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Foothills Forever Virtual Benefit Concert

May 29, 2021
So welcome everyone thank you so much for joining us here tonight tonight we're here on the eve of a very important deadline for the san marcos


the san marcos



campaign which launched just recently three months. In order to preserve West Mesa and permanently protect that space for our entire community, we are so far down this exciting road incredibly fast and we have with us tonight some incredible musicians, incredible local musicians, people with local roots right here in Santa Barbara who offered their Es It's time to help us raise the final dollars needed to get past that finish line, so tonight you're going to hear and I mean here and see from Bruce Goldish from Zach Gill of Glen Phillips, as well as now from national musician Rich Mahan. our goal tonight is, of course, to entertain, to have these fabulous people lend their talents, and to celebrate the work that has been going on over the past few months and really many years to permanently preserve and protect the west mesa of the san marcos foothills what we have is a June 1st deadline so as I sit here tonight I speak to you on May 27th right on the eve of memorial day weekend holiday as of last night last night we were at the 12 mark million dollars, that's 12 million dollars raised in 11 weeks, you can do the math on that, but it's an amazing achievement, over a million dollars a week raised just for this short period amazing community campaign of very high energy i am just one of dozens of people who have stepped up in these past few months to help make this happen and i personally do so because i believe in it this is a legacy that ue has santa barbara we have done this many times about preserving and protecting our lands our open spaces our wild spaces protecting natural history cultural history and really making sure that we all have the opportunity to enjoy these spaces and learn from them that is true today and that will be true for generations and the beauty of doing this for property and land and open space a real part of our landscape is that it's here


so once we're successful it's here forever and that's what we want.
foothills forever virtual benefit concert
I'm asking you to help us I have a very exciting announcement huh and I won't tell you yet I'll just let you know I have a very exciting announcement and sometime in the middle of this show I'll be able to share that today was a very good day again and tonight will be a very good evening, so thank you for being with us, thank you for being willing to spend some time with us, obviously, to enjoy the talents of our great venue. musicians who have lent themselves to this effort tonight to this process, but we also have a lot of other people who made this possible, so we'll show you a little bit about that. some of the good people that have made it possible for us to launch into this paign chamber and we will be back in a moment and tell you more amazing weather beautiful mountains coastline and great people this is the center of what we know and love as the mist from the daily life dissipates and reveals a jewel of open space people from all corners of the community come here to connect with the land here in the foothills of san marcos nature and boundaries but once the homes are built here this land will change forever we have a chance to protect this place forever just as we did at the douglas family reserve and elwood this wilderness touches the hearts of humans young and old and our native creatures great and small the only open space undeveloped in our hills to the coast of gabiota, it is precious land and deserves our protection, nature needs us as much as it needs it. amos now is the time to save the foothills of san marcos please donate and spread the word to secure this legacy for our future generations we only have until june 1st so there you have it young people in the know.
foothills forever virtual benefit concert

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foothills forever virtual benefit concert...

How important this is, it really has been a multi-generational campaign, so there are people involved in this effort, whose ancestors lived on this actual place, have occupied, lived and built homes on these lands for many generations, we have people who have just discovered it in the last few months and of course we have young people realizing that preserving a place like this will not only


them in their lives but the next generation and the next and the next . it's really a community-wide effort and we're so grateful to everyone who's done this, although I want to tell you a little bit about this campaign and how it started, maybe going back a generation, some of us remember the late 1990s early back in the 2000s, when these lands were 300 acres and the idea was that some development was going to happen there and the community stepped in and said we'd like to see some of this preserved, there was quite a bit of active negotiation and ultimately the owner he was good enough to donate a lot of that about two thirds of that land was donated and became what is now the san marcos foothills reservation and for those of us who were there at the time we all believed that that was the end of it i mean it was a very good result to have 200 acres donated for permanent public use uh another hundred that would be developed and we thought what e was really the best deal we could hope for in our community um and 15 16 years later that ridge had yet to develop so it was only last fall that the question came up and it was a question whether we could actually raise the funds to buy the rest of that land so that those of us, like myself, who believe that was possible, know the history of our community, know how many dollars have gone into this kind of work, know decades of conservation efforts, whether we're talking about the 1960s waterfront park, whether we're talking about the douglas preserve, a former wilcox property, whether we're talking about the hot springs canyon or the spurling preserve in elwood, these are all places that have been preserved because the community stepped up and said this is important so we think it can be done and in early march we started this he amazing campaign to raise over $18 million in just 90 days and many people said that's not something you just wouldn't do if someone asked you to.
foothills forever virtual benefit concert
I frankly would have said no don't try it won't work but I knew the place. I know the community and we knew that their resources are here. The will is here. The story is here. The commitment is here. The values ​​are here. here and of course i already told you 12 million dollars in 11 weeks so we're here to pass that goal on june 1st right after the next holiday weekend so tonight there are so many ways you can give and you c and send a check we agree old school we like there is a website it's a beautiful website there are informational videos there are photo pictures there are all kinds of history natural and cultural history there uh if you haven't seen it yet, check it out we're going to launch this slide here and show you some of the different ways you can donate so like I said you can mail a check you can go online and text to donate and the instructions. they're right in front of you there are ways to text if you want to right now you're inspired and frankly if you're not inspired yet you will be soon so hold on inspiration is coming oh and there. there are ways you can donate appreciated stock there are many things you can do you can pick up the phone and we'll help you you can give us your bank account and we'll take care of you you don't have to worry about that but what we want to do is make sure that all who want to give and support this work have a chance to do so so we're going to get into music because that's what we're here to do and we've got somebody to kick off tonight who's well known and of course he's been on our newsroom has been through a lot this last year he is an amazing musician an amazing community member so generous with his time and talent uh locally known and and if you know Bruce you know he is the parking garage guitarist uh and uh, of course he used the reverb from those concrete walls to solve it so i want to welcome bruce goldish to the screen uh please enjoy what bruce has got to offer so there they are i got it thank you so much bruce for doing that for us uh i'll tell you a little story i play a little bit of guitar i know bruce goldish but i played a little bit of guitar and when i was a ucsb student i would go hide in the hole of the Phelps Hall staircase just to get the same thing. effect uh bruce has mastered it way beyond what i can do so thank god no one asked me to play tonight but thank you so much bruce always aspiring i really love what you do in our community and of course Thank you for doing this for us here tonight.
foothills forever virtual benefit concert
Then we have much more in store for you. I think what we're going to do now is take a look. We have a donor screen there. It will show you a bit about how we're making progress. what they look like is a small thermometer with the goal and how much has been given. I know some of you have already texted tonight to thank you for that. I sound like I'm alone in a big empty room but I'm really not there's a bunch of people here making this happen so you want to meet him okay hey everyone ok look at that please take it as a thank you to everyone who has given so far and we know we have a hundred. plus 200 I don't know ten thousand let's tell everyone there are ten thousand people watching right now it doesn't matter as long as you're watching it's good huh but that's how we're doing it so thank you again there's a big gap but , oh, God, I have a good surprise for you, I can.
I won't give it to you yet, but I'll tell you some very good news shortly. Some news came today. I have over 4,300 gifts so far and that's something else. I was giving them the big numbers and of course big gifts are critical at a time like this, but the other equally critical part is the fact that there is a broad base of support not only in our region but beyond and that's because people have seen pictures of this land pictures of this land have been in that space if you haven't we'll talk about it later please do it too it will inspire you so we're going to move on now to our next artist uh and he like I said, he's doing this live from Nashville or almost live, he j We just did this for us from Nashville, but Rich Mahan, who many of you know and have heard in the community and beyond, and we want to welcome you to Rich to the show so take him Mr.
Rich Mahan Hey folks Rich Mahan this is where you know public open spaces. they are vital to preserve the environment of any area. We all know how special Santa Barbara is to each and every one of us. Please help us preserve the San Marcos Foothills West Mesa area and keep it intact for current and future generations to enjoy without development. Visit to learn more and help in this noble effort thank you sit in my chair have a beer listen to the latest thing you think i want to hear if its a happy tale watching these politicians spend their money and my home is on the hill, then it doesn't really matter when those bleeding hearts complain because they're so full of it there's no room.
I'm rachel mahan. Please remember to visit and see what you can do to help, maybe it's financial, maybe it's a little time consuming, but thanks for visiting so don't get in a man's way when he wants to have a sip in his favorite room and let's pick two. coffee or two in the morning in the afternoon well here's something my friend told me how to make you just bought a plain coffee in the morning thank you very much rich uh that was it was recorded just for us tonight just in the last few days, we communicated extensively with all our favorite musicians and just said: can you help us?
Can you be a part of this? tonight again we are here to raise dollars to help us cross the finish line to preserve the mesa west of the san marcos foothills this is a campaign that started in march uh 90 days to raise over 18 million dollars uh really 20 when all is said and done and we've done an amazing job so far last night, $12 million in 11 weeks and I said there's some great news I can share with you in a moment on that number but in the meantime we want to take a look . look at that donor screen again and see where we are there's a little thermometer on there that gives you an idea of ​​how to do it and what you can do and how people are doing and thanks to everyone who has done anything you can send a mail check that you cango online you can text 44321 foothills forever this is what gets us across that finish line again the deadline is the first of june so we're talking about right after this holiday weekend, that's the deadline so we're at an extremely fast pace uh i think we set some records i'm sure we'll look back in the history books and say no one has ever raised so much so quickly for this critical purpose but of new that's some amazing open space right now so natural history so much wildlife if you haven't been there we want to invite you to go if you've been there come back i'm going just to remind myself why we've all set foot can't wait to do this campaign let's finally memorial day week and as you look at this right now i can tell you there are tours every day this holiday weekend so saturday sunday and monday At 10 am. in the hills all you have to do is cross the bridge to nowhere park in that parking lot you will see all the information there will be people presenting there will be information but at 10 am Saturday, Sunday and Monday but of course you don't have to do it then you can do it anytime just like your donations do it anytime enjoy a sunset a sunrise its a lovely place and of course Of course, that's what we're doing here tonight, so now I have the pleasure of introducing someone live and I have to say 15 months later. covid saying that in and of itself is just this is lovely so we have um as i shared some recorded pieces of wonderful musicians from all over the world all based here in santa barbara but with me in the studio and he's there he's about eight feet away from me like mr zach gill him if you don't know if you know anything about santa barbara music and there he is right there look that was live do you want to try again live i don't remember what zach did i mean if you know alo you know too if you've seen zach perform anywhere in this community he's not only an amazing musician he can do basically anything but he's also a very generous guy who gives back to the community and he's here this night to act, to help. let's raise the money for the san marcos foothills forever so ladies and gentlemen please say hello and i will ask my real live studio audience to help me welcome mr zach gill thank you all we are streaming , i'm doing this we're doing a double stream here we're streaming from my phone uh and i hope this works but for people watching on the stream uh zach gilphone you should switch to the youtube link which is uh on my instagram page anyway uh the san marcos foothills let's save that stuff i wasn't familiar with the san marcos foothills i heard the buzz around town saved the san marcos foothills and as a resident of you know western schooner i rarely pass the san marcos freeway toll you know it's like it's a big deal and you and then I hadn't really checked so I was checking out the foothills of san marco s and i went for a walk with my friends ovie and ethan and we didn't know where to start we just thought let's check this out we go to the san marcos foothills see what the deal is and we um we started we hiked through what which I think is the west, the west piece that you know we got and it was, you know, it's pretty sturdy, it's not as well cared for, but we found this killer oak tree and we sat down and actually it was a day before my birthday and we talked all kinds of wonderful things and then we wondered, you know, why didn't we get on our way, there were some ticks and we were worried about ticks and we said don't go back the way we came from, that was kind of annoying, so we thought, oh, i think we should have gone that way and we were looking at the road below and we rushed down the road and we hit the road and we were walking down the road just three old friends and ethan and zach talking about life and i had a feeling we could s walk forever and i kind of felt like that movie stay with me like three i felt like i was in high school and i was walking with two friends and we were talking and i felt like that was him and to be honest i wasn't.
I was like with you. I was like. This is an impossible goal. I do not can. I'm not sure, you know, I heard about the buzz, but I thought there's nothing I can do. I'm not good for a million. you know thank you thank you but anyway i was walking there with my friends and i thought this is a beautiful place and if people for generations could experience i think then that would be a wonderful thing so i emailed Donnie and I'm here Danny I'm here and I'm ready to go and as I was getting ready I thought of this song, it's kind of old. alo um song and i wrote it a long time ago in yosemite i was with my friend chucky you know chucky chuck carter we were in yosemite and we were rock climbing and i was in awe of the water and the world i was in so everyone who knows hope it's for all of us to have a sense of wonder and I think that's what preserving open space is all about. the ancients knew the truth about us our purpose is to be what we are our purpose is to be what we are canyons carved by neanderthal notions fighting with time mountains of impossible proportions that only exists within your mind that only exists within your mind and the water rises and covers our soul and you know it's all anyone can do just to be who we are when times get tough and there's nowhere left to run and the water we grow and carves the world like it carves stones and the water rises and the water grows and carves the world as it carves stones carves the world as if it carves our bones looking 20 years into the future wondering if it's me I see wrinkles carved by emotions standing in knee-deep water standing still knee deep in water and the water rises and covers your soul and you know it's all anyone can do just to be who we are when times get hot and there's not a single thing left Nowhere to run and the water rises again and the water rises and the water rises and carves the world like it carves stones thank you thank you save those hills thank you oh thank you so much zach you'll see zach can do anything i told you, uh, he will also return with us. not the last we heard from zach tonight just the first just the first you mentioned chuck carter we need to talk about chuck yeah yeah my roommate is fine huh so we have a lot more in store for you huh what we gonna do now it's listening to one of those donors who was inspired to do as much as he really could and we've had so many people step up to contribute to the campaign and they've done it and then they've done more and then they've gone back to do more and gwen is one of those people so gwen dawson has something to share with us about why she did that uh why she's become such a huge supporter of this effort and hopefully her story will inspire others as well and such see you so listen to one of our fabulous donors miss gwen dawson i have never invested so much money in any kind of charitable project or anything in my life but there is something about saving land that just touched me and i gave something first of all and then I was like, okay, okay, there's a lot of other charities and then I was like, wait a minute, what's up with all that land?
So I've lived in Santa Barbara since 1964. My father was Stuart Taylor and he dragged us all down. here from philadelphia and he took over the news press and we all cried all the time he was happy and we miserable just thought dad this is not a good idea i thought why go to crazy california with earthquakes and all that stuff somehow we started to get a rhythm and we lived on hope ranch so there were these beautiful views of the mountains and there was the ocean and i started to feel a little better about all of this after a while so i was a divorced young woman and a mother and my son and I lived in apartments on calle arriaga and calle figueroa without a patio or land basically you don't know anything so only the parks in the center were very important to me that i could walk from ariaga and also my parents house which helped but um now i find i'm a 74 year old woman that's kind of a big chalk and i realize how important i can do in my life i'm not going to be here that long what could one do difference in this world and I think that I am lucky to have been able to live in Santa Barbara most of my life you have known this life since I was 16.
I want this land for my children my grandchildren my great-grandson everyone's children I do not want it to be some place for wealthy people where you have mega mansions and normal people are excluded the way they are all the time in this world so i thought ok that is something i can get excited i want this land to be preserved and saved for them i want these children to walk on this earth to know it to see nature to see animals and to be changed and to know beauty and peace forever on these hills so that's just one story one of four thousand three hundred and some turnaround stories as to why donors have supported and stepped up to this campaign like i said it's been a sprint uh 12 million dollars since last night over 11 weeks and gwen's story is true rtly inspiring we've asked him to recount it a couple of times he's recounted it here again and we thank you gwen and roger for doing this so here's the big announcement here's what i teased earlier we had something really exciting for share with you.
I've been using very careful language tonight to say that we had $12 million last night and that was true. so happy that it meant we were basically two thirds of the way there uh and again 12 million dollars in 11 weeks but today this morning some really big news and i can share it with you now for the first time y'all listening right now. You are hearing this for the first time. We got it from a local businesswoman who has been committed to all kinds of philanthropy and local causes for many years. Through her new foundation, she has donated $5 million to San Marcos Foothills Foreve. r let's hear five million dollars and you can do the math which means that the 12 million became 17 million towards our 8.6 18.6 so 18.6 is that goal is that special goal that leads us to make the purchase next week and as of today we are at 17 million dollars plus whatever we do tonight I'm very grateful we're keeping it anonymous for now I guess we can share that later but thank you so much you know who you are and the people who were a part of the conversation that led to that gift thank you very much five million dollars committed today to the foothills of san marcos forever to permanently preserve and protect the west mesa that 101 acres yes yes let's have the moment live now feels good especially to those of us what we've been thinking we're going to do it we're going to do it huh so this is very encouraging um and again we're not there we're still at 17 million s towards 18.6 that means 1.6 million to go but if we did 12 million in 11 weeks and 5 million today in the next five days we know we can do it so we trust you all watching everybody thinking about it whoever is sitting saying: I don't know if they're going to make it, now they see how close we are. we invite you to be a part of this campaign thank you so much let's take a look at that screen again all the different ways you can give four ways you can give you can send a check you can go online and uh and give us your credit card there you can turn over all your assets from your life savings no questions asked we'll take it you can go ahead and call it's the website easy to remember it's all you can text to give you can see how right there on the screen and if you wouldn't need to see the hills and you need to remember or see for the first time why this place is so special 10am. this saturday sunday monday we'll be leading tours but you can go there e anytime so we thank you all for all you've done all you can do all you'll do and if you're sitting on the fence and you're sitting on the edge and wondering if this is something worth doing i think what i shared tonight i hope it moves you forward so thank you gwen for your testimonial thank you so much zach we are going to have you back before this is all over tonight thanks to bruce and thanks to rich and now it's my pleasure to introduce one of santa barbara's favorites, a musician who has a long and storied career here in town, decades of commitment to the lovely music community, quite a well known band in his history and he's still writing, playing and performing today, mr glenn phillips, has agreed to share a little with us, uh, he's off the grid this week, so just before he goes, say jo: "you know what, yeah I'll do it for you" so what we're happy to share with you right now is a little bit of alittle mr glenn phillips enjoy hey how's it going hello, i'm glenn phillips, and i'm happy to be here. when you get closer to the coast and the things we do to maintain biodiversity to maintain the range of those plants to keep sacred lands sacred um so thank you for doing your part to help preserve this and i hope we can keep this land uh pristine and beautiful for generations to come so uh ok i'll play some songs nothing so loud watching when we lie the truth ain't kind you said neither my everything here nothing so cold shutting us down and all we need is to free this soul, if we weren't so brave, I know everything and it won't matter now, no matter what, you won't bother me, you won't bother me, all I want is to be this, it feels so close, let it take me. so i can feel it right i got one more for you i wrote this after the debris flows um about uh hot springs trail which was um for over 20 years my favorite trail in town when i walked more and i just remember going up there after it was about a year after the debris flow and I just, um, felt like for the first time I felt like the earth was going through something really personal and I was kind of intruding and yeah I felt very naked, very vulnerable , so anyway this came out with shoulder sugar, the mountain came down and cut a path to the water through my sleeping town and the trails I've wandered on. all erased at the birth of the rock of a million years of the bare gasping earth now you have lost the land you called home when the earth is burning fever in the crying soil oh my children who will say now now winners strike harder summers are fire and rings are the tears of a wayward mother reckless son but still spring brings shamrocks with the oaks blackened and dews and wildflowers below oh my children where will they go they have lost the land they called home when the earth is burning fever in the ground crying all my children will save you now goodbye holocene family five times before she has seen rise and fall again never by her own hand never by her own hand all my children the chaos she was my lover my destiny is my girlfriend we will meet at the edge of the ocean and the ever rising tide oh my children where will they go now they lost the land they called home when the earth is burning fever in the ground crying all my children that will save you now when the earth is burning beaver in the ground crying oh my cruel children to save you now alright thank you have a lovely day thank you for working to help preserve the foothills of san marcos take care thank you so much glenn you are amazing you are always so generous with your time and talent and uh and you could thanks to technology you could do this and then take some time off which we know you deserve so that was uh mr glenn phillips of course the toe the white sprocket their own amazing catalog of songs you know toad is coming back together for a tour this fall when we reopen post pandemic so keep an eye out for glenn and toad everywhere we really are so thank you Glenn for doing this for us and thank you all for joining us tonight so let's take a look at where we are. good news those 5 million that came in today puts us over 17 million towards that 18.6 there we go live audience so 1.6 million dollars left um we know hundreds of you have signed up tonight and we know thanks to technology uh , we see that you're looking at this as part of this experience tonight, just a few days before the June 1 deadline, we're thankful for that, but here's what we know.
I know about 90 of you are enjoying a beautiful inspiring free show. show to get you excited about the foothills about 10 percent of you have given a gift thank you very much for that 10 a few thousand dollars raised so far yeah let's give them a round of applause so that's you thank you if you haven't already and there are only two types of people there are those who have given and those who haven't given yet that's all there is huh so we thank you for being in whatever category you currently feel um and for whatever you're going to do and you go to do something, we know we thank you in advance if you haven't already. mail in a check we're so grateful for that we want this to continue and of course as you learned earlier I have a colleague here who lives in the studio which is very nice to say at this point of coveted land huh , mr zach gill uh this time accordion in hand uh he's going to play some more songs for us so ladies and gentlemen emen please welcome back we have a warm welcome mr zac gill ok this is this take some money, take some money, take some money, take some fame, go ahead and use your credit card and jump on the bandwagon all of us. together when we stand we could save the earth that's the power to let the world go round take some money take some fire take your credit card to ride this train you're strong and suddenly they can be cruel, sometimes that's the power of i love you, you feel the power of love, this is my ending, in case you didn't know, i just wanted it to feel like the ending of a great movie. one way to do it to make the impossible dreams can happen are happening right now oh man so use your money use your fame use your credit card and hop on the train all of us right now all together we'll save the foothills the foothills forever that's it the power that's the power of love that's the power that's the power of love that's the power you'll feel the power thank you so why why don't you just say yes to this i think i'm a believer a believer okay exactly exactly I want to say it's going to happen we're going to do this yeah we're there we're going to step into the scales we're going to take the impossible beautiful thing that's happening yeah it's amazing yeah congratulations everybody I mean , we still have it still hot it's not over it's not over yet it's ok it's not over but it's going to happen yes we're there I'm a believer I wasn't a believer I'm a believer now I'm an excellent convert thank you thank you thank you very much , Zach, for doing this for us and being here. sure it is alright alright alright zach is thinking about it no pressure there's time i wanna wanna sh Wow let's look at that thermometer one more time donor screening and talk about what we're looking at tonight people have stepped up , we're very appreciative of that, what this means is we're much closer to the target and of course again the target is to raise $18.6 million by Tuesday so this isn't some date too far in the future, this is tuesday to try to get this done until we give zach the floor one more time. tonight before we close here, but again, thank you very much, keep giving them lots of opportunities and we will do this until the Tuesday deadline.
My heart, you're the moonlight, my source of warmth, shining so strong and pure, so soft and sweet, I'm overflowing with love for you, I know I should, should come back to you now, just like I said I would, but you are the days that many ways will be made up and if i lose well i'm overflowing with love for you because you take my dreams and make them come true well i'm overflowing with love for you hey thank you so much zach squeezed one more look no that i'm just kidding , just kidding, we, we did, uh, zach gill, ladies, gentlemen, uh, so generous with your time and talent, thank you, zach, for doing this for us, thank you for doing this in the studio, so this gives us leads to the end of our show. folks tonight we've continued to raise dollars all the way through we really appreciate what you've done what you're going to do again 1.6 million to go to that magic number of 18.6 so we can buy and permanently preserve the West Mesa. from the foothills of san marcos this has been a 90 day campaign we are going to do it and thanks to you we are here tonight and we are at that finish line we can see it in the distance we have a ways to go i want to thank everyone who did possible tonight of course we have all our fabulous musicians mr glenn phillips mr zach gill uh mr bruce mahan and of course uh we have all the people uh sorry if i judged i called bruce rich rich bruce rich man bruce goldish thats how it works um thank you that does what I needed for all the musicians that made this night possible we are so grateful to you I also want to thank our team that put this together the technology behind this again you can't see this but I'm looking right at them in the fabulous team at West Beach Films West Beach Productions we have Paul Matthew and Matt Broden here tonight making this possible uh also uh we had Luke Archer very helpful in putting this together and getting it out there and seeing all the beautiful graphics out there i want to thank danny lynch who's here with us tonight and i swear without danny saying we can do this we're going to pull it off and put this together no it would have happened she is behind her own camera right now thanks to iphone technology uh we also have some campaign members we have mary mary rose our campaign coordinator manager runner of all things we have naomi kovacs we have nancy tubiola everyone here tonight give everyone a hand uh and I don't know what else to do other than that, we are very grateful for your work.
Let's do this. The San Marcos foothills will be forever for our community. West Mesa, that 101 acres will be there for our children. The children of our children. call it home all generations and generations of chumash history everything will be preserved and we will continue into the future please continue to give all you can we want to thank you all for joining us tonight and with that i am going to say goodnight thank you all

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