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Famous Landmarks for Kids

Jan 21, 2022
Wherever I go I like to look for things called


which is what this video is about and you may be wondering what is a landmark what are


well landmarks are things that help you identify where you are for example if you see this landmark called the eiffel tower you know you are in paris france or if you see big ben you know you are in london england in this video we are going to learn about


places let's get started with a natural landmark that is incredibly powerful niagara falls and what exactly is niagara falls well its a group of three waterfalls on the border of the united states and canada here we will show you on the map niagara falls is right here on the map on the border of canada and the united states one of the The falls are mainly in canada the other two are in the united states the largest waterfall of the three it's called Horseshoe Falls or Canadian Falls depending on who you ask it's called Horseshoe Falls because of its shape it looks like a horseshoe many people also call it canadian falls because most of it is in canada now horseshoe falls is huge it's well they are 2590 feet wide with a drop of 187 feet horseshoe falls are not just big they are powerful in fact horseshoe falls is the most powerful waterfall in all of north america you can see the power of horseshoe falls seeing the amount of mist the falls generate which i missed so much the other two falls are american falls and bridal veil falls both are on the usa side which are much smaller than Horseshoe falls american falls is the largest of the two and it's called American Falls because it's on the American side of the border.
famous landmarks for kids
Bridal Veil Falls is the smallest of all and it's called Bridal Veil Falls because it looks like the veil a bride wears at a wedding now here's a super easy fact to remember the falls are on the niagara river ok niagara falls river niagara agree very easy really simple agree share that fact with your friends agree no If you ever visit, you can take a boat on the Niagara River and see the falls up close. Everyone should wear a poncho because you will get wet. The amount of mist coming off the falls is incredible. you know more than 30 million people visit niagara falls each year its one of the most inspiring natural wonders in the world now through the years not everyone has come just to visit well for example 11 people have walked the rope tightrope across niagara falls tightrope walking is when someone walks across a very thin rope requires amazing balance and concentration here a man named charles blondin is shown walking a tightrope across the falls of niagara while carrying his manager on his back can you imagine being that guy luckily charles blond and his manager made it across safely? charles blondn walked across niagara falls on a tightrope many times a lady named annie edson taylor also did something dangerous with the falls in 1901. you can see her in the picture here she got into a barrel and went down the falls, that's right she was the first person to do that she survived even though she got hurt if you visit the falls just look at them ok they are beautiful just look at them and if you think they look beautiful during the day they light up at night those are led lights and they look almost magical wow niagara falls ok yes this guy is not allowed to visit niagara falls its for your safety ok you shouldn't go you would be tempted unless you promised to just look at it like everyone else Also, okay, we have one more niagara falls fact to share with you something we mentioned at the beginning of the video. niagara falls generates a lot of electricity the kind of power generated by niagara falls.
famous landmarks for kids

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famous landmarks for kids...

Niagara is called hydroelectricity that's a fancy name hydroelectricity the rapid movement of water allows generators in plants to produce electricity hydroelectricity is electricity that is powered by water niagara falls a beautiful place an incredible natural wonder and also a source of energy and electricity for the surrounding areas the next landmark we are learning about is big ben we are talking about one of the most


clock towers in the world it is called big ben big ben might sound more like a nickname for the boy next door i fido is scared ok but is this clock tower is part of a very special building in london called the palace of westminster is located at the north end of the palace so this huge clock tower in the palace of westminster in london why is it it's called big ben that's a good question to be honest we don't really know we don't know nobody knows there are rumors and his stories but we don't know for sure even stranger the name because the tower is elizabeth tower a name given to it in 2012 in honor of queen elizabeth ii prior to that many called it simply the clock tower which is a very honest name, isn't that exactly what big ben is? a clock tower now while we may not know why it's called ben we do know why it's called big it's 315 feet tall that's huge of course the clock itself is huge too the hand on the hour is nine feet long and the minute hand is 14 feet. the clock is not only huge but it lights up at night its like a great night light for the people of london people all over london can tell the time by looking at big ben at night well heres a question , so okay, how long has it been?
famous landmarks for kids
Big Ben has been around well, when did they build this clock tower? in 1859 it has been a famous part of london for a long time now over the years as you can imagine big ben has been a reliable and accurate way of keeping track of time not just because big ben shows time , there are also five bells in big curve that ring four of the bells ring every 15 minutes the main bell called the big bell shines every hour it's the really big one it's ok it's pretty loud because you know everyone in London has to hear it ok originally the nickname big ben belonged to the big bell that's right but over time it came to mean the whole clock and tower not just the big bell well we had a lot of fun talking about big ben big ben is a symbol from the united kingdom when people think of the united kingdom or think of london city big ben is what comes to mind when movies and tv shows film in london they usually want to film near the b ig Ben or at least having Big Ben in the background because it is such an iconic part of the city as it is such a special landmark. it has been important to keep the tower safe and in good working order repairs and renovations have been done keeping big ben looking its best these guys are cleaning the clock is well cared for not falling over and with the exception of a few crazy moments weather or repair times the clock has gone on and on and on as it will for future generations what a beautiful landmark if you ever visit london you will see big ben or elizabeth tower you will hear the chimes you will tell the next person for you, that big ben is 315 feet tall, you can tell them that big ben has five bells, four of them are smaller and one big bell, you could tell them that you know that that building it is attached to is the palace of westminster, ok, Could you take a picture Have a sandwich Walk around Wear a hat Okay Ok We finished good Now we are going to learn about a Washington DC landmark called Lincoln Memor ial The Lincoln Memorial is an American monument in Washington DC The capital of the United States as you could probably tell by the name the lincoln memorial honors abraham lincoln the 16th president of the united states abraham lincoln is most famous for being the president of the united states during the civil war and abolish the slav ery he was one of the most influential presidents in the history of the United States, we mentioned earlier that the lincoln memorial is in washington dc the capital of the united states the memorial to lincoln is in a section of washington dc called the national mall can you say the national mall the national mall the national mall is a large park in downtown washington dc with many important historical landmarks down here you can see the lincoln memorial hello lincoln memorial how are you doing so right in front of the lincoln memorial there is a big pi scina like this is a large pool a pool called the reflecting pool is a large rectangular pool that was built shortly after the lincoln memorial was unveiled in 1922 there are beautiful walking paths around the reflecting pool it is an amazing sight to see the reflections of the monuments in the water is not for swimming but it looks so beautiful then in front of the lincoln memorial on the other side of the reflecting pool is the washington monument. monument honoring george washington, one of the founding fathers of the united states of america and the first president of the united states, there are also other monuments at the national mall that honor and honor important people and events in the history of the united states so if someone says i'm going to the national mall they're not talking about shopping ok they're talking about visiting the great park in downtown washington dc and the monuments there hey do you remember what year the monument was dedicated to lincoln we mentioned it briefly when we were talking about the national mall, remember 1922? the lincoln memorial was dedicated in 1922. the lincoln memorial was dedicated on may 30, 1922 here is a picture of president warren g harding that day was such a special day plus abraham lincoln's son robert todd lincoln was able to attend the dedication he was the last surviving son of abraham lincoln and was 78 years old when the lincoln memorial was dedicated d everyone was so impressed with it that it is designed like a classical greek temple and is made of red marble you may have noticed that the lincoln memorial has many columns the lincoln memorial has 36 columns representing the 36 states that were in the united states during his presidency the most memorable part of the lincoln memorial for most people is the statue of abraham lincoln inside the statue It stands 19 feet tall and is made of marble that came from the state of Georgia.
famous landmarks for kids
The statue took four years to complete, that's a long time. Four years now, here's something cool, and ok the lincoln memorial is open 24 hours a day that means you can even visit the lincoln memorial at night i mean look how cool it is this is the abraham lincoln statue at night it looks Amazing at night because it is well lit allowing people to stop and reflect on Abraham Lincoln's legacy no matter what time it is. That's great. Here is another amazing fact about the August 28, 1963 Dr. Martin Luthe. r king jr gave his famous i have a dream speech from the steps of the lincoln memorial yes that is where he made that speech that famous i have a dream speech was delivered on the steps of the lincoln memorial here is a fact that is a little sad for You know the american penny used to feature the lincoln memorial on the back you might even see a little abraham lincoln inside the super cool lincoln memorial right but in 2008 they changed it to the union shield and the shield of the union is great but ya know the lincoln memorial used to be there you know we like the lincoln memorial right comment below do you think the lincoln memorial should have stayed on the penny let us no we still have the fiver right the fiver dollars still has the lincoln memorial but you know it used to be on the penny too you know and then they changed it here is our final fact on the linco memorial ln the lincoln memorial is a popular monument to visit, in fact it is estimated that more than 6 million people visit the lincoln memorial each year more than 6 million people is not only the lincoln memorial a tribute to abraham lincoln but which has also become a symbol of washington dc next we are going to learn about the great wall of china the great wall of china is the longest wall in the world how cool how funny how interesting it is that there is not a single wall that is longer than the great wall the great wall the longest wall in the world and is the largest ancient structure ever built you may be wondering how long ok?
The Great Wall of China is over 13,000 miles long. Wow, think about it. A wall that is 13,000 miles long now, as the name implies, because it is called the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China is in China and this is it. the flag the chinese flag and you see that it is a red flag and it has five gold stars one big gold star and four smaller gold stars this is the flag of the country of china now if you remember china is on the continent of asia right over it is ok here if you remember your continents china is on the continent of asia ok now you may be wondering wherefrom China is this gray wall, okay, where is it?
Well, we are about to share it with you. Millions and millions of people visit each one. and every year because it's such a special place and you're about to find out where so if you ever go to china you could say hey i know where to go to go to the wall i want to see the great wall of china the great the wall of china is in the north part of china on this map, it seems that the whole wall is continuous, everything is connected, but there are no places where there are very high mountains or rivers that form a natural barrier, so the wall does not I'm not going to go over those places but from a distance it looks like the wall is a great big wall now this is crazy the great wall of china is over two thousand and three years old that doesn't mean every part of the wall is so old. but that's when they started building the great t wall of china and connecting some of the regional walls that were already there before going any further we want to ask you this question this question to see if you remember how many miles long the great wall of china is do you remember What did we mention?
It's earlier in the video, how many miles long is the Great Wall of China? Yeah over 13,000 miles oh my gosh over 13,000 miles wow 13,000 okay let's get back here come on the Great Wall of China like we said it's over 2,300 years to be honest The history of the Great Wall of China goes back even further than the 8th to 5th centuries B.C. it was made up of several states that were fighting all the time they would fight they would fight they would fight they did not work together during this time the leaders built small defensive walls in the north in the northern part of china which they remember is where the great wall of china is today but then this man appeared.
His name was chinchi wang and he was the first emperor of China. He brought China together. He unified China. Can you say chinchi wang with me? Come on you can do better that's how it is jin shi huang yes that's pretty good jin shi huang united china and started connecting many of the northern walls to protect china against northern invaders and that was 2300 years ago 2300 years the beginning of the great wall of china now this map shows the great wall of china nowadays back then it was not that long and it was also made mostly of wood and stone and when you visit today you will see that the great wall of china is mostly made of brick now most of the wall you see today was built during the ming dynasty the great wall of china has been built by millions of people during these 2 300 years wow oh my god the great wall of china still fascinates and amazes people every year you want to visit and just say wow how did they build something so magnificent so huge so rich in history it's so cool and if you ever visit one day you could say listen i know a little bit about it place, now we are going to learn about the eiffel tower, the eiffe tower is one of the most famous structures in the entire world the entire world is made of iron and is 1050 feet tall that is absolutely huge and is made of iron this is huge here is a picture of the base of the eiffel tower and look how tiny they look people look like baby ants and this is just the base of this amazingly huge iron tower the tower is here in the country of france which is in the continent of europe here is the french flag the flag of the country of france you can see that the flag has three vertical stripes a blue stripe a white stripe and a red stripe now you might be wondering where is the eiffel tower in france well the tower eiffel is in paris, the capital of france, here is the city of paris at night, do you see the eiffel tower? the eiffé The tower remember that it is 1050 feet tall and it looks like it is illuminated because it is amazing there are more than 20,000 light bulbs in the eiffel tower more than 20,000 light bulbs so that people can see the eiffel tower at night ok so what is it the story behind the eiffel tower why it was built why it looks like this why they call it the eiffel tower what is it what is the story here the eiffel tower was built to be the entrance to the 1889 world's fair here is a sign that they put on in france telling people how the eiffel tower was going to be unveiled at the 1889 world fair so many people were excited because the whole world was looking at paris that day because they were the pharaohs of the world a big thing he was named for the eiffel tower gustav eiffel his company designed and built the eiffel tower so they thought well let's name it after you oh eiffel tower you know eiffel tower so eiffel was a real man gustav eiffel and he is the one who designed and built he blew up the eiffel tower he and his company started building it in 1887, they needed a lot of iron, a lot of metal and they just piled up at first and started building the foundation.
This is a picture of what it looked like right at the start. getting started these guys have a lot of work to do oh my gosh that must have been so overwhelming and then they finished the base how cool they are doing such a great job it was so good to finish the base and then they just kept working and working and working and then they started to build the central section of the Eiffel Tower. Be careful, we don't want to fall. It's starting to get really high. tower when they were building the top of the tower which is called the dome and then after a lot of hard work in 1889 the eiffel tower was completed in time for the world fair are you ready for an eiffel tower fact?
I know this video is been full of facts but we are going to share one that is really very very interesting did you know that every seven years the eiffel tower has to be repainted yes they literally have to paint the eiffel tower every seven years and here is a real picture of a guy in the 1950s painting the eiffel tower by hand can you believe it look how tall he is this guy doesn't even look scared it's like and i'm painting i'm painting the eiffel tower this is what i do this is what i do and it looks like be pretty happy up there it's amazing it has to be painted every seven years now what color do you think they paint the eiffel tower here's a picture of the eiffel tower what color do you think they paint it ah that's a good question the eiffel tower actually it is painted brown and there are three shades of brown that they use with the darker shade of brown at the bottom and the lightest at the top the eiffel tower is painted brown so there you have it the eiffel tower The an amazing brown iron structure that was built for the 1889 world fair and is one of the most famous symbols of France that attracts millions of visitors every year who want to see this amazing structure for this next milestone let's get help from our another narrator that will be telling us about mount rushmore this is mount rushmore it is located in south dakota in the black hills national forest do you know where south dakota is south dakota is here in the midwestern united states and here is where mount rushmore is mount rushmore is a monument a monument is something that is made to honor a person or an event this monument honors four presidents of the united states george washington thomas jefferson theodore roosevelt and abraham lincoln before it was made the monument the mountain was already named after a man named charles rushmore charles rushmore was a lawyer from new york visited the black hills in l in the 1880s over 400 people worked to carve mount rushmore into stone thats a lot of peoples car ving is changing the look of something by cutting it up workers used explosives like dynamite for much of the carving they used smaller tools for the details in the president's faces and to soften it up a south dakota state historian thought of the memorial idea as a way to bring more visitors to the state, the historian originally wanted the faces of different people on mount rushmore but the artist he hired He said that more people would come to see the presidents.
Mount rushmore began to be done in the 1920s it was finished in 1941 which was 14 years later that's a long time the artist wanted the monument to show more of the president's upper body but the usa was getting ready for the war in 1941 so the money to finish mount rushmore stopped coming in some native american groups don't like the monument because the land belonged to them the us government treated them badly and took their land so they they're upset. Mount Rushmore was built on that land, so a Native American chief of the Sioux tribe planned his own monument near there that would honor a Native American named Crazy Horse, so today we learn that Mount Rushmore it was carved in stone.
Work on Mount Rushmore began in the 1920s it has the faces of four presidents of the united states do you remember the names of the president what is his name great job that is george washington how about him that is thomas jefferson what is his name yes that it's theodore roosevelt you can name this president yes you got it that's abraham lincoln great job you did so good guessing the names of the presidents and learning all about mount rushmore today that's wonderful next let's learn about the hoover dam if ever you've been to hoover dam you've seen this sign this is the sign when you're very close to the vacuum dam it lets you know you know it's time for the vacuum dam it's so exciting you know and want to dance to it from the side and it's cool and it's fun , what an amazing place and we're going to talk about it but real quick if you've ever been to the vacuum dam we want to know what you thought about it so it's Write in the comment section if you've been to hoover dam and we're going to jump right in but this is the sign this is the sign you see when you get to hoover dam and you might think that's not impressive it's a great sign it's a sign amazing cool hoover dam sign okay g williker this is a huge structure you are looking at it right now in that photo it is amazing it is made of 3.25 million tons of concrete weighs over 6.5 million tons hoover dam is an amazing structure now where it's the hoover dam the hoover dam is near the west coast of the united states of america it's actually on the border between the states of nevada and arizona you can see right where that red dot is that's where the hoover dam crosses the river colorado which you could see r right here and of course here is the vacuum dam this big concrete structure i wonder if the river gets mad about this don't you think the river gets angry adaria just flowing along and all of a sudden boom you know there's there's concrete there's a concrete wall you know the river flows through but it's just it's big it's a big bother right I mean you know it's blocking the way you know that it's a big problem you don't know you don't think you don't don't think the river is upset.
No, it's okay, the river has no feelings. Alright, alright, I just threw it around. It's okay, there's no need to be picky. a bit confusing because on the hoover dam it says 1931 and 1935 but it was in 1935 the year before it was finished that they dedicated it well so they dedicated it before it was actually finished but it was in 1936 that they finished construction and at the end of it 21 000 people in total I helped build it. It is a great achievement. You may not realize this, but there was a lot of controversy back then about what we should call it.
Originally it was thought that the Hoover Dam would be named after President Herbert Hoover. You see, President Herbert Hoover was not popular. A lot of people didn't want to name it after him, it might seem silly and funny to us today, but back then it was a big deal and there was a big fight over it, in fact the map makers didn't even know what to put. I didn't know whether to put the boulder dam or the vacuum dam and finally there was a lot of disagreement, luckily everyone decided just hey, let's call it the vacuum dam, there are other things we can argue and fight about, let's just call it the vacuum dam.
I mentioned earlier that the h oover dam has two main purposes, I mean it's not just there to look pretty, if it was they would have put the homeschooling pop logo on the right, if they wanted it to look pretty that's it what they would have done ok thats just kidding the two purposes of the vacuum dam are to control the colorado river and also to generate electricity remember this its easy to see how the vacuum dam helps control the colorado river to make sure that the levels are always where they should be but it also generates a ton of electricity for people to use it uses things called turbines that are turned by the water and generates electricity generates enough power for 1.3 million people the hoover dam is a huge source of energy which is amazing and that energy is really good for the environment the hoover dam is made of 3.25 million tons of concrete it's amazing it took ci Five years in the making weighs over 6.5 million tons looks great controls the colorado river and provides enough power for 1.3 million people Please what an amazing structure.
Hoover Dam is fine. Next, we are going to learn about the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is a massive suspension bridge almost a mile long. It is an impressive bridge. In1994, the Golden Gate Bridge was declared one. of the seven wonders of the modern world and today it is still one of the most famous structures in the world the golden gate bridge is on the west coast of the united states of america in the state of california and here is an arrow showing where the the golden gate bridge is in california is right on the edge of california along the pacific ocean a strait called golden gate separates san francisco from marin county a strait is a narrow channel the golden gate strait is only a mile wide the golden bridge was built gate to connect san francisco with marin county because the golden gate straight was causing a lot of problems with the transit shaft construction began in 1933 some people worried it would cost others too much p people worried it would not be safe and secure it was important very important they made sure that everything the workers were safe the workers had to wear hard hats and there were safety nets urity in case someone fell and that happened it saved the lives of 19 people because they knew safety was important just like today safety is important in 1937 it was completed it only took four years to build and when it was completed it was the oldest bridge longest and highest bridge making it the largest bridge in the world san francisco is a very busy city a golden gate bridge was built so people could more easily get in and out of the city and this is so fascinating more than 100,000 cars cross every day more than 100,000 cars drive on the golden gate bridge every day now here is an interesting question we have for you about this bridge what color is the golden gate bridge an interesting question did you know this is something that many adults do not know?
Many adults don't know what color it really is. There is a specific color. Do you know what it is? The Golden Gate Bridge is international orange. It's the color of the Golden Gate Bridge and it's interesting so many people don't know that so just for a second why don't we stop and think just for a second? We will save it in our memory bank. And if someone ever asks you what color the Golden Gate Bridge is, you'll say international orange, can you say that international orange? So what color is the international orange bridge? learning in this video it is the statue of liberty the statue of liberty is a huge statue in new york city it is on liberty island in what is called new york harbor now they called it liberty island later that the statue of liberty got there because the statue of liberty is the best thing about liberty island it's actually a very very small island in new york harbor ok so you can look at the pictures and asking you oh my gosh how big is how big is this thing, well the statue itself is over 151 feet tall. this is more sive statue oh huge now you may not know this the word freedom means freedom the statue of liberty is a statue that celebrates the freedoms we all share now there are symbols of freedom all over this statue the torch it carries represents freedom and in the statue she is stepping on broken chains the statue of liberty is a statue of liberty hey did you know that the statue of liberty was a gift from france how cool is it that the country of france gave us the statue of liberty a big gift a really generous gift it cost them a lot of money to make as you may have guessed the statue was built in france and augusto bartholdi sculpted the statue. this guy was like an amazing sculptor, right, he didn't do a good job? because they wanted the people of france to be excited to pay for this statue because it costs a lot of money to make it's made of copper and it's a lot of copper and so they built this thing in france it was com finished in 1886 which was actually 10 years after they wanted to finish it they wanted to finish it in 1876 the 100 year anniversary of the united states becoming a country i mean wow even though it took longer to complete than they thought what an amazing achievement just look at this statue made in the 19th century a awesome gift from france wow who is this guy hey hey get out of here what are you what are you doing what you think this is not going to show up here oh boy ok sorry that was not good how about this We have to know this video of the statue of liberty, why don't you help us? the last thing we want to share with you is why is the statue green why is the statue of liberty green remember the statue of liberty is made of copper when copper is exposed to air and water it can have a green protective coating called copper oxide it's almost like it's a coat it's a jacket to protect the copper called copper oxide this is what the statue of liberty's face looked like and that was the color of the whole statue and then the statue of liberty looked like this statue of liberty is now covered in copper oxide the statue of liberty took 30 years to turn completely green you want to try something fun you can take a penny a penny is also made of copper and you can do the same with the penny that happened to the statue of liberty you can leave it outside and over time that penny as it's exposed to air and rain water it will get covered in copper oxide over time that green protective coating and you can see that happen by yourself you can check with that penny over time and you'll be like oh my god you're turning green just like the statue of liberty abraham lincoln you can turn green too wow the statue of liberty a symbol of liberty in the harbor of new york in new york city a gift from france a reminder of the freedoms we all share for many who came to the united states of america in search of a better life the statue of liberty was the first thing they would see a statue of freedom for you and me thanks to our sponsors who make these videos possible if you would like to help us out and get some cool homeschool tattoos click the link below the video or visit for more information as always, you are so amazing thank you for learning with us

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