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Film Theory: DEATH NOTE–How Deadly Was it?

May 01, 2020
I've set things up so that theories keep popping up for the next three weeks just watch me theorists I'll cook dinner with my right hand and write theories with my left I'll grab a potato chip and eat it I'll take my leftovers and reheat it. I'll play Mario and beat him. I'll open up the script for Doctor Who, part three and fill it in nicely. One of the most popular things that I get asked to sign are



s that people have recently purchased. It makes me wonder if they are fans of the show or just haters who want to end the channel by any means necessary.
film theory death note how deadly was it
Either way, I totally agree. sure since i don't risk it and sign with a misspelling of my name it's totally true paranoia is very serious if you've ever asked me to sign your



check it out i usually do what i do is attach some extra text to the end where i'm like haha ​​that's not really how i spell my na i also apologize in a side note to any matpat who spells their name with a double t anyway today we are talking about death note since netflix just released a death note live action movie and im writing this episode before it comes out let me cover my bases here man it was the worst i mean in the spotlight second guessing yeah myself i can't believe they didn't stay true to the original anime or wow it was so cool right?
film theory death note how deadly was it

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film theory death note how deadly was it...

Mises character sorry I hate making you guys work like this but thank you guys for going the extra mile and inserting the proper answer out of both of you so let me post this I love love love the original anime it's like 25 of the best writings. episodes ever put on a tv screen but matpat there are actually 37 episodes like i said 25 of the most tense and densely plotted episodes to ever air for those of you unknown main character Light Yagami, he's got all the top grades in his class, the attention of all his fem beer classmates, and a magical notebook that has the ability to kill people when he writes their names in it, okay, so one of those things isn't like The others, unlike most people who feel a little repulsed at the prospect of killing people with the flick of a pen, see this as their opportunity to purify the world of evil by eliminating all criminals in the world and in the process becoming the vigilante known as kira and no that's not a racist way of saying murderer her name is kira in the way she attracts copycat assassins and plays an intense game of ga dude and the mouse against the brilliant deductive mind of a mysterious detective known only as l, it's hands down my favorite anime, but as i got ready to watch the movie on netflix it suddenly occurred to me that we spent so much time got close to the personal conflicts between the light and the fact that we as the audience lose sight of the bigger conflict here, how many murders are taking place over the course of the series, there is something epic about the light The montage sequences are about as epic as you can get when the action consists of writing the names of the people.
film theory death note how deadly was it
The point of these montages is to illustrate the extent of these killings, but when it comes to the question of how many names were actually written on the death note things get a bit fuzzy, so today I'm working to get the best estimate possible. of how many lives were taken during his reign as a kira i now say estimate as most of his kills happen off screen which means we can never get an exact 100 number he said although we can get close if we know one the length of the time for which kira is active and two, the speed at which kira kills, so number one, how long does kira kill?
film theory death note how deadly was it
Well, it's a simple question that has a complicated answer. You see, for one, there's a total of four people operating under the alias of Kira at one point or another, as the light creates these complex notebook transfers in their attempt to evade capture, what makes matters worse is that som etimes multiple kira are active at the same time with up to three death notes in play luckily we have access to the full timestamped list of all the major events that happened throughout the series thanks to the handy timeline that it was printed in the 13th extra volume of the manga and it is worth mentioning that yes this is a timeline that the manga covers, however it tells the exact same story as the anime, only the time changed three years earlier because it came out first they kept the months and days consistent from the manga to the anime only changing the year by three years so really the absolute time that Kira is active remains the same so now spoiler alert I'm about to Just about to show you a timeline that maps out the entire series so binge watch it then come back here seriously this will be a great weekend activity for y'all great and here it is yeah that's a lot six years of killing spread over four main kiras using three separate notebooks and a partridge in a pear tree add to th on the police, the mafia and ooh boy its more confusing than light playing musical notebooks in the woods but at this point we have a solid idea of how long each of the kiras was in operation, as expected the light was the longest with 2033 days in total.
Kira's second model and actress, Misa Amane, was only active for 67 days, mainly because she was less interested in killing for justice and more interested in stepping into the lights. the note for the shortest amount of time only 61 days but he's also the most enthusiastic about it back off mate because now that we know who had a death note and for how long we can calculate how many people each of them killed based on A about his people murder rates, if YouTube doesn't mark this video as advertiser-unsafe, it'll be a miracle, so the key to estimating Light's murder rate lies in his first enc. fight back with ryuk light shinigami or god of death when ryuk first appears we learn that light has been writing the names of criminals on the death note for five days various death notes have made their way into the human world in the past but you are the first to have written so many names look at how many people you have killed in just five days and look we do the show he gives us a look at his open notebook where we can see that he writes names divided into four columns and 39 rows each that it is a total of 156 names per page that clip also shows us that light has already completed two full pages a total of 312 names if we take the minimum estimate and assume that light only filled those two pages in the five days then the average comes out to 62.4 names per day now realize this is just an average light obviously you are not typing exactly 62 names every day for example there is a day where he kills exactly 24 delinquents, one every hour to make a very specific point to l and th It's likely that on days when he's on guard he kills fewer delinquents, but we also know that Light likes to single out delinquents for death, even on days when you're not diligently writing names on your death note, so it's the average that matters here, not the exact. write on any given day so 62.4 is a good baseline, then comes the interval five after Light defeats Elle during which Light acts completely unopposed assuming the role of Kira and Knight and the role of the new l during the day and as you can Imagine, since you are a serial killer who leads a task force to catch him, you are not very good at your day job.
During this period, a narrator tells us that the Kira killings accelerated in the summer of 2012. Kira killings increased at an unprecedented rate during Light's first five days. as kira they are a pretty good representation of what an unimpeded kira looks like coming home from school, doing his homework, and then spending the rest of his free time writing names in his notebook as a lovesick high school student when he defeats l still he has to do his day job with the police task force and at night mass is also distracting him wink wink don't hate him when the blonde model actress who adores everything you do pulls you away from her nightly killing spree, so let's assume the rate of his kills during this period doubles per day its nothing too extreme just about 60 extra names a night because he has mass helping him research those numbers throughout his 2033 days as kira us gives 242,112 names in the book expects 242,000 about 62 names a day multiplied by 365 days doubling by the time I'm defeated and run that for five years yeah that number will look ify and that's a conservative estimate think of those 200,000 names that's more than the populations of 47 separate countries actually near the end of the series close to yes his name is really close calls the death note the deadliest mass murder weapon in human history that's a pretty tall order, but when you look at the numbers, it's true that the third Death Note alone, the one Light Yagami used during his five years of unopposed, killed more people than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima at the end of World War II, which itself was the deadliest attack in recorded history in the end you're nothing but a crazy serial killer oh no light it's so much more Dangerous The term serial killer specifically excludes war crimes and government-sanctioned killings, and by that definition, Kira stands out by a huge margin as some of the deadliest serial killers in recorded history. uis garavito and pedro lopez have fewer than 200 known victims while kira's number is in the hundreds of thousands even the deadliest conventional serial killers are only a tenth of one percent as


as kira and that's just light we still have another three kilos uh kiras to discuss the mass number is just a drop in the bucket compared to the light killing spree only around 400 she had a short run and just kill her attention any kills she does during that interim period of five years is more to help the lights altogether because he's the kind of guy who wouldn't allow that power to anyone else than he probably wants. he savors everything he writes to himself and as we see during the montage of that segment, both of them are doing research together on the computers, but he is the only one we see writing names when the audience finds out that higuchi is the third kira, we see his notebook on. on the table and it shows that he has written a total of 64 names 16 rows in four columns if that's what's in a day's work for higuchi then that would make his daily body count almost exactly the same as what we calculated for the light before an average of 64 names per day multiplied by 136 days results in 8704 people dead at the hands of gucci and lastly terumikami of all kiras mikami keeps his death note for the fewest days but completes a page per day which may not sound like much but one page for mikami is serious business with 6+ columns and 76 rows per page mikami is running a whopping 456 people every day not sure what is more impressive the number of names that mikami manages to write every day or that he manages to squeeze them all in there mikami might not be the brightest when it comes to executing light strategy but you have to give this guy points for his calligraphy with a total of 61 active days in mikami's total death count at 27,816. 27,000 people in two months to recap our counts are light yagami 242 thousand one hundred twelve missa amane three hundred ninety two kiyasuke higuchi 8 thousand seven hundred four and two mikami 27,816 adding up to just under 280,000 total casualties 280,000 people dead to give you a point of comparison that is just shy of the 300,000 americans who died during world war one. the only wars that killed more us soldiers were world war 1 2 and the civil war and remember er this estimate is a conservative number we see no evidence for it but Misa could absolutely be more active during that five year interval if Light would let him be and Light himself could definitely be more aggressive in his writing if he wanted to be. for an even better comparison of the vastness of the number of people these guys are killing consider this when we see Light's notebook open, yes we see some western names but there are also some names written in Japanese this makes a lot of sense already that the series is set in japan and light's first language is japanese so it would be an easier place for him to target in 2009 japan's prison population was 75,250, only a quarter of the total death count of keira, in other words, during her six years she could have exterminated the entire prison population of japan and still had time to deal with the rest of the criminals in the world who said the US has a few more people in prison 2 million 217 000 to be exact, so even if Kira's efforts werefully concentrated entered the US, it would only have been about 13 of the total US prison population.
Also, worldwide there are 874,100 people murdered last year, oh my gosh, that's a Huge number, so even if Kira only had targeted kills, her total number of kills over six years would only be 32 percent of the total number of kills in one. The world is a bit of a scary place sometimes and I have to be honest the light for all is to purge the world talking made it a little scarier you see even though he sees himself as the embodiment of justice i am i am justice he kills innocents along the way to stay out of the prison ray pember ray's fiancé 11 fbi agents who were sent to investigate him l watery so of course the murders the other kiras light committed justify these deaths as necessary in their quest to bring peace to the world and indeed those people account for only a tenth of one percent of the total number of kira dead, but is he correct in this assessment when we say that the kira killed 279,024 crie? minals that's under the assumption that all those people were guilty, but what light doesn't take into account is the false convictions that occur more frequently than you might think based on the national exoneration registry the number of prisoners released as that their crimes are disproved has been on the rise since 2011 at a rate of three exonerations a week other criminal justice studies have shown that in the united states specifically up to 4.1 percent of inmates on death row in the us could be innocent and that's only in the US and only for people who have been convicted.
It means that Kira has killed over 11,000 innocent victims, it's not the drop in the ocean that Light seems to think it is, there are also many other problems that exist in the criminal justice system, for example, in the US 94 of all cases are decided by plea agreements where people plead guilty to a lesser crime to avoid the risk of being convicted of something more serious, even if they are not guilty at all, they just don't want to take the risk or waste their time At trial some estimates put the number of innocents currently serving prison terms due to plea deals at around 20,000 and Japan has a major problem with wrongful convictions suspects arrested for questioning can be held for up to 23 days for which the suspect is not allowed to have contact with a lawyer.
There is even a case where a prosecutor threatened to kill a suspect during his interrogation. in courtroom you are going to prison just stop wasting time start with your prison sentence and finish it quicker its a system where guilt until proven innocent really prevails and to the Kira eyes everyone is guilty regardless of the evidence at the end of the series people in governments just send him names with light killing hundreds of thousands of people you think he has time to check each and every one then, what is the result here? Kira tru Okay, let me give you the numbers and you can go discuss it in the comments near the end of the anime.
We found that by the end of Kira's six-year reign, the global rate of violent crime has dropped by 70 percent since Kida's appearance. Wars stopped six years ago and global crime rates fell by more than 70 percent. A 70% decrease in the number of murders worldwide would reduce the number of murders in any given year by 611,870. average of forty six thousand five hundred people per year about two thousand of which kira is innocent prevented over six hundred thousand murders every year and that's not to mention all the other violent crimes that occurred this is the death note dilemma the light He's clearly clearly a villain who says he's driven by a better world when in reality his ego and lust for power are his true motivations, and yet there's no denying he got results, so he was right.
Throughout the show he doesn't provide clear answers and remember that it's all just fiction, but it does raise a great debate, a debate that I hope I've been able to help you with by giving you more precise numbers so you can assess the situation and while I can't answer any of those questions definitely for you. At least I can present you with one final and slightly lighter question related to Death Note. Could Kira kill Goku? a



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