, so let's go ahead and leave because I have to get to the Whirlpool first. Surely he won't hit him, yes, and of course he won't. He might try to apply force around the corner, boss. I hit a shot in the head, at least I didn't see anything, car and me, your failure is what, oh, okay, that was almost a big ass, and I'm still not free, yeah, I still have to understand the fact that you floppers absolutely saved me.
Now I have a ticket to fight in this new storm, it's weird, man, that's the first door fight I've had in this new area and it's hot. I will do that. The good news is that I have ammo to do things, so that's a free vibe too. fitty pot so inc and make it come first Oh, another flopper, come on, I could collect fireflies, but not for Viper, you on the fireflies. I'll be honest, Sharky, six and a half hours later, okay, going for the shock could get me killed. but Yolo, but I have a hunter rifle and a fishing rod, well, it was worth it.
I don't know, it was a struggle, but at least I can officially use Road to fish now before I try, if you can get it with a shot now. I have an enemy, it's like reloading, come on, where is everyone? Oh, okay, okay, and now everyone's cheating. Well, and it was fun meeting you all, but now he's above me. I'm horrible at this game, where's my baby shark/doo doo? baby doo doo, the shower is breathing sharply down here I'm sad, oh, the sharks already died no way, oh come on, okay, this is huge, we have a free purple or green Lee, although I have 20 bullets, like this I should be careful, this looks like this. the same guy who made me lose the game they're going to play little nomads that's not a pretty little guy.
I love that everything takes up my entire screen when I shoot. That never used to be something revived and I picked something up there. Extra things I shouldn't have but we're fine oh oh oh that's perfect a little circle in the back come on okay you have to die now okay then I can take the meds okay let's get our stuff and we're off I think, but a good shield, good decent mats, okay, very good start, what we need to do is get more ammo so we can fire another shot at both of them, a shock that's actually a player, my laser.
The fool is pointing it out, let's put guard up or be sorry, well I was like George, get in the helicopter, okay, tell me there's a shock, yeah, that's right, tell me this guy had tons of ammo because that's necessary now same. Let's also catch this failure. oh come on how much hammer one hundred and ninety four is enough okay Sharky your mirror buddy the biggest problem is making too much noise. I'll be Dutch, that easy boy, oh what you really hit makes me sad, think about what they can show you. in the war I knew it, someone is trying to creepy, it turned fast, okay, we have literally exactly what we put in the damn thing.
I mean, I can move on to the augs, but I'm not too interested in that, maybe it would be better to move on to the orcs. I know they say two is always better than one but a shotgun would be better I didn't expect to miss those shots either but we're good here and that wasn't a thing so it's good to have a good follow through sometimes. Oh, stressed, give me. a shotgun please I can't take shotgun blasts at odds all the time push the dynamos sweat let's shoot you boy oh no I gotta fight this guy first at the same time okay you gotta are you kidding Okay, they think I died, maybe I can. he starts shooting at the other shock, but 54 okay, now we're getting somewhere, just stop shooting at me, imagine hitting that.
Would you give him medicine for the wine? No, he doesn't putt for horses. I need to get in. I can use this bar because we have to go in now I think that could have killed me at that moment I could blow this up and I think I did it too late because soon I'll stop doing five ticks and if it's five ticks at ten seconds, then you'll see 50, yes, no, we are. we lost we lost oh there's a shock this is a good sign I just need a second helicopter that's okay let's get that shock down guys cold tuna here in the corner wait for the shock to die yeah boy come on let's get it just a crazy moss and mmm, it's well the good news is grab the choke Joe we have guns the bad news is the guns suck we don't have mats and we're in competition and I'm out of ammo sorry it's going to be hot for everyone else here he was as full stacked I'll tell you what my first round is with the charred shotgun and I love it little rat ok let's revive now we have a lot of ammo so let's try to ideally take out another volley so I can get a better AR but keep in mind count the stocks and things, let's do it right, here's another chance for the sharks, so the other thing that can't have happened is for the other shock to collect the loot because I have to kill the shocks. and I really don't think this will take a while, I've got it good for a bro moment.
I'm going to take the other floppers. I need some free targets, bag boy, one of the chances is that you're joking too much. Three big phalluses in one way and now one didn't even come with another weapon, what a shocking bra number four, this is going to be like, oh god, a Mercer and I'll probably get shot in the back trying this, but Yolo, please come here , Thomas, it's okay. It will be like a clip to me, what we got, how, I probably killed like 10, 12, 15 sharks. I never went to the big FAMAS before this game and got four in a row.
I have no ammo left now, I can't even. go for another shot unless I do it with a shotgun spoiler alert I won't do it with a shotgun I have to eat someone and get their ammo then you try to get a third cheeky one on these two guys and one guy is dead there's a person ride a shark that I honestly respect, well now I don't remember and now I got shocked trying to attack me and where did this guy go, oh my god the shark attacked us both and I'll just go out and eat later, bosz how?
Did I miss why I didn't hit him for 25? Oh my god, okay, I have more ammo and now I need to make sure they're in a storm because that's really going to bother me, it's not an amazing experience, that's it. I'm sure we'll light this bonfire and be sweet. I want to try to get another shock though because I want a huge amount of health right now. Okay, I have to be careful because again someone might be lining me up to be a snipe. Oh, why is it there? multiple shocks oh, that's not what we want.
I'm trying to be a third party and there it is. I love missing all my shoots. That's great. Please let me live. Please let me live. Please, our work is very hard. Dying all the time. He won't let me go. oh please let me go I just need to live I think I ran away I never ran away from the fight what we have because yeah we're going to have to fight what we have I'll just get my mother killed deciphered 25 you just walk right in In a fight no one He didn't get a fighter and he's getting hot.
Come here, friend. 27 Wyatt, won't you go up there? I want to shoot this guy with me. He gets very nervous. That could be wrong. I have space like us. I burned most of this guy's stuff. I think I'm a better lightning bolt here. Well, I was wrong. I think everyone is in this fight. Oh, no, Oh, 1v1, make sure I don't see it, so I can't use it. 51 I have 3 other mats that's your wall those are your walls probably my biggest problem I don't think I have any more medications. Oh, okay, this is probably a bad idea.
I just want to point out that this is probably a bad idea. Go. I'm in he has so little health and he probably doesn't have heels and I'm out of here, but he can one time shoot me with a good shot and he has all these edits, so here we go, let's have a chance, he will win, he will play. In fact, I think I lost again in a heel game. It doesn't bother me.

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