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Fight Islam Makhachev vs Dustin Poirier - Technical Breakdown!

Sep 07, 2023
The BMF title


between Dustin Porter and Justin Gagey at UFC 291 was recently announced. The winner of this


will likely fight for the title with the champion of this weight class. Islam, make a chef. Hello fighters, this is the world of MMA. In this video I will give you a prediction about a possible fight between Islam Makachef and Dustin Poirier, but before starting this video, don't forget to subscribe and like so as not to miss new interesting videos. Come on, the 31-year-old dajistani is at his peak now. Market Chef has a 12-win streak in the World Premier promotion and third place in the standings regardless of category.
fight islam makhachev vs dustin poirier   technical breakdown
Islam's career began in 2010 and followed the path of his older brother Pro FC M1, but unlike the nurmigo Madoff Maka Chef he had 11 victories enough. To be invited to the UFC, Khabib had five more with a record of 11-0 in May 2015. Islam made a brilliant debut, choked Leo Coons in the middle of the second round and as an undefeated fighter received his next opponent, the Brazilian Adriano Martens. record of 28-7 and a controversial victory over Rustam Kabalov in their previous fight, Makachev started off confidently pushing Martens and working at number one, however, not even two minutes later, Adriano failed his opponent in one of his attacks and with a clean right side blow he inflicted his first defeat against Islam also by knockout.
fight islam makhachev vs dustin poirier   technical breakdown

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fight islam makhachev vs dustin poirier technical breakdown...

Surprisingly, the Brazilian has not won again since then and he left the elite promotion a long time ago. The Dajistani took a one-year break but there were also a story about meldonium that upset the entire Russian sport the return in September 2016 marked the beginning of the 12 fight winning streak that makachef now has under his belt between defeated fighters Nick Lentz glaizen tibble baby Ramos and Armin surikian but Islam lacked of striking finishes and in 2021 he began to show them in March he strangled Drew Dober in the summer he led the tournament for the first time, also finishing off Thiago Moisés and at the end of October getting the highest status opponent at that time Dan Hooker Market Chef simply decimated the New Zealander at the end of February last year Islam and Banil Darush had to decide who would be the next challenger for the title, but the Assyrian was injured and was instead challenged by a tough Bobby Green.
fight islam makhachev vs dustin poirier   technical breakdown
It took the Russian fighter just under three and a half minutes to secure another finish, his fourth in a row that Dana White couldn't ignore. Islam could no longer and Makichev got his long-awaited title shot on the eve of UFC 280. Dajistani haters and Arden Oliveira fans believed in Charles' chances, but the Russian fighter cleanly demolished the Brazilian and mockingly strangled the Promotion record holder by submissions. Islam then faced number one. pound for pound Alexander valkanovsky and won by unanimous decision of the judges Dustin is an experienced fighter 28 fights in the UFC that number says it all if many fighters are given the nickname bad boy then Dustin was like that his entire childhood he never graduated from the high school he preferred to fight everyone who challenged him, even spending time in a juvenile detention center.
fight islam makhachev vs dustin poirier   technical breakdown
All this is difficult to reconcile with the current Poirier, who dedicates a lot of time to charity. It was MMA that turned the young bully into an athlete with a big heart, Dustin. I always liked Van Damme's movies and tried different sports, boxing, wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, which eventually led him to mixed martial arts in 2009. It took Diamond a little over a year to accumulate a record of 7-0 and earn an invite to the wec, but this California promotion was in its last days and Dustin had only two fights there in the first of which he suffered the first defeat of his career that's how he ended up in UFC 11 fights at featherweight eight wins one of which stands out Poirier was the first and only one so far to take down Max Holloway, but there were also losses to Cub Swanson, the Korean zombie, in a crazy fight for which the fighters received a fight bonus of the night and then many publications called that fight the best fight of 2012. and since McGregor, after losing to the Irishman Dustin, made the decision to change his weight class to lightweight, the transition went well for him, nine fights, a loss to skilled puncher Michael Johnson, who was at his peak at the time another fight was declared a failure due to illegality.
Punch Alvarez in the rematch, although Poirier spectacularly knocked out Eddie and before that knocked out Pettis and Gaichi, this series put Diamond in a fight for the interim title while Khabib served his disqualification, the opponent was the familiar Holloway, who by Of course I didn't want to drink. just the belt but also a rematch for his only early loss. If you saw the blessed fight against Qatar early last year, you can imagine what Max was able to do in 25 minutes, but Poirier was able to take the lead in that. war and the right to fight against Ermigo Madoff, but like Khabib's other opponents after the fight, Dustin only added one in the Lost column, after that he underwent surgery and took the biggest break of his career .
He returned in the summer of 2020 and again in a great fight, one of the best of that year against Stan Hooker, which he won, having recovered from the considerable damage that the New Zealander had inflicted on him. Raid wanted a new challenge and did so in a rematch against Conor McGregor in January. 2021 another comeback from McGregor and again he was very kind to Dustin Pourier, only from time to time reminding him that their last meeting was not too fast and that the Irishman would like to improve this achievement, but in the end he suffered his first defeat by knockout six months later.
Conor changed tactics and Dustin relented. opportunity for the title and opted for a Trilogy in the summer Poirier and McGregor faced each other for the third time and again Dustin surprised the World by winning by TKO now against the Irishman he put a point or maybe a dotted line and got the fight for the belt but Oliveira defended his title quite easily and then got back to winning ways by choking out Michael Chandler in the third round in a tough fight. Now let's move on to the


of this match in wrestling terms. Islam Makachef, who is the best in everything related to the American will. will be much better Dustin had big problems in wrestling and lost his title fights against Oliveira and Nurmago Madoff because of it in terms of stand-up.
I think Pooia will be better, he has delivered a lot of masterful punches in this division and is the best boxer in the UFC in terms of cardio Dustin, who is a cardio machine, will be better, he has been in many five round fights and looked much better than Maka Chef, who came out in the fifth round last fight, an experience that will also be better than poor. Who has fought against many famous fighters and had 27 fights in the foreign UFC Market Chef will win this fight by submission in the third or fourth round, pour your will.
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