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Filmé Todo Lo Que Como En Un Día 🌶️ 🍔 (Con Recetas!!!) + Y Una Pregunta Para Ustedes

Jul 09, 2022
You have seen me make thousands of recipes but I never showed you how at home in this video I am going to show you that I eat at what time because I am going to show you all the recipes they inspire me until the end because I have to tell you something in the mornings I wake up very early happy to receive a new day during breakfast I usually read storybooks to my children if it is true that I get up very early my alarm clock sounds like a ticket and a quarter but I go like a zombie to the kitchen where my husband already has breakfast prepared The first thing I do in the morning is drink a glass of hot water sometimes with a little lemon because there isn't any because I just like it I feel that it does me good and recently I found out that this is a very very common custom in China to drink hot water so well that's the first thing I do although as I told you my husband prepares breakfast I took advantage of a weekend in which I prepare it myself to show you step by step and pass on the basic recipes Actually we always have breakfast on one side we have the bread is homemade wholemeal bread that I make every night with the bread machine I love to make psoe bread and knead I tried for a long time to knead almost daily but I always gave up because it takes a lot of time and my family eat a lot of bread the machine is the way I found to eat homemade bread really every day if it were up to me I would put seeds and a lot of etceteras in it and I would experiment but my children complain so there you have it in half wholemeal flour half plain flour Look how cute my friend looks, don't tell me no to accompany the bread, make a pasta with avocado, a tablespoon of cream cheese, lemon and salt, crush very well until it is completely united.
film todo lo que como en un d a con recetas y una pregunta para ustedes
I recommend it is very very rich and if you are not yet subscribed to this beautiful channel you have a red button down there, press it and press the bell to notify you when I release a new video of be ber we all drink coffee with milk big and small the boys just with a splash of coffee we make the coffee in the mouth like new generally like this in the pan but many times scrambled or parrots as they say in Colombia which is scrambled egg with onion and tomato and I also eat a piece of fruit, sometimes a kiwi, sometimes it waits for whatever it is.
film todo lo que como en un d a con recetas y una pregunta para ustedes

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film todo lo que como en un d a con recetas y una pregunta para ustedes...

This is our daily breakfast and they are from another country. I tell you that it is not very common to have breakfast like this in Argentina. Proteins with bread, generally toast or mate croissants or coffee, it took me a while to get used to it but I love breakfast time so I couldn't have breakfast any other way and apart from that, you'll see how we will draw our own conclusions from my super dinners because I think that inverting the shape a bit In the one we eat in Argentina, do you remember that for breakfast I ate a piece of pear?
film todo lo que como en un d a con recetas y una pregunta para ustedes
Well, I wear a hermitage when 3 or 4 hours pass after breakfast, I eat a piece of fruit or something. Now I'm going to eat er this piece of pear but if not this part is like my obligatory lake no I don't feel like eating I'm not hungry but the nutritionist told me I shouldn't spend these two hours without sharing breakfast very early around half past ten in the morning and 10 11 o'clock like this without wanting to open it anyway lunch is the most important meal in this house in general we cook for my husband today on this day we made pork in the pot that we sealed we added a little onion bell pepper garlic potato all medium towards which you grew up personally I try to always have a lot of vegetables in the food also to balance all types of food so you'll see what I'm going to do in a few minutes to complement this which is basically meat and potatoes a splash of wine and when the smell of alcohol stops coming out we add a little crushed tomato, more or less a cup, and a little water salt pepper cumin a post of spicy and that's it ctacular because I have it because it makes it faster but if they wanted to do it in a common pot they simply let it boil over low heat for a very long time at least 40 50 minutes until these corn kernels that you see here are ready, well I'm cutting but I'm going to put in the stew at the end of cooking for a few minutes nothing more because my idea is that they remain crunchy in the stew so that their waste does not remain the next thing I am going to do for my lunch is a soup guys with these carrots about to go to better life and onion, a classic of many houses, including mine, is that what I tell you that you have to cook is that something was about to go bad and this is the case.
film todo lo que como en un d a con recetas y una pregunta para ustedes
I put them in a pot with onion, salt, tea with a little bit of olive oil the species without appreciating but great that is because they believe that this is the same as boiling that this effect these desires five more minutes 10 puts it gives them a lot is once flavor these rest I really already see now a little water or hot or in this case it is water but we are going to season salt and millán curry very well now I am going to boil it until the carrot is cooked but not soggy that it is not super soft honey when it is ready we crush it we add a teaspoon of cream cheese only You can also put cream in a super small teaspoon and there it is.
Try it in this soup. You don't know what's left of the carrot. Look what that is. A few minutes ago I have here a piece of bread that I had left over from breakfast my idea is to make croutons for the soup because I don't like them I don't throw anything away because I eat it very obscene to throw away the food the soup has a mild curry so I want to make spicy fruits to contrast it i put olive oil and spicy marc in smoky i'm going to experiment for the first time making them in a toaster basically for lazy cause i don't want to clean another pan ok guys basically this would work if i put it I have oil on both sides but no I didn't I'll learn it for the next time they're watching me take out all the burnt because of course I'm going to eat it anyway no one is going to notice and ready there you have the raw ones finally I'm going to prepare one Salad I really like to eat fresh leaf, it gives me that feeling that I eat well if I eat a fresh leaf I don't know why this salad has arugula, apple, salt and crispy quinoa, if they don't know how to make it, I highly recommend it, I love it, it makes anyone happy salad I leave you here a video to learn how to make it olive oil with balsamic cheto is a real beauty this salad was divine if you want to see salads drinks I have a video that is great called the salad bible in which I show you 1000 salads which I make at home and I also give you a guide to prepare a good salad, well, very well, we are ready to serve all this, it took about 40-50 minutes more or less. n calcinados no no no no I don't think this spectacular soup had spicy breads with it no it's not great and there's the stew look what the bondiola is cut with a fork it's great as you can see the portion is a small portion because we have All the other food we have the salad that they already saw as Latin or therefore it is the best in the world then I eat in this order first a village salad so that after that they don't eat delicious food in the area to give them a more complete idea of ​​what I eat in lunches, which are the most important meal in my house, I took the trouble to


a lot of meals and here I show you some ideas as long as we eat half a plate of vegetables a quarter of carbohydrates a quarter of proteins and more or less more or less respect that outside look how cute it is there I have a pork bondiola that we baked a little arugula a little bit of rice because I didn't want a lot of tomato and onion like everything, half a hand and badly crushed revue I have a pumpkin pie with mushrooms and cheese, he taught her how to make it in a vile way, she turned it on, she had it frozen, beautiful, it's so crunchy, well, this is pure retreading food.
Here we have a vegetable soup with a lot of vegetables that were just about to die. you cook them in salted water with broth with our seasonings that you tell us about, well, mix them and this is that cream that doesn't look so wonderful but delicious we are patacones fried plantains and on top it has that melted this is half a sweet potato that I had made with a little bit of oil in a frying pan and I put more lemon I'm dying of love with this this is a little bit of cheese a provoleta made the cutting plant of successes because I had only one and this is also grabbing a rice with salmon what I had only one slice of salmon because I'm meaty or quite a lot because it's expensive so it says rice and I put only one slice for the four of us and there we have a lot of vegetables Little fish rice of all kinds while a soup of beetroot leaves and here I have this wonderful thing that is a sautéed cabbage potatoes gratin in the oven I am going to teach you how to do it, don't be 900 glances, it has some caramelized onions for the sauce that comes with the sushi one day I will show them to you to be good but imagine with soy sauce and sugar it's the same and three types of lettuce well actually kyle and two types of lettuce here we have a cheese soup but from yesterday and here and it's so simple we have rice there I have with garlic a a little bit of parsley back there that this is fish it's a tomato soup it has curry it has ginger peanuts that's what I'm putting in it my god paulina that bores me beans beans whatever you want to call it web cars or a little there for rest Milanese daddy is in the oven there in the middle of a plate of vegetables life is not always possible I did not feel like cooking I was born here and it is lost well gentlemen from now on the decline of my daily diet begins, you will see how it decreases the quality and quantity of food and snacks is bread with something it is always bread of the same breakfast bread with Xs, in this case it is bread with tomato but if it looks sweet to me it can be bread with cheese and jam or bread with some mozzarella type cheese and a little bit of olive oil bread with something that is my snack and of course a matecito there it seems at night but it was six in the afternoon boy it was just very cloudy and now prepare yourselves for God's sake for what you are going to see let's see my super dinners as it is not tremendous sometimes I eat one of those cereal things like this sometimes I don't eat a tangerine sometimes I have a soup sometimes I eat a piece of fish around noon there by myself and sometimes ladies and gentlemen yes I'm very hungry I ask for a sushi I have an important proposal how did you like the video do you want to show me below how do you eat how interested I am I'm interested in the subject but I have a proposal doing this it occurred to me what if I eat one day how to eat on another country one day I get up and today I eat the same breakfast lunch dinner schedules everything everything everything what country pull down what country would you like the recipe if it is from your country what recipes tell me how I eat I have candidates because they ask instagram the candidates are Turkey Turkey came out a lot, India would reconcile me, I would be interested in chili, they want chili, we make chili, if I have, I have a large audience of chili, so if you want, you can tell me and we will have breakfast here, as well as sauce, after trying, later, I can give you recipes, are you interested, after this content, for example, I spend a day eating like Turkish food I gave you Turkish recipes then they passed them on in the video I drink this content tell me below I am very interested to know what you think and another thing that I forgot I have a course for these topics of eating well and such that It's great, guys, it's great, he never names it, it's on YouTube, it's very good, it's a course called 21 days to eat better, which we do with a nutritionist. onista who is the nurturing poster is a kingpin it is online but express is face-to-face in time that is, we all do it at the same time we all get into a group and what we do is every day I go for a challenge it is a challenge course I give a challenge small per day that has to do with eating better puff pastry it is not a cooking class I give you an example of a challenge go to the grocery store buy something that you never buy and cook the other example that has to do with the amount of salt another that has to see with treat we make alive something alive I make alive the nutritionists nutritionist is a specialist in food re-education and is back there to answer all the questions that the challenges have are very simple they are fun and have to do with eating habits not with cooking or anyone can do it sovereign vegan you can do it alone celiac you can't do it there is no problem because I don't say what to cook or what to eat it is understood it has to do with with habits with drinking more water with eating more vegetables eating more fruits eating better for real if you feel that you may be interested I leave you the link below in that beautiful course we do it every two months and at other times once a month and it is very nice very nice people leave very happy they like to modify small things from day to day but sometimes they make a difference when it comes to eating so I let you read and I say goodbye leaving you this wonderful video go see it do among all the things you have to do today click on this video go to the online course tell me about the countries if you like it if you don't like it what do you want me to cook everything bye

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