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Former Lady Vol Nikki McCray-Penson Passes Away, Woman Charged in Fatah Hit-And-Run │The Seven

Jul 08, 2023
Good evening, I'm Beau Williams and welcome to the


. Let's take a look at the


big stories right now. Topping the list for us tonight, three months after a fatal hit-and-run accident, the family of the crash victim is finally seeing Judge Knoxville. Police just arrested 33-year-old Kendra Toy in connection with the death of Donald Massengill. It has now been three months since she allegedly fled the scene of the hit-and-run. Massengill, 54, died after his motorcycle was rear-ended by a car on Western Avenue. Massagel's family has been waiting for this moment for a suspect to be in custody, but Donald's wife tells us the office The sheriff's office did not contact her about the arrest.
former lady vol nikki mccray penson passes away woman charged in fatah hit and run the seven
We're told she learned of this critical update in the case from her husband. As she looks at the Knox County Sheriff's Office website, she still says the only important thing right now is getting justice for her husband. Donald was a great person, he meant everything to me. I mean, like I said before, he treated me like the queen. I'm um, I didn't have to walk for anything at all, he meant the world, he was a great person. Kendra Toy, the


police have now identified as the driver in that March crash, has been


with vehicular manslaughter by reckless endangerment by leaving the scene of an accident and driving under the influence in the Mourning Community vault this night


Tennessee Lady of all basketball star Nikki McRae Pinson passed


, the two-time All-American was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013.
former lady vol nikki mccray penson passes away woman charged in fatah hit and run the seven

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former lady vol nikki mccray penson passes away woman charged in fatah hit and run the seven...

Rutgers University, the school where she served as an assistant coach confirmed the last season that the VFL died at the age of 51. The Collier Tennessee native starred for the Lady Vols from 1992-95 last Summit, helping them win three regular season titles, three SEC titles and four NCAA tournament appearances in which McRae Pinson played. professionally for a decade before becoming a coach, most notably as head coach at Mississippi State, according to Women's Basketball Hall of Fame President Dana Hart, she had an impact on nearly everyone she met. I think Nikki was an inspiration to anyone she knew.
former lady vol nikki mccray penson passes away woman charged in fatah hit and run the seven
I met her it was faith it was family and it was basketball that's really who she was such a positive spirit such a positive person I, you know, I think that's what resonates with me with Nikki, she was always positive and that beautiful smile, I mean. just a beaming smile every time you saw his heart says McCray's positivity and impact will be felt here in Knoxville and throughout the sport of basketball for Generations next right now in our big seven for you, the fifth person has been arrested in connection to a fatal shooting in Sweetwater that claimed the life of a two-year-old boy this happened on Valentine's Day Nathaniel McEwen was arrested yesterday after fleeing to Florida in June McEwen was


with two counts of felony murder three counts of attempted murder first degree murder conspiracy to commit first degree murder, reckless endangerment and several other charges, four other men were also arrested in connection with the shooting of two-year-old Elena, the men reportedly demanded that the drove to a house threatening to rob the owner after he refused to shoot. then they were shot, one of which mortally wounded Elena Elena died in the hospital on February 17 the man identified as Lenin cuerta was found dead on the porch with a gunshot wound in that incident it is believed that Huerta was the one who fired the butts There was another unidentified man lying on the ground in front of a vehicle with a wound to the top of his forehead.
former lady vol nikki mccray penson passes away woman charged in fatah hit and run the seven
Elena Butts' mother. The mother's boyfriend was also shot and taken to the hospital. Today was the first day for a select few who could. Tour Norris Dam and see behind the scenes after several years of being closed to the public. Actually, it's all part of tva's 90th anniversary. Norris was the first dam built by the Tennessee Valley Authority, construction began in 1933 and was completed in 1936. It has been generating power for the Tennessee Valley ever since. You know, many were excited to be part of the group to see the inside of this dam for the first time in several years.
We saw it on Facebook that they were going to offer tours of the dam so I went to this site and of course that's where they mentioned that it was going to be very limited so I introduced my wife and we requested the two tours that they are doing this month and got a I sent an email about a week and a half ago saying I was selective. I was very surprised. You know, we were told that thousands of people requested these tours, most will be limited to only 20 people at a time and the people were chosen at random.
The tours will continue. Until early August, good things. More housing is in the works for South Knoxville, right along the Waterfront. A developer just submitted an application to the Knoxville Zoning Board of Appeals to build Steamboat Flats. It is a group of 10 townhouses on Island Home Avenue. That's just a block from The Print Shop brewing and just down the street from the bustling, stern avenue of businesses including Alliance Landing House South Coast Pizza and Tightrope. Now we take a look at the zoning application for Steamboat Flats, which included these renderings and plans. For the townhomes, each home will have two bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a second-floor balcony overlooking the river, and a first-floor garage.
The city will review the zoning application later this month; Well, those townhomes are just the latest addition to what's really been. There's a crazy real estate market here in Knoxville and the rental market is even crazier, you probably know what we're talking about. A new report names Knoxville as the fourth most popular small rental market in the country. There is a high occupancy rate, apparently 96 percent of the apartments in Knoxville. They are already rented and construction of new apartments has slowed somewhat according to Knoxville listen to this has an average of 18 prospective tenants for every vacant unit in the scruffy city, which is more competitive than any other rental market in our region.
The report shows that Nashville has nine prospective tenants for every vacant unit, which matches the national average. Chattanooga, by the way, is right behind them with eight potential tenants for every vacant unit. The last seven big stories for you tonight, the doctor, the regional blood center, needs your help, the blood. The supplier has a critically low inventory of O negative blood at this time. Less than a day's supply, we are told, due to high Christmas demand. Negative O is critically low across the country. Healthy donors are encouraged to donate as soon as possible to help stabilize. the non negative blood supply is the universal blood type so any patient can receive it at any time and can receive a transfusion of O negative blood so if you don't know if you have an accident and the paramedics are not going to know your blood type, they can transfuse O negative blood and make it safe for you once you get to the hospital and they do a blood type, they can determine your blood type and they will give you your specific blood type, but until then, the safest blood for you.
It's going to be O Negative

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