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Fortnite Added CARS!

Jun 01, 2021
off the road, I see it, I think we can catch it, wait, oh no, they got it. that's not cool they came down just to heal up well we got this he'll think I'm a newbie too he knows I'll stay making donuts until the next zone actually I'm going to get some materials because I desperately need them. I don't think this guy is oh no don't chill in the car. I don't think this guy is a bot because he has the hook. what to do here i need him to come to me oh no he supported me guys he saw me come on he saw me he saw me car death ain't gonna happen i mean i could do but i don't know how much damage these guys do oh no oh he thinks i'm still in it oh what why are all the trees on fire all the trees are on fire no dude why you gotta do me like that he's a renegade he's not a renegade at all i am dead am dead i'm dead sweaty sweaty guys sweaty guys i'm dead this guy is a gamer right now i wanna go down actually hmm i think you found me oh i forgot i had that mad pesky he went up there i tripped he went up to the supply drop oh , I have no mats, no materials, oh, drop the gas can and shoot, can you do that? trying he's trying i knew i can't cast i don't have uh i don't have mats man that was annoying i wasn't ready how much uh hp you had i didn't see how many hp guys i have i don't know that was the first game where we can relax.
fortnite added cars
I didn't have enough. um. I didn't have enough crazy things. tier one shonen pine thanks for the five months sleepy phoenix thanks for the hundred bits too miner boy thanks for the five games gifted to the moon thanks for the thousand bits this amount of bits will make you do a collab I don't know I don't have control over this, sorry I can't accept crazy parts because that's out of my control. Shaking chills. thanks to you hannah jyt thanks the underbits shay thanks for the prime sarah west thanks for the hundred bits paige thanks for 100 bits game to the moon thanks 200 bits pewdiepie said you were nice on twitter and said you are an epic minecrafter i mean i'll take that'll take that leprechaun thanks 200 bits paid 100 bits too if you were a taxi driver i wouldn't feel safe in yours that's fair uh p maya thanks for the equinox cousin thanks for the first prince princess thanks for the five months manty thanks for the bits run over to the people with the


it's so much fun i just killed four people by running them over i'm on it i'm doing it now uh block simple thanks for the seven months i appreciate it guys sorry i can't access most of your stuff in a game no I was hoping to get to the end so fast but that guy was destroying lives I was cool too but um I just didn't have the mats to finish that.
fortnite added cars

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fortnite added cars...

Have you ever dropped Asha? That is an interesting question. The answer is no, but I fell down the stairs while she was carrying it and I had to like it. It was bad. It didn't hurt. himself but my elbows hit the floor because like you oh drink my tea i'm actually too hot to drink tea but my elbows hit the floor because you only have this as automatic parental protection yeah i fall Up the stairs, I know, I know. What location is this? Oh, here is Wailing Woods. Oh yes, I fell down the stairs. I caught it. the grass atlantis oh thats where everyone is thats why the games go so fast is there any 4x4


i want one of those with a flare gun a little bit of cod true and in cod oh someone already getting into cod you have these things called uavs that show you where people are i feel like that's the way it is huh that's how you use the flare gun where's the chest here someone's running numbers outside oh they all good wait a second what just happened?
fortnite added cars
Guess who sucks? I don't know what this glitch is doing with the mouse. It is really annoying. I thought they fixed it. You can't shame me for that. It is at the beginning. well i appreciate it okay sarah west what you did well i'm glad you're liking it you're going to have an animal crossing in four weeks you'll enjoy it i promise oh guys if you're up here, by the way. hit the follow button they will be much appreciated i guess who sucked it was me it was me huh keegan raven thanks for level one too can we play thanks 100 bits i dont accept bits to play i have to do it for everyone and so it's just not fair right uh dip steam thanks for 100 bits i appreciate you too and jimmy thanks again for the uh the tl1 so i don't know why but there's still a glitch with the uh mouse but im trying to get rid of it as much as i remember i guess mate theres some lag spikes going on oh what a skin is that i dont remember that skin tea i know i have the tea but i dont know if i want to drink it i need the caffeine but nice he has a sports car i feel lazy i just go to my question mark location there is a question mark down here i'm here a long time that's all here 80 skin i don't know what charlie thanks for 200 bits you should be able to take tests i drive in a fortnight nah i'm a crash test dummy i was born to drive cars what my plans are for the weekends what day is it only it's wednesday i have no plans for the weekend though i do feel trucks will be the way to go okay i'll do it in truck ok guns are good too i guess oh hi my death excuse me controller player controller controller player controller controller controller player i'm stuck help controller player controller player he's not controller player he's not controller gang dude if i'm an ar that guy be dead dead what i play with pump or attack i feel like tak is the wave is there someone out there uh i'm just gonna put this on oh no oh no yeah i'm gonna play arsenal sure i just wanna play some games of this with cars cars are very loud really loud ok this is where the uav comes in ok this is what i'm going to use it for it's so good it's so good oh dude oh the shark is attacking never mind Oh, flare gun, I'm keeping the flare gun on at all times, why?
fortnite added cars
Did they add those sound effects? it's easy to find me now that they don't have helicopters and they also have cars oh wait oh what are you doing what are you doing there's a shark nearby though a little worried I don't know I took a little turn there just showing off you know showing nothing right uh I don't have heels I'm not going to take the sniper i want the uh i think i want this yeah guys i think because i haven't played a bit actually i have lobbies maybe easier i see what happens when you drive this oh you can drive it oh you can't drive with the trailer, it doesn't matter so I have to go, can I get through anything? oh my god this is crazy i like cars cars are cool i like them get out of my way oh god ok cars in general are terrible on hills of course but they're not that good on grass you know come on you can make it you got it man you got it don't worry don't worry don't roll down the hill i need you i need you oh my god people are giving away subs okay i'll get your substance stuff in a sec uh i can't i need to focus on these games you know what's weird is when in that last game when we fell second place is so weird our car set all the trees on fire when i wasn't even near them i feel like that was pretty unfair so i couldn't get them for the the materials you gave away loads of subs keegan raven thanks for the 10 free subs my man thank you appreciate that ok we have materials now we are good someone i need to kill with the truck i need to do it would be a shame if it didnt happen it wasn't the car oh they fired me up oh i didn't even know i didn't know they fired me up i like the skin i'm gonna put that out there too i got 20 fuel i don't think this is going to do it i want to get it up the hill i wish i would show you your fuel in numbers come on let's go over the hill then get it all down ok so we don't know where we're going we don't need fuel that's right let's go yes it's ok I'm going to need fuel soon although there's one around here there aren't many gas stations there's one over there I don't think um I don't think we're going to make it let's try let's go yeah I don't think it's going to work we're going to run out of fuel we're going to run out fuel we're out of fuel we're out of fuel oh the marauders are out there it's still going well the marauders are there or they're fighting yeah they're fighting someone I think wait no someone just killed them I want to see what cars are here , i wanna go one of them lambos lambo cheeky lambo cheeky gimme oh no oh no me I'm a fool without shocks, they're going to kill me, oh, I should have done this, ah, what do you excuse me?
Where you come from? dont do that again no lambo bit annoying though they didnt have steps i must have built right on top of it crap crap what you do in a lamborghini you can hold the triangle to boost ooh i need one of those so just had some more loot down here actually what is that oh stinky are these stinky oh they're fireflies ok actually we're doing good i'm not concentrating on kills at all and that seems to improve my kills so we're ok getting decent rugs too oh let's get back here, This is a far away one so I haven't seen a sports car anywhere which is a bit unfortunate it wasn't a trash bandit it just went up the wrong way then got it. stuck on his own roof i came for the uh oh there's someone moving around there oh you can't get maps of that one oh wait a sec how do i fuel up ok so i saw this bad concentrating trying to take me down do that bro i got nomats oh cool i'm I'm out I'm out you two enjoy enjoy I was trying to roll the car up the stairs actually I was trying to um I was trying to refuel it didn't work out very well that's a game winning platform right there just putting it in there I feel like I'm building better than ever you know and i haven't even played in a long time come on man i drowned my bot game that guy had 11 kills. remember he killed me 11 kills bro imagine i dont have to imagine it was my 200 that was my last win it was 11 it wasn't like that or it was 10 can you use the food trucks?
I don't believe it. I don't think you can't mine any of the cars for materials now it's a thing lambo and lazy go lambo up let's go there better be one this ben will be trolls like he really doesn't have that many um that's a lot of materials ok just need to grab this very fast oh no I have it they have it I that's sick that's great they already have it even though there's another car I'm going to be disturbed by the storm I feel like I saw someone I'm scared I'm straight scared motorhome oh no memes can't drive the camera oh cool i'm going to get run over they like it until they're real close to you the cars don't make any noise oh that's the guy that's the guy never mind he's dead i told you it's a winning platform right there i'm pretty sure that's it the guy we dealt with earlier what was someone just died oh i know what that was 100 i know what that was a car exploded right?
I know the blue charge but I don't want to use it. You can shoot the tire and they will tip over. I could try to get more cars down here. There's one right there. My man has the lambo and I know there are earthquakes in


if through miniature face if that happens it's a given it's ok us. i'm surrounded by water it won't actually look good where we're going right there the circle has been a bit weird right now i still feel like every time i care about mats i still feel like i need more i know i have another launch pad i don't want to use it there a launch pad over there that tree is on fire haphazard dope ok let's go the lambo is very fast i still have quite a bit of health oh those are fireflies that's the first time i've seen fireflies in natural flight where is anyone coming from? oh they're right there dude stop it no no this isn't happening we both have to go so no that didn't happen. actually hilarious it went on and then it died oh I'm dead come on oh it went on and died him too ow i think there's a guy up here but this game is going crazy i always run out of mats i'm sure there was a guy up here where you get wet don't break the laws for cars i'm breaking all of them no you just totally roasted me that's not allowed i couldn't get my pads on really outrageous we've gone to the game sweaty right away and this ain't no way oh there's somebody there i wanna go and get That booty boy no I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead you're right on the edge listen to that listen big sweats definitely should have done there's someone above me man I'm not happy about that five people know they were hello hello they left two murders untouched it's kind of wild where are all your kidding uh what no no what happened what people are just shooting around me okay I'm gonna shoot, I'm gonna shoot this first I need to get over it alright sweet stay three do we touch a car in this game? yeah let's go to the last guy pretty sure they're down there that was shocking btw where are they in the chat i think they're in this building i wish i did my what's his name stilli wish i had my flare gun so i could find it i told you uav is like op take the bus can you drive the bus?
I see it oh no no you just hit that you didn't hear I can't believe we just hit that oh he has no idea what he's doing he has no idea what he's doing come on whoa whoa I'm back I'm back I don't think I knocked one car in the whole game but i'm back ok i killed three three people died around me full damage it's raining bodies dumb dumb dumb dumb come on guys let's go good then let me get back to all these stubbies e brooks thanks for the three months keegan thanks for 10 I gave you an absolutely crazy number wait crazy thanks uh game to the moon choose a number between one and two one point five thanks for 100 bits catrice thanks for six months keegan thanks for the thousand bits too hannah thanks for the hundred bits most enjoyable in the secondary leaderboard crazy ok thanks for the 200 bits keegan 100 keegan melon gifted thanks 200 bits fan of your youtube thanks vanderbilt you can get the win royale it's here pog only took an hour too less than an hour sarah west thanks for 100 bits it's almost 1 am too. m. but i can't sleep so i'm going to watch this you can go to sleep for sure now i feel like we got the fat dub we did so i might quickly try the old arsenal game.
Now we have that thick dubbing. its really awesome its a nice addition i want the lambo we should try to get the lambo actually i feel like we should get the lambo i feel like that should happen i dont know what to do uh sarah west thanks for the hundred bits fuck thanks for the main melon cat thanks for the 100 bits keegan thanks for the two months and the hundred bits and the gifts and the jewelry box thanks for the hundred keegan with 25 gifted subs whats going on oh man crazy is happening today we just got a dub a real dub im A little surprised myself so I want to try the other cars um the other cars fast and then we'll play arsenal because I didn't.
I didn't expect to get dubbed so fast that's crazy huh where am I oh ruby ​​gamer thanks for 100 bits Keegan kinda thanks I don't do parts subs and stuff to play with people , sorry fierce mom thank you for the hundred bits bria girl thanks for the hundred bits too and for playing moon thanks for the hundred bits too correct you smart big brain big brain big brain i got my daddy slippers i still got slides from gucci is that flex i think it's a flex i didn't mean to flex you asked the question i told you a kid got them sick too and my dog ​​stole them multiple times so yeah yeah that's the story uh keegan , thanks for the thousand bits too, sorry I can't do it, I can't play for bits, I know you've shown a lot of love today, but you can't give me lambo locations please, I need to meet them mate.
I feel like we wrecked that game, but I feel like we were also very lucky because there were some sweaty guys that we built on top of the sweaty guys. Oh can I have that? As soon as I focus on the cars and I don't win the game I do better so from now on just the cars oh that lost its mind. other places nice park you know i'll try all i want is a lambo and then i'm gone i'll just try to get it in the garage ok thanks for the big 300 bit win thanks that was a decent one how many kills if i had i didn't check if it was seven or six not so much water on the map anymore i think it's around uh original now retail has cars well noticed where this lambo i want to see it there it's there is it there?
I have this and whoever tries to steal that. I'm busting I can not drive. I can not drive. I can not drive. Come on. I'm out. You were right this is so fast oh oh no I broke the chest oh god what's going on? I'm stuck. In fact, I'm stuck. so it must be true which is the best path i think we are close actually let's see how fast we can get this we have the exhaust we did it yes i want to do a speed test on this bad boy i think this is a good path to do it , yeah, let's do it, how fast, oh no, there's a guy there, I need to kill him, I'm going to have to run him over, wait, where did they go?
That's unacceptable, oh, you don't have a hunting rifle, that's sad, wait, are they in the car with me? That? Get out of my car. No, I can't fire my gun. What's going on? Take me where you want to go, brother, take me where you want to go. i'm going to drink this potion and everything will be fine everything will be fine you stole my car i know i didn't these loader shotguns are going to get me killed for my friend so that didn't do as much damage as i thought it would and he made my car it'll be completely wiped out i want to speed test this thing bro come on man it's taking me off the beaten track there's a road up here oh you don't have to go that fast to damage things ok speed test come on car rules game oh man, the driving is kind of weird see we had hundo no oh you definitely can't hit a hundo yo get away get away from me i'm busy so you can't shoot people if you get in his car you know like the chopper let's go , I'm just going to get some gas real quick, I don't know how you do it, I need gas, I need gas, how do I get gas? hd oh someone's coming I'm outside don't walk away you get out oh I'm not doing that low fuel this is bad this is bad news very bad news and we're a long way from the nearest area oh it's the one that's gone past me we're dead so this it's fast really fast 77 i think we hit 80 for me ok let's see if there's anyone here no way oh that's how you do it that's great actually at that point we need to get out of here i need to plan my route though this is so weird why is this in


why is this in fortnite huh can i go this way can i go this way if i follow this it should end up in the right place if you play races you're not going to be able to control this very well yeah we should be able to follow this on every way come on someone said you could do a boost but i dont think you can i might die ok im doing it for the meme too when someone is fueling their car i guess you can just shoot the pump and then it's over oh I need some materials let's get going I was going to make it to 100.
I can't make it to 100 oh no these guys are here they didn't see it coming. I'm going to grab that chest quick so I don't have too much stuff on me. oh, is there someone there or a shark that was a shark, it was like there was someone there, right? we survived. What has happened? My car just blew up? oh I don't think so I don't think so he was looking the other way ok so the lambo is nice I like that replay of that clip and I swear he's looking the other way that's why I didn't go. back to my builds i swear mk thanks for the 300 bits keegan thanks for the gifted sub sakai thanks for the uh two months im going to check out the armory too cause you know i like that gamemode haircut big haircut i was looking out the window i know i was looking out the window but it looked like i was the if my player is the camera i was looking this way and then the bullet went there freaking out ok definitely huh i definitely need to realize that every time you get the elimination your weapon drops ok im on this come on we start with gold scars 30 oh its 30. oh this is like a built in gun game ok you are fortnite.
You need to do all of These modes are available all the time. Someone plays? We're 16. We've had some good games today guys, the cars make things so much more interesting. In fact, I like it a lot. stormy oh we're only allowed here nice we respawn respawn respawn they're mythical yeah they're missing oh you respawn though what's next? i got three so now we're on mythical ok i might this is sick i like this no you can't walk away from me like this there they are oh me oh y'all throwing mats beautiful people want revenge well this is combat yeah come back to me do it right there you got it oh what a scoped gun that's no fun i feel like if you got more mats than anyone you'd be right oh no this is going to me carry. ages to get out of this I can't shoot this I'm controller guys he's got me you don't love this gun you can't you can't love this gun it's impossible I'm actually doing it right I need to get off this and then with a controller controller all the way come on man come on man come on man come on last gun is your pickaxe thats crazy actually get me out of reach revolver get me out of this get goods dont you watch the latest games we play i hate to catch someone yeah come on thank you fish sticks i appreciate you, okay, there are people here, I have a p90, sit down, it doesn't matter, you have a machine gun, so people are also sweating on this.
I feel like we're doing well this round. I feel that we are doing well. Snipers will also be a problem. There are definitely a couple of people here. The comeback could be a strategy. i hesitate ok i need you to hit a pretty sick snipe here stay put stay till the fish stick just come here fish stick oh i'm almost first oh that was so close that was My chance, oh, I hit him, it didn't kill him. thats unfortunate though these snipers will take forever i keep missing my chances guys they served me that on a plate dead so dead i need to take advantage i got 10 kills thats not bad next up is lmg so oh my gosh these guns are going to be so much fun to use you saw the red ones oh no oh no I dropped machine guns there are always the snipers to get me going come on if I can get the sniper out of the way it should be ok your eye is red thats because im concentrating bro i dont blink real players dont blink this guy is definitely trying to shoot me streaming snipers in this unreal unreal im cant take a break here gimme i need to stay like here oh wait you can peck oh wait you can you should have stung me bro i told you ok i'm going to sting for this one don't make me back off i'm going for the next game i like this game though it's fun actually hit the noscope too unreal oh come here come here fish stick fish stick come here let's catch someone standing still oh 95. 95 This is why silent sniper is no longer in the game really upset he has to kill someone dude im concentrating mega now so they kill me with this thing. i got 95 twice oh my god i know what to do this is taking me so long they've taken oh they're taking so long i'm way behind but i feel like these next guns i can rip i can rip up to 95 just not a good number i need to get a headshot i'm a kitty come here come here you're people who left people who might have left it's pretty cool now yeah finally ok who wants a lmg to the face who wants it they want it i think it's so inaccurate i definitely like them like two people left no there's not two people left looks like i landed on someone oh that gun remember that gun was so nasty what we got now oh are you mad oh are you mad you're so mad what am I now this rifle hunt i know you're up there oh come on it's the snipers every time yeah get out of here ok smg i can deal with i'm a controller gamer after all no crossbow bro they really want really want to make this hard for you huh oh no no mats come on come to me i'm kind of stuck down here what was that that was muted no this crossbow is pretty nice i mean this game the mode is pretty nice this crossbow is less than nice oh i almost got shot in the air no need someone to let me out air how much damage this thing does 75 ok yeah julies are wave controller are so good at controller stop right now i just need some little mats small mats too leave that oh that was disgusting oh i have no editing on the left stick edison guys on the left stick ok we are doing some moves now but there are some snipers on the way so i dont think this is going to go well check out the builds so many builds its a great way to practice i like this though its better than zone wars more fun oh he's trying to do the same i think we're going dude another sniper on the way wait he's got how do you kill someone with a grappling hook how did you get the grappling hook i think i'm lost you know pretty sure i'm lost oh my gosh you feel like the zone should move or not i need to find a bunch of people together and then just shoot them third drug the third is not bad oh peak they also give you a fighter thats cool ok i like that but snipers give me kind of a headache so let's go on a couple of solos real quick uh wonderbeard oh hey how you doing welcome welcome back to the stream glad you're enjoying them for the tier one manti thanks in your bits also the rage of the manatee is me watching you play this game it's so bad it's so bad play on the moon streams thanks 200 bits too don't worry i hopeall be well uh dizzy thank you 200 bits and zev rock thank you for gifting this to river girl i appreciate you thank you how y'all like cars and stuff huh it's good since the three of you soon you'll be playing rocket league for free sarah yeah definitely catch that dream thanks for posting the cars they're cool i like the cars they're cool uh logan thanks 100 bits also i wonder if they'll have them on the competitive playlists i don't care but you know, just out of curiosity, I'm going to post it too.
Competitive fortnite is not that fun to watch. I used to love looking at it, but now there's a lot out there. everyone can use i can't do this in the gun game though in the armory they say chicken this happens you can shoot out the window what do you mean oh i know you can shoot out the window someone killed me from that trio of arena previous comp is theirs content okay sorry sorry sorry I guess they just don't do the fortnight um the official stuff that's cool you gotta watch it for 30 minutes get a free bag oh that's a good thing actually it's nice they do that kind of thing maybe it's ok you know what was a hot take and it was a bad one ok i like canada i haven't been so i don't have i don't have comments pretty cool uh logan thanks 100 bit epic gamer rat thanks for 100 bit i also appreciate you want to say um i guess we'll go here it's probably going to be pretty um it's going to be pretty crazy in there actually we can play marbles on stream you can play marbles on stream on i guess we could do that at some point actually that would be fun the injury is in your game i did it i doubt it ok whats going on oh its cracks here actually this is atlantis right not me i haven't gone yet i told you i played like five games thats all I played and you've seen them all I haven't been here yet I don't know what it's about Is anyone else coming here or is it this?
Too bad I don't think anyone else will come here I really like this look this is cool uh silly silly thanks for the three months how about Overwatch sometime? I definitely haven't had a chance to play it. in a car you can oh no i didn't want to get up there i can't build the candy never mind i didn't have enough mats oh this is great where the players although there are no players there is little crack action there so enlighten me where are the cracks? Are there cracks everywhere or just here? Well, I almost died, but that's okay, it didn't happen.
The statues give you 100 each and their four hits. castle coral is nice to me near craggy where's craig again oh i ain't got my thing oh he's trying to look for some peeps i see 'em no folks they won't get away from me and they'll probably kill me why did i use that? gun well well destroyed it's creepy in here very creepy oh no there's a there's a shark there's a brain why there's a brain in here there's no shark sorry sorry sorry sorry leave me alone it's just near steep I thought there were cracks here for For some reason, it looks like a brain, albeit correct, which fits in 240 years.
I like this location. relaxing it's strangely like disconcerting a bit oh what is this is so cute oh yes it's dead yes brain coral look oh there it is this is well indicated is a fish egg is coming the giant fish do you see in the trailer there was a fish stick giant is coming it's going to happen i guess i should use this huh ok i'll take these i got a few more somewhere but i can't be bothered to go look for it now i'm really bad at looting i can never bother to do everything.
I get really bored as soon as I have to start farming loads, which is probably why I don't do it well. I need an easy way out of this easy way out. Is there an easy way out? you can swim up the mountain the fountains waterfalls ah thats better give me they


360 fps oh yes they did i could run so fast let's see what happens i know i'm probably going to come in because of the storm oh they did i can't really see though the difference because my monitor is not that good i mean it's good but it's not oh no that's so slow no oh that's better oh these are the statues you were talking about is there a crack here guys is there a crack here or not or is it just a tricky one i'm going to give it a try oh it works oh almost worked hello no cracks i thought it was there for some reason i we kind of stuck here that's why people don't come to coral castle just put on that teapot i'm a little teapot manti are you ok what's going on can you sing i'm a little teapot oh i see no cause you'll just make a meme that and they'll tease me ok ok come on good wrap i really like it , this whole set up right we need to swim for our lives oh well paul come on i forgot those are in the game last time I played they weren't in the game oh there's a shark in there we'll just get over it just I'm a giant short teenager thank you thank you yes great technology. test dummy so not tasty.
I forgot how high they throw you at the gas station. crystal wolves game Thanks for the level one manti. Thanks for the 200 bits. Zevrog. about four guys i played it last night and it wasn't a bit of a pain to play because of the servers so i'll play it again just wanted to see the update on the cars to be honest you got a little dub like well it's pumping again today no I think so I think they're just in that special game mode in the arsenal game mode they're not in I haven't seen one yet I haven't been killed by one yet so I'm assuming they don't log in thanks thunderbirds epic player thanks for the crystal wolf 100 bits thanks for the bits also welcome skynick thanks for the two months in a row here it comes that was a noise that came from that car well it did you see that unreal wait.
Did it come from that car? It could come from a different one. You know what would be so good? It would be great. I would like that. Oh what is this? Ah no no, I'm never going back to the castle, I'm never going back, no, what is this guy doing? 100 clip that one hundred percent you are punk can you drive that pink car? oh he's just trying no scope oh they're destroying him i took a firefly twice you can build but you can't do anything else unreal unreal behavior uh red brick yeti thanks don't worry buddy huh and yeah four guys we played yesterday the servers were a little iffy but i'm thinking about playing it i think jem will air it tonight but don't tell me tell him i told you right so i'm going to get in trouble why is the um why is the sweaty skin thing put a sunflower in the back it's weird i think i might play full guys i won't be on your stream but i want to play four guys later i won't stream it though i just wanna play it no pressure i might film it but not sure if you got a new trim. guys that's why you can at least shoot you know what I haven't seen a gold sniper before I really haven't seen that sniper before so I was really glad I was banging heads with it. cars go f1 for the cracks oh that's far i don't want to do that oh i lost my fall no uh sarah thanks for the three months you can say hi to ben he's eight and a huge fan hey, ben, how you doing? thanks for watching the videos and streams my neck looks sunburnt it doesn't look sunburnt it's direct i like the skin this is my second favorite skin it might be on par with the fish stick at some point too yes my fall is terrible to the roof to the roof oh people only go for the cars don't blame it don't blame it boy right there i was going to but i didn't it was good extreme but where are you the audio in this game really always complicated, he's dancing on me too, do i trust this guy?
No, there's two people, oh, we've got my transmission, sniper, I bought this guy, don't get stuck there, okay, I couldn't build there. Okay don't say anything I'm not here I'm not here surprise he's not pushing me actually the minecraft video is coming out tomorrow I think shut up he knew I was there he hit the last game right guys the last game that was annoying. my stream sniper gave me away i should have pushed that guy a bit better he got away from me pretty quick actually uh crystal wolf thanks for the hundred bits sarah thanks for the three months i think i said that one too but thanks again dude, fortnite is fun but i can only play it for short periods right in the last game they can hear you heal thats true its dan short ok yeah we know he should get a trophy for falling off his chair 100 million times no i'm sure if it was that long yeah i used two totem poles on i don't know i didn't fall off my chair that many times and yes i used two totem poles on the new new hardware episode it's actually um it's actually as close as i i've been to dying in the series actually and it's pretty dumb the closest i've come to dying in the whole series like i didn't have my sword with me i didn't have my sword on me we won't say why and um i was one hit away away if he missed he had to hit something until he died and if he was one hit away he missed one he'd be dead it's all open there will be over 100 so it's a bit crazy here he wasn't an enderman , no, it wasn't an enderman, actually, I almost died several times, one time it was almost for an enderman, but the two totems was not do I have a schedule I don't have unfortunately I'm a terrible person I just don't have I just can't commit to things i haven't seen you in a while how are you doing im fine thanks i cant see their names its dark blue i cant read the names dark blue the break point video was hilarious not modded hardcore because it died no that would be even more um reason to upload it ok ok this isn't bad they said i won't do it and it's not going to be ok you scared me i didn't listen. your steps, where does it come from? no no shot no shot none of those hit actually I'm so upset about it I can't even do it that's so annoying no coincidence never mind I can't believe this happened It didn't seem to be on then oh I'm going to put it out there it wasn't on oh my gosh I think I'm done I think I'm done use your aiming help I think I'm on. that's what's up oh that's so annoying and then i ran out of mats crazy machine thanks for the four months blaze troll none thanks for the 100 bits too oh i just got hit it's so hard to get this car out of here gg just gg he's just thinking about doing it what's going on i think the cars suits this game i'm just going to say the cars are really cool huh guys sorry i can't make another game i need to go and make myself some food and i'm going to try to putting this video out today but i don't think i will but um guys thanks so much for watching this it's been a great stream enjoyed keeping my toe in a fortnight again fun im streaming tomorrow not sure not sure yeah i'll stream ultra hardcore i wanna make it a streaming series but i need to figure that out to be honest with you and four guys oh four guys like well we got a win today if you didn't tune in so go and watch the vodback or wait for it to show up on the live channel so we got a win today which is pretty over the top and good we also had a good few games to start with which was nice but guys thanks so much for watching I appreciate you all.
Thanks for all the love. the bed over there uh interesting interesting interesting moves guys thank you so much for looking love you all appreciate you all leave a follow wait we're on it 1100 subs that's one thousand one hundred subs one thousand one hundred eight come on thanks for letting me hit my sub goal i appreciate that, thanks for all the subs, gifts, bits and just being here. If you're new, hit the Follow button. We have a lot of fun on this channel. soon good girl brian thank you bits of thunder see you later bye

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