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Forced To Sleep on the Couch Forever (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Jun 11, 2021
was what you had in mind. No, ma'am, it wasn't. And to be honest with you, Mr. Pinner, I'm sure that's not why he asked you here. No. This is not what you planned either. No, it was not. This is not what all of you had in mind. And I can see, Mrs. Martin, that she's not proud of what she did. This is not who you are. Even when a man is doing his shit don't let him throw you off your game because at the end of the day you are the mother of Royal'blu and I know you feel responsible.
forced to sleep on the couch forever full episode paternity court
Yes ma'am. Every bit of it. JUDGE LAKE: And so a lot of times when they yell and argue and argue back and forth, they're just shooting at each other and it seems to me like they're just projecting a lot of the anger that they have. for yourselves BRITAIN: Yes. Against each other. Instead of just taking an honest look and saying, "I screwed up." At this point, what I want to know is, Mr. Pinner, you say that his suitcase is packed. Yes, His Honor. This. And you are ready. You have one foot out the door. Yes, Your Honor.
forced to sleep on the couch forever full episode paternity court

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forced to sleep on the couch forever full episode paternity court...

If Royal'blu is your biological daughter, can you unpack that bag? Yes, that's exactly what I want to do. I'm a sniper here now. When you unpack that suitcase, you have to unpack it with the intention of letting go of the baggage of the past. Yes, Your Honor. Now you just can't unpack the suitcase and then one random Wednesday she just decides you're going to get mad again because she had that party. I understand what she's saying, your honor. Or we will come back here again. Yes, Your Honor. Understand that. Ms. Martin, before we go to the results, is there anything you'd like to say?
forced to sleep on the couch forever full episode paternity court
It's just that I've been paying for my mistakes and if I could go back and redo it all, I would. With all my heart, I would. I apologize. But I want them together because I want my family back. I want it all back. Let's get the results. These results were prepared by DNA Diagnostics and read as follows. In the case of Martin v. Pinner, I had sex with someone else. When it comes to 22-month-old Royal'blu, this


has determined, Mr. Pinner, that you are the father. Oh! (AUDIENCE APPLAUDES) BRITTANY: Thank God. Oh Lord. I am sorry.
forced to sleep on the couch forever full episode paternity court
It's over. I am sorry. So sorry. it's finally over. So sorry. From the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry. This has been so hard. I am sorry. This has been so hard. I apologize. (EXHALE) It's my heart. I am sorry. I am sorry. I just want to move on. May I give you a hug, Your Honor? Absolutely, if it's okay. Yes ma'am. Everything's fine. (applause) I love you. Love you. Can I move my things back to the room now? I guess so. You're tired of


ing on that


. Oh yeah, it's hard. My back hurts.
JUDGE LAKE: My back hurts, hang in there. Jerome and I need these days. I'm glad. This is the result I expected. Because at the end of the day they have a son together and now Royal'blu knows that this is her father. And hope


y everyone can start to put, not just that night, but the state of the relationship in general in the past. BRITAIN: Yes, ma'am. And that means they're both going to have to change. You are the man of this family. You are the woman of this family, the mother of this family. You all have to set an example for these beautiful children.
BRITTANY: Yes, Your Honor. All of you are not alone here. We've all been through relationships that have gone well and not so well. Right? But if you have a chance to save the relationship, get the tools you need. So, we have that for you, I want you to take advantage of it. The trial is suspended. BRITAIN: Thank you.

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