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Fireman Sam ⭐️ Battle of the Firefighting Teams

May 31, 2021
Force everyone has a job to do and that's it. your job norman and what are you going to do as part of the team garden forest mandy I'm building the fountain so I'm going to the Jews to see if they have a water pump that I can use that seems like an easy job to me there are no easy jobs on the team gardenforce norman price now go get the rest of the fertilizer and move on. I'll be back as soon as I see if I can grab that branch. I can stop the movement of the ship.
fireman sam battle of the firefighting teams
I'll help you, ready now, don't worry, they took the boat down the river. Okay, Penny, throw Saturn in that direction. She will find Steel and the others by feeling the heat of their bodies. Elvis, I need you to guide me through the darkness. Okay, some Saturn was found. but look, the boat is right next to the waterfall Sam needs to hurry, get in the rowboat, it's at the top of the waterfall, you need to head 200 meters from north to south and fast, on my way, I got it, I need you Tie the end of the rope to the boat, you can bring Saturn. everyone is safe I'm sorry I wanted to be funny but it took us into dangerous waters and I'm sorry too next time don't go too far and always check where you are paddling oh we will do it son we won't make it that mistake again and are you two okay?
fireman sam battle of the firefighting teams

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fireman sam battle of the firefighting teams...

Well, it was a little scary, Uncle Sam, but we had a lot of fun with Station Officer Steve and Grandpa. You hear Station Officer Penny Steele was funny, maybe she won't be mad at that. I have his reports soaked and messy, Lincoln, you have my report soaked and messy, come on everyone, let's go back and finish the presentation, not you, Crittington, can you explain what you've done to him. I really wanted to see them again, so where are the grizzly bears? It's the cheese and where is my little treasure wait slower chase ah you won't get away so easily cheese without cheese and without price norman I smell trouble I thought it was the cheese um excuse me steel station office but um norman sent the cheese He left the course and ran after him.
fireman sam battle of the firefighting teams
It is treacherous terrain. Oh no, my little treasure is lost in the mountains. Don't worry, Dylas, we'll find it, but it's a pretty wide area. We better call firefighter Sam. I will do it. He goes to get the helicopter. Norman Price is missing in the mountains. Norman Price is missing in the mountains. This would have been the perfect job for Saturn's heat-seeking sensors, but Saturn's broken sound, well, if we can't find it by sight, Elvis, maybe we can. Find him by smell, ah, I've got you, I finally have you to myself just you and me here, alone on this rocky ledge, if the radar can sniff out the cheese and follow the scent, he'll take us straight to Norman, well, I've been expecting. the cheese all day my hands smell a lot go get it it's ok i found it tom norman the price is on the west side it's very fast come on sir wait, start the stopwatch mandy i'm doing the first record-breaking balloon flight from punty pandy to newtown me wonder if there's a record of how many times someone stopped to stop the clock well I never realized dancing could be so much fun me neither nancy sam well okay let's try the jive yay my favorite stop the clock mandy the record juggling carrot's in the bag oh oopsie oh bad luck derrick this is rubbish i'm going to find a much bigger record to break not before i make big beans of course that's all of course that's all james sarah here quick hi derek what's going on I need your help with this old bathtub I'll quickly explain the way it doesn't look very safe anyone I'm fine mandy start the stopwatch I'm going to beat the can of baked beans squat log that will show the old fool derrick Okay, really Do you think you can get the world record for traveling the longest distance in a bathtub?
fireman sam battle of the firefighting teams
That's the plan, it seems scary right, give me a push, a big push, how am I going to do another 20 seconds and the world record is yours? Yeah, just five seconds to go, don't stand there, stand there, mandy, start stopping the clock, I'm going for the prince who hangs the record, Norman Price, oh no, I'm getting up, I'm on the platform, Ben, but there's no sign of Mike, I'll take a look at around me I'll hold her steady, Penny Elvis, you run the stripes, oh I've got my whistle, good job Ben, oh thanks Bronwyn, sorry about your fireworks mic, it was my fault, I should have been more careful with my button, well, it was probably a little choppy. a force three means no fireworks Mike, I'm afraid so James, the ocean of flames will never be seen.
It could be Mike, if I help you we can go out on Titan, oh I love fishy nipples. t trevor little bro neal slides against the wall you should do the honors sam I will do it sir attention everyone oh what's going to happen now I declare open the ocean rescue center put on panties we're leaving that really looks like an ocean of flames Mike, but this Maybe I won't turn it off. I'm stuck again, please don't let me explode. Three, two, one, please don't let it explode. This is so complete at the beginning. I don't like Speed ​​John, where he's going. towards the key he has turned aside at the end eh, he is heading towards the sea.
I usually do that. We better call the firefighter. Sir Joe Sparks heads out to sea at high speed in a rocket-powered float car. I'll stick with Juno. You two, take Neptune. I might need backup being stranded on a desert island and having to fight in a soccer ball, so I have someone to talk to. Wow, I'm sorry, Sam, I didn't think you'd go that fast, it's okay, Joe, as long as you're okay, well, I have to say it was faster than mine, no, it wasn't, yeah, no, it was you. two and the winner of this year's put on panty cup is Norman Price, finally something without traps or naughty tricks or taking my things without asking yes mom thanks mom good job you're wearing a waterproof span we win animals know more than you think I wonder where they went oh let's go lily this way mommy don't worry lily we'll find them oh no I think I came the wrong way I didn't realize how narrow it was now what we have here is a big piece of slate.
What Lily is no longer with us. Oh no, Sarah's gone too. I can't see them anywhere. LilySarah. where could they be? You better call firefighter sam sarah and lily are lost in ponte panty mountain sarah and lily are lost in ponte panty mountain i'm heading to the mountains you call tom thomas sir right, you're sam so they're not just i lost them. They are in a complicated place. I'll use the winch. Can you bring me closer to Tom? I can not see it. We need to find a safe place where he can reach you. What are you doing?
Little sheep He's showing you the way to a safe place if you get there we can reach you we're going home yes sir we can ah my arms are killing me it was a road here somewhere oh that wasn't a turkey monday but just some seaweed now I can We give up , no, no, if it weren't for you, we would have been on Neptune and we would have seen it already. We have to keep searching. The sea is starting to look very rough. I really think we should go back now. In fact we changed the back there I can see stop paddling norman I can't wait to see this oh it's good to be on dry land again chicken pasta feeling better now sir oh yes sam much better right I just need to find the right frequency and we should be able to see everything the turtle does, that's brilliant, ben, oh yeah, that turtle sways a little, doesn't it?
Pasta boxer with chicken. I think I'll go out and get some fresh air. I can't move for much longer. My arms. I feel like they're going to fall because the waves are getting huge oh okay norman I guess I'll never see a real turtle so where are we going? Norman, okay, the clips seem to go along the coast, yes. He certainly doesn't mind that the sea is a little rough. Hang on a minute. What's that? It's a rowboat. It's Norman and Mandy and they're heading to the cliffs, but where there are miles of cliffs along the coast.
Look, they're near the lighthouse. Norman and. mandy they're in a rowboat and they're heading towards the cliffs near the lighthouse don't worry you two


sam is on his way elvis in the back i'm so cold it's an inflatable rescue trail oh oh tie it to the end of the pier penny then hold it steady sarah james it's okay let's help you don't panic I'm here uncle sam I've got you hmm thanks elvis you helped me complete winter training and I agree that the inflatable rescue path is better than totally shiny now you three must remember that the frozen lakes are not safe to play on I'm sorry firefighter sam I shouldn't have wanted to show off my brilliant ice skating I wanted to do that let's get her up I'm sorry I put so many props on my side of the boat Sam I just wanted the best pirate ship of all time, don't worry Norman, as long as you and Hannah are safe, that sounds like the perfect pirate ship to me, it really is, oh my little rule. the design is so realistic i feel like jimmy depp could jump at any moment you are i am the pirate put on panty pete and this is my treasure and here comes my ship the party pearl put on is made of my nightgown i don't want my ruffles fluff, put them on in front of everyone, that's entertainment, you're fine Anna, yes I'm fine, but look what you did, why can't you ever do anything normal?
Why don't you have to be so embarrassing? I'm sorry, lover. I don't mean to embarrass you in front of your friends, but do it. It's all good, everything is good. We'd just like a normal sausage cooked on a normal barbecue, with no silly hats involved. Okay, Hannah, look at the bottle. Stop, we're moving. towards the cliff we are trapped oh this time you really need to call firefighter sam oh no my battery is dead now what are we going to do can we use my hat the solar panels have a power adapter there is a grass fire in the ruins and people are trapped On the cliff there is a crossfire in the ruins and people are trapped on the cliff oh travis and it's invertigation again what are we going to do?
Penny, you on the lawn, we'll get the flexible shovels, okay, sam, I hope he gets here soon I'm curious, come on everyone, let's get them somewhere safe, albus, make sure everyone's okay, we need to get this under control. fire, he will be there to help us.

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