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Fisker Ocean Everything You Need to Know with Reservation and Purchaser Info

Jun 08, 2021
Welcome to the decade of Eevee, a decade in which many companies come and go and many ideas change. I'm very excited about it, take a 1984 Ford Taurus and compare it to a 2004 or even a 2014, the look is different, there's a whole lot more technology but most of it is under the hood and other than that it's what same. Cars haven't changed much since we decided the internal combustion engine is what we were going to use, but there are plenty of changes to come. I am really extremely satisfied. excited about the Fisker Ocean it's all electric it has a vegan interior with recycled materials throughout 250 to 300 miles of range on a single charge 37,000 price of $499 with the federal discount of seventy five hundred dollars twenty nine thousand nine one hundred ninety nine dollars after the credit the credits are a real thing.
fisker ocean everything you need to know with reservation and purchaser info
I got one myself, so don't think that's not happening, it really exists, but what the heck is a flexible electronic payment? Let's get into that, essentially, what you're doing. You are leasing the vehicle month to month three hundred and seventy nine dollars covers your service and maintenance thirty thousand miles a year and full and complete ability to use the car it is a regular lease no there will definitely be no other red tape involved I am absolutely sure of that , but that


rmation is not available at all now, but this is really interesting and worth watching.
fisker ocean everything you need to know with reservation and purchaser info

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fisker ocean everything you need to know with reservation and purchaser info...

It looks like there's also $3,000 in the subscription and I think it's for the Flex payment plan and I don't


how to find a lease that doesn't have something owed on it and it's probably a car that's not selling very well, so let's go over


the process to get one of these things, so here we go, here's the website that looks like you. get a little more visual


rmation up front, but we want more than it looks like a really well-equipped, attractive crossover, the wheels look incredibly good, it has sharp lines and it says it's the most sustainable vehicle in the world, now it says service full and maintenance is included with this flexible payment essentially on lease, so that's good, no hidden costs, sounds good, no long term commitment, sounds really a bit crazy, but I guess they come, they get it and they just they rent it to someone else 20:22 it's pretty standard The wait time at this time, the cyber truck was about the same: 30,000 miles a year with monthly transfer.
fisker ocean everything you need to know with reservation and purchaser info
I guess they're like carryover minutes, meaning you keep what you didn't use. That is incredible. I guess we have to create an account, so let's do it. the account typing typing type of type of type uh so once you create an account one of the things that you can see is the terms and conditions and hey, this is an important thing for vehicles, so let's read this when making your


, you understand and accept. Below this


agreement is not a purchase or flexible lease agreement for a Fisker evie vehicle nor does it constitute a purchase or order for a Fisker evie vehicle and what they are talking about is the reservation amount which in this case is two hundred fifty dollars, so it's a little more than the cyber truck, a little less than what a model three was when it came out, it was ten times that, at two thousand five hundred dollars, talking about money, the payment of two hundred and fifty dollars made under this reservation.
fisker ocean everything you need to know with reservation and purchaser info
The deal secures a rough reserve position to do a flex lease or purchase of a Fisker IV vehicle, so during the presentation they really tried to sell this flex lease, but it looks like the vehicle can actually be purchased. I think a lot of the leases will disappear. We will first see that this reservation comes into effect according to the reservation agreement once Fisker receives the full $250 deposit and you accept the terms and conditions of this agreement which states that you have read and accepted these terms closer to the start of production of your reservation. We will be notified of the availability of different vehicle configurations and different prices and at that time you will


to choose your preferred configuration based on availability and your choice.
Fisker will create a flexible purchase or lease agreement for your vehicle indicating the total purchase price or initial subscription price of the vehicle's monthly subscription fee plus estimates and applicable taxes and provide the flexible purchase or lease agreement for your vehicle. revision. Let's dig a little deeper into that depending on availability and your choice. Does that mean they will force you to lease a car if they don't have any available for sale. I don't


, it's a little scary, but let's move on. In the case of a flexible lease, the down payment will include an initiation fee, an activation fee, and any compensation received from the federal tax credit whenever available and applicable, so $379 per month, perhaps including a credit of $7,500 during the lease period, it is difficult to know that this reservation can be canceled by sending a notice to Fisker incorporated through the Fisker app at any time before Upon entering into the purchase or flexible lease agreement, this reservation payment is refundable subject to a 10% processing fee should you cancel your booking at any time before entering into the purchase or flexible lease.
All refunds will be made within 60 days of receipt of written notification of cancellation provided that correct payment details are provided to Fisker Incorporated if you proceed with the order Fisker will apply this reserve payment to the purchase order payment or fairly standard flexible lease Fisker will not pay any interest on the reservation payment, regardless of whether the reservation payment is applied to the purchase or flexible lease of a Fisker evie vehicle or whether the reservation payment is returned to you, so no interest, that's what it means, what's the best possible way to borrow money, by the way, good job, Fisker's reserves are limited. one per user is fair enough, it doesn't say per person, it says per user, but it probably says somewhere that a user is a person, your reservation doesn't say that, but it


s to be non-transferable or assignable to another party.
Okay, don't sell this place online, in case Fisker cancels your reservation, you will receive a refund within 60 days of cancellation. Such refund is subject to the same 10% fee. Fisker may ask you to provide such further information as it deems necessary to secure your reservation, which you agree to provide in a reasonably timely manner, but without any reasonable time frame. Fisker will maintain your personal information in accordance with its privacy policy through this booking agreement. Fisker makes no statements regarding development or definitive delivery dates for the Fisker all production and delivery dates may vary from region to region at Fisker's sole discretion, which basically means you get what you get, friend, through this reservation agreement.
Fisker makes no representations about the final design, final vehicle specifications or the price of each Fisker final design. Vehicle specifications and price may change between the time you sign your reservation agreement and the time you sign your purchase or flexible lease agreement. Fisker is not responsible for any representations made by third parties regarding production delivery date pricing options or any other information about The vehicle as I, this reservation agreement is governed by the laws of the state of California, USA. without regard to its conflict of laws provisions. State courts have exclusive jurisdiction to determine any dispute arising in connection with this reservation agreement.
These terms and conditions can change and that number 18 is the trick, they can change all of this at any time if they want and those are their terms and conditions so it looks like there may be some fees, it looks like some of these numbers are based on whether or not you get the tax credit and it looks like you're not going to get any interest on that two hundred and fifty dollars okay so let's book this sucker this is what it looks like after you complete your booking and now it's time to get that old app, so I downloaded it here, let's do it, we need a little graphic, the most sustainable vehicle in the world, mobility is the future, I believe in a clean future for everyone, great, create an account.
I already did that, so I guess I just log in once. my mobile number is good and then it wants me to verify my mobile so here we go into the app it looks like it has four menu items at the bottom let's see what we are working with goodbye long term contracts hello freedom and flexibility with Fiskars flexible. flexible leasing you can return your vehicle at any time with no penalties except you leave the vehicle, the new standard of convenience save time by scheduling service and maintenance in the app at no cost to you, that's great, we will pick up and deliver the vehicle to your preferred location and if you look, we also have solar panels on the top of the vehicle.
Nice, the most sustainable vehicle in the world. This is more of the same. Fully electric vegan interior. Recycled materials. 300 mile range and says "Map charging stations in the app." well, that's good, here we go, this is what the house looks like and then let's go to the second menu item, it's the same thing. Delivery at 20:22 3000, do it by signing, 30,000 mile allocation, ah, here we go, pictures and videos, let's look. The video is a trip of sweet looking Ilana. I'm getting a lot of Range Rover Evoque vibes because the wheels are excellent. I don't expect it to be exactly like that.
It looks very similar. I think it has a bit of Hyundai in it. The Kona kind of vibe at the front in the photos is great, there are side profiles, front profile, a small rear quarter, it looks like the taillights extend quite a bit around the interior, it looks very solid, it looks like a screen right in front of you and then a big touch, something crazy. materials say the details are excellent cabin lighting I don't know if you need a light and your headrest looks very attractive high mounted rear indicator for extra presence which is nice aerodynamic mirrors and integrated indicators which is pretty standard nowadays seat economy sculpted luxury Design more than just seats, let's hope it's that comfortable.
Light up your ride with logo details and cabin ambience, making it look like the original Kia Soul ambience, where they are trying to light it up. 22 inch wheels, that's what they say. Right there, the 22-inch wheels will help you start your day California style and here she is loading up, where the white looks pretty crisp. I like white. Well, what else does this app have to offer besides your information? There you have it. $250. to reserve $37,000 price $7,500 off that goes up to about 30k a month and now if you lease and they apply that credit you'll get all of that right away so if you rent you probably won't have to deal with a lot of things, including maintenance according to Fisker, which is pretty good, you know what I liked about the terms, okay, this just got more information in the email during the time I was editing this video, did you? are you as excited as me?
So far in the video, you might be the award-winning Fisker Ocean. Fisker Ocean specs have been revealed, dear Adam, to round out the seven awards the Fisker Ocean received at this year's CES this week. The World's Most Sustainable Vehicle also received Digital Trends' Editors' Choice award. and now we're excited to start sharing the specs with you soon. Starting around 4600 millimeters long, boy that doesn't make sense to me. One thousand nine hundred and thirty millimeters wide and 1,600 millimeters high. Well, they are all electric. The millimeter people can help me in the comments. Our all-electric luxury SUV is built to seat five adults comfortably during even the longest trips.
Here is the information about the wheels. 20 or 22 inch wheels. I'd go with the 20's. People have had problems with those big tires on Teslas, but that's just If you want to do it two and two and do it, you can do it. The 16-inch central touchscreen is complemented by a nine-point-eight-inch cluster display to deliver augmented reality features and immersive digital experiences in the pleasant cabin with 250 to 300 miles of electric range. Thanks to the 80 kilowatt hour battery and the ability to recharge to 80% in 30 minutes, range anxiety is not a factor. I wish it were true, more interesting features will arrive in the coming weeks.
Keep following our channels to make sure you don't miss out. The Fisker team thanks Fisker for returning to the program, another competitor in the most competitive market in the United States, the compact or midsize crossover SUV. Maybe I'll get one now, but I have to guide them through this process and worst case scenario, I'm out of 25Dollars. Check out the Fisker


at Fisker Inc, which is FIS keer i NC dot-com and we'll meet you at the charging station. Thanks for watching, be sure to subscribe to /304.

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