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FIRST START: Carburetor to Holley Sniper EFI Conversion | '67 Pontiac GTO [EP17]

Feb 27, 2020
hey rich, can we


? no they gave you four years earlier on the GTO bill print it and paint it inside this shot and then we'll take it to the paint booth and spray the caulk on the exterior ok we've been at joe's transmissive drop since i was 16 pretty much a good hockey tape looks a little older the extra steps to make sure this car is perfect and buy your engine so hug what brought us today I brought a rare vintage 650 car with Electronic Show said it's really rare very valuable oh i bring it to you the auto expert ok how much do you think it's worth?
first start carburetor to holley sniper efi conversion 67 pontiac gto ep17
Online research shows it cost three to four hundred dollars that's what I was expecting I understand these things are worthless oh okay so I had a friend who had a 71 GTO number match judge and he hated the car Because it wouldn't stall, it wouldn't connect, it was picky about the carb but couldn't change a thing. because he was known as pair so he like that Well we have the 67 GTO here and basically everything from the top of the pillars down is news none of his numbers match how we had the block was a 69 even though we They said it was original, it's not, that gives us freedom. to make some improvements to it, one of the easiest upgrades, honestly, is the EFI


first start carburetor to holley sniper efi conversion 67 pontiac gto ep17

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first start carburetor to holley sniper efi conversion 67 pontiac gto ep17...

I came into the world after carbs and people swear they can adjust your carb and less than here but its impossible to do what this little guy does here so this is a complete kit and basically for just over a thousand bucks we have the


system that looks like a carb so it still gives you that factory look but the EFI that comes with it your kickdown cables for your transmission mounts are on the side all the wiring that you need it comes along with the touch screen and an o2 sensor for the exhaust, if you are going from a carb to an EFI system you will need to put a co2 sensor on it and it comes with a non us ld system, if you have a really good exhaust basically drill a hole put a cover over it and clip on but our exhaust already has an o2 sensor so we don't need this part we went for the complete kit which gives you a fuel pump, pre filter and the Astra filter and then also n gives you the necessary hardware to put your return back on your tank and enough fuel line to do it all the hose clamps everything you need comes with a kit which is really good if you don't want to go with a fuel pump external fuel and a filter you can use an internal one there are many fuel tanks available for most popular cars to have the fuel pump in the tank we already had our tank so went for this this setup also has a temp sensor which won't put the engine in closed loop until it reaches a certain temperature so we will incorporate all the wiring for the sniper into the factory harness and then tape it down with hockey tape so it looks like original 67 but still has th the update we want this thing as a driver we are going to have some fun with it we would love to do a power ride with it once we get this back on n the road i would like to find the original owner and go for a visit to see if maybe it has the original block in a corner somewhere ok so all the upgrades we have done to this car if you don't really know which are there unless you look real good and can always be reversed if something purist wants to bring it back to an original anyway for now lets put the sniper on it it will really help with our mileage which is the most important thing I think this is a much better bang for a thousand bucks oh here we go sniper involves a bit of a wait now don't freak out too much no ok not a big deal just a bit of wiring which should worry me It's stock wiring from the GTO mostly because it's not much. marked and this is not originally the split loom so that part is marked as it says glove box so I know that's on the passenger side it says purple to red great but when I look through it there is a wire here and just a couple small wires one yellow wire there but for the most part it's pretty tight together and not stoned so i'm going to read the label what's labeled and clean it up and just inspect the wiring take my time i'll get it back not duct tape but hockey tape because hockey tape which is a little bit more vintage has that little texture to it and I like it instead of splitting it we'll cover it up nicely on the inside we'll put the motor harness together I won't cover the end and the harness with a loom, I'm going to incorporate the sniper wiring at the same time. here we go so even though we're redoing the whole engine harness and it looks a bit daunting a sniper wiring is actually very easy we just think we're building a complete car we're going to attach our harnesses and one harness led to the other and we're just going to put that in this video so here we go if you're doing an upgrade you're going to have to remove the carb be smart let's hook up the battery because you're going to have to disconnect the fuel lines you might spill a little make sure you pick up get caught with a can or a rag whatever you have to do unplug the vacuum lines i have a vacuum breakthrough going to the dealer and anything else mark it because they may not go in the exact same place so you know where did they go and if you're like me you can just take this steel ward off and you're good to go good focus more on installation rather than removal.
first start carburetor to holley sniper efi conversion 67 pontiac gto ep17
The sniper screwed him. It's not rocket science. Side we've got our main harness coming in and that's going to have some wires that connect to the cab they're all labeled ignition positive power and whatever else we've got a relay and our fuse to power the thing up on our blue wire we're going to run to the cab too and then back out this is for the fuel pump we're going to add a negative wire to it at the same time just because and then we have black and red going to the batteries we're going to put a dual battery pose on it and then run our efi on its own so we'll do that in the side post and then we'll do the booter and everything in the top post what that does is wipe the computer that's on this thing away from everything otherwise keeping in mind Mind you the grounds for you can't have too much grounds, especially with an old car like this, we're going to ground the hood and we're going to ground the engine extra, just so there's no int erference to anything that is going on. in here this won't make up for a bad engine mechanical and one of those things is interference the other plug on this side is for the o2 sensors we'll run it down to the back we'll have the plug ready to go on the exhaust that's coming up real soon and we'll take it out and put the temp sensor plug, which is this little one right here, and I put our touch screen on that and ran it into the cabin through a grommet as well, here Come on, the engine wiring harness tore it up a bit.
first start carburetor to holley sniper efi conversion 67 pontiac gto ep17
I don't think it's a good idea. That was under a tape. There is a tape. I don't know much so I know this


s at the firewall and this isn't really worried about any of your guys but I'm going to route this just fine. I think this is the alternator. regulator we're going to tuck this all in so nobody sees it and then tie Holly's wiring into it so if you open the hood it's just going to be an engine we'll clean up the valve covers a bit hopefully yours doesn't make. it looks like this ok so the removal process we have a wire here with a single spade connector that is not long enough to reach the oil pressure sensor so this is the coolant this longer with a single spade is my oil pressure sensor which is in the back somewhere let's throw that in there we have these two that connect to the alternator regulator plug so these are my field winding and armature winding.
We have a big purple one here that goes to the power switch. with red wires they were positive so they would go down to the starter brake shuttle Pig we have this wire covered here I don't know where it went it was just positive so I'm not sure where that one goes I'm going to run some new wires if the wires look good, i'll probably put all the new ends on it and trace the wires and then we'll put them in with the poly material, it's easy, we'll fix that. up no I won't film that and then we'll go back to the Holley here we go and this is how you hook up a motor I haven't fully loomed yet just because you never know but essentially I need an adapter for my pressure sensor or my temp sensor and all good tied in there the air filter will cover up a lot of what we've g Our two wires run through here that will go to our battery and I'll probably connect it to the headlight lomé fuse on the fuel pumps relay on the fender in the back here the alternator relay will go here and then on the back loom over it, just those random igniters.
I need a plug for the back of this. We have the cables that go to the cabin. our digital dash and i think it will go in the glove box oh you won't be able to see anything but when you put the glove box down it will be fine in there. I was looking at new valve covers, I don't know what. what to do with them and I think you just figured it out I think I'm going to sand them down Paint them flat black then shave the top to make it shiny I'll leave these nice black lettering here and here and then the chrome will pop nicely then maybe we need a polished aluminum inlet i don't know anyway we're going to stop there and call it a night here we go alright so the magic happens in the tailpipe it's pretty big on this little sensor the O2 sensor, now what it does as opposed to a


is instead of just guessing how.
How much fuel to put into the engine The O2 sensor determines how much oxygen is left and the computer can compensate for the amount of fuel going in The sensor is pretty critical where it has to go It has to be at least an inch preferably 10 inches behind the manifold where the four exhaust manifolds come together so we have plenty of room it's in a nice deep spot the manifolds stop here so we can get pretty close to the flange without having to plug our good stainless if you don't want do the stainless steel and the kit comes without welding with the clamps we are still going to weld a plug on our header so i dropped it you also need to have your o2 sensor as much vertical to it as possible and what it is is moisture coming out of your engine and if you have it on the bottom where it's easy to get to moisture sits on the sensor and your sensors won't last long so let's drill the hole here yeah we're going to weld our bung on make sure we don't hit the floor but we can go a little at an angle here we've got just enough to bolt our exhaust back on so here we go we mount our fuel tank we've got some new straps and a new tank and we need to mount our pump now our pump needs to be below the surface of the fuel and as close to the truck as possible so i'm going to make this bracket here it's going to look like this i just put a couple of bends in it i put it just right so so it's at an angle here and then we'll attach some pieces here so we can remove it if we need to. take the belts off and then we'll mount our filters and our pump right on this thing so with the EFI there's a few things If you need you need higher pressure so you need a fuel pump you need to come back in our kit as well we have our fuel pump and our pre and post filter for nice clean fuel.
I opted to put a line on my sending unit for the return but that gets really tricky if you're good with brazing and whatnot you can try that, problem is you have to get it to fit through the hole and you also need the down tube so the return hits the bottom of the tank pointing down you can't just dump it you can't just drill a fitting into your tank and dump it because it will aerate the fuel and you run into some problems that way I also need have your down pipe on the bottom of the fuel when putting the fuel back you can't have it at an angle like this because it will start to rotate the fuel and also run into problems you really don't want so the fuel pump is the blue wire goes to the positive and that comes in the wiring harness and then just give it a nice clean ground we'll tie it that's fine with our wire leado for our shipping unit, we're going to run it into the cab and get it under the flooring and insulation, keeping it out of the elements, whatever, and Holley recommends that you run wiring through the car that can pull the license plates out of your cell they come off and peel the carpet a bit tuck the wiring in very easy ok so tank is painted transmissions painted but im waiting on a torque converter which should show up today.
I got the last of the wiresthey ran one more wire to run and the battery wire ends but the paint took all yesterday to dry a bit of a dilemma here who are you because you're going on your honeymoon? about to shoot it like all the coals are done i just have to put the tank back on and get the sniper on schedule and we are ready to fight. Problem is there's also a blizzard outside either I have this drone probably in the next hour you should be able to lean in here give me your Timmy yeah he's happy I'm happy there's a big reveal for me and like two three weeks when I get back and it'll be running and painted and I'm going to be the happiest man alive I think he's going to be disappointed because I've been gone all week so nothing's going to happen ok the tank is well painted and also the straps are to protect it.
I just received this locked cell. insulating foam which is sticky on one side get it at the hardware store they use the skin under truck tops and stuff so I just put a strip where it hits the bottom of the trunk like so for the back of the strap and then we put on we don't have steel on steel we don't have squeaks and we don't get rest so here we go good we got things under control a little better under the hood here we have our coolant temp sensor there's just a couple of wires going you need to connect the pink it needs to go to an ignition source but you have to be careful that the ignition source also has power while cranking there are a lot of circuits that will lose power while cranking and that will result in no cranking we have the coil in the cap here it says right in there are yellow TAC wires for the tach touch screen that just plug into the unit.
I put it through this port right on this side here but I'll probably go to a port somewhere here and put it in the glove box for now we're just checking from there we're going to cycle the key a couple of times to make sure our fuel pump is working but we're going to run that fuel in a new jerrican tank new lines but those lines were bought and paid for I think five years ago so there's probably dust inside we want take out all that junk before it hits the sniper. There are three ports that you can connect to later to feed it fuel.
You can go back here to the front for all three ends, but the return has to come out. this regulator and that is your fuel pressure regulator definitely check these fittings and make sure they are tight don't take anything for granted i will show you the fuel pump setting the fuel delivery has to be 3/8 that is a line brake on top i have the come back down the other side now that it only has to be 5/16 but i ran 3/8 anyway all the accessories were 3/8 you have our fuel pump in the back here the pre-filter and post-filter get all the wiring really tucked in keep going long go up and then go into the booth right there which will go under the rug we have our return going back to our sending unit the floor to the tank can go to the floor from the pump and because they just share that ground anyway exhaust looks good you're missing the transmission but that's on the way so let's bleed that fuel tank and see if it comes on like 1:00 in the morning, nothing good happens after 7:00 p.m.
Italy ok once we have our pink wire connected to a good ignition source that has power while booting you'll get into the


screen you'll see it's your main setup we want to go to wizards and we want to leave it i know what type of unit we're using so that's the one we have that's the one we have the next few cylinders um that's sad that's for commons that's for muscle car engine displacement will go with 1400 and now oh that's better than let's know it's a 400 luckily they gave you this pen because it was big toe syndrome which is what i got it gets really hard target speed auto will do 750 is a good place to start can write we have street strip will do that we have no power adders , but you can add nitrous and this thing will also control things like electric fans.
There is another plug that comes with the kit, we are not using it and we have a negative coil if you are using as the dual


. sink you are able to control the time in which is even more fun we are not yet maybe in a bit of boot load what you need to do and we just need to cycle the key and we are done ok yeah you should hear the bomb fuel running ah ah we got fuel pump and get fuel coming out we'll do it three times and then hook up the fuel line then fingers crossed we check our fluids one more time turn it on ok there's nothing left to do but Turn the key, huh, high five, Kenny?
Kenny Kenny wake up Kenny Kenny the GTO run man high five high five high five kitty hey I got your call and let him hear that Oh anyway a lot of good things are coming with this car even more progress here we go good so a little late You know you hope to have this done before California, but who are you? Yeah, yeah, yeah, back for the honeymoon, gaining a couple pounds, yeah, that's what happens when you go to a resort. Anyway, you turn the key on


and a screen pops up. c'mon i get it so fancy it's got gauges and everything and then huge yeah holly doesn't do super cool stuff turn it on yeah like she don't even like turnover twice it's running yeah a water pump so good so glad you were here to enjoy that because now i'm going to take it all apart again next is the brakes earlier with this brake setup and then we get an interior put a couple of finishing touches on the engine and , well we went up a bit we got the ram here so come on but we'll put it. with the final order with a couple pieces of trim we're missing we get the board that needs to go on the order list and then this time we'll build the -- completely so that we have all the new wood grain for the inside because that's not great put the lenses put all that there is a couple of bulbs that are out I have to check those we will finish the wiring that is well done right here all that is done by the motor make it nice it's nice and, but that's all we can do while it's in the paint shop it's coming together so fast now it's because you've been gone for two weeks oh how the Vons have been gone for two weeks here I am working all these little things take so long oh they're coming together so fast and are on the way yeah hey guys um just a quick note i just want to let you know we have moved our merch over to teespring the integrations with youtube is a much better setup we redid a bunch of tees ace, now we have stickers because everyone is I've been asking for stickers.
I'm not really a decal guy but they're actually our number one seller right now so we'll be introducing some new designs so check back often. Aaron takes care of most of this stuff, but I hid some fancy ones. t-shirts out of the deal so these are still a bit clean. I think this is theirs and they wanted it back, but it's already dirty. Thanks for the support from him guys, thanks for watching Kitty.

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