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Flying to the Rocky Mountains in a Beechcraft King Air

Jun 09, 2021
In this video we are going to fly something a little more powerful than a Cessna Skyhawk and it happens to be my favorite twin engine airplane of all time, the Beechcraft King Air 200, my name is Josh Flowers, my dad inspired me to fly and I. I've been ma


videos since I was a kid. I combine the two in a YouTube channel where I share my experiences as an aviator, both good and bad, we all learn every day we live and it is important for pilots to stay humble and always learn while enjoying their adventures along the way and that is what that this channel aims to show.
flying to the rocky mountains in a beechcraft king air
This is mr. Aviation 101 Justin is a professional pilot who flies multiple types of aircraft in his career. He knows that I am always loo


for new experiences and offered me the opportunity to fly with him on part 91 flights on a King Air 200 since this flight was operated under part 91 and this is a single pilot aircraft, which which means that technically a second pilot is not required, that means that I am technically a passenger, but I have been given the responsibility of reading the checklist and operating the radios that I always preach about. How important crew resource management is, or in other words, the act of using other members of your crew to help safely complete a task,


with Justin on King Air has only further solidified the importance. of that concept for me.
flying to the rocky mountains in a beechcraft king air

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flying to the rocky mountains in a beechcraft king air...

I think it's one of the best ways. Learning is by watching others and Justin, with his wealth of experience, sets the bar high for professionalism while maintaining a very pleasant personality in the cockpit, making him a fantastic role model for any pilot. We begin this video at Drake Field in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where I am preparing to depart IFR toward Angel Fire New Mexico. I already received our IFR clearance before boarding the plane via my portable radio and we just started the turbine engines. We were assigned the departure procedure for Razorback 1 from Drake. field, so I started the flight procedure on my iPad and we were debriefing the departure before calling ground control to start taxiing to the runway.
flying to the rocky mountains in a beechcraft king air
Okay, before we move here, we'll look at this Razorback one, runway one-six. going up right turn to one eight zero events a lady there waits for the radar vectors to end or present that signal on route 1118 5,000 feet or less altitude signed wait authorization presented altitude bomb the law is fine and the cops lost nice procedures how much avenge your proportion I mean that both a third of my supervision slash correct the proceeding in progress well well what is the scoring code one six one one well we are ready well we are on the ground and let me stop at the airport diagram and trick earth sucking air 1 5 1 2 Romeo Romeo the FBO elevated taxi high bar yeah one by one Romeo Romeo Drake dirt track one-six nice be a brothel case for the tower frequency I want to be a brothel that goes to the tower once I Me asked America and a side of Romeo and I thought of a Romeo Romeo, you said you had November, yes sir, I'm sorry, we got to November 1 5 1 from here, okay, Russian, okay, we can do the checklist of cab exit, actually, checklist, kappa temps, fans, fair, set, extended ice evasions. extended automatic boom or annual boom so that the exterior lights in the electrical adjustment are checked and set as controls, are free, multimeter correct, 3 0 to 0, cross check from 0 to 0, height instruments, are checked, heading, preselection altitude, I got one, zero and 5,000 okay flight director, this set sucks in Matic, we're good here, cockpit signal, fasten your seat belt, so gene has 400 radios in there, so what's the frequency of exit?
flying to the rocky mountains in a beechcraft king air
The arc frequency is 1 to 6.6. We have it in him. Number 2. Load meters. Investor. Other. Checked and. that is the air to boost the test that is here one five one Romeo Romeo Drake city runway one six calm wind is now free to take off runway one six one five one four from your room you, sir, checked and turned on the switch of cup pressure, let's press shelter The pressure controller does not spit out the rudder thrust, so that's it, the rudder thrusters activate, break the ice, our pitch engine instruments or check the main air, we are reporting northbound takeoff, depart Razorback, sir, we've already gone over the emergency procedures, okay, let's do the takeoff. auto start checklist or is it just any ice fighting the five degree transponder Oh top caps so Carrie likes Kris Grenada never do 3-0 on that heater panel here take off time 1852 and just to confirm it was a right turn at 180 0 going up right turn at 180 0 then right all good takeoff checklist complete bracelet power senators please live 80 cross check BT want to rotate I was ready team lights off all of you your pond here one five one Romeo Romeo got a crawl exit one 26.6 will touch have shaved left 26 6 have a good day sir 1 5 1 rub here I'm calm with you Razorback exit King air 1 5 1 o Romeo Romeo came out runway one-six going up 30,000 units here 1 5 1 Romeo Romeo went up re-portray our contact 1 hold 1 5 15 pounds and turn right at fourth right off course to 1 5 15,000 won 5-1 rum your meal for 5,000 placed to the right and that's a 2/4 exhale the subsequent reading 5000 off course I have the full checklist thanks good man it looks really good yes we will definitely have a headwind here yes I think which was more about trying to find the best altitude with the least amount of headwind, I think it was at least painful.
Go here to the weather page because this is the way to 100. Too bad there is a slight crosswind the whole way. Fortunately, I'm a little further north, yes. Oh, actually, I jumped down pretty far, that's pretty far. in South Dakota, yeah, that's that, that has 26 very serious ears and maintains 3,000 airports. PO Box, one ammo, okay, charge a deer from three thousand to twenty-six days ago, rich guys, fifty-three and four tents for tantrics ten thousand. Julieta, good afternoon, that was fifty-three fourteen. Razorback brooch good afternoon okay brick run code and the main thing these things really think the shot up there is a lot better than it would have been up here oh yeah a lot better angle one Romeo Romeo , contact men, center one to six point one today. one to six point one one five one Romeo Romeo get a that the king of the center here what five wonder rubbing Romeo going up to one zero thousand why five now once I won Romeo Romeo going up let's say 43 through my level two three zero one five one Romeo Romeo okay, I gotta play up to three sir two three zero set zero the torch is going out, so there's still plenty of room in the ITT spokes, a checklist of 10,000 feet of lights, we have the beacon of the strobe light on an anti-icer, that's how the ice is on, it has a pressure monitor, they are pressurizing so absolutely fine, half baked, I think, come on, about 1/8, oh okay, ruled out, check that They are all green, they are low, a golf lime, this Willie, one 35.4 once we pass 22. 21,000 feet and the cake goes out.
I like to go in and bring the accessories to 1800 rpm, it makes it quieter and increases the torque, so it doesn't necessarily give you more power, but it just makes it quieter, yeah, it's nice. The five blade props are really quiet and something like their curvature or the way they move away from their relative direction and it helps with the noise or something like I smell talking or when these props were really sleek and they have some of this center of improvisation planned with fly like a 50 until that day where they go up and maintain the flight level 180 James, come on, Pam Tyler will see some of those on fire; yes, it seems that I don't know anything about a woman, but one two five one Romeo Romeo contact came to the center of the city one three three nine or two one three three point at nine or two four four five one Romeo Romeo November 45 soluti you see centers KC Center key here one five one or rough me Romeo passing flight level Greetings here once only Romeo Romeo came to the center where if I find clothes the weight side flight level two three zero what five wardrobe service okay you are one five one or Romeo Romeo on the name painting bow to a zero take flight level two eight zero one five one zero eight zero second are you Romeo or me I'm going to have a no, it's not fair fire dinkum, but last Monday they had four inches, okay , if you know when the ski slopes open, etc., I don't know.
It's the first winter I'm going to fly there quite a bit and I'm not sure if I can see that our good afternoon edition has eight to seven joules with the 1970 rise of two three zero or currently in what not. You know when it starts to snow a lot of them think it's going to lie here it came to hit or more in a few minutes turgid and it would have already been yes, yes, so they got four inches, is it possible to go put a fracture earth on it if We could win, they said it burned down at one or two in the afternoon.
Now it's very cold there at night, but nothing. The trick, you know, every time you get to this altitude, it will try to change the air temperature a lot. It will drop to 17 degrees at night and then I will get up to bed at 50 degrees. It will change the day, you know, very quickly, at 47 minutes, our kind of soup here, but your cameras last so long, yes, these are five hour batteries, oh. well I think this one lasts about four hours there 1700 yeah before they could only last like an hour and a half and I got tired and spent like five hundred dollars on ten five our batteries bought a ton of them so I wouldn't have to worry about power anymore , each one can hold like 13 hours of footage, oh man that's crazy, I'm tired of draining it but I just can, the best batteries are the best SD cards, right, yeah, pretty much the best. the best because I got tired of


the Llano I record the trip there but I want to record the return trip and I can because the batteries ran out the cards were no longer full but I think this is over 7,000 hours on it, no, I was looking the Hobbs meter here before, it's like the planes are very well taken care of.
What year did you say it was 91? Anyone, no, she had said that practically everything changed in the last five years. Paint. the paint says the number accessories engines avionics interior interior lighting exterior lighting works and basically the metal is about that it's been here for seven thousand hours yes new boots oh yes new boots it has the running back improvements leading edges of the motor inlet I' I'll still show it small opal two three and that's crazy although I can't see these three pretty impressive and it's an aftermarket company that I think was wasabi power that made all the batteries I use it didn't paint me to say that.
I was about to say, are you advertising, baby?, to say that they just released the battery for this one, which is the new GoPro, and they sent me that one for free. I told them, I told them, do you know what they have as far as extended batteries for the new one because they have them for these old ones, but I needed something tonight. Well we just made this one and it's still being tested so give it a try, what's that new GoPro and the Hero 5? a 5 is a 5 the vibes came out was there a simple now?
Oh no, maybe I had a four, yeah, I have a four. I guess I think all four of them look like these polar blacks, yeah, it looks like that, yeah, yeah, these are three. I bought these, I bought one for about 500 dollars about a year and a half ago or something like that, yeah, or 2 years ago, it just can't come out. I guess it was the four balaiah, this is the black hero 5 and the reason. I wanted a Hero 5 because it has 4k, so all of these are 1080p, this one is 4k, so if you want to do something here on the PFD and I want to zoom in, I can do that and it still looks like HD there. v81 contacted Denver Mentor 1 3 3 4 like if I want to show something on the panel I can zoom back in while I'm editing it makes it much nicer two three four zero four zero two Kansas City Center South $15.99 contact can downtown one three three point two after three Southwest 15 I'm in agony fanatic and those spicy virgin onion gentlemen have a powerful smell open yes holy Shh number one five one Romeo Romeo contact Albuquerque Center 127.85 127.85 one five one rugby room you I'm getting yes , good afternoon, Senator from Albuquerque, King here one five one or le I rub on the level two eight zero finger one five one Romeo Romeo a good friend back in the soup November Niner Radar contact Studebaker 10 miles southeast County Airport North Thursday Bravo with you handed out airport a spouse I maintain the last two five zero and your best advance flight level 180 field trip well position checks authorized for Brownwood ice five two five zero has been trained through a level 8:09 Victor every seven sevens for golf whiskey contact the Albuquerque Center at one three three point eight thirty-two point eight things support with you today do you want to go directly soon or do you want to see what they are going todo the winds now we'll move on, the approach winds are only eight and I don't have eight knots and they sent it at two eight zero, so it's pretty straight forward.
Crossman, wow, Peter, go ahead and ask for yes, so give it to us, so you would probably tell us to wait, but the next frequency, but LTV says Albuquerque Center King here. one five one Romeo Romeo Chris is I want five water up here remember having requested to get D direct, which is the initial approach solution to not having once in Angel Bar Do you feel that for me yes yes sir that is golf echo kilo tango echo never won 5-1 Romeo Romeo clear direct exactly the right to an angel fire defender maintain five level one eight zero configuration maintain flight level 180 0 direct kick G direct Angel Fuego 1 500 American and we can lower the Polish discretion to one 800 November 1 Romeo Romeo affirmative then let the discretion of the pilots maintain five one eight zero how discretion 1 800 King here one five one we are one Romeo Romeo are you waiting for the iron as you just escaped one seven paper Romeo Romeocorrect number one five one Romeo Romeo alone in Polish possession hold one five thousand see the phone altimeter three zero zero seven three zero zero seven PS until one five one five one will be revealed looking here what five one Romeo Romeo dislodging 805 one Romeo Romeo ready for descent checklist okay, I haven't pressed this set has not signed up Heights in beer f96 aunt ice on informed approach we are doing the art half one seven straight now brought can't slow down through one eight oh well displacer winds are out of the west at ten knots, but no Elena, what seven thinner bills from Albuquerque do for Lima is 38.2 and it will be canceled.
Besides, this time we have worked within another peacefully, my Roger, there are no chances between you and inflation itself. Speed ​​radar vipers. service finished squad through positive changes Roger let him do it for Lima will be the next time he is number one five one Romeo Romeo cross cover the outside up one 5039 a thief if another seven approaches a safe cross check the outside up one 5000 clear Arnav 11780 fire one five one Romero Albuquerque Center King here ar-15 was not a true ending still likes to go camping laugh ar-15 one Romeo Romeo notes that I have observed between you and Angel Installation fire by ofarts this radar service someone's blog through fires the participant agrees that there is going to be something very strange, it turned out to be Rey here I want 5 1 or Romeo Romeo, good morning, okay, we are VFR and we are so calm why thousands of temperatures one of an associate two points -6 altimeter 3:01 density altitude in 2000 don't shoot angel weather automated food empty zero five three circles good altimeter three zero one set minor cross check be zero one Niner automatic feather cutter the feathers are anti-icing on the seat belts looks good good checklist complete oh wait the checklist gear before landing leather observation 2:03 flu weather wind two seven zero to 1/3 is northeast one euro clear below 1 mm temperature one seven seven two points minus six altimeter 3 0 1 9 s observations density altitude one zero thousand two hundred, well, I went to 70 in one three almost right along the direct Crossman yes, right along the perpendicular I would go down the perpendicular, it's a good try to say hm fire air traffic one five one a Romeo Romeo approximately 2-0 miles to the North of the field at 1 2007 hundred there will be a direct runway 1 7.
Angel Fire certainly are each of our traffickers here 1/ 5 1 Romeo Romeo approximately 1 5 miles north of the field approximately /. probably a 1 7. major fire Angelfire traffic here 1 5 1 Romeo Romeo approximately 8 miles to incoming field. mi-17 hi Jamar, I'll have a final of about seven and a half miles here so wait about four or five miles for the equipment to sound good before landing checklist landing gear now three great no red lights on the radar outside of ice on an extended adjacent pressurization ice road looks good for landing full checklist angel fire traffic king air one five one Romeo Romeo runway final two miles once instead of. bar h both down, yes, three green, clearly no traffic, just had a 500 crosswind, but they are tough, it's like a textbook, cross one after landing, stop time, anti-icing engine record , Honest Janene is off for a long time, I mean, Automatic Commission is off. go remove another ice inti it's all off lights off apps safe transponder off radar Oh elevator truth is reset air valves off pressurization differential o40 have lights off after lighting check it was a fast traffic era of fires here one five one Romeo Romeo clear I escaped from a Seven Angel Fire - Justin, this is just another day at the office, but for me it is a very different experience than I am used to hearing two turbine engines instead of a single piston engine looking at a glass. panel instead of analog gauges, accepting a climb instruction to flight levels and crossing the runway threshold about 40 knots faster than I'm used to.
I could have edited this video below to make it shorter, but I didn't feel it was necessary. I learned so much on this flight and there were so many things I could focus on and talk about for minutes at a time, but this time I wanted to let them experience this flight like we did and I hope to be successful with it. always thanks for watching until next time stay happy stay healthy stay updated and competent see you next time

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