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Figure Skating Competition Vlog | Northern Blast 2021

Mar 31, 2024
Good morning foreigners and welcome back to my channel so I have a


tomorrow but obviously by the time this video is released it will already be past my


so what I wanted to do for this video is like a little v-log competition . Just to see how I get ready and all that, it's now 6:30. I'm going to my morning practice at my usual time. I'm very nervous and I'm already wearing my costume. I feel like it says a different tone. I feel like I've been totally out of it this whole week. It's like he's very forgetful and a little shaky.
figure skating competition vlog northern blast 2021
You know, like it makes me nervous. All of this, so yeah, I'm going to go to my morning practice today, which is like my last legit, little, real practice because tomorrow is competition day, so of course I'm going to take it very low key. because I don't want to get tired on the day of the competition during my practice, so yeah, let's go a few moments later, we got to the ice ring, oh my God, it was like raining, so now I'm going to have to do it. like running out, okay, so practice went well, I liked the costume, my back is pretty open but it looks really good on the ice, it really matches this music, so I'm excited to skate, I mean, obviously.
figure skating competition vlog northern blast 2021

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figure skating competition vlog northern blast 2021...

I'm as nervous as I'm shaking. I have to go get my nails done today because I'll have to go without gloves, but yeah, so I'm going to go home now, have breakfast and do some things and get mentally prepared. Oh well, look. it's not raining anymore such a beautiful day ok so it's time for breakfast but I don't know what I want I'm thinking maybe I want some waffles yeah I have these Vans protein waffles so I guess that's what I'm going to do. what to do, I think I want an apple too, so let me wash it and cut it a little too, okay, remember I have this so I can dip my apples in it.
figure skating competition vlog northern blast 2021
It's amazing, you can get it on target. I love it. 346 minutes late, so I'm sitting here and I'm really freaking out, really nervous about this competition, and the funny thing is I'm the only person in my group and I'm still freaking out. I kind of want to go


again today just to clear my nerves a little bit and, you know, be able to say yeah, I could do this, I mean I could do this, but it's in my head now that I can. I don't do this oh my gosh okay so sitting here again I think I need to go outside or something but damn it's cold today on purpose so you know you can't like to go out and walk outside like this I'm just sitting here. my heart is about to jump out of my chest like I have this like I feel like it's almost like it's adrenaline starting to go up or whatever like that feeling I get when I'm about to go on the ice like I feel like my stomach it's just that they're like butterflies and my legs aren't my legs or whatever, so I'm like freaking out, oh my gosh, maybe I should do a mask or something like do a beauty routine to calm myself down. book you know what's a good plan I'm going to do that so I'm still sitting here you know I ate my little chocolate pudding um they're really good they're vegan actually a little small they're coconut um they only come with four of them but I really love them because they're not too sweet, they taste like chocolate and they taste so nice and it's nice because they're dairy free so it doesn't really bother my stomach so yeah.
figure skating competition vlog northern blast 2021
I'm practically sitting here a little relaxed. I would say maybe I'm not as stressed anymore, but I don't know, I feel like I'm going to get stressed again about it, so I really like it. Doing it before the competition helps me mentally prepare a little. I like to rewatch videos of competitors who skated well and they motivate and inspire me, so I really like Shomo Uno's long program this season at Worlds. He skated and danced alone for Caleb Scott. I really love that one. I also like watching mariah bell her competition at nationals in 2020. I think it was 20 20.
Yeah it was very emotional and not at all nervous so it's very inspiring to see so that's what I usually do throughout the day , like the day before the competition, and the day helps me mentally prepare, just get in the mood to see how the skaters skate. Well, they like to skate by themselves and even if they didn't make a small little mistake, they didn't give up, so it's really inspiring to see. I also like to visualize my program as I would do it. just sit there with my headphones or if I'm alone in a room I could listen to the music out loud and just visualize my program and see how I do everything right and like things like that. and you know, I guess the point is just to prepare yourself mentally because you're not going to like learning anything like I like to, I said I'd like to go


again today but then I realized I think I need to rest more and I'm not coming back. to the ice rink and I overtrain and I imagine I ruined my career and that threw everything away like I get really sad and angry about it so it's better to just quit.
I'm going for now and I'm just going to practice tomorrow and then for an hour like my usual time, like an hour and then I go to the competition, I do my five or six minute warm up and then I skate my program, so yeah, I say it in Serious. It seems like it's easy when I talk about it here in front of the camera, but I honestly feel like I'm really nervous, so if you're nervous, that's completely fine, okay, so I've been sitting here for too long, I'm just going to leave. outside and maybe do something like headstands, some yoga, yay, my stretching is done, oh my gosh, I did a handstand, yeah, I wouldn't want to repeat it like three more times than I try to do it, I guess maybe because I'm tired or whatever, but yeah, there's always next time, at least I have one time, you know, I held it for a while, which is pretty impressive, many hours later and a nail update.
I did my nails to match my costume. because I have a black costume here, I'll show it to you tomorrow, it's very sexy, like long pants with a cut in the back and stuff, yeah, so I'll wear it tomorrow and in the main video you guys will see how it looks. Very good morning, so today is the day of the competition and I'm so nervous like I feel a little bit of this heaven, a kind of heaviness inside, like my stomach is like a knot, I'm like going crazy thinking about it all the time. This time I didn't even get a good night's sleep last night, but I mean, it was totally expected, so I'm not surprised, so I did a little mini workout this morning and then I didn't want to do too much because, um.
I didn't want to get tired because I have to skate at night, which is like the whole day I have to stay pretty cool, so I'm here now, they're going for a little walk because the sun came out just getting some fresh air trying to calm my nerves like giving myself a positive pep talk oh my gosh I feel like this is turning into my feelings diary but yeah that's what I'm doing now I'm just going for a walk enjoying the first year well, It was a nice walk, I actually ran like I hadn't run into any people, which I guess is a little strange, you know, kind of scary because it's literally the woods and maybe there's someone lurking.
Over there you know, but there are cars here, so yeah, that was interesting, but they probably took a different path or something, so yeah, I didn't really walk much, so I only walked about 0.86 miles for about 20 minutes and no. I really don't want to overdo it because I didn't want to get tired of my legs so yeah I think now I'll go home and maybe read a book or something maybe get a facial because that's what I planned to do yesterday but no I did it, yes that's my plan, actually I remembered that I need a shampoo for dry hair.
Okay, it's time for some facial treatment, so I'm going to use this, the exfoliating mousse and then a mask, a mask, an exfoliating clay mask. so put it all in your face and sit for five to ten minutes with it so I found a way to watch the competition live right now so I'm watching it on Live Barn oh because as you know Kovid really you can not. I'll be going there and spending a lot of time on the ice these days, so I'll be watching it live right now, that's exciting and then I have practice in like three hours, so I'll go at like one. watch okay it's been like 10 minutes so I'm going to go wash my face lunchtime skating so guess what I'm at the ice rink again yeah I'm a little nervous I think it'll probably be like someone else or something Maybe no one because the competition is happening, I think people are still in school because it's like Friday afternoon, so yeah, oh my gosh, I'm a little nervous, I'm going to run like a six-minute practice, so yeah, let's go okay, that was really interesting because there was no one alive here with me, the guy said it was a weird Friday, so I don't know what that means, but yeah, my eyes kind of popped out of my photo step sequence Which I've never done before, so that's nice. to be scared now and I'm going to keep that in the back of my mind, but at least I took the fall in practice, not in case we had to think like that, so yeah, originally I was going to skate for an hour. but I only skated for about 35 minutes, I really didn't want to overdo it and just go crazy and get too tired, oh okay, it's time to put on my makeup and I feel like I'm starting to shake because I'm starting to feel really, wow, so I'm going to brush first. teeth just to feel a little better.
I have it. I'm fine so I have my big makeup bag and I'm actually going to have to put on false eyelashes and I hope I do it right because it's probably only been half a year since I put them on oh my gosh this is going to feel so real, There's a lot of stuff here like anything you might need, so I'll do my basic manual first and I usually just use my hands. I'm going to put on a covergirl that I made and this one is color 90, a classic beige, and I also just use my hands because that's who I am, honestly, maybe I should just use a car concealer sponge.
I bought it a while ago, it's probably old, but the effect I only like using it literally like three times. I'll put it here because I have these scars from my acne. Don't I look wonderful? like a line here don't make a straight line like that blend it on your face like a smoky look i think this palette will work better so i have the vip it's the girl you have an ulta so these are like the colors that I have another one too, this one is supposed to be like the main stage, oh actually, maybe it's better, I'm going to use like this little peach, put some of this on, maybe literally, I'm like really, so I have a darker one here I am.
I'm going to put it more towards the outside of my eye. I don't really want to wear brown, that's what I thought initially, but maybe I'll just wear purple because I feel like browns will make it look weird. main stage a green one and um I'm going to do this one I'd actually like to take some because I've never used this one I don't know okay I'm going to use oracelli whatever it is I don't I don't know my mom gave it to me , it's like a liquid eyeliner and you know when it's time for false eyelashes, so it's going to take me a minute because I suck on them, okay, so I have the ardell, I feel like it's our doll. as super popular, I have a ton of different kinds than you get everywhere at Walgreens.
I have one here, probably for my competition last year, that was the last time I used it, I literally just put it in my eye and on the board. Okay, fast forward, I think it looks pretty good, so I'm not going to do anything special with my hair because I think my makeup will speak for itself. I don't want it to be too crazy, so I have little strands of hair. I like to fall here because my hair is like cut, but I think I'm going to let them fall like this because in a way it looks cooler because like music, it warms up, it looks a little bit like Yeah, so I will take this time to review everything and make sure I have everything.
Of course, I'll wear my costume now. I have to have my skates, so I'll have everything else with me. Well guys, here we go, I'm going to the ice rink. I'm very tired. Well, I'm not even tired. I am nervous. Well, I have all my things. It's because it's only 15 minutes away from me, so not that far. I made it to the ice stream but I'm too afraid to get out of my car. Can I stay here in my car and escape from my car? Please, please, my God.

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