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Fixing A Single Handle Shower Fixture With No Hot Water!

Jul 05, 2023
Hey guys, we're back to the certified YouTube channel. Here they are in the


with me. How were they expecting that? Okay, so today we're going to do something a little different. I have to fix my


valve here. It's a Pfister and it has a little problem with the hot


, so I want to show you how to replace it. If anyone in the future has a similar problem, I hope they are doing a Google or YouTube search and we can help them. By


this, this works or this is the same principle for any



shower valve shower faucet, whatever there is only one main moving part, it's the cartridge, it's the innards of the valve itself and that's what probably went wrong in this case.
fixing a single handle shower fixture with no hot water
Just to explain exactly what is happening with mine, is that I don't have hot


, so as it moves to the right, cold water starts coming out and, when we get somewhere over there, you start to feel that the Water heats up and then rises completely. being full of hot milk, cold water and my problem didn't happen overnight, but it slowly became a place where you had to be lower and lower because if you went all the way up, the water would drain. stopped completely, it was like closing the valve. there is no water, there is no heat, there is no coal, there is nothing, so slowly I have to back up a little bit to get hot water and back up a little bit to get hot water.
fixing a single handle shower fixture with no hot water

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fixing a single handle shower fixture with no hot water...

I finally got to a point where the valve is somewhere in that position and it turned off as soon as I passed this here, so all I could get was cold water, no hot water, so let's replace the cartridge and Hopefully that will fix it. It's a really easy process. In reality, you should only need two tools. wrench and a screwdriver so anyone can do it if you connect with the same problem or any type of problem with your shower. The first thing I would do is check if it is a whole house plumbing problem or if it is isolated. just a


so in case of this check your sink and see if you have hot and cold water like it should in your sink, if that works then you are probably dealing with the problem with the valve here so first thing you want What I do is remove the


fixing a single handle shower fixture with no hot water
I already loosened it, it was just an Allen screw underneath. Here I'll show you exactly where in a second. I'll even give you a solid if you have the exact same thing as me. It's a 3/32 allen, so once you loosen it up, let's just slide it like this and you can see maybe if I focus a little bit, I'm really thirsty Allen and it was hard water, it got here, that's horrible calcium, okay, so this little screw here my screwdriver is not prepared so this slot that's on the side of this screw here is what that attached set screw you're going to want to take out and this piece here this ring has threads on the inside that screw into it to the cartridge and that keeps this backplate tight against the wall so we'll take it out and look at the threads and then the backplate just comes off, it's very important, make sure there's a gap in the seal that's on the bottom.
fixing a single handle shower fixture with no hot water
So if water gets in, it can drain down. Now you're looking at the cartridge and there are a couple of things to keep in mind before we continue, which is in place of all these tools: you have this little paper thing here, which I don't. I think you know, with gloves on, maybe this document will tell you what model your valve is. You can focus on my light work with me, okay, you can see it says Pfister, maybe, damn, it doesn't matter, but this little thing has the model number, for example, this one. it's two six zero zero zero - zero one zero zero so if you have the same value that you were looking at, yours would have exactly the same value, it looks like this and I'll show you the replacement that I already got now put a link in the description below , you can get this on Amazon, they're actually not that expensive, the part number is Pfister 9 7 4 - 0 4 2, so that's what the whole piece looks like, zoom in a little here, so that's what's new .
It looks like you'll be paying attention to these two seals here, so we'll look for them when we take out the old one. I'll feel it there, so that's the new one we're going to put in. You can see it's exactly the same thing, so what you're going to have is these four screws, you're going to take them out, one hidden under here and then there's a metal bracket that's going to come loose and hopefully this. Things come out with too many problems. I'm sure you don't want to lose those screws, which would be a huge headache if you're worried about them going down the drain or anything else.
Make sure you cover them. It would help if you have a magnetic tip screwdriver, as you can see these rings will come off right away and they might get stuck in there a little bit, you'll just want to move it around, shake it up and down and it will eventually come out, so there you are. See, there are two out here, that's what I have. The sad thing is that I have a shower downstairs. It's probably the valve that is 50 years old and works fine. This with a person using it for about five years and they are shot.
I want to make sure that these two rings, these two seals, are actually on the back of this because otherwise they might be on the back of the valve and you want to make sure you take them off before you put the new one on. Make sure there's no debris in there, nothing that could be causing a problem, now you're going to put a new one in exactly the same process, just sliding back, that pup there, take our ring, put these four screws back in so that everyone start first and then. Come back, tighten them up tight so we can get back to business, guys, let's see how my shower here has the note.
I'm dripping everywhere. The shower hood works like this, so we're going to go ahead and turn the water back on before you go any further just to make sure this works, so you guys want to come with me to do that, of course you do. Hey guys, here is my very professional installation of my pipes. It's supposed to be temporary, but like any project I do, I'm halfway done. and then just stop so these are hanging here, but we have to turn on the cold, hopefully I'll hear the sound of water and we don't and then you turn on the heat, I'm sure we're going to have some air in the lines, but let's check this and make sure it's working we have hot and cold water let's get back to the shower okay guys so we turned the water back on in time to do some testing. on the shower head here and you see the valves on the Train, let's try to aim this thing in a bucket here and see how it works there, cold water there and even hot water there, guys, go fix it.
The cartridge went out and for those who are interested, we can finish putting this thing back together, print to put it back up there, but down here, for now, okay, let's put it back together, so we'll put the backplate on. You are going to screw on the center piece that holds the plate to the baby, it doesn't need to be very tight, but you do want that foam piece to press against the walls to create a seal there. Another thing I want to mention, let me find it. You'll probably see a piece that looks like this.
It goes right at the end. Here is to control the hot water and how much the water is heated. It is adjustable. I just remove it completely. I don't want hot water. we put it back together please put our little screw back in the middle here tighten it to that girl with the handle tight that was it 3/32 I think it said Alan okay guys shower is ready everything finished, ready to start, one thing you might want. what to do while servicing your shower just consider the hope in the speed of the shower head at the joint where it comes out of the wall here there will be a screen there and since you're playing with things, I take that shower head Remove and get the screen out of there maybe some needle nose pliers be very careful with a razor blade however you can take it out and maybe soak it in some lime or some kind of descaler just wipe it off and yeah why ?
They're doing maintenance anyway guys make sure to like the video. I hope this has helped you. There is a link in the description below to the replacement valve or cartridge they call it that we replace here in the video. Thanks for watching guys.

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