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Flight Vlog: System Malfunction | Pilatus PC-12NG

Jun 08, 2021
overseas, so I maxed out at about 680. The generators are online. It is stable, flaps 15 and we checked the ice protection. Once we have flaps 15, we will do the baker pusher test, okay and check is good minus seven hundred goshen municipal airport goshen indiana automated weather. observation one three four seven zulu wind two seven zero in one eight peak gusts two eight visibility four fog cloudy sky condition 1200 temperature minus zero two degrees Celsius dew point minus zero four degrees Celsius altimeter two nine seven six comments density altitude minus seven hundred good days south curve clarence flotus nine or two in november golf on the field the application of goshen ifr to bravo juliet juliet nine or two of november november one golf clearance library southbound good morning wait for the police at the ocean airport are you authorized to the airport bravo juliette julie as presented maintain 3 000.
flight vlog system malfunction pilatus pc 12ng
I hope to play level 1900 minutes after departure frequency of departure 132.05 block 3137 ratify tenancy for lease and fair departure runway a November golf I am waiting for release we will use runway two seven we have authorization to go to Worcester as presented I maintain three thousand wait


level one nine zero in ten minutes departure 3205 squawk three one three seven one November a November golf reading is correct and check when you are number one and maintain our number one and that's it, I'll let you know that we're number one and that's it, it'll probably take about a minute or two every time we go out.
flight vlog system malfunction pilatus pc 12ng

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flight vlog system malfunction pilatus pc 12ng...

Okay, we're cleared as presented, which was Goshen to Mansfield Vor and then to Wayne County Airport, but at 3,000 feet on the altitude preselector for our initial altitude our final altitude will be 19,000 or


level one nine zero the departure frequency will be the south curve at 132.05 we'll squawk three one three seven okay, we're ready, taxi, we have to be careful, it's pretty icy on the ramp this morning to the right beta works brakes work we're going to make a turn on the left here put it backwards yes we are going to make a ramp it is very slippery um they say at the airport here is that uh, the runway is much better than the ramp and the taxiways, so it is too tight a corner for this slippery, so we'll make a wide curve here, okay, this is better.
flight vlog system malfunction pilatus pc 12ng
Hey guys, thanks for joining us on this pc12 flight today, we have a good winter flight. from northern indiana to wayne county, ohio, kind of a very windy cleveland area today, but it's right at the end of the runway, temperatures have been below freezing for, I don't know, the last month here and finally They got above freezing last night so everything is kind of melted and the ramp and taxiway areas are pretty icy this morning but the runway is clear but we should be fine there and the wind is right on the runway It has gusts from 18 knots to 28 knots, so a little gusty, but that's fine. down the runway won't be a problem with the temperature near freezing, making it the best conditions for ice in the air, so we'll have to be careful with the ceilings here at 1200 feet so they're not too ceilings and ceilings in Wayne County.
flight vlog system malfunction pilatus pc 12ng
There are currently about 1,500 and that's where they're supposed to be for the rest of the day, there's not supposed to be any precipitation while we're on the ground, it's supposed to be above freezing so if we pick up some. on approach then we should be able to melt it while we wait south bend pilates and entertain november golf for number one on runway two list seven at goshen one november golf roger on hold squat november golf on engine control airspace flight heading t -70 ocean release airport heading two seven zero release four ocean release nine two one november golf okay final cockpit check before taking the runway here um fat flight a little slippery that flight so we'll put it on the flight director and go around and heading modes I will set the heading to 270 and we have the flaps set 15 tires are all in the greens the ice protection will appear on the probes the windshields will come on with the light the initial separator will open and I will go ahead and turn it on the uh drop ice as we will be entering the uh clouds pretty quickly here and uh idle flight to turn on the lights and the yaw humidity is checked in the finals clear the ocean traffic plot a center for November golf runway two seven goshen we should turned around 1200 feet today getting pretty good performance and the runway looks pretty dry, it's grooved so it helps a lot, all levers in correct condition in idle flight, there we go, we pass, it's clear the power, the airspeeds kick in, holding centerline, 80 knots rotation, that was a little under a thousand, I guess with the wind against it it makes a big difference, okay, hit the brakes, I want to make sure it doesn't get thrown around sleet on the landing gear and you can climb, we have a positive speed and we are above 100 knots. the flaps can go up and we will turn on some amplifier and turn some landing lights leaving the ocean traffic plot assigned to the November golf leaving the founder towards the west ocean in the morning on the south curve, take out a standard golf two november two thousand going up three thousand heading two seven zero exit a heavy weather scene 5 000 and turn left straight manfield identify hold 5 000 left straight man still nine to one member golf clear warning operator contact two miles uh west goshen airport stop opponents two nine seven seven two nine seven seven I'll do checks on a summer golf, okay, so we're going to turn left thirty one, mansfield right, I'll keep one zero thousand, that navigator in the flight director and I'll set it up in speed mode, climb at 150 knots for air valve 921, I will maintain 100,000 10,000.
If I maintain a zero ten thousand nine twelve golf there we are at the top there are three albums echo we will only maintain three thousand it seems we have too much ice blowing the boots once or twice anyway here plus one about chicago golf contact. center one one nine point eight five back nine or two in November golf, okay, we're going up ten thousand feet, we're not forming ice, so we can turn off the inertial separator and turn off both lights and the seat belt side, okay? ? We're going through 18,000 feet, so we're going to set the altimeter to the standard setting of 29.92 foreign and we're going to adjust the power setting here.
We have 36.6 for the torque setting at this altitude and temperature and we have a pretty good temperature. Tailwind, uh, we're showing 51 knots, which is actually a little bit higher than the forecast. The forecast was for approximately 45 knots. They won, so we're making really good time today. Finley's altimeter is two, nine, seven, four, one November. Golf, okay, we have my discretion at eleven thousand. We'll engage v nav mode on autopilot and then as we approach our maximum descent point, it will follow that line down and stop at the altitude that we've selected on the preselector now that we're crosshaired here and So, one of The things you can do with a turbine airplane is write down the cruise trends, so we'll put the date is the 22nd and our route, I do one per trip, we'll just put the entire leg here and this is the same thing. trip we took last time Bob exits Bob enters when we land and we will complete this part our current indicated airspeed is 209 knots our altitude is 19,000 feet outside air temperature is negative 26 torque setting is 36.6 itt is 760 ng is 98.7 np is 1693 rpm and our fuel flow today is 515 pounds per hour, the oil temperature is 54 degrees Celsius and the pressure is 120 psi, so the reason we do this is to monitor the performance of the engine and if we start to see certain trends, that's why they call it trend monitoring.
I didn't know if we have a problem with the engine that we need to get checked. E3 up keep follow three two zero I have fallen in love with the girl at the top of the hill in the terrace apartment, I remember. She's still here because she got burned, but I had to put on my freshly ironed shirt for another day of sweet work. Black November Golf Show. Come to Anthony 2973. You say the weather gnomes. Wayne County. What approach? I'm about to catch the weather. uh, but the time I looked it looks like we'll be at the visual a member for a november golf rogers how to keep five thousand I hope the visual income drops to five thousand I'll wait for the visual I'll leave it you know, if I want something else one of them airport del wayne county wooster ohio automated weather observations one four two eight zulu wind two four zero at one four heat bursts two one visibility one zero sky condition overcast one thousand three hundred temperature zero three degrees centigrade one two point zero one celsius altimeter two nine seven three four marks density okay 240 at 14 gus 21 the runway there from Wayne County is 2 8 so we'll have a little less crosswind but mostly headwind good visibility but the ceiling is 1300 so we'll probably go ahead and shoot up the temperature of approach is three the dew point is one and the alternator is two nine seven three and nine two one over golf it looks like the weather has gotten worse since the last time I looked so we'd like to go ahead and shoot the rnap at two eight good work your question what november golf and uh you wanted to go to the procedure d high tour there or like north or south keep it uh you know what works best for you um it doesn't work I really care when I remember everyone november golf c directly becky for the rnf28 lincoln okay director becca united golf okay so we're clear direct ebecki and we need to set up the focus here so we can do that we'll go ahead and do this here arnab28 and we'll go from ebecky insert that and we'll make sure everything matches quebec in or more uh three thousand then d up above three thousand calmly in or more than two hundred point eight contact and go to three four point nine above one thousand eight hundred and then the missed approach point four runway gamma jetty twenty-eight and then the missed approach procedure will be a direct climb to 3000 direct to the Japanese and wait, we'll activate it, we'll actually go delete that.
The discontinuity activates that there and now we're flying straight to Becky and we're getting the clouds here a little bit, so we'll spin the inertial separator and prop ice at 15 psi which works as a really good torque setting for the terminal. environment when you're preparing for an approach, we'll set that here we'll let it slow down, we'll be below ground speed and, uh, we should be below flap speed, also the temperature here is negative eight negative four one nine zero and it looks like We're getting zero on this kind of really light ice, nothing too much.
We'll monitor it decently and see what it does. Raise it a little more. We will turn on the boots with the highest there and indeed. like I say, that's starting to get a little better, we're going to turn on the boots to help keep that off the wing trellis one November, golf we'll keep three thousand and we'll change my frequency one two five point five so we're at twenty five five and go down to three thousand nine to one golf, okay, thanks and now I can pimp it or two nine or seven two two nine seven two in November golf and we have bad weather, okay, the vertical speed will go down to three thousand, but we probably won't have everything that ice off the wings when we land and according to the poh we need to have boots on until basically all the ice is off the wing so we'll plan to land with boots on and it looks like we don't have ice support we'll check the quick reference manual here, the qrih and cast are amber, it says propeller de-icing, so we'll look for that one here and it says step one off. and wait 10 seconds, we will turn off the prop dice, wait at least 10 seconds while we do that, we will go and verify that the circuit breaker didn't blow and it doesn't look like it blew and we I'll reset it, the pass message is cleared and it's off, it says that If the subtitles turn off after five seconds, continue the flight, monitor the


, so that's what we'll do right.
I returned to exit 98 zero thousand eight hundred three thousand alpha again November nine or eight eight saw exit rate clean our contact weather and eight thousand sure dollar left right November golf one two miles from becky through becky about three thousand clear rnav two eight approached mike county becky adder over three thousand cleared our we got two eight in wayne county nine two one over golf okay we reset the prop ice twice it won't come back on , we'll just keep an eye on it, we have to be careful, uh, we don't get vibrations in the propeller, your perfect three thousand here, that would indicate that we have Climbing in frozen saw but uneven in the different blades.
If that happens, our only option isadjust the power to try to keep the vibration as minimal as possible and then obviously land as quickly as possible, which we are in the process of doing now. The current correct sat is negative. It looks like we're not collecting ice anymore. The wings are quite clear. In fact, we're cleared for approach and we're six miles from Becky. They probably set minimums here for our minimum reminders in this approach. for lpv, whose lpmb minimums are 13.98, we will set it at 1400, that is 264 feet above the ground here in Wayne County with the prop ice.
I have heard that the flexing of these composite blades can cause problems with propeller ice. The cables may break or something, so we'll have to see once we get to the ground, what we have to do can't be fly around northern Indiana without the propeller ice working. I swear we're going to collect the integrated circuits. three we're not getting any icing now the temperature is negative one uh we had uh we call it light icing through the decent so it probably stopped around uh four and a half or five whatever okay we're on becky's turn to high D, very clear for the approach, so we can use our own altitudes and biases with the approach table uh.
Yes, for this leg it's three thousand, so we'll stay here, so we report the approach. We have our altimeter set, the ice protection is on, the fuel quantity is good and the landing gear is balanced, we'll get the flaps, once we turn in from knee height, we'll go ahead and extend the flaps, we're in range. here november 1 november gold those are travis showing you at the airport at this moment changing the increasing frequencies informs that the ipad cannot be placed in the air this frequency is through the remote control today very well to the warning frequency and you We will advise when we can cancel a November golf and we are below 165, then we will set flaps 15.
Alarm approach mode for the uh fms flight director. Okay, we have the flaps selected and indicated 15. we are not detecting any icing. So the wings look clear, so we'll be able to turn off the boots and support ice and use 30 degrees of flaps so we have a normal landing distance, leave them on for now, it's just that we're below zero in the event. that we would really start to pick up anything and let's calmly see it's three four five miles from the airport, so maybe we're there, that tone alerts us that our vertical trajectory is approaching, soon lower the gear when we're at a point. up on the glide path okay we're down so put the landing gear down we're flying 180 knots and the landing gear is in the lock we've got three green indicated like we're picking up some ice there. maybe some impact snow wayne county traffic take out a standard for a november golf we're five miles east of entrance on iron ave trail two eight wayne county okay trail five is captured in the uh director of flight there begins our descent This will return the power to approximately 10 to 12 psi of torque.
I'll give us about 115 knots. We'll make sure the lights are on and we have contact with the ground, so we shouldn't have any problems at three miles. final clue two eight hey, I've got the wrong path in sight, the temperature is fluctuating, it's plus one, I'm going between zero and plus one here, it looks like the wing is free of ice, so I'm going to go ahead and turn Prop and Ice on boots off and uh, we'll be ready to go 30 degrees flaps, then a little bit high, our rubber control gas has a good balance there and the landing gear is down, we've got three grains locked, there's no mix to get in and there is no prop. control to mess with the air below 130 500 we go and put 30 degrees of flaps and we have 200 minimums if we are still in imc wind county traffic plus nine to a member golf short final two eight win count minimums and there would be minimums if If that were the case, we could go that low, okay, we'll start slowing down until we get to the dynamic speed error here, when the sock looks pretty straight down the runway, maybe a little crosswind from the left, which we're laying a little flat there. go to ground idle on the condition stick and go back to beta and we'll go ahead and set flaps 15, reset our settings and it looks a little wet, it makes a nice slow turn in case it's icy, pulse rate robes landing and they will all come off.
The inertial separator will go. Open windshield heaters can get out of Wayne County traffic, trace a sandwich, one of them out of two, eight Ramplane County taxis, okay, we need to let the atc know we're down. The authorization is 21.75. Clarence draws a standard for one of them, golf on the land and I would like to cancel ifr here in wayne county river thank you very much have a great day good day it looks like we are getting a little cliff there wasn't much chance for that but I guess so He decided he wanted to do it, but we have plus three in the temperature here, so it won't freeze and we won't have to worry about putting it in a hangar or anything or on the ground.
Well, the radar is on standby. Turn off the landing light and we'll set the handbrake. Hey guys, thanks for flying with me and we'll catch up with you next time.

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