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forcing a glow up in quarantine *affordable at home*

May 29, 2021
hey girlie pops ok i usually prep for my videos but this is one of those world videos so its ok i look ugly at first as you can probably tell my tanned face is so bad in Right now if it's actually going to be part of the procedure is removing that bad fake tan and then putting on a good one, but let's get started right away. I will try doing eyelash extensions myself first, eyelash extensions are the most important thing that changed my face in my opinion. like my eyes look so different when I don't have them and that's how they look right now and I didn't even know it was possible that people were doing these things at


and then I was watching the Kayla Kosuke video.
forcing a glow up in quarantine affordable at home
I don't know how to say your last name, I'm sorry, and she was sitting there putting on eyelash extensions and I was like, how is that even possible? So I ordered the kit from Amazon let's try to make it but I'll have to give fair warning that I was watching another girl's video and she's says if you use professional glue you have to be very careful because it can cause vision loss or blindness real, so I just want to give you fair warning, don't do this at


. I'm going to do my best and we're going to see what happens and I'm really going to try to be sure about it and in my room sitting next to this mirror right here and this is the kit that I got from Amazon.
forcing a glow up in quarantine affordable at home

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forcing a glow up in quarantine affordable at home...

I got the pink version and let's see what comes inside. yours so it comes with tape for your lower lashes a bunch of i don't know what this is i don't know what that's a bunch of spoiled spoiled kid Lee's boole's boole's a bunch of thugs and its pink which is really cute these things go around your finger like a ring and then they hold the lash glue so you can have it right there and then i'm jealous below the eye so we can do this. I already have a little bit of eyeliner stuck on there so I'm going to get a makeup remover wipe and remove this is going to be intense ok so it looks clean it's actually going to go crazy if I can do this at home though Because do you know how much money I spend per month on acrylic nails and eyelash extensions?
forcing a glow up in quarantine affordable at home
If people are going to learn how to do this from home, the world will save a lot of money, but it's also kind of scary because those are businesses that need love for you, you know if I don't know how you feel about it, but at the moment this is all we can do. I'm so nervous if you can't say oh my gosh okay here's the before it's barely amazing okay first step and I'll go with what I remember they did. You're going to take these patches and place them where they stick to my bottom lashes so look oh my god this is my dog ​​hi spock i was wearing this sir i did some more research and the more i research the more i believe that you probably shouldn't do this at home, it can cause an infection, you can get like little red bumps, it seems like it's not very good to do, fair warning, I didn't tell you to do this yourself and if you do that that's yours dude okay let's try applying these eye patches okay i don't like that oh okay i think this one is supposed to sink in and then you're supposed to take every video i watched no one uses this knife i know why because i think it just doesn't feel right.
forcing a glow up in quarantine affordable at home
I'm just not going to use that. I'll try to tape my bottom lashes together, even if no one who saw you die either. the things are these things are to clean your lashes but i don't have a solution to clean them so i should have that too nervous it doesn't feel good at all hey i really don't like this i just won't. this oh please don't come at me in the comments. I feel like I'm going to do a lot wrong in this video and we're just going to have to learn from our mistakes. it sounds like this and then you put the glue in there so this is the glue.
Bye. I was going to say link in the description, but I'm as is. than allowing people to do this I don't know and I don't know if I want to do it yet but we'll see I'll recommend or not recommend at the end of this so that's good once in a while here My tabs are fine. I wear a ring full of glue. I probably should have done the latter. I'm already making mistakes here. boys. I would have butterflies in my stomach. I'm so nervous. I feel like I've seen people make their own mistakes. the youtube videos so i hope i learned from that but if this is anything like that nail video i hope it's nothing like that nail video that video wasn't good ok it feels so cool, these are all different tabs and they say different things. sizes, so I'll start at the end.
I'm going to use a relatively long lash, like maybe 13 millimeters, and then I have two tweezers, this one is going to extend my lashes and then this one is going to apply and you're supposed to do it literally one lash at a time so honestly I probably won't talk anymore and just try to focus because this is a very serious moment, oh my god the fumes are coming, the themes are coming, it's burning, is that you? I have a bad feeling about this I feel like I really shouldn't do this but okay I think I've got one there's this one here that's when I disciplined you're supposed to make sure it's not crooked and it's like going in the right direction and it's pretty far from my skin the only problem is i think i'm not actually putting it on a single tab i think it's on a group of tabs and that's not good ok two down hey guys this is the update.
It basically hasn't burned me. I have a fan just in case but I have a sensitive one for the eyes so it doesn't burn and I don't get it anywhere near my eye like I'm trying to use the lashes which are a little farther away but I mean some of they're crooked and it's a little hard to keep them straight. Good, but usually a few more hours and I feel like I could do this at home. I'm so excited guys. I'm really surprised right now. Here is the revelation of which I don't even have words. The first one I did so as you can see it's more crooked and this was the second one I did so I did it a lot faster and straighter but I feel like I want to just say like we're going to put the before up here that's crazy I'd rather be like kinda i dont know crooked or something but i still have lashes on my face and then i dont have any like i was honestly shocked this was the biggest thing about not going.
It was like my eyelashes made my face show. so different i'm so excited ok i feel like it was much safer than i thought it would be i didn't have a lot of burning eyes and i had a fan to blow the smoke out of my eye so i'll link the amazon kit next it wasn't even that expensive and it's crazy because getting a pair of lashes for the first time can be like $150 and then filling them each time can be fifty to a hundred dollars every two to three weeks so the kit costs less than a hundred bucks if you want so if you use this all the time you would be saving a lot of money but Wow I am literally considering canceling my membership to one last place because this is the lowest in my mind this is the most important part of the transformation, it's like this changed a face, you know, and it definitely could do a lot more and maybe it will. this is a bit more natural I suppose, but it could do a lot more.
I'm so excited. I need to fix the texture of my face. it's like i can't stay on point so i'm trying to get out but first let's shave your face. Here I am grabbing a retro crushed velvet scrunchie. buy the joggers, socks and scrunchies together you can get 40% off with code bu ndle 40 it's like a cozy little stay-at-home kit to look cute while being cozy anyway let's do this. It confuses me, but I'll do it anyway because I do everything that idiot Bob tells me to do and then I'll take this little device. I got this from Ulta not too long ago and then we'll shave his face.
I'm going out into the sun so you can see the satisfying shave. I can't get over my lashes. I'm surprised, so shaving everything. I honestly can't see anything. I'm using the viewer, so let's wait. this works i can actually see it not only dead skin coming off but like the little white hairs coming off and hopefully this ratchet tan - look at all that hair that's weird and usually not it looks like this without the oil so I feel like the oil is a key part that's crazy it feels so slow ok let's do this other side right I'm going to shave the rest of my face the mustache ok , i shaved my face and it feels so smooth and soft i can't believe it, i love the feeling but you have to make sure to clean your face afterwards because you're basically just opening up the pores so i did a gentle daily wash.
I did remove the fake tan a bit, but right there it bothers me and I don't know how to rub it off. This is literally like a body brush. I could wear this and rub my face, what a layer it's not good for you, but I don't want to look like that, so I'll do my best. It feels like my face is going to fall off. I did my best. to match it, what is that? We're going to have to go fix it with the real sun. I guess my face is very smooth now, it's okay.
I'm going to put on some moisturizer and sunscreen and I'm going to continue. a run, I'm going to work out and then I'm laying in the sun, oh my moisturizer burns me, that means I rubbed my face too hard and I'm going to tan and t Then I'm going to shower and we'll continue to shine, ok these shorts are too short for me now so i'm going to push it i don't have a lot of workout tops ok so i'm going out for a run like this short run had an asthma attack and that's what which sounds good, now i can breathe and finally today that was my pressure point.
I'm finally going to go get my asthma steroids again because I was literally having asthma attacks every single day and I couldn't exercise so I'm going to put on a bathing suit and get a tan because the UV rays are 9 today and if the rays UV is 9, you only have to tan like 20 minutes and you'll burn Little Sun crisps, so let's get it right. I'm outside by the pool. I already filled mega relaxed. I have my water here. Keep hydrated. I've got my Reprice retro ponytail and I'm going to listen to an audiobook because in 2020 you're going to shine mentally too, not just physically, so I've been listening to Sadie Robertson's new book and I'm going to let you guys know how I feel about that when I finish my story of yes, Probably, but I'm going to get a tan and do some cheeky talk. very relaxing but i was wearing a bikini and i did a chat and then i stared at my body and i thought i need to lift weights because i haven't done it in a long time if you didn't watch my two Body Transformation of the Week Go Crazy!
Check out that so proud video of my journey that's been like a year of preparation to finally really learn what my body does and how it responds to food and how it works and what happens to your body when you do it. stuff so go watch that video i think it's really i don't know a lot of you are saying it motivated you to work out so i hope it does it for you and obviously you can't shine a workout this is something that takes like years but it's like mentally and physically it makes me feel s or so much better so im gonna do some weight lifting let's do it oh ok i did the 20 minute pamela rife workout and now i'll have baby so many questions and you'll always find us , excuse me, I'm in the back, I did it. a nice hair mask because I've been using a lot of heat on my hair and I feel like it's breaking down and you can see it now which really sucks because I'm trying to grow my hair out but I'm going to do a full face glam and then put on an outfit and then we're gonna grab some IPS and some tik toks.
I am literally almost half of my instagram followers on tik tok which is mind blowing. It's been months, so I'm going to put on my makeup. I always hesitate to leave this part because I don't know if it's boring or if they like to see me do my makeup. I'm not sure or clear on my path but I guess I'll do it real quick and then if I have any implants I'll say oh and for my nails if you haven't seen my previous video. o I did my nails at home and they are polygel which is kind of like acrylic but a bit different, that's how they look in the sunlight, they don't look too bad but close up it shows. which are not good but they are like real nails like they are there like acrylics basically thats great if you want to do it yourself at home check out my video above its definitely not a tutorial but its a journey we went through By together.
The concealer I absolutely tore it up in the makeup bag and it's in all my other stuff. It's pretty disgusting, but um concealer. You know what I'm going to talk about something for a second. These are some things I've been enjoying. while i'm stuck at home and it makes me feel like i'm


ing and taking care of all these red things so number one is listening to a podcast listening to a podcast is one of my favorite things to do and in the whole wide world there's nothing that stops me like more than waking up in the morning make a cup of coffee eat nummieswhile listening to a podcast go for a walk with my dog ​​just listen to my podcast have a sip of coffee then read a book our bible study reading has been so enjoyable i even downloaded audible and have been listening to us thank you your book by robertson and i have never been someone who listens to audio books but it's like a podcast so i've been doing that i've been running around and listening to music which is the best there is and especially since it's spring it's quite nice you know setting powder of course , i have been watching youtube videos and doing tik-tok and stuff but i found the most relaxed time is when i listen to podcasts or read or journal or be creative and like draw and put little sticky notes in my bible and planner talking to my friends even though I feel like I've been super antisocial like I don't even want to have friends on FaceTime because I'm so used to being alone and listening to a podcast on this point I don't know, I feel like you have to stalk that before it goes too far or else I might end up with this and never want to see people again.
I'm outgoing and I get energy from people but I think I forgot that sometimes then come on my channel so according to your friends call your parents if you're not with them. Today I'm going to do a fancy cream bronzer and we'll do some real contouring. What else have I been doing? I know there's more, oh yeah, the little things like DIY and dyeing are just like doing my nails or shooting videos. honest if you don't listen to my podcast i recommend my podcast tions to you so obviously my podcast called me honest what we said the podcast is like honestly my favorite econ of all time Fadel is a super inspirational business podcast girls on the move is fun talkative pretty basic girl talk with alicia laurie and remi cruz the health code it's sara day and her husband and her fiancé and they are the funniest couple ever they tell the funniest stories and i get so excited to work out that's another thing is just oh working out at this point lily and i are like only working out twice a day because there's nothing else to do to get energy playing with spock giving him walks giving him bad keeping him love and attention oh netflix so this has been really especially if they didn't know that my dad has been living with me and we have like an apartment in the garage so he's been there and every night he comes down we like it ago or cookies or we make dinner together Ryan has been cooking dinner and we've been watching this show called Ozark and we're all hooked on it and it's a really nice bonding time and then like after the show after we watch two episodes per Tonight basically my dad will tell stories from his childhood and I'm learning a lot about my dad. closer to him which has been really nice and I really feel like all this has made some little things so much sweeter like just going for a walk it's so peaceful and just talking to your parents actually having conversations with them it's so special so those are the things I can think of off the top of my head but those are really fun things to do that aren't really on your phone and honestly you like to go all glam in makeup, wear an outfit and doing some tick toc it's been so much fun and i'm just getting creative you know posting on instagram all that jazz ok i usually mess up my makeup when it comes to the bronzer where can i go with it ok Does it usually level out sooner or later?
I'm sure you would please comment on the things you've been doing like self care or fun stuff during


because I'd love to know and be specific. co what's your favorite podcast what's your favorite Netflix show what's your favorite book you're reading i know i'll help each other out, you know? Can you try my new brush highlighter for creases around L? I line up well, but i look so different with lash extension than i do with winged eyeliner again. haven't looked like this in a second and lastly lipstick this is becca lipstick in sugar ok i look glam in lipstick and then to make it shiny i'm wearing a little bit of lip gloss to match my nails, it's so satisfying, I think that's it. for my face i'm going to set it with a little bit of spray it does everything i do to me II don't put it in your hair it will boil it too II I tried it on my nose and it burns good and then we're going to pick up in a freaking outfit I think that i'm going to keep my hair straight and try not to damage it, oh my gosh, this ticking thing where you put a bathrobe string over your hair and then wrap it around it and it's curls with no heat, It's amazing, you should check that out, Spock, are you ready for?
Mommy's reveal I already did a transformation for you here are my four and I'm going to change into my outfits here is my transformation I put on my earrings and I put on my necklace that I wear on time and this dress is Princess Polly's actually i wear this on easter but it never saw the light of day so im putting it back on and it never took an instagram pic so i feel like i should go do that and yeah i love my makeup and straight hair. I need to love my straight hair cause I've been damaging it so much Wow lash extensions hanning nails mind blowing reading it's a great time and honestly just begging for glam for no reason yeah im gonna take selfies now . but instead of picking up the phone and doing t it to my face i'm going to go outside and then walk up there like that ticking thing you guys probably know what i'm talking about would you take a picture of me ok?

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