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Finnegan's BIGGEST ramp truck maintenance & diesel how to’s!

Jun 09, 2021
Guys, look who's in our store, it's David Newburn and he came here yesterday afternoon in a big red closed



that belongs to Finnegan and is known as Lincoln Hawk, so he was on his way to Arizona and he sent me a text message like Hey guys, can I? we stopped and did some


on the


and said yes so we had a fun night yesterday we went to dinner we went to a local place and played corn hole and hung out. A friend, Matt Imperial Beach's dad, also stopped for the night. So we've had a good time and now it's time to get to work.
finnegan s biggest ramp truck maintenance diesel how to s
Not only are we going to change the oil, but we can also change the fuel filters. Last night at dinner the neighbor said, "By the way, the brakes on that truck." They are very sketchy and I feel like I could die and everyone said yes if you don't know it has slack adjusters so we just took that slack off and I had no idea what that was thanks again that's great please Let's do it, yeah. We're adding that to the list. The boys are going to get busy. I'll probably just film it and be pretty useless, but except for the fact that I'll document it for all of you and I hope you enjoy it, so only the best, let's get to work, what I'm seeing is that the bucket doesn't have much of a hole in it, it depends from here, okay, so it's a fair amount, I'd say there's probably 10 to 12 quarts in there, that's it, it's tough I took the oil yesterday and it was still full, so we'll try to keep it contained as much as we can.
finnegan s biggest ramp truck maintenance diesel how to s

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finnegan s biggest ramp truck maintenance diesel how to s...

How many miles do you have? Well, I added about six quarts to it before I left my house, so no matter how many miles it is. from my house to here you should probably have to change it like eight to ten thousand, I guess it goes down now, once it gets oily you can take it off without it falling off, that's a challenge, I'll be pretty impressed, okay, it's pretty big. heavy filter, yeah it holds a damn gallon on its own so you're saying we should change the oil, put oil back in, start it up, get oil pressure and then do the fuel filter, yeah that's my feeling because what we want to do. is to increase the revolutions in the fuel filter, you know, so that it doesn't suck in air.
finnegan s biggest ramp truck maintenance diesel how to s
I have it, and I prefer to have an old pressure that makes sense to me, at least it sounds good to me, whatever you say, I recommend that it be good because if we get ready, you know it's going to be you and me replacing this engine and I really don't care. It matters to do that. I'll put that duramax here. What do you know about these 3208? What is your experience with them? It's a good engine. They're underpowered in a truck this big, they moved away from the eight cylinder v8, honestly, and went with straight six cylinders because that straight line torque is so much better, but it's because of what you guys are doing, it's totally fine, it's well it's a great engine it runs about 65 to 70 miles per hour at about 2800 rpm yeah so it screams when going down the highway yeah I mean that's a lot for any


but yeah its mainly due to to the change in the transmission or is that typical, yes, yes.
finnegan s biggest ramp truck maintenance diesel how to s
It's probably a direct transmission. I wouldn't expect it to have overdrive. I think it burned about 200 feet down. You have it until it lets go. It has 20 pound filters. God, this wild card is in the way. Okay, oh, come back. That was close. call now, how tight do you usually get these aaron? I don't hit them hard, it's usually that hand squeeze with a clean hand or an oily hand, okay I did it, okay, it's full, it's so clean you can barely see it, but it's right there. perfect it took exactly four gallons the filters are full four gallons of oil he didn't suck it he's just okay you're getting tired you're just going to put your mouth on it you get 100 pounds of low pressure that's probably not accurate, but whatever, think about it Well, yeah, we're good, this is clean, I promise you it's totally counterintuitive, but I was just telling David to turn it up and hold it all the way down because that filter, you know, we took it off, it's going to get air.
The system and the engine might stumble a little bit and then start running again, it might die and we'll have to bleed it again, but yeah, but I think if you hold it down until it clears completely, you'll be fine. okay let's try it, I think it's just leaking, I think you're clear now, it doesn't mean I'm an injector or something, it could be air too, it could be air from one of the injectors or something. it's just aaron one of the injectors on this side no i'm just trying to see if you're hearing a drop when you loosen them that one doesn't do as much as the rest that injector could be weak look how much stumbling the back feels like when it doesn't do that we'll check the other side let's check that again the only one that tripped is the bottom of this side I didn't trip yeah so I don't know it's like it's disappearing now yeah it's getting better man I just had a little bit of air or something could be ok now yes, sounds great, yes ok, air in it, great, all good, oil change is done, fuel filters are ready, we had an injector that sounded. a little strange at least that's what Aaron diagnosed the ticking as soon as he came out of idle any kind of revs would go away so he said it sounds like a weak injector.
I diagnosed it, but it doesn't seem like a moving deal breaker. Let's go to the brakes, so one is definitely out of adjustment, so we'll check the rest are a little stuck, but you can see I'm pushing it. What you're doing, you're going to squeeze this until you feel it start. dragging your hair too fast, that's the brakes coming on, I'm just trying to feel when it starts to drag and both fronts are half a turn, so we tighten them a quarter turn, that's it, that's it. simple, this thing doesn't move at all, it just stays on it and snaps right there, yeah it locks as soon as that button comes out, oh you're pushing, you're pushing that button, pushing it in to move it, to move the bolt . and then when you take it to a certain place it just locks it back into place yeah oh yeah very simple wow I thought it was something right here I didn't know it was there you can't adjust it there but just do it if you run out of fit here which means you probably need shoes oh lord I don't think you need them look at the size of that compared to his head it looks so small to me it's a mid sized truck no way that that or much bigger compare it like a nine inch set yeah totally different ok show me with the tires I know people say when you add air to these tires it's very dangerous yeah it's 110 psi and when Pop , they do a lot of damage.
I've had two explode, which is why I'm partially deaf. Shit, I'm not trying to scare you, no, no, I've just always heard it and that's how I've always been. Paranoid about it, yes the


concern was the older two piece wheels, where you have space in the middle and then a ring on the outside, but still, when you drive around the tires, when they blow up, it's a massive explosion . and it's not fun to be around, it's a very heavy tire so for them the bursting is unusual, you have to keep in mind that when I had problems with them, they were trucks that have been sitting for 20 years, these tension adjusters to adjust the rear brakes are a little dirty and they have a button that you push in, you push it in, you can turn it and loosen it and then it's supposed to come out on its own.
They were so dirty I was worried that if I pushed them in they were going to stay there, so I'm just cleaning them, they're a little dirty, use some brake cleaner, brush them off and we should be good to go. The last thing you want is for your brakes to undo all the work you did because the button won't go back in that'll do hey David one more thing you see this right here yeah the breech bolt so there's a plug here, yes, take it out, push it there and you will find where. Give it a quarter turn and you can tighten it three-quarters of an inch and it will release these brakes, so if you ever get stuck, get stuck in the middle of the road or something, put those cam bolts in there.
You'll release the brakes and you'll be able to drag it off the road, oh, so just take that bolt out and then thread it into the back of that thread until it comes loose, basically, yeah, you'll feel it when it goes into the slot. a quarter turn and then tighten it you know, release them wow yeah if your engine goes out or something you run out of air pressure that's one way to see them on the camera if you start rolling I'm just going to hang on the corner of the frame, oh friend. these are way out of adjustment, okay, I'd leave it there, on the side, and I'm getting ready to go for a spin, it'll be something else, a plane with wheels, it looks like a damn plane, our trailer used to have built-in seats and, uh, it works, it's quite comfortable, sit down, it's a lot of fun to walk in, it's a laugh machine, she's looking through her sunglasses, he says, what is this drug addict?
I have long legs and have to slide forward to fully engage the clutch, so move it. legs the clutch is a little difficult you have to adjust it the accelerator pedal is very high it's like it's strange it's really very uncomfortable in the morning I don't know where first of all but you might like it what is this okay first it's up there, but the reverse gear is finished and bottom left and it's actually a bit difficult to find the reverse gear, yes I'm still trying to find the question. Wait, it's down there somewhere. Do you want me to do it?
Am I pressing the accelerator? or what's broken, well it's a short drive, that's cool, we got to the edge of the driveway and the car died and it seems to be a fuel supply problem, that's awesome, yeah, that's really cool, so I guess you'll have to drive it. next time you're in town next week yeah, okay let's see if he can break the bronco, here we go, let's go, straight ahead, okay, the stairs are very sensitive, yeah, it drives like a lifted old truck, that's right , that's right, it was great, we just walked around the block.
He likes it, I love it, he says it's fun to drive and I agree, I need something without a roof or doors to drive on, it makes you want to have something like this so good, now you have to get on the road, no, damn it. I only have 17 hours left, oh my goodness, but he'll be back in a week or so. More shenanigans in store too. I have faith that my brakes will work much better now, although I believe that too. Okay, I guess our job here. It's done and it's time for Newburn to launch, turn up the Lincoln horn and drive off into the sunset.
We hope to see you next time, friend, in a week.

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