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Fixing MAJOR Mistakes I Made During My Crazy 4-Day Toyota Supra Build (OOPS!)

Feb 27, 2020
hey guys my name is tsavorite and if you remember a few weeks ago my good friend Jared and I took this naturally aspirated 120 wheel horsepower Toyota Supra and turned it into a single turbocharged beast in about four days and after that those four days are over this car sounded great ran good pulled really hard and looked good looks like this and out of the 2.1 million people who watched that video i got a ton of questions asking what i was going to do to get this car one hundred percent and today I'm going to answer those questions by


all the issues that came up during that four day


, yes I think some bolts may be loose so if you're new to my channel thank you so much for watching I really hope that you enjoyed and if you consider subscribing I'm so excited to get this 100% done because that means it's ready to hit the paint shop and ready to look b Well and speaking of looking good, that gives me a great transition. introduce and thank today's sponsor an awesome looking mobile game called rise of kingdoms rise of kingdoms is a totally free mobile game that allows you to be the creator of your own kingdom you can launch epic wars and conquer the whole world real time battles can Occur anywhere on the map you can fight against millions of other real players and fights can take place anywhere at any time this game has an absolutely huge map where you can discover hidden treasures investigate lost temples barbarian fortresses mysterious caves and tribal villages while gathering intelligence on your enemies and prepare yourself for the final battle and if you are a history buff you can recruit historical figures like Julius Caesar Sir Lancelot Hannibal and more each with their own unique individual abilities each of the 11 games civilizations have their own types of tr


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fixing major mistakes i made during my crazy 4 day toyota supra build oops
I don't have a temperature sensor here and well I have a temperature sensor for the ECU, but I don't. I don't have one for the indicator. This is like a split system. It's a little weird, but I have a new sensor. I'm going to plug it in, but right now we have to get everything out. I'll show you the new radiator I've got it a little beefier than this and I hope it doesn't leak like this one did and then we'll have a nice cool car even in this hundred degree Florida Heat so here radiator one to Side by side, this is a new radiator from the Mission Moto X line and this is the old CX Racing, although it's also new. it had a leak and you can see where i wrote down where the leak was coming from it was coming from somewhere in here it wasn't coming from here this is actually i came so there was a leak on the inside of the fins so it's not something i can tape or soldering or anything but if you take a look at Mishimoto they have extra bosses here I think the tabs are where they should be and overall much more polished than this. this is already polished out of the box this is a little more expensive this is about three hundred and fifty dollars shipped and i just wanted to make sure this is exactly what we needed so we're going to put this in but before we fill it with coolant i'm going to do that t temperature sensor and that's this little one right here this is what tells the gauge how hot or cold the car is and there's actually two of these so this is what tells the ECU how hot or The car is cold and it's strange that they wouldn't work with the same sensor, but to get the bolts out, put this in and then plug everything in and then we should have a working temperature gauge as well since coolant is coming in.
fixing major mistakes i made during my crazy 4 day toyota supra build oops

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fixing major mistakes i made during my crazy 4 day toyota supra build oops...

I'm going to use some thread sealant to make sure this doesn't leak ok cars on I'm burping all the coolant look how red it is and let's see if the temp sensor works and if it does it registers the temp so that's a very good start now i just have to get the tach and speedometer working and also maybe clean some of these things including this steering wheel so to get the tach working i did a lot of digging and it turns out the wiring i had is completely correct and The reason it doesn't work is because This used to be a naturally aspirated car and the signal the tachometer gets from the engine is a little different than what you get in a turbo car and it's a little different even with a standalone ECU because get the tachometer. slightly different signal but what that means is i have to do a little bit of wiring work to get this to work and to get to the tach i think its the rear and to get to that i have to take off basically everything in front of me , but I'm going to have to do it anyway because I'm going to be replacing a lot of this stuff, so let's get it right, so here's the back of the tack and I figured it out. what to do thanks to Trevor from ocean Auto TV I watched your video on how to do this and it's pretty simple all I have to do is decide this on this and there's a resistor here and I just have to put a little line wire to connect it and with luck tack should work our attack is on the car and he re its moment of truth oh yeah amazing so even though the tech works i think the scale is a bit off maybe i could do something with the ECU about it because if I rev a little bit that seems a little high especially if I give it a bit yeah that's not revving at 9 mil so here's what I'm going to do I have my software open and I have the output low side set and I'm just going to play around with a few settings here so right now this is too high so let's see what I can do here.
fixing major mistakes i made during my crazy 4 day toyota supra build oops
I put it down one step ok so it's a little better according to the ECU. I meant 1287 rpm, so that's still a bit high. so i played around with some settings and jared really helped me out a bit because after all he is a super guru and he told me to play around with these settings this is the ls5 frequency in hertz and ls5 is the low side output. and that's the output for the tach so we just shifted these around a little bit and


sure that what the ECU was seeing here as far as engine speed was what the tach was seeing and now oh yeah now the tack works totally fine that looks amazing now what i have to do is basically put the whole interior back together and maybe do something with this steering wheel ok ok crash course on getting a steering wheel off a car the First step, pull out the negative battery terminal, you definitely don't want anything to happen to the airbag system. especially while he's working on it now there's some bolts here these are torques usually they're tamper proof torques but these aren't tamper proof so we can tamper with them we put the t30 bit in and wrestle with the camera because everybody doing this is also make a youtube video now we got some shopping and we're going to town like this and boom make the dynamite like this now keep in mind these bolts don't fully back out at least they're not supposed to so I think I'll be able to get rid of this, okay, that side on this side and you can see there's a connector here just undo this guy and you'll know the airbag is out of there and what we need to do here is free up our wiring.
fixing major mistakes i made during my crazy 4 day toyota supra build oops
BAM harness, that's for cruise control. I don't think we have that so it's not going to go back so I think it's nineteen millimeters and we have it in an impact gun here and just give it a few bursts and that's it. you don't want to pull this all the way out because we're going to be pulling the steering wheel a lot of times you may have a steering wheel puller and you can see the ledges here sometimes it's easier to just pull the steering wheel out of its spline there's a little spline here to don't hit your face while taking this off make sure this nut is still on there ok i'll give it a good whack and see if it comes loose one two three yeah ok actually i think it's loose come on check oh baby and we oh there come on thats a removed steering wheel but now i know what youre thinking hey its Porsche what its doing while youre putting so far and why are you so sweaty well number two its very hot and number one i got one of these this is an Altezza steering wheel from Japan so in Altezza it's basically the Japanese version of the Lexus it's 303 Lee really cool now one thing I don't like is the fact that it has these grayish silver bolsters I don't like this very much it's just paint and i think i can get it off but you guys can tell me how to get it off because it's already started coming off and i used some cool methods they used some mineral spirits but that softens the leather so can you tell me how i can get this paint off without repainting it i don't want to go back going to paint it we're going to remove this airbag we're going to remove this airbag we're going to be - now if the airbag is off I can insert it in now usually cars have a little keyway here to make sure that you can't get it wrong you can't align it wrong you can actually align it wrong so you have to make sure your wheels are straight and your watches bring it straight I haven't touched my watch spring so I know it's straight and this is parallel that its a steering wheel fitted however we need to fit an airbag to it one thing i might have noticed is the fact that this has a different plug in for the airbag then my car does what is it happening?
Do I have to splice in a new harness or something because I don't want this airbag to blow up in my face? What if I'm wrong? Yoda in the infinite wisdom of him has


. this is a patch harness for an older style plug to a newer style airbag also this is an OEM Toyota and this is a secondary harness for so it's a harness harness so put the lock on there now our harness is plugged into the pen look at this looks so much better just need to imagine im trying to get this paint off and yeah this doesnt look that good also i have to remove the center cap and put ATO on one this just peels off and a little easter egg the little Tylenol is right there I'm going to leave it for now until I can figure out a solution for this maybe you can tell me if there's a specific size I need maybe I can get a bucket lid to go to the center cap I don't know but let me know in the comments now the last thing I have to do is put all the new interior parts in and I have a lot of new interior parts and I'll check them out after I install them but I know some of you that I've told you I have some questions about the car now this right here this white or this color quite metallic this isn't because the wheel hit it obviously I took a look at my gauge distance my wheel and made sure it was within spec now there is a sizable gap here, i just took a small angle grinder with a sanding wheel and made a small incision here, but this is not a mistake.
I did it on purpose so my car doesn't have any problems. Now the 2jc engine is another story. There has been a bit of a miscommunication between me and my viewers and maybe some forum members who know or think I know something about the 2jz now this is a vvt-i cylinder head this is from a GTE this is from the turbo variant so an Aristo which is basically a GS 300 in Japan would have this engine I think a few other cars had it too but this is the most technologically advanced cylinder head a 2jc has ever had however the block is a GE block which is a naturally aspirated block, the GE and GTE turbo variant, the blocks are exactly the same except for an oil passage in the middle and that oil passageoil is inconsequential as far as making power they can both have the same amount of power the rods and crank are exactly the same between GE and GTE but that only goes for the non vvt-i i have block wise but i stocked vvt-i so if that confuses anyone sorry but this is a very cool setup.
I have pistons that increase compression just a little so I have very good throttle response and it will make a lot of power as well. Many of you ask about the piston ring cap. I know some of you have seen the video of Cletus McFarland and his LS with a lot of boost needed piston ring gap gap opened up the NA version the GE version actually has a larger piston ring gap than the version GTE believe it or not so these are totally fine without any piston ring gap clearing any kind of bottom end work these will run forever but hopefully I'll cross my fingers.
I don't want to jinx here. What I want to do with this car after doing the interior right now is take it to the paint shop and in order to take it to the paint shop I'm not going to put any of the body panels on because they're going to have to come off anyway so It will stay that way because the headlights have to come out, the bumper has to come out, and I have a lot to do. I gave secret mods I want to do to the bumpers and side skirts they won't exactly look stock it will look very very nice I hope you like it but without further ado I would like to finally tackle this interior and make it look amazing, ok guys, look how? awesome looking i actually bought a new center console because the old one has had some choice mods that aren't really salvageable and what's interesting is these blanks that little hole right there those blanks are 30 bucks so I have to go out and spend 90 bucks to fill these are in but that's just part of the ownership of this type of car now it needs a good cleaning it's a little dusty it's been on my shelf for quite some time and I have to buy a six speed. shifter not sure if i'm going to om maybe get something from the 370z because that's where the transmission is from but everything else looks pretty good this is a bit chewed up but i don't know maybe it adds a little character or i can get a new one let me know in the comments it looks amazing the new steering wheel and i cant wait to paint it and then i cant wait to paint the whole car so that will be it for todays episode.
We did a lot of work today, we put the new radiator in, we put all the coolant in plenty and we got all the interior stuff that was really in pretty bad shape. well i didn't get the speedometer working but i think we can probably in the next few episodes but i really want to take this to the dyno and i want to take it to the paint shop because it really doesn't look very good. but i wanted to extend a special shout out and thank our sponsors today rise of kingdoms you can watch it in the video description below you can get my special bonus and you can get all kinds of freebies just by clicking that link so go check it out a glance, but until next time, it's me who reminds you.
It's just that in cars like this that now run, they have coolant, they have amazing interiors and now I can see that they don't overheat and also what rpm they are at, you guys need to twist every day.

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