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Filipino Community Meeting (Speech) 10/5/2019

May 09, 2020
the low impediment Islam Telangana Fifth good the problem occurred to see my escort a synod or even a congressman and the other officials of the Republic of the Philippines escort evil asylum so it took them time to be here but anyway I sorry for our beer retardation Bhargava Bassano I am NOT Tagalog so you have to give me some allowance for the similar media as I mentioned Tagalog a Shiite economics professorship because that is what Davao is anti embellished among the younger people built on Tagalog but they I also know Visaya but the next Jeremy Han will receive a


less island in Mindanao uniform and full Taste goong-bok Tagalog throw a father and a toll on tires Manila Chamber President Alan Peter Titano and his wife also the consummate woman Lemuria Larnaca tano the executive secretary Salvador Medallia and his wife Maria Bert Ola Medallia Toshi secretary meter Diaz the executive secretary a so pareshan pinaka Boston MA cabinet members that's why he's called the little p resident nahdi Topo young ass awaya you know senior clerk dia is a union ilokano Secretary of agriculture William Darwin secretary of labor unemployment Sylvester Abellio the third and swipe regina value secretary values ​​isabella ilocano salaries rent secretary of national defense is a general in the Armed Forces of the Philippines used to be a general defend Lawrence Ana and his wife Rita Lorenzana and Cabinet Secretary Carlo Alexi Lalas than a devoted Commerce Secretary and Industry Ramón López I think he is a Tagalog Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources also General of the Armed Forces of the Philippines rose color motto so you know how to clean Aslam Boracay the sama sea the first day I decided to clean Baraka it was in a cabinet


cassia bharata faraway lumina busts do me saladna hotel holes open city brothel is more double and then s when I was campaigning I was standing I was on the beach I was inhaling my Kasana you hang in a preschool but Down yes a great ope makes n a president the neon koto of polina left between in the main papa big Nadal God is fine no but not owner was the bunga Savickas sharanam vraja' so new stud but the next day he meets and honest a secretary Lorenzana but Don is a headline the gala edition of Yahoo national come here and a photo Tori Yuma Tania Martin and Owen and lava putting in the drool in a bikini what what have you got Roy Acuff oh boy Lily Niskanen Baraka ok for Pelican luck vs skill signal my human eye McCallum Oh I have insurance Safe big a mule an impediment Parimal Salva CC motto Cosima $10 and Paris Aachen organ finland onion Secretary of the Interior and the Interior is a general Mr.
filipino community meeting speech 10 5 2019
Armed Forces was also chief of staff Secretary Eduardo Conocí office of presidential communication operations Secretary Jo I know Roberto Martín and in our National Security Advisor welcoming secretary his Mohini Spearin is also in the military he was also the chief of staff during the time of president Arroyo chief legal adviser to the president and president for person is a model Samba Salvador penelo Gotama he is the epitome of the sartorial confusion we said the comment Indio Lovato Bowers you know it's the People's Palace the government in Italian I don't mention smooth onion at all but I don't unlock Selita I see my office i io paalam Fillion Palace Palace full strict Oh John I'm fellow trouble oh di Panello a mulligan involved time is week pootis pootis naman don't oppose the kibbutz now we are watching learn among the dudul on horse they're Isabella pass of lumbago Kagame of palm so omakase nakamura mama small potatoes I mean a garden along from my own paris a bigger dad so convertible yes an italian artist actually he is the lawyer of almost all manga artists in a case of Chivo Lian Shian Cayetana ja lawyer of Luo Yin italicum a giveaway on the composition of Ginga well young was cabinet almost half of my cabinet members are ex-military Finnegan's column names a important SIA Salmon she you know Peruvian di for mocking acronym for lattice a military in India Gopala from a long time job coup coup tsunami wow long I was elected by the Filipino people there I was not elected by the military or the police Tamara Baconian xalapa Ramon work because a llama fetuses Bobby on don't be offended a nepata bureaucracy here Abilene otoshi on mame on top or smoke epoch debate a Paseo de vos subiste a solemn project NOLA Emperor when adalynn ago you know you've been mayor for 21 years Pentagon on aluminum I mean a congressman I mean advise me or my daughter in double dynamics accuse me tapas Ballack a group from the mayor 21 years old Alamo a recipe for tacos Co Amana military r from the legal owner and they know i would never ever order an illegal abacus turn against china become governor otama swag Sentinel oxen a great Gavino tacos crazy top in an experience go the etomidate OSA cabinet echo graveyard media Dominguez appearance is Anglin Yagami she poor abdomen from military military pamela I say some canola composition but if I want things done I order a military you do this and order a poor anemic ornament they started having been the longest serving mayor the salon adama onion and mindanao there is always war in minerals ma 'buta talents our to the mer all central Mindanao relatively poor due to Bennigan's assist burned so Mauro like Neela so create road autonomous region Connie lion village a possible heat but the perigee gave Pataki maneuver in lifeless problem annyeong in PA in Abu Sayyaf but that is doable and the problem is onion contamination now Isis deters south of Mindanao and Isis is everywhere mosquito haiya Dante Oh do it continuously avoid angle in an Amana MP an enigma Gustavo Makita OSA Tascosa nominee bataillon monument home assistance under Papadopoulos young Latino talented Addabbo alumna no I never allowed anyone the military , the police or the rudos, or any civilian will beat you up, don't give up nah in ph in mindanao nation may some who say seville police day cause black western orion obsolete in nail polish neuropathy peanut capture soldiers will attend to the pinnacles above the hyungs only below my break is still made noon is a big stone in his hinted that he went to stop the war drop the gun then we talk well I won't be a problem he wants guarantees in the government number the mayor of in the plugin an acronym that Lancome honestly answers cabinet a pig wallow see Mariano and progressive pore Pokémon surprised Allah then discovered that the din ero meant for your office for the people pokemon summer camp in pennsylvania sorry go indiana get on our team you are not here to serve the NPAs you are here to serve the


people if we can't agree on that , let us separate from Allah, the entire Himalayas, I am Guna Guerra, it hurts me deeply to see a Filipino. don't die if you're a police soldier or an imperial soldier NASA Sector Nguyen President Maggie Otago human capital Filipino no poppet ion that's why I try my best just to make amends oh dear dear Ellen Bastian a goose tuna ramming an umbrella but that's not the way to run a government you have to make peace with everyone and that's always been a problem with my pain a drugged tone I'm going to learn to speak NATO from the minute or cheer under the pool to what long tioga coca you dito got the mukundan and detour climb too young to Montana ecopauline muna Misawa an imam bargah ratio a toe ready for mobile anyway in Milan that's the job apart from the constitutional provision our Constitution makes a short abbreviated column that says i have to protect the people and preserve the republic i work august i have to protect everyone not only in lower potomac immunized isana a bit of tong drogo of total there is no Vanina does not say in the whole world and to be portrayed as a murderer a murder laugh not America taste Paco beetle you know well Atlanta yosef Filipinos but during the time of President Ramos DynaVox alonein and the secretary DILG known say america Pinnock knows hansha namaha american no panera mass that the drug situation in the philippines is getting out of control your country is being flooded with shabu supercooling out of mana see only only so far optimism in the mayor so we were warned to do everything that Kodama will not prosecute or support long time doing follow up work but marami Ivana pita Nabokov and Kasich oh dalsu corruption weakly and Elise the Bible I am the prosecutor the Bible and the judge evoke octagonal Sheena becomes president Iago there are about seven generals now Manila Police Department who they are in dragons petit custom loubalu so there is a great law and a calico in taliban DOMA in payment an asu Gaston nto then big oh I'm against my own government the top they're not oh they're not a major episode on Shana they'll go away from the prosecutor I'll automatically duplicate myself no I'll build a city I'll build you a city that's comfortable I love your wife and daughter Jenna because a policeman asks your wife and daughter to walk even in the dead of night if coming home undisturbed becomes a safe and sound home if they come home happy from where they were using the streets of diversity which is the environment I want for my city in the noir arrived Alamo Mota Cabo Cinna because they know what draaga commitment in Sierra any nuance that dad put them in a puppet in the hotel they don't know that the president makes a day that more inertia has not gone sabi KO bachmann covers the sabayon war in Indiana mihalko and by and Cobus cake Anita long time alone I love the Philippines Concha Campania I love the people of the Philippines who will be honest some people i want some of the humans from foreigners it's you for real anna wahl laputa anatta you know i can't understand it about human rights instigated by america papa bleeding hearts no europe celaya gulam moonda moon t ahoe we were altered by a spanish for 400 years, soldier, hundred days, not Istanbul, I'm looking forward to, oh, say Philippines, and they were living the fat of the land for four hundred years, human operation became a Daytona promise, you are always welcome.
filipino community meeting speech 10 5 2019

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I will protect you with my life but stay away from the unsaid Drogo telegin he came back and that goes for everyone sabi ko alam opposite morning


sounds great sir in madonna lima and in peter open in 1815 people buying sable every day how much is the minimum wage now? 400 350 Unova 500 vanilla device shabu along any suit la putana contaminate ohon op talaga a tuna is a companion for mapable hanya consume anya charge editor sweet adornment Mokpo billion tushy ok kita Enya labraina atone amman tucuman week prevail onon between robe non union and in Manila no opponent President Sabbath was a chip in PC but oh give me the numbers eunuch give up lon me in Lunetta poor poor opiate Nikita Nino menorahs indicates Macarena Mahayana seb agai John Latner addicted Filipina woman rain over problems crisis arise in this gentleman my own pocket in tata boom accepted raga whole family becomes dysfunctional voila amidala new para para prokta in and squelen am bata table na young between bata bhai at a young age the moon go mahira go prostitution young obama society makes the talents of human trafficking, Allah Sumida lives, but that ends in epic beliefs, the slave markets and many philippines hold hands in andaman, mitrice, pinnock. don't go ah Oh Valon Behrami Philip no Bobby it's not unknown Lanyon now they've created a new problem for us all to worry about Alamo Padma Tom Arnold rouga at six months constant use shampoo is a chemical that motivates opium heroin because marijuana grown organically supposes a mixture of all chemicals: organic content to banana myrtle great formalin not bacterial yum paraben abu hanifa type Paragon diamond very suppo rave Ira nian Yemen of Naga Manila mourning its links to the brain and when the brain has sounded you have an electronic note Filipino Doan Salmonella counted nila doesn't even deliver 1 million six hundred polygons Aladdin to hindi doesn't deliver another 600,000 now they are slave slaves Allah - a chemist named Shabaab poor Oh otama hello Rob Jana sabi nila pin appetizer Amira one afternoon come on open the door congressman uva no Sabourin nobuta Nino public nanana and daughter-in-law and for 14 years or yard a year pinaka element some of that day last month a one-year-old Denali for also tapas with important in pattaya in detained technology on human rights in victim we are only concerned about a turkish towel Buddha Putin in a dead body is a criminal list a hall in list our house on capacity of the lungs townsend sappy: man i'll kill you holy story a multiple of a no-knock but i don't know mercy focusing on new al do general a new arm precision your wait is from pangasinan the science com


go sabi nila i know kurama chania locarno but who Michigan was not engaged apart from da Cunha a long time either they go bacówka alone Ito military Aloha low angela is a sob Ellen Ellen mr.
filipino community meeting speech 10 5 2019
Kamehameha President October Alana Manjeera Mansell Aloha I'm in Santa Corona profit problem be hidden dough Fired General Dennis mr. Tom post of the tank was a common lecture not by Anila and nobody talks Oh Carla Papa I had my back on the human components and polish but a military machine apolka Veneto came to fix the egg they own know your commanders and airports Navy Police but they're me bah-bah-bah-bah-wee it doubles if I can't get the kind of support I expected only then I prefer Lana Varla a novice in Oman Odin Mr. Robredo Allah remembers well I would love him from Otto de hodgins throughout a bucket of llama animals on hollow basins in all good not to mention his name because he is not a lawyer but she Robredo had this topic about gifts that they give to the police marijuana in general but we have telegin poppin with all the ninja people you know Telugu Drogo Morocco they are now they are now they were identified and well the publication in Congress to investigate and the police under the annual daily services with the rain you know that you investigate first because that's part of due process the OPC now focus it's not an investigative agency it's an office of the president you're looking for beastmen yawning police DILG k so police jail local governments Canyon sophistication mimouna by Levina Goleta box top levels a but anyway before I retire in TIA before my term ends I have two years and so many Months left from Bhushan Patel a great omen from Putin in Anatole mine the demand of an international court of justice Sammy go well no no Monsieur laugh no telegin guilty but if someone has to answer for that I knew cousins ​​police but the military do what I say what to do I only order legal things throughout the union so no girl but if the time comes when there is an accounting of everything how someone of hers has to be fine seppuku acting latino I give the orders I gave they said what did I say the NBL Attila go out and destroy the criminal syndicate of drugs destroy them and if that also includes killing them pottery Nino La Rocca bamboo poison NASA Allen onion ring that's what they told you go to Manabu so in the end of my tea rmino but quadriga appearance but they will hang the electric chair sabine : ah Paco Akuma kills sir taka carving young singers irrational Javed lung hominin a kotappa cow smoking in applause citation watchtower of Nina Theroux taste KO st.
filipino community meeting speech 10 5 2019
Ignace Amata but al mitakuye schemata OD tossa Matignon jung yonghwa taco owes me a code Constanza and Puma Puma no way Mitali and I'm available say you need a place to go boom over Getafe teen male you know more or do you man necessarily on trip and this i use for and when will it happen if it's actually me that's my steena gravis it's a nerve malfunction i got it from me exactly from my grandfather good nun reassurance so i really believe in cosmic bagua genetics selita avvo neon cleano natasha Visayan Drogo begins and ends, but cross products, a civilian, a human, do not, but nothing is a scent.
The science of nothing. and the Russian government and the people of Russia for being so kind e'tenday'eh openig after which in the bilaterals a petitioner comes in Alinea in his eaten abdomen it is shown in the expired passport expired young man you know expire d passport Nino perineal Andy Tom Summer problem I am ordering the embassy consular office in the ninth philippines Daytona renew Nino and passport the problem of the new millennium second is humanum overstay cap Asiago alumni Russia Russia is a very good efficient government Johnny alum Neela parasha vanilla cinnamon come between Huli we know the problem your plate mingi anitha alumni he rubs a filipina and you number about 10,000 ya network alamein spend a day or two renew your passport then reapply here would be willing to make an arrangement secretary billy oh he is working on an agreement, he is not young and Ito is staying or Hubbard's problems will be, they will be covered with an understanding, the multiple Perl oval ication and Milano Hawking's prayer, love is only complying with the laws of Russia, so mu not sabotage for a long time.
Atalla tyonne problem su chi o la-de-da 10,000 kuala tahan record not aloha does not know if you are a criminal I am attributed to Ito telegin you kn Now the criminal laws of Brazil are very strict, they must be strict. Oh, chance, so kindly. A moment ago, I'm begging. Now I look good, mom. working on some kind of mastery deal my big animal Wang you would be allowed to stay you stole an aluminum in Pattaya Dobrin co-state ago because Cousteau is common among Iranians in Filipinos place WA you know they come and there is a country that maraming citizens and some of them are really interested in dragons in the land of alumni, cooking Papa Thai like a Drogo, talking to the Ambassador for a bit, I beg you just tell them that it is very Dangerous here in the Philippines. refused to intervene leloni in Saban countries a China of ingots wise yoga masha'Allah Manila strict totally so kindly do nothing pochamma jumping in Eleazar tell maganda unreal authority in sir Asia maganda and respect ornelas Alamosa total compared to the United States sir Kaaba eternal industry Jocelyn Deborah non-European sir in the Murayama Tina: as in America sabi nila a free and democratic society the world mare internal discrimination veto good of course it can't be above the military bowels I thoroughly understand to Brahman as aware of the Russian veto of the UNAM the Russian popular siddhasana with pleasure in an Ingrassia I see her human to Filipino tapas ananda gandha half mahir fit the machine yamaganda my memory one of my name a Filipino randito missile one of you know Kanta voila mama sama balance again Pocoyo I'll ask you to do a concert santa-rasa From Russia with love so you know that's all I im just being a law abiding foreigner here said dont break the laws qualifies well on corruption dito sousa goober no neela goober lauren attend me tourmaline now its a koba stop corruption the fire ritual about five cabinet members dallas co -pastor corr uption allah fell out you know i oppose allah they are philippines me and the media no no no eternal police and the problem will never be for you salima putin in a simulated russian plane for forgetting who banta you don't have to lie hootenanny look at it megalith Daniel is a military and he shares that you had random policeman is under the Department and he knows the problem when he is also Martin is fine does Filipino Filipino kotappa sura Anam per annuity so you know parole corruption is my target too Sakura pianola calling ceremony an indicator comment announced of course it happened but if I fired someone the last one was young beating to the Saba Commission: I fired him from Naga Maccabi Montano Vinoba marami private police in being a young military man nikka Orissa nothing happens affirmative report they can't want to go the parallel malama Honua coming even born but even in you I want to make our country safe namakkal after Aminata I said that I want to return the streets the alleys to the Filipino nama Palakkad no Gabi not along mr.
Bohm occitania hello hello chocka yes perusahaan vomit I guess a beginner extrajudicial murder Maharana circuits unions la mattina WA so be with a gardener you know Warren garden follow me the solution Yakko and you I'm not religious it's a religion but I have this deep and abiding faith in God damn my job so all voila and pray for our country and if anything at all Lalo not corruption my own awakening previous inspections I don't allow it in one more tote bag Jana Gana , jungle, Russia, China. warning Shibuya needed patina and/or humans and Jenna Bob in her I dire opinion of Bacchus in drama nanny coercion and Nanak was shocked Marino Lola corner and our local Chinese Tata Kobe Shia have Allah whom I know will happen prejudice bigotry well given the say he had to avoid so i tried to get through to all of mine you know passport i know london anything on it swipe london you a machine passport richer ghana monica record over and over time. lam problem Cassie Tecna my name is currency shock epiclloyd mo yung customs customs hello Nikita and customs Nanaia Jana Marie Claire Mona Toto Toto honky tonk customs Nanaia except yacht harbor Peter young passe hey Rona tapped wagon on style ne el logo y : young Issa cool you know TV made me incident with the enemy.
Your Peugeot delawanna for the long haul. Someone because I wanted to talk to someone. I was waiting for the guy they sent me. They will want to know. Camille Pissarro. Misawa modulation problem. to TV Nia leave me in the lineage a long time ago buy more no naka banana Meccano Sebago head to me orbiter tiago put on another governess Sita and Gita dato gusto mo to Globus not in Berlin Geeta Tadashi with the yellow world Serbia Kosovo anomalies going to boom Bala we 'I'm alone in Hinton barangay Doan syllabi the known in Filipino callous Ascenta out of number rangamati AMA tops nothing young barangay no Mongoose compass a boom under Emily Nolan and but theorem of the pith between gold diamonds basta hindi Allah is a bug but nah Paquito Oh kena between six engines no more I have a long blonde of corruption customs wala wala silang Magua I open an inspection for immigration you just have to open your own alarm again slide more that's when he speaks through the door sir, we are born again Tae Yong from Goga's 11s album is a sericea is a cup dito in a ciggy oh my one in your but let's move boy Alamo Nabisco young tart go make me raise a takuna e se tiger grabbed escape accomplished and titania gaga and she grabbed akela gomorrah the gui and mini contain slime a donor smoking datapath place don't there boom ooh wee cheeky and google opponent patrolling inside hate to torment god is rising corn and pie I a partner in Laura woke up how good we are going to leave it's a shame to sound good anyway we are here to visit you and too but last time I was my trip was interrupted by Mara actually I signed martial law veto from the statement was I was still in Moscow Corona within six hours in my boot I was numb and talked about the name of the president they put in Malaya I think I was somewhere outside of it I am flying and we will talk to me medallion sabi KO if God will will allow and continue to exist.
I'll be back, so I'll read my promise to thank you for the help. Mana shot at Adele Anya to see Melanie re America pomato Kumar away Billy enters Amana air mass in the Taliban up the illa oh God you know the Nagato young drug dealers drug lords Pinjarra know Congress so partying helicopters, polygamy, sabina bill, helicopter company, naman, fabulous, allah, indigo pair, wedding, lagina, moscow is going to rule you can't kill your own citizen oh my god my own citizens are killing. Platte Nebraska captain but stores Alabama in babe but a pin-up Italian food is low so what Indian abelian comic or maspiro to defend my government and even my own survival them over applet and poo Montanan China sabic oh the Littman in joy china no we came here to make friends the echo universe no South China Sea Sabini presidency i don't know hindi it's not a monopoly opinion for sabi ko i'm here to dig oil savannah you can't do that but it doesn't mean say india take a bigger Panetta balihar oh my oh my back OH they are proposing China is proposing 60 40 60 Oh Martin Canella biological team Cannella PI own big big all ammonia dominant everything is water exactly true sabi nila is a matter of sovereignty yes i agree but some people I cannot fight against China, it would be a war that I can never win and that is what maja terror Sabri Fercho said the other day in Malaysia.
I can't fight China. mighty urinary target china better prepared much maraming are muslims no capture pasilla guns nala se mahadev thunder thunder and a very wise leader respected boom world knows bed bed knows not political pope american jan echo sorry but going na il not a moment ago affirm sabi ko animal page to young gilraen cassie i have a subpoena pocket i'm in tow nene i didn't mean i know customer my own be talking to him marines ko dongjun opposite i know they have a missile i can get to manila in seven minutes i'd be crazy if i went to war with the kind of weapons deployed against my country an insult to inga keep the taliban away you know that's the story i told lance we're not ready to go to work we can't afford it and we won't win it and why would he sacrifice light for all we know patent loves onion latinum and there are many American Depot his olympic armaments so one of these days if it's dangerous to be H otel Ukraine Oh Melissa you keep goading me to find trouble like when there's trouble open the tobacco sir I mean are you willing to declare war on china?
You are PU it is a fact only says if there is aggression ad total again says you have to start history world so young and along you but maybe they made trial and change geopolitics the not yannick my own little garden you middle east north middle east california amok settlers in mindanao mindanao the top was brought by religion young don't get discouraged later in london a soul in manga dito pata hello zone now convert or Christian is mo young bah-bah-bah 70 years before not 100 No I think so I was in Kuala Lumpur I had koe celebrity lon Basava salawa 70 years old I had an Islam something Mindanao young Telugu and fucking mahogany in mana di Rollo don't give up we embrace Christianity no we don't accept it andchristianity we become very forgiving people they immediately tomorrow and artemis blows up like a pathetic focus just the man the kapakos via a co metapod william calley can beat pataki for a good plug taiyo you are we forgiving the people?
Alam ko go I know and sacrificially Christ casaya high school porn seven years later octopus in high school Nona Hannigan Amma classmate oh yeah she Dominguez kebab atta boy and valedictorian HMDA knocked out apostle Angela on us a passerby from school secondary pressed a small button a toe Tata amazing can turn us into a BNC Visaya immobile in doe Hong Kong ghulam pants eviction portulaca MO and work kills tirtha charger is an idiom actually we say an idiom Hong Kong gala pants so having said I'm going to sing sir of our Olongapo Chicago Kinnaman mine if you look above the ground hollow o-tama military team one year our acetal had farewell class in it - Torian say oh my mom lower Rank it Aussie Bongo commander says long time DF civilian kept calling and ca-- Pio will be inside but he was with me for 21 years my talented donkey Addabbo Anika Tony Tesoro he delegate Oh Bohlander Dania Chinese but none I need Tobit witty or your bro and again honorable to mean to become a bomb and I tell you I guarantee you the total it was shocking to put iron styles in an order he is very very old but I for the banana drop I put the marina under myself yes Tony NATO started with the kids the president an alumni yoga Mangano 200,000 and sour food the lowest in 100,000 to only final nine I don't do 100 Shannon no critical boom but I Sheila but they from the will a that under congressman Marin drain make money while i was congressman kenya tan young Discordian in DePalma tops cut start Camila squatting on top was Alice Jesus Anzhi tomahto male a mollusc80 helican a mocha in in IO India Misawa has Casillas away nd to Matawa you see Hodag a walrus koumoue oh you imitate opera in the s away and you You are the brilliant Russian daddy Akira, oh by Russian and Mashburn, oh very nice booty to see a Philippine long-tailed television amoeba. with him maybe Parliament here working a job without something to legitimize his stay all I ask is that you obey the laws do nothing to create a place the relationship of the two countries is in danger we are on telegin Say hello a protein was precipitated and the UNAM bin Agana tanam arms hyunyoung's Abiko unit telling him to get so that I live with the confidence that I will be able to shoot secretary bell works on something that would be up your birthday and that aside Ronnie no and with us we will always pray for you now take a jesus christ a semi-comma you must memorize currency jesus christ casino quran well known high school amata park or thrice janet was on every week but baba lenovo deepak yeah never mind calamity jesus christ. go son monopoly don't learn the discipline of the european people and learn their customs and culture it's good for us maraming salamat oh thank you very much our dear president rodrigo fila

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