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Florida vs #14 Utah Highlights | College Football Week 1 | 2023 College Football Highlights

Sep 01, 2023
Even in the air, it's an onside kick that Trevor etn will bring back from the goal line and part of that tandem of runners stopped before the 20. That's good coverage by the Utes and the Rush forward, Mertz, you have time to throw it on the plane. and his draft, which was Johnson, were closing in on him anyway, plays first hand action and Barnes, looking down the field, takes his shot, looks for money, Parks who catches it in stride, what a start for the bars on offense, 70 yards on the initial play. That's how you build trust in your teammates, like I say, let's go out and manage the game camera.
florida vs 14 utah highlights college football week 1 2023 college football highlights
Rising is excited for its first play of the


season. Utah moves to the top second and one who makes the throw meets in the field and on the run and the catch is made, it is Marcus Burke, where he steps back and now finds Johnson out out of the backfield, he has him ahead of Steve making cuts. Montrell Johnson fumbled, looks like the Gators fell on him. The merchandise slipped while preparing and him. I will be invaded second at 25 by Jonah Ellis with a different style as the protection makes a short pass and he catches what Caleb Douglas made and runs through it to be driven 65 yards in the sixth and again he is the quarterback of defensive field, the guy who makes the signal calls for this unit Mertz to throw down the field and catches the maid, that's Marcus Burke, who is making a big impact here in the first quarter, in that first quarter, Mertz rolls and I'm a naked contraband, he throws it in the middle, that's Jonathan Odom, the great one. tight end rumbling towards the Red Zone, they click a lot now it's Rush five Mertz on the move fighting for it can get there makes a cut gets hit misses the ball bounces out of bounds for Florida to retain possession no one takes the quarterback into account field and one of their best players on defense, Sione McKee, goes up to hit it and misses it, but then that Bishop hit under center and they miss again on that left side, frankly, it's good from 32 before this from 31. and he slides it to the right, he plays any number of positions, that's how good an athlete he is and he has the goalie and Johnson shows that acceleration, but he can throw it, you keep him on the ground hitting through the middle, there's Makai Bernard and the second important. now it's like the new third down because if you're not successful on that down it's very difficult to win on third down against these situational defenses that are a high punt team.
florida vs 14 utah highlights college football week 1 2023 college football highlights

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florida vs 14 utah highlights college football week 1 2023 college football highlights...

There were two number threes on the field on the Florida team that were penalized. is five yards from the previous spot, resulting in a first down here until Marcia was supposed to use the 33. That's a crushing penalty taken on second down, gets the pass Mikey Matthews second and eight Johnson it keeps you delayed and then speeds everything up. the path to the end zone Nate Johnson changes pace and it's a fast pace and the Utah take advantage of that penalty and increase their lead with a 27-yard sprint well, this is what he can do this is what he can do Mertz blushed Chase and capture for the second time tonight, that was the star's safety coal.
florida vs 14 utah highlights college football week 1 2023 college football highlights
Bishop, we went back there. Rashad punts off the side of his hood, no good, let's see where they put this third and four game clock at three and Bernard takes the handoff Way behind the line of scrimmage and just lunges forward for a first half. and on third down, Barnes backs it up, flips it over the middle and goes down, so this is a series of near misses where he kicked three field goals from Beyond 50 and the altitude there. this 51 hits him through a new problem second and ten play action again and they corner him, they caught him with a four man rush and that was Keanu tanovasa 17-3 Utah at halftime big spring pressure Lawrence takes the ball bat up in the air is intercepted thanks to receptions made by Sione Vacay and the Utes in great position with the first throw-in tonight.
florida vs 14 utah highlights college football week 1 2023 college football highlights
Well, Chris, that's why timing for the new quarterback with a veteran receiver is so important that he gets his ball out. he takes it out early but Pearsall isn't even ready to be able to raise his hands Glover on the move Barnes looks back to his left he has plenty of time now that's creating on the run he can get there the pylon touchdown Bryson Barnes runs around and each The quarterback of Utah field has a rushing touchdown and they cash the pick, you're man-to-man coverage and again there's no one there. I don't think they feel threatened by Barnes because he's not necessarily known for his mobility, but I think you have to be aware that you're out there, man, coverage, someone has to fight, you fake for etn and murch looks to throw downfield, pearsall He is wide open and finally makes an impact, playing as the most dangerous receiver inside the Utah 40. merch delivers and once again finds the reliable playmaker Speedy plays with Tempo against Saluki for that first 0-for-seven conversion and now they finally get the conversion, but an illegal flag formation on offense more than four players on the board, that It's Pearsall there on the move, he throws it back into traffic and the youngsters are everywhere Dante Zanders, the tight end got the pass, he ran into a wall of red jerseys Johnson got back to the quarterback and fumbled, he's going to throw him to the edge, there is still a fight because he is very lucky to avoid it. one second down and three, they come after him, they give the ball to Johnson on the floor and he has some space on the blocker and breaks into Utah territory trying to cut off this lead and crucial play for the Gator offense.
Mertz fakes the pedals backwards and is left without pedals. time and they catch him again and Jonah Ellis has had a big impact, didn't they take over the plus territory given to the money parks in the end? Marshall stopped him behind the 53-6 line hard as merchandise pedals into the end zone. and he flips underneath with a tight end there and that's Odin, who made an impact, galloped on third down, buzz up the middle. The miss shoots looking for a flag was Caleb Douglas and now he gets the flag pass interference on the number four defense.
Soul is in the backfield with etn now he gets moving, they catch him on the edge and he gets a couple of blocks and makes his way into Utah territory. Mertz flips it back, this is Trey Wilson hangs for the first down inside the 35. and the clock is down to four Mertz from the pocket makes a low throw it's a catch he's just going to grab it was Pearsall if he saw that in the field would call it incomplete but the replay has to be sufficient it is difficult for the referee from the side and the angle to see that after an additional review rolling in the field of a completed pass, Mertz rises towards the jump of the end zone and Caleb Douglas catches the ball, kind of a delayed reaction, he stayed there, good hold, coming back to it, it was amazing catch, I mean, he took the ball away from the taller Vaughn.
Vaughn 6-2 Douglas is at 6-4, goes up and outplays him and I really don't think Vaughn has ever located the great


work of him on a 50-50 ball. hands for the big man in a 13-point game and down the middle conversion by Trey Wilson suddenly a 13-point game Johnson's goalie gets the lead Nate Johnson shows speed Rose Bowl started when a cornerback was the top tackler against Ohio State it goes both ways, here's Bernard the running back, so Barnes is third and nine escape the pocket. There is another flag. There's going to be another penalty for holding.
He was good before from the 51st. I had a lot of leg drives on this one and he ran through it from the 55th. Did he miss it? Did it go too wide? Yes, I was excited. I was excited to get excited because he was flying long and I'll tell you he blew it. I had a lot of distance there within six minutes. He blushes and throws it short. There is faith in the kicker, but it is not what you would expect, it is not the safe and cautious type of play and now Murch has found a bit of a rhythm.
Merit looks for a target and comes up short and the flag comes out holding the number 76 on the offensive, still giving. him, a cushion, Mertz looks the other direction, throws a slant and they complete it for a first down, that's Caleb Douglas stacked left and right, tight formation right here as Merch sets up in the pocket, punches as he throws Above the head, Mertz appears. knocked down, sacked for the 5th time tonight, looking for goods, they bring the pressure bomb, fake hitter to the box, full pressure from the edge by Jonah Ellis who has a couple of sacks and now hits the pass to almost seal this win, thank you .

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