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Florida let us in to run the Freedom 500! Also slammed the Hellcat Widebody Charger.

Jun 01, 2021
oh yeah ready for the Freedom 500 nick savage with us the general cooks people kills it's fast how many miles on it 786 that's crazy so we're taking the general and c7 to Bradenton with us so we can get some footage for y'all and get some follow passes on these two guys be sure to hit that subscribe button and notification bell to let you know every time I post a new video we pull out the old strain of the c7 and I don't know if you can really look here it's a little hard to do but the tensioner has a loose spot it has no play so we're thinking that's what happened we


recorded it a little differently hopefully that fixes it the new one that ProCharger sent us was actually a bit of a different piece of design it looks different than this one here which was one of the first ones they did this was almost a support prototype honestly ProCharger actually installed it internally. a couple of years ago and they put this on so we have the new one on there now I think this will fix our belt issue for sure we saw a problem with this rush.
florida let us in to run the freedom 500 also slammed the hellcat widebody charger
I'm going to make him hold the camera. we're going to see some game right there shouldn't have that so we're thinking that's what caused this problem so we're going to get back together with the c7 right now and then we're going to get this Loaded in the trailer, so we have another change of plans. We're taking the c7 as we thought, but we're taking the drip. America needs the drip right now. the undefeated will hopefully leave us in that spot they will yeah yeah okay we're hitting the road right now see you later generals chillin here in kansas city em chill we gotta go ahead and put his axles and driveshaft and stuff on before we take him to the track and let him run especially on the Victor track where the prep is always on yeah that's ok like that we're leaving right now. paint for the car here we're going to go with Cole's drip theme and we've got some chrome paint for the wheels we've got to bling-bling out there it'll look great we've got the black for the bow ties and all that our sponsors we've got the decals from our sponsors on the car we need any other color they have a great selection here and this doomsday we're in time to make it all right here we go we hit Garrett's house down here in a Bradenton Florida we just unloaded the cars we'll be heading to the


factory here in just a few minutes, we're loading the stuff right now and we'll be heading there in a few minutes. to the


factory nick that's right are you excited yeah you got the bo? osted boys here and i just killed the car look at that thing and surat 'mobile rat rob there's two guys coming in that's the honda rousey i gotta lock the door knicks yeah oh here we go whoo you're locked up locked up let's rock and roll i got the clue from racing here coming to the freedom factory never before this is my first time nick you've seen it haven't you?
florida let us in to run the freedom 500 also slammed the hellcat widebody charger

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florida let us in to run the freedom 500 also slammed the hellcat widebody charger...

I couldn't see it when I went down last month listen this is our first time again them I've really been cleaning this up a lot here since I updated the image updates while I was at it to make it nice once everything is fixed. I'm open, oh yeah, here's the grand finale to the track. in those call those corona victims we can hit the track what's up um now on the sign a waiver good now again the kind of waiver holy hell bro i'll do them good just follow me here looking good it looks like all these graphics yeah sponsored by Titan XXL fuel tanks.
florida let us in to run the freedom 500 also slammed the hellcat widebody charger
I got a new silverado crazy Jannik these ruts are really really deep why did you sign Nick yeah these things will get you oh yeah I'm gonna be loud burns here I want I'm gonna try to take this inside lane right here it's a little grainy but with a yellow edge up there, so technically this is all fair, lad. I wouldn't want to do four wide. I guarantee you they got it. Work marker only first second third that's all man yeah yeah I tell you mate there's some sinkholes the grass looks good though there's a light up there so you can see it.
florida let us in to run the freedom 500 also slammed the hellcat widebody charger
We have a warning or green that way. oh yeah man my car yeah so tonight it's a hundred laps we're all racing Crown Vics we won't know which Crown Vic we got until we draw them out of a deck and then once we know what car we got we can really do things to it like paint it how we want it obviously we're going to paint mine like the drip car that way everyone knows it's me my whole family already knows it's going to be me with that paint scheme watching the live stream this tonight so I'm really excited we're excited they're drilling holes and the mufflers on the crown right now they all have cages on their safety nets we're using all the safety gear race clips here giving you all everything you need so actually everyone be safe and sound in these cars if anything happens you know some accidents and scuffs yeah look at the burn pad it's huge I mean it really is big yeah the pictures don't tell you they do justice, huh? we're going to be in those cars Nick is going to announce that we've got a long night ahead of us it's almost four now so they're getting ready to start I guess the drivers will get together and stuff so Garrett said let's relax a bit we're trying to stay within 10 f They hang out with each other and no groups of no more than ten people yeah it's kinda hard to do especially when you haven't seen anyone in two weeks basically you've been hanging around the house doing nothing, it's nice. see everyone, almost like them, we're back to civilization, but yeah, so we're getting ready to draw cards and stuff.
I don't know how it's going to work, but we'll try to get as many images as possible. guys so you guys know how behind the scenes of the freedom 500 and out me and victor have a plan for this race we're not going to say too much our strategy but i think it's a good one victor yeah a couple of riders of resistance. we can go fast on the straightaways watch the car take over guys we're here to show these guys it's right that's right and we're socially distanced look at us all we're taking this seriously we're at least 10 feet apart yeah no more so we're getting ready to race right now we've got the stunt car it's actually going to be the safety car for the event which is cool so everyone's going to see it watching the live broadcast on tv we've got about 15 Minutes more before we start going up there, we can see what car we have, um, hoping to get a good one.
I'll see I guess we all need two good ones yeah so I'm the only one here in Missouri that's not like with other friends well Nick is announcing but as far as anyone with me it's going to be tough so I I had to find someone to team up with and Victor is going to team up with me and we're going to try to bring home the place where one of us I don't care who it is as long as one of us is up front yeah. like yeah i like that in whats that movie with the gt40s ford versus ferrari? how y'all end up yeah alright so we'll see what car we get here in a sec then we'll start painting it and qualifying race ok here goes be our Vic we're going to race tonight actually it's good we're starting the third row towards back 90,000 miles Crown Vic look It used to be a sheriff car it was the 38 car on the force we'll make it a 46 here in a second we'll start painting o green on the front yellow in the middle and green on the back rear so we're going to make it look good what car you got oh cool that's a girl there on the third starting grid be inside yeah well that's good news a little trickle didn't blow up being the pace car so that's it ok but cant say the same for our Crown Vic we went off three or four times in total but still finished the race as you can see its leaking we finished though oh no who last saw me It was one of these guys, no, it's funny, oh, damn, you know. tires get slippery.
Harry told me that he had to take it easy on the tyres. Yeah, at least you guys had a mirror. I didn't have a mirror in the whole race. I didn't know when there was someone on that side. stereo blasting dude im here playing yeah well we couldnt finish running the c-7 with this lockdown just starting in


we couldnt find any EMTs for track rentals so we loaded everything up again , we loaded up the stunt again and we were going to head back to Kansas City Missouri this is a pretty crazy time we're here now and the guys went riding side by side somewhere we'll call it just going back I can't say what my mom actually just got diagnosed so im going to go back and home and all that good stuff yeah we got everything loaded up again sucks we couldnt run that c7 but drip had a lot of action this weekend got to be the car of Official safety for the first Liberty 500 finished in eighth, which was pretty good considering I had a couple of laps down since my kill switch went off when I brushed the wall and Garre tt spun me twice so that was a lot of fun and sorry i didn't get any footage inside the cars but i was just focused on the race more than anything we'll head back to kansas city and hopefully do a track drill maybe next weekend at Mill Kane which is a local race track about two hours from Kansas City and maybe get some passes there with c7 and have some more there this guy had a Catholic killer on the hot side, yeah this guy that was on the hot side don't miss out on that no it's not there anymore though that was before the turbo y'all didn't post it it's fixed now though see the pipe down there sounds good It's still pretty quiet, yes we got the new wheels on the Hellcat Chargers. the tires mounted on it things were fucking bad to the bone it had a little bit of chainring on it i cant really see there it looked good though we are going to put them on the


we are


going to lower it so i have the springs here.
Hopefully, we'll do it tomorrow. We have many projects underway here. Today I wake up. Today I wake up. to talk about just a mighty mouse wild catch can be installed on it and we're putting a new seal on it we're going to check the plugs and this thing has good power though about a thousand horsepower on the tire the zl1 is expecting some more parts in it. the system signal is a little different what we had Tim is doing an oil change on it painted some parts on the car Whipple before he put the front bumper on and all that good stuff but its pretty much ready to go I got the wide body loader up on the lift made H&R Springs work well I just want to sit low with the new wheels I didn't want to do a drag car with this thing finishing the rear now we found a really easy way to do it the rear springs basically just unbolt this unbolt that mount from crash up there you have to release the exhaust from the hanger and pry basically this whole arm just drops spring drops with it's very easy to put back on there the fronts are already set we got some new wheels for it just tinted the markers sides, so I have t the hose on I only have one more on curious to see how it looks for this thing to hit the ground with the new wheels should look pretty good lightning dropper oh yeah oh boy she's short daddy well yeah she's short people she's short oh yeah dammit oh yeah that's perfect they're going to shut it down


can't wait to put the new wheels on sorry we finished the jeep yeah no more catholic investors on the hot side oh yeah the turbo is still spinning yeah ok we'll tune up this tomorrow.
The guy actually wanted to put it down. He was gaining 17 pounds. He wanted to get him down to 12. That's what they just went out and made sure he's at 12 pounds. Justin will do his magic tomorrow. I will be ready to return. He also needs a bath. It's actually a really clean Jeep. It only has 19,000 miles on it. It'll be fine once it's all cleaned up. I love how it is. star whatever the FS five or whatever they're called yeah great Tim's almost done with the Mustang here we finally got the grills back from being painted looks like a Hurst grill what is the lower grill?
Curtis all Hurst we had it smooth and painted gloss black looks great the Whipple in there do this next time a couple of days I think we're just waiting on some BMR Springs that's it Jim from the rpm transmissions are guns yeah or yes, I'm not sure which one yet, well, we'll find out by trying to get the transmission from Nemo. Still, we have done everything. to him and he still acts kinda funky so let's track more little things on him and that doesn't work this being a turbo 400 rpm transmission would make an email before running eights a breeze so we'll see what what happens is ok about ready to put the wheelsnew on


right now we got it down oh it looks amazing it looks good what do you think looks good?
So I'm going to do a time lapse by just putting the wheels on really quickly, that way you have a good idea of ​​getting up and coming back down with the new wheels. Great little time last video I want to thank the guys who were in belgun forgetting about this real quick they actually had them almost done and ready to go they just had to change a few things for the wide body fit and they did it real fast so let's put them up right now, they should look good. I hope everything fits together because the front of this thing is closed now and I can't wait to see it all go.
Y'all noticed that's what he did while he was on the air ok I finished the uploader let me know what you think it looks freaking awesome. other than that it turned out pretty good definitely love the st Take a look at it again im tired of having darn welds on everything and worrying about getting caught in the rain and all that crap so i just wanted a Cruiser that would look good with some power and we got it here sure dodge killed it on this wide body design i mean it looks great that's all thanks everyone for watching be sure to hit that subscribe button and we'll have more pics here real soon It's been a crazy week with all this coronavirus. things happen to my mom she is much better she went to the hospital that Sunday night every time we came back from Bradenton Florida she didn't have the Cova 19 shoe we didn't misunderstand we thought she did we think that's what they told her but she didn't actually have that but she was very very sick and still is but she's doing better hopefully she can come home tomorrow other than that we'll see you guys next time we have some things to do. on the channel here real quick mr ry we didn't get any footage from the races at the freedom 500 everyone else did though make sure you check out the driven guys channel Adam L Z side by side blog guys you know cletus channel they all have footage from the races just being me. they're running I had no friends with me except Nick who was announcing that a lot of the other guys had another guy with them who was also running so they could help me that way I was alone and I was honestly overwhelmed with everything trying to paint the car and everything for the race and it was just a last minute bump but I finished eighth in the race and I think next time we go out there we will.
I know a little better, I just never raced a circuit in my life, so he's pretty new to it, like everyone else, but that's about it, see you all later though.

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