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Fire TV Stick 4K: How to Setup Step by Step + Tips

Jan 18, 2022
What's up guys? I want to show you how to set up the Fire TV Stick. This is the 4k with Alexa voice remote control. Well, right out of the box, all you get here is the remote control. They give you the two triple A batteries that we need. put it on the remote here you have an AC adapter that you probably won't need you also have the USB to micro USB connector and this cable here is a connector that we are going to connect the actual Fire TV device will connect the United States. micro USB here and this part here will go to the USB on the back of your TV, this just provides power so if you don't have a USB connector on the back of your TV you can go ahead and use the power adapter plug wall. this here and plug it into the wall outlet and this part here is the HDMI that goes on the back of your TV.
fire tv stick 4k how to setup step by step tips
Now, this right here is actually like an HDMI extender. Some of you are going to back up your TV. to be able to put all of this in there, so if you have a problem where there's a tight space, what you can do is plug it in like this, now go ahead and plug this part into the HDMI port on your TV. ok, I'm not going to need this nor am I going to need it too because I'll plug the USB part directly into the back of my TV. Here you will also find instruction manuals and brochures and as I said, They provide you with your own triple A battery to place the battery in.
fire tv stick 4k how to setup step by step tips

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fire tv stick 4k how to setup step by step tips...

What you want to do is see this little round thing on the back of the remote. Here what you want to do is press up, so you want to press up. so, insert the batteries ready to go, so the first thing we're going to do to connect it is we're going to place the Fire TV device here, we're going to plug the microUSB into a part here, like this, now this part. it will go to the HDMI port on the back of my TV and this part will go to the USB port on the back of my TV.
fire tv stick 4k how to setup step by step tips
If you don't have a USB port or it's broken you can always use a wall adapter and plug this back in, the USB part powers the Fire Stick. Look at the back of my TV here. Wow, I have three USB ports, it doesn't matter which one I insert it into, let me go ahead and put it in the middle. one here after you're done with that, go ahead and plug the USB directly into the USB port. I only have one USB port on my TV, but like I said, if you don't you have it on the back of your TV or it's not. working you can put it in the wall socket using the actual wall adapter now that I had it plugged in the next thing I have to do is put it in the right HDMI port which is fine so what you want to do is you.
fire tv stick 4k how to setup step by step tips
I'm going to go to the input or source on your remote and you want to make sure it's connected to the correct HDMI for my sony bravia. Here I know it's HDMI 3 because it's the only thing that's connected and it's highlighted in white, so I'm just going to go Low with my TV remote and I'm going to click Enter right there, okay, now I'm going to have to pair my remote, so basically go ahead and grab your remote. If you want to press and hold the home button for about 10 seconds, the home button is right here let me press and hold, okay, it says Fire TV, press play to restart or play to start, so let me go ahead and press the play button right here, let me go ahead and choose my language now I'm going to go ahead and


with this English, US press enter enter right in the middle here on the remote now I always get this message here that says port USB not supported, that is if it were plugged into your TV, which Amazon recommends using the wall adapter, but I'll tell you, I never had a problem plugging the USB part into my TV;
However, if you experience any kind of problem or lag or lag, you can go ahead and try plugging the USB into the wall adapter and plugging it into a wall. I'm going to go ahead and click on it, it says continue without power, doctor. I'm going to go and click OK, all my remotes say configure, configure network connection successfully, check for updates, okay, fully registered now, you can see it right now, it says hello. Virgil, your amazon




4k is registered to Virgil. Do you want the account changes now? Because I bought this on Amazon through my account.
They already knew my information was good, so they already selected. However, if you block the Fire Stick from eBay or I bought it on Amazon with a different account. You will have this basically, you just have to log in to your Amazon account. It's okay, you can change my account anyway. Mine is perfect the way it is, so I'm moving here. She says. Continue by pressing Enter to ask if I want to enable parental controls. I don't need Minnesota to go here to not have parental controls. Press Enter preparing your remote for


. Now it says we will play music for the next one.


, make sure the volume is up and then continue, so go ahead and click the OK button here to continue.
Now it's a test with your television. Change the volume up and down. Volume up and down is here, okay, up and down. you just want to make sure that if you press volume up or down, the volume goes up and down on the TV; okay, I'm going to click on yes, it's already highlighted on the remote, press enter, your Fire TV remote is now successfully set up, continue and continue with ok, it's already highlighted, press the Enter button right there now from here you can go ahead and choose your streaming devices if you have other things on there like HBO sling Hulu Netflix it's all free to add some I'll require payment to have full access of course you know Netflix is ​​like ten bucks a month or whatever be.
I'm going to go ahead and go down to where it says no, thank you. Now I'm in, so here's Amazon Prime, okay? The thing is, you can watch Netflix YouTube here. The point is, let's say he wanted Netflix. What we have to do is go ahead and click the OK button on the remote control and then you just have to download it. Okay, just go down. It says download, download it. I'm going to go ahead and hit the OK button there and it will download it and then once it downloads, I just have to log in with my username and password and then I can see it.
Netflix you can also see it's installing right now and now it says I can open it so let me click the back button. I can open it from here, but I can click the back button here, click or click. on the home button here and then I can go directly to Netflix now and it's already downloaded and installed. I just have to log in with my username and password and then I can use Netflix as you can see here, ok. let me go ahead and click the start button here now real quick. I want to show you that the voice remote right here is already hooked cinq - Alexis, all you have to do is hold down and ask something, okay, like, what time is it?
It's 1:27 a.m. was today's forecast currently tonight you can expect rain so by clicking the home button here I mean you can see at the top here we have the live home we have your videos movies tv shows apps and settings now the thing is Since I bought them directly on Amazon, they actually saved my Wi-Fi and my password, so as soon as they knew who it was, they connected the same Wi-Fi and all that, if you didn't buy it on Amazon with your account and you are logging in log into that particular account that you want, you're going to have to go and connect it to your home Wi-Fi, so what you can do is just go to the house and just go to settings directly. here and then go ahead and press down and then you want to go right, move right and you want to go to the network, click on the network right there and then from here you want to go ahead and find your network.
Well, I assume you're already connected, although you want to connect to your network and that will ask you for your password and then you'll be up and running, anyway, if you run into any problems or anything like that. Comment below

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