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Fighter Pilots React to TOP GUN Maverick - Mav's Bombing Run and the Final Mission Scenes(5 of 6)

Sep 28, 2022
connect it's a good movie all good now hit your target and come home 30 seconds to target i could tell you one thing as a wingman that if you were that close and you had to fly through a canyon that would absorb so many levels from hell mate i mean there's a reason we're flying wedge you know far away because mate no way jet wash real turbulence and jet some turbulence jet wash only


ions you'd have to have the route fully memorized it's code verified one six eight eight lasers i got it target captured acquired bombs away oh good bob we got hit direction said shaq direct hit now all that scene i would have i have no indication right unless i was on a laser target track in his screen of bob acquiring the target thats true yeah unless he had a laser dot search or something he should have been putting his diamond p Because he wants to drop on the target, yeah, and then Bob will place him, but because they do a Buddy Bob, basically the Maverick symbology was wrong, there was no ASL or yeah, those things were like all of a sudden they turned red, which would be cool, but I mean. that's not how it's fiction this is not a summary of gun school but back to the good stuff it was the gb 24 the correct answer probably not probably not miracle dagger two state is a correct call almost there not sure there is something wrong with this laser realistically realistically I don't know I don't know what button you're pressing didn't it just prove the point it didn't just prove the point they didn't even need to be lazy because all they had to do was drop it Listically yes, friend, and you know there isn't much time to chat and debate what to do.
fighter pilots react to top gun maverick   mav s bombing run and the final mission scenes 5 of 6
Like you got your set. You have a game plan. You go on the game plan. it didn't work out or no one is late you know we always had one you know those will be standard questions isn't it so we like there's no I don't know well I mean he could have tied himself up he could have indulged himself yes but instead about that, no kidding, it looks like he just used the, it wasn't even some kind of air-to-ground canister, he used force, he dropped it manually, the velocity vector was on it, it was just like whatever. it'll work if it works, if it doesn't, I'm pretty sure, I mean, I don't think he was there. it's your position that you couldn't say shaq miller it's time for us to go home but you're going to go n your low battery turn that thing off stop listening it's ok i like that smoke in the air radar warning we haven't seen the turntables yet radar so we don't know where this magical thing is controlled but and i doubt it could mean who knows um but smoke in the air that's good the other thing man who's yelling at me right here is that she needs to touch the doorbell, oh, aside, yeah, i know, dude, ding dong, why is it charging?
fighter pilots react to top gun maverick   mav s bombing run and the final mission scenes 5 of 6

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fighter pilots react to top gun maverick mav s bombing run and the final mission scenes 5 of 6...

She's about to. he hasn't done it yet yeah he will ok i forgot yeah there you go so he said get rid of emergency. ok ok ok for her ok so i think a lot of people don't like this flare thing ok it could have been a program that was a chat player program so dude if you hit the switch from the windowsill down here or the button between your legs was the correct program so if the program was straw and flares and they were. You are going to get chaff and players. The only problem is that you are standing out when you do that.
fighter pilots react to top gun maverick   mav s bombing run and the final mission scenes 5 of 6
I think they have been highlighted. you know i mean you're holding your own against both so people ask why they're using flares against that i mean you'll get whatever show so if the show was irritated and flares too because it's a movie you don't i'm gonna see straw packs it's going to look stupid it's going to be like yeah now the only thing i like is the thumb switch it's the only time you can discriminate between type and style what they should be doing i mean they could , but that you know, on the short hairs, just hitting things seems to work, yeah his mask has all sorts of like he doesn't have a seal that deploys countermeasures, there's actually these little packets of straw coming out or it's just sparks from he looked like a little i don't know i mean i'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt here negative contact would have killed him though if you fuse the gators i mean because they're close ups they're not weapons no is it so Made to hit you, they're made to hit. near you and it explodes and fragments like a shotgun, so it's dead, but maybe not, maybe not defended by the dragon, that was a missile battery, that missile battery wasn't there, it was sort of guarded, nor even was up talk to me bob this is like this is exact on the feel like in that f-16 video it doesn't haunt you don't just get shot at one you get shot tons and you know even in vietnam as a dude they would just shoot sa2s and threes and b-52 ghost weasels because I really like that about this part where they didn't have the wiley coyote chase scene they had now granted we're doing flares and all that but as far as intensity and the adrenaline and the feeling and the hey I'm defending from one I have to defend from the other like they did a very good job me In the phoenix scene but he's dead I mean rooster two more on your six daggers two defending , yes, it would not guide or merge with es or, he would go stupid or the props would merge with him, so revenge is the same underneath, I love that guy, I love him, yeah This is a really good scene. you yes or your i mean these are radar guided even if they were looking for heat they are already tracking so you have to tell it to confuse you enough not to track if it was flares maybe the chaff at that range It's probably not going to be buddy yeah the other thing is you know we used to do this training because Sam's never shot me like this but or 27 Sam's yeah yeah I mean you would inevitably start at 25,000 feet and you're going downhill especially if you're defending against space sa I'm sure in real life all these planes would get hit by airspeed yeah that's a good point which makes it even more impossible for Maverick to watch over there and say, oh, it's out of the chat, I'm going to drive over there and sacrifice myself. myself here if you're not being attacked and maybe they're low on speed but he was a guy he just took it with no canopy I know I'm just trying to help you here there's a lot mate but it goes back to movie magic . like you have to call it off at some point it's good it's a great movie it's a really good scene we're just noticing at this point you know but that's what we do here so thank you you've blown it operationally nothing what happens after this point does nothing. makes sense does anyone see it dagger one go in i didn't see a parachute we have to go around yeah incoming only hot group recommend dagger flow south love it great she did a good job yeah now where is hankman with 8120 what's up hipster say no there's nothing i can do do it for


not on the fucking f-18 that's so good admiral on the f-18 launch the f-35 we saw it in the opening clip we know you got a red ball they're out for maintenance oh they're well now they are down because they found chinese parts in them so they had to cancel did you see that today anyway?
fighter pilots react to top gun maverick   mav s bombing run and the final mission scenes 5 of 6
Do they broadcast back to the motherland? I work from the beginning like you should have been doing that and not alone, that's the thing, so in actual combat operations, um, I mean, I've been desperate many times and you jump in like you, you stay on deck, everyone goes and then you're the last to launch and then if anybody has any trouble as you know the initial take off they'll go from here take their place so it should have been airborne actually probably at least two of they should have been here oh yeah that's what i'm saying yeah whoever it was uh why didn't they have 12 didn't they start with 12 and pick four?
What happened to the other eight? Whoever the team leader was forgave his partner. She should have been here. There should be more. that gets dude, what if they tell the launch to flip a switch on the apu and it doesn't start bugging you?

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