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FNAF VR - You Don't Scare Me! | Five Nights At Freddy's VR: Help Wanted (Part 7)

Feb 27, 2020
other things or cassette tapes, we can play It's like searching online or going through things pretty quickly. I feel like we've done a decent job of putting together the tapes up to this point and we've learned a lot. Let's reflect on the day we will beat junk. that scott cawthon is a villain on his own show that was awkward and weird you know he beat eventually he had to spend a lot of quality time with spring-trap fantastic he had to revisit it one you know saw the


of calm included in a strange choice of the game.
fnaf vr   you don t scare me five nights at freddy s vr help wanted part 7
But cool lovely got new cassette tapes got coins and we were there like we were there. I have a feeling testing is going to take a long time because the VR stuff can be hidden very well in the game so that's it thanks so much for watching we're going to finish this game not maybe monday like wilson maybe tomorrow no no k now ring the bell to be notified subscribe to this channel also ring to be notified of the live streams because i would like to try to finish it tomorrow because you know that would be a good way to end the week. it's good to just wrap it up i have a little bit of travel towards the middle of next week anyway yeah right i know so if we can finish it sooner that would make a lot of sense so ring the bell to make sure i was notified that would be great and otherwise that's it we're getting over this on the next live stream so that's it for today guys thanks so much for watching thanks for all your encouragement throughout the fun stuff i'll try not to die good or i'll try to die less great and with that ladies and gentlemen i'll see you tomorrow or monday and remember that's just a stream oh i'm stream chris let's talk jet pretty queen says tomorrow please i feel like we should try tomorrow row a corpsey candy on twitter says hashtag GT live woo woo go Matt Pat yell please I've been a fan for over


years and this is the first stream I've seen live thank you thank you for coming to appreciate and thank you for supporting the channel for so long time and of course player cyclops says buy an idol boy mm taco Paco says goodbye
fnaf vr   you don t scare me five nights at freddy s vr help wanted part 7

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fnaf vr you don t scare me five nights at freddy s vr help wanted part 7...

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