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Jul 21, 2023
Well, this is the kind of


that every football fan looks forward to and there is a chance that it will be a tension-filled event. We have all the action for you live on EA TV. Hello everyone, it's a pleasure to be with you from Stadium Australia. here in Sydney my name is Derek Ray, located here in the commentary gantry and sitting next to me ready to give you all the analysis, is Stuart Robson and it's the first time for these two countries and the



here in the World Cup World


is the United States against Vietnam, well I'm looking forward to this one Derek, it's very important that you get off to a good start so let's hope both sides go for the win here and we have an exciting game overseas.
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This is what America looks like. It will be interesting to see how the wingers play today. Will they stay tall and open? Will they enter the field and support the center forward? How deep will they go out of possession? They are going to be key to this formation and this is how. Vietnam will line up, but it looks like they are lining up quite defensively with the back five, but I think the


-backs will have license to push forward at every opportunity and will also be on the lookout for one of the central midfielders to join in. the front too strange but it was a foul, but good use of the advantage by the referee.
fifa 23 usa vs vietnam fifa women s world cup 2023   group stage pc gameplay full match

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fifa 23 usa vs vietnam fifa women s world cup 2023 group stage pc gameplay full match...

I've already surpassed the promise on the flank, well it wasn't a great ball played with the level of precision she expected and that will be a goal kick. oh Rose Lavelle really good interception, Running Room and the wide position always has to be the goalkeeper Rodman Lavelle, who knows he will do well to start, the first goal of the game, well, here you can see it again, good run, great strength and A serene ending. Pressure that's a foreign first class goal again here one to nil the score three good technique shown and after the cross defensive action required oh she's in a really promising position she's come in and can now run out and celebrate well here is again and it's all about the place on the counterattack, they were so quick to get out of their defensive positions, while the movement on the bot is the same, it's such a good moment, what a goal, so the ball rolled again, that's O'Neil with his feet down.
fifa 23 usa vs vietnam fifa women s world cup 2023   group stage pc gameplay full match
Lavelle. sensible clearance oh good game and maybe set something up it could be oh the goalkeeper handles it trying to throw it accurately it can still be problematic he tries it he made sure nothing came of it and the referee's opinion that's a penalty a chance for three to zero the goal penalty kick taken calmly when you see this again the goalkeeper is going in the right direction it's almost the perfect penalty in that top corner there's nothing the goalkeeper can do about it that's great, this is going to be a rout from three to zero now a shot that was undoubtedly a given free kick, well the referee opted for a lenient approach this time.
fifa 23 usa vs vietnam fifa women s world cup 2023   group stage pc gameplay full match
Well, I think it's great refereeing, now everyone knows that the next foul will be punished. Kelly O'Hara Smith, happy to commit. in the shots there is no way to pass it is not the best free kick by Challenge Smith Morgan Rose Lavelle already done trying it well, I have to say I thought it looked like it was going in, it was such a good effort, a foul, but Advantage played and them I will prepare for the throw-in and take it away. A real open now and I'll go for power over placement, but it's not the desired outcome.
Now the task is to stay focused. Shot blocked but still alive. They survived the attack. Young well doesn't have it. to do it alone, such an important goalkeeper intervention under pressure Dunn made a very well timed tackle a little short with the clearance, they must be careful and stay as they are and with that the attack disappears Lindsay Horan Sophia Smith determined to defend Young well The counter-opportunity looks very good, that breakup seems very promising, but nothing comes of it and they need to press harder, but it disappears thanks to that part of the defense. Oh, it might be good, she wasn't that far away, yeah, but if she had been. on goal I don't think the goalkeeper would have been bothered by that, in the end it was a pretty tame shot thanks Crystal, done Lavelle and he's going to score from here, thanks for his brave performance in goal.
She read that so well, didn't she? She was so quick out of line with her. The foreigner takes the shot, determines the block and overcomes it, and the danger is still in timely intervention. Smith shoots. Can they fit in at home? Well, nothing comes of it, it could be an opportunity. to break here I found an example of a counter attack that went nowhere, well here is a downward header through the ball and Get It On Target, that is a high pass, there was no stop on that and this is It is becoming a kind of route. for nothing, intercepted easily, oh, moving it very well and guessing the best of a tremendously strong marker on the counterattack, a very new option in a duel, well, showing excellent judgment to intercept Crystal Dunn Lavelle now with Morgan, oh, great opportunity, well, a lot of power there. but to be fair he should have made goalkeeper Rose Lavelle work it is the challenge that was required new now a foul certainly was a free kick given well that could be his final warning and the referee made it very clear how can we say it ? free kick that will last a long time in the memory, well, how can we say it, it's a bad effort, bad technique, it was probably also a wrong decision that needed to enter the area, okay, foreigner and a good tackle, now it can deflect this Avalanche. of goals no less up here, well, here she is again and she has just been caught with the ball, that is a total lack of awareness, it is a bad game, really, my God, it is so one-sided five to zero in this


, I can't argue with that. little move oh really imposing goalkeeper who's going to get to the end what a disappointing effort making the goalkeeper's life a little too easy Rose Lavelle Sophia Smith Lavelle and then with a real chance Defensive excellence there Crystal did a lot of power but too much height ummm one important interception that will be a USA ball made and beating their marker well, fans believe it is on the line, deserves credit for recovering the ball and a fairly common challenge opportunity here, which is a penalty, a clear penalty and a yellow card. card to boot, what happens and it turns totally fine, let's take another look, she is so relaxed as she approaches the ball and the result is the perfect penalty in the bottom corner an excess of girls five one is for a pass with no real pressure towards below Can I try it and she finds the back of the net in the right place at the right time and delivering for her team?
Well, she just looks at this again. A change of pace, a change of direction and a decent finish. It's a very good goal. Foreigner, already done. Rose. Lavelle moves on, that's a foul and it will be a potentially dangerous free kick, okay oh what an exquisite goal, absolute perfection, well I have a feeling we'll see this again and again tonight, it's a fantastic technique just to get that lateral movement of the ball wonderful shot good this threatens to get out of control just look at the score good decided to enter from the flank but they dealt with the threat first Running with the ball with confidence Chang is now fine no block possession made opportunities and capable to close the shorts and beat his marker, but a good piece of order, this could be the perfect opportunity to counterattack and advance, oh, that's one goal after another and it speaks to the quality of his performance, well, here's another one time and the place they advance is devastating, it is very difficult to defend and the finish is really good, it just smashes it past the goalkeeper, that is a high quality goal, well, unfortunately, we have to conclude that this has not really It's been a contest, but all credit to any team committed to scoring goals like this looks threatening, but not exactly what was needed.
I really thought they were going to open up the defense. Smith now with Morgan. Well, that sounds like a blow to your opponents. The crowd is egging her on and it's already two for her today, they just can't contain her and no wonder she's celebrating well, here's the ball heads down and Get It On Target, that's a first class finish, there was no stop. on that, oh might be able to get behind the center defense could be useful now the goalkeeper grabs him Trinity Rodman to Rodman a space to roam around the wing and the center towards the middle Lavelle and a good challenge to take that attack to a final not a great pass Crystal made, will be denied by the post a good and fair challenge well wait, don't go anywhere we're going to have five extra minutes ien and given away and that's an important intervention oh a golden opportunity for her and she's in the mood today, she went and scored a brace, here's the goal again and what a wonder


y weighted pass this is and it makes it into the goal, she doesn't make a mistake, he just hits it with such clarity and power, It's a great finish.
In the win, this looks threatening when shooting, but it went straight to the goalkeeper, but technically good goalkeeper Rodman and Morgan take it away. Young, a really effective shield under pressure. Ian, this looks promising and unable to maintain possession. Good job getting it back. high up the pitch looking for space, fans implore him to do deeper work, good, a chance for the respective coaches to address their charges, it's half-time, here the second half begins, it was such a one-sided first half , could be? different this time could be problematic in the oh position, the crossbar still resonates, can they keep it out by actually doing a good job of protecting the ball?
Young and giving it away Morgan possession seeded by USA good technique shown oh I'm almost on target Not quite, yes almost, but the goalkeeper had it covered, it wasn't really a great effort from Emily Fox to make Alex Morgan and with that the attack fades, defending Fox Young magnificently and providing wit but defending timely when it mattered. Lavelle Sophia Smith. It's a chance and you can't argue with a hat-trick just Unstoppable today well, here's the headband hit through the ball and Get It On Target, that's a first class finish, there was no stop on that one thanks, the check down three might be able to get behind the defense perfectly positioned to take it away Trinity Rodman oh a golden opportunity for her a body in the way Chris Ley a glorious chance and just wide of a goal kick well I think the goalkeeper did it had covered but it was a decent effort Although thank you, thank you Lindsay Horan Rose Lavelle, oh it could happen to her here and she went for power at one point to beat the goalkeeper.
Well, she got the power, she beat the goalkeeper, but unfortunately she also hit the post. That's a poor lady. Fox finished this now Alex Morgan well cut now what can they do with the ball strong play here now they can counter clinically done Ball has had a lot of support here and that is an easy stop Rodman they have regained possession and under pressure that was a good claim and The United States' failure to retain the ball would not get its way. free kick given, it's going to be and just a wonderful opportunity was wasted, an opportunity here, well, it didn't make life difficult for the Keeper at all. wide attempt thanks so there is half an hour left tremendous intuition to recover it and the advantage lies with the attacking side counterattacking is a great option there are many possibilities but it did not happen to them Rodman, she made a very good intervention there it is clear foul play and as a result a free kick will be taken and the referee will retrospectively go back and deal with that incident.
It is a warning for her. They decided that now is the time to go to the bench. Excellent block, well done, stopped them in their tracks by applying vigorous pressure, we're going to get it open from there. A real shame and timely intervention is now a potential danger and now an opportunity for them to revel in the moment. Well, here it is again and it's a superbly weighted pass to break down that defensive line. and she wins until she reaches the goal, she doesn't make a mistake, she just hits it so cleanly and with power, it's a great finish, a strong intervention, oh, a golden opportunity for her, absolutely right with that challenge, opportunity well kept here and she just went and did it. -Absolutely unplayable trick today, what a performance, thank you.
Well, when you look at this again, there are two things defensively wrong with this, firstly, the goalie shouldn't drive it into a dangerous area and the defenders have to be more precise to get to the drop. It's not a good defense all around and we're back on track. It's over a lot as a competition. I am too committed on the flank and they will prepare for the throw-in and the goalkeeper hurts. Really intense pressure. The promising possession mace applied might still be able to do a little damage without a strong hand on the ball and went behind towards the corner and now delivers what a comfortable piece of defense is going to score a fairly routine goal there for the goalkeeper Morgan Smith possession Sown by USA here after the clearance, now he sends us and the referee doesn't hesitate, it's a penalty and the penalty is converted as coldly as you want.
Here it is again and just look at the goalkeeper, he staysstanding still waiting for it to be hit in the middle, unfortunately for her, she was wrong. We only have 20 minutes left in this game and he definitely cut Smith off and what an opportunity this is for her and he couldn't direct it towards the goal. Absolutely true that it was never worrying for the goalkeeper, was it Megan Rapinoe? I'm not going to look at the opponent on that strong play, he read it well and slid beautifully, I couldn't hold on well, the good defense came out loud, oh, a really imposing goalkeeper trying to accurately execute Sloppy in possession, well, to be so deep like this could be a dangerous play Horan, oh, fancy footwork on the pass behind the defense, quick thinking from The Keeper, thanks, perfectly positioned to take it off, strong play here, lost possession, oh she's made a Crucial entry there now. she really deserves credit for that challenge Fino, thank you and out for a shot just missing the pass and a substitution in sight excellent ball over and bordering on offside but rupino correct and a good challenge to end that attack.
Victory good visualization and execution looking for the angle a corner taken short photo and a very good play by the goalkeeper well, I'm not sure it was the right decision easy stop at the end and the challenge stops them dead now the ball broke without real pressure being pressed hard, well cut now, what can you do with the ball, me and Young? Well, she surely had a crucial intervention at that moment and left it pending. Danger really is a very poor ball, oh, nice ball over the top to chase. It really wasn't much of an effort, was it Crystal Dunn now with Morgan's opportunity?
Beyond the last offside of the defender yen and the pass could have hurt in some way, the goalkeeper reached it, the game is over and the referee calls a penalty, a calmly executed goal. Well, as you can see, the goalkeeper stays still and the balls hit her in the side, in the end it's strange. Well, they'll be happy to have regained possession. Let's see what's in store for them at halftime. get to work another example of a counterattack that went nowhere Sophia Smith now with Morgan and there to intervene and strong play here but just like that the possession changes hands clear foul play and as a result a foreign next free kick to recover possession Running with the ball with confidence and there is a goal, but will it be purely a conservation?
At this point in the procedure they have not been at their best. Let's look at this again. This is counter-attacking football at its finest and then the finish. It's pretty simple in the end, it's a good goal, they didn't manage to keep it well, can they get creative from here, it's a really good and effective physical game and the danger hasn't done any damage yet. Alex Morgan Lavelle with a newly cleared opportunity at the nick Well she really hit it with authority but not quite on target, welcome foreigner, wait, great reflex action, well that should have been a goal, sure, it's a Brilliant save and the corner arrives and only the head goes over the top.
The goal they were looking for was required, well here you can see it again, it's a great cross, it just asks for someone to go and receive it and she just finds that little space in the box that makes the header much easier, it's Very good goal, well it was one-sided, but they deserve the applause for the fact that they kept going up and down, very intense pressure was applied, the opportunity was missed, there is no other way to describe it. Ashley Sanchez Morgan, now here's Horan Sanchez. very comfortable when possession and clearance were not decisive, decent save to credit was not so convincing defensively, accurate enough from that position and the final whistle blows, it's a win for the USA, that's the great headline here, Stuart, you think right?
Derek, they were the best team on the entire field, we saw good individual performances, we saw an attack that was always threatening and they played very well, regardless of the forwards who were foreign today.

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